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How To Make A Resume For Dental Assistant Job

Objective Statement For Dental Office Manager

HOW to write a GREAT dental assistant RESUME

Highly skilled dental office manager seeks position to support non-clinical operations and uphold state and federal laws and regulations. Ensures office runs effectively and helps staff provide seamless service to patients. Strives to build efficient teams and provide leadership that propels revenue and grows a business.


What Is An Objective Statement

An objective statement is a section of a resume that serves as an introduction and skill summary. It is typically two to four sentences long and designed to solicit the hiring manager’s attention, gain their interest and prompt them to continue reading.

Generally, an objective statement contains a summary of a candidate’s qualifications and education as they relate to a position. For example, if the office a candidate is applying to provides unique dental services, ideally, their objective statement aims to reflect their ability to perform specialized procedures. Writing an effective objective statement begins with a thorough understanding of a role and clearly states how a candidate fits a position.

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How To Format Your Dental Assistant Resume

In order to write an eye-catching dental assistant resume, you will need to select the most appropriate format to use. The type of format you choose matters because it can impact how a recruiter reads your resume. While there are a handful of different formats you can choose from, the overwhelming majority of experts agree that reverse-chronological is the most ideal format for a dental assistant.

The reason its strongly recommended you choose this type of format is because it shows recruiters what youve achieved during your career in a clear and logical manner. In this format, your professional experience is presented in reverse-chronological order, starting from details about your most recent job, followed by your next most recent job, and so forth.

Its not only recruiters who will give this format the tick of approval, but also applicant tracking software , which is now estimated to be used by a whopping 40% of companies. ATS is basically a type of software that was developed to automate parts of the hiring process. It does this by scanning each resume for certain components and in turn approving and rejecting resumes based on whether these components are present.

The fact of the matter is that if your resume is formatted in a way that the companys ATS cannot process, your application wont see the light of day. It may sound harsh, but this is simply how this software works. To avoid getting caught out, be sure to stick to a reverse-chronological format.

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Tips To Perfect Your Dental Assistant Resume

Dental assistant job postings reflect the variety of responsibilities this flexible career offers and requires. Since a dental assistant will complete a variety of tasks every day, from patient experience activities to cleanings to providing dental care advice, a strong resume for this position should reveal your abilities and responsibilities on the job. Dental practices typically use Applicant Tracking System recruiting software to scan applications for key terms, reducing the need for hands-on application review for the first hiring round. Your dental assistant resume should focus on the quantifiable skills and abilities required for this position and those specified in job postings. It may need updating to reflect precise information for optimal ATS scanning. When creating your dental assistant resume, attention to these four areas will increase your odds of successfully passing through the ATS and on to the interview process:

  • Emphasizing specific dental assistant skills
  • Formatting your dental assistant resume properly
  • Utilizing an objective and summary
  • Using quantifiable points

Main Key Skills And Action Verbs For Dental Assistant

Dental Resume Writing Tips

The more fundamental talents and action words you incorporate into the resume, the greater are the probability that a hiring agent will look at your job application. As you are applying to a Dental Assistant job position in the Dental, experiment with integrating related key phrases into your resume: patient schedule management, x-rays, or infection control.

Key Skills & Proficiencies

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How To List Any Additional Details Like Certifications Hobbies Interests Volunteer Experience

Its a fantastic idea to list any additional details regarding your competencies as a professional that are directly relevant to the job. Arguably, the most important additional information you can provide on your resume is about any dental assistant certifications you hold.

The main certification, which is ideal to hold – the national certification provided by the Dental Assisting National Board . The American Dental Association points out that in order to obtain it, dental assistants need to take the DANBs Certified Dental Assistant examination. Being certified provides an assurance to the public that the dental assistant is prepared to assist competently in the provision of dental care.

In order to feature this certification in your resume, you can list it in a section called Certifications using the following format:Certified Dental Assistant

Dental Assisting National Board

Pro tip: You will be eligible to take the CDA examination if you have either completed a CDA-accredited dental assisting program, or after you have worked as a full-time dental dental assistant for at least two years.

Depending on the state you are applying in, you may also need to state that you are currently registered as a dental assistant in that state. You can mention this in your resume objective or resume summary, as necessary.

Final Draft Of Dental Assistant Resume

You need to compose the following sections in your final draft:

  • Key skills section: After your professional experience has been filled, scan through it and pick out the most effective key skills you possess and align them in this section. This way, recruiters can easily identify your core skills.

  • Summary/objective section: This is the last section to be framed when writing your dental resume. A dental assistant resume objective or summary should be framed to give a brief and overall statement of your dentist resume.

You can also read our 2022 guide to writing a resume for a better understanding of how to write the perfect resume.

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Write A Catchy Dental Assistant Resume Objective Or Summary

Make yours by starting with a career summary or a resume objective.

A summary is for experienced applicants. An objective is for newcomers.

Heres how to make a dental assistant resume objective:

  • Use 12 adjectives
  • Add the job title
  • Years of experience
  • How youll help
  • Best achievement or two
  • These dental assistant resume examples will prepare you:

    How To Write A Dental Assistant Resume That Shines

    Responsibilities to Include on a Dental Assistant Resume

    If you are pursuing a dental assistant career or you wish to change your existing career, be sure to be fully prepared at the very beginning. Dental assistant profession is one of the most delicate ones, since you will need strong interpersonal skills combined with the relevant technical qualifications. The dental assistants are responsible for the increase of the efficiency of the dentists performance and his providing of great oral health, so the diversity in the tasks is somewhat a positive attribute. It is a profession that offers a great flexibility because of the constant dental assistants demand, offering the opportunity of working full-time or part-time.

    Different dental offices set different variety of tasks for their dental assistants. Some of the dental assistant responsibilities include:

    In the pursuit of a dental assistant career, the first impression will be made through your resume, so make sure it contains all the necessary information, shows your qualities and strengths, adequate education, relevant work experience, certificates and proficiencies. Here is some guidance on how to design your perfect resume.



    Intended For:

    This is a section where you can briefly describe why you are sending the certain dental office your resume. If you are in the middle of a career shift, include the relevant factors. It may be composed of just few short and effective lines:

    And so forth.

    Work Experience:

    Job Position

    Dates: from to

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    How To Write An Entry

    When applying to become a dental assistant, there are many options for how to format and display your work experience, skills and other relevant information. Though the arrangement of your resume depends on the specifics of the information you hope to display, there are some common steps you can take to create an effective dental assistant resume, such as:

    Objective Statement For Endodontist

    Experienced endodontist with the ability to calm and comfort patients before, during and after procedures. Provides accurate diagnosis with a high success rate over hundreds of root canals, apicoectomies and pulp cappings. Proven record of helping patients achieve oral health through education and reinforcement.

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    Objective Statement For Dental Hygienist

    Enthusiastic dental hygienist seeks role with Smile Awhile to work with pediatric patients, provide expert care and practice compassion. Proficient in dental hygiene procedures such as scaling, polishing and providing thorough dental care instructions. Works with staff to provide a fun, comfortable experience for young patients while applying excellent communication skills with parents and guardians.

    Dental Assistant Career Overview

    Dental Assistant Resume Template

    Job Outlook

    The job outlook for Dental Assistants is growing at 11% per year, which is considered to be growing much faster than average. In 2018 there were 346,000 jobs available.

    Average Salary

    Dental Assistants make $40,080 per year on average. However, salaries could be as high as $56,930 depending on the state in which you live and the company with whom you’re employed.

    Top Paying Salaries by State

    • $52,220 — Minnesota

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    Additional Information About The Dental Assistant Resume

    According to the U.S Bureau of Statistics, the industries with the highest employment levels for dental assistants are offices of dentists, offices of physicians, outpatient care centers, the Federal Executive Branch, and employment services.

    The Average salaries for dental assistants, including bonus, tips, and overtime pay, are as follows:Entry-level $13.86 per hour

    The average yearly salary for a dental assistant is $36,660 .

    Dental Assistant Resume: Professional Experience

    One of the most important sections in your dental resume is the professional experience section. This section can help you to elaborate on all your skills and experience to highlight your achievements.

    Try not to miss out on any important details while framing this section.

    Curate a flawless professional experience section in your dentist resume by following the points that have been listed below:

    • STAR format

    The STAR stands for the following points:

    • Situation: It describes the backdrop and context of your contributions in any situation.
    • Task: It describes the actual task that was assigned to you as a part of your role and responsibility.
    • Action: It describes the strategy you turned into action that was used to execute the assigned task.
    • Result: It describes the result or outcome of your action in any form of an achievement figure.

    STAR format is the ideal format for curating the professional experience section of your dental assistant resume.

    It creates the cause-effect relationship between your assigned task in any situation and the outcome of your actions which helps your dental resume stand out.

    This can demonstrate your dental assistant resume skills by quantifying your achievements that show the extent of your expertise in your chosen domain.

    Framing Points

    Keep the recruiter interested in reading your dentist resume, by making it worth the read.

    Dental Assistant Resume Example 1:

    Dental Assistant Resume Example 2:

    Framing Points: Analysis

    Bolding & Bucketing

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    Write An Attractive Dental Assistant Job Description & Skills Sections

    Your dental assistant resume needs a chewing surface too.

    Its your work history.

    Pack it with skills proof.

    How to write a dental assistant job description for resumes:

  • Look at the job posting to peek at the dentists needs.
  • List the skills and responsibilities you see.
  • Brainstorm when youve used those things to help in a big way.
  • List them in your dental assisting resume.
  • Include numbers that show the effect you had.
  • These dental assistant resume examples give an X-Ray view:

    Dental Assistant Resume: Education

    Dental Assistant Resume Tips

    Your education section is important for your dental resume because the targeted job would require you to possess some specific level of educational qualification.

    Provide a specific course of study that you have completed on dental courses to justify your efficiency as an eligible applicant who deserves the targeted job profile.

    The education section of your resume should ideally consist of:

    • Name of the school/university you have attended
    • Name of the courses you have pursued
    • The location of your school/university
    • Enrollment and graduation dates in month & year format

    Look at the given dental assistant resume sample of an ideal education section to frame this section with perfection.

    Our Online Resume Builder is here to help you create your dental resume with expert guidance. The pre-filled dental assistant resume template that comes with it can be easily modified to suit your needs & preferences.

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    Emphasize Your Dental Assistant Skills

    When recruiters hire dental assistants, they use a three-step process to weed out candidates:

  • Hiring directors narrow down candidates for minimum qualifications. Usually, through the ATS, basic qualifications are set for the filters to catch this first list of experience and key terms or phrases.
  • Next, recruiters look for a set of preferred qualifications. Applicants who meet these criteria remain in the application process.
  • Lastly, to move to the next round of the application process, employers shortlist and rank candidates based on their fit with the minimum and preferred qualifications.
    • Dental equipment knowledge âshows the applicant can complete basic dental assistant tasks
    • Electronic Medical Records experience âshows the applicant can utilize an online data system for employer
    • Medical licensing âindicates up-to-date, recognized proficiencies
    • Communication skills âshows abilities with positive patient interactions
    • Team player â indicates the ability to work with others in the office
    • Customer service âshows applicant will put patientâs needs first
    • Highly organized âindicates applicant can prioritize tasks and complete work in a timely manner
    • X-ray experience âshows precise experience and training
    • Vital signs âshows future employer ability to complete routine, necessary tasks
    • Patient safety âindicates the ability to follow required safety steps and policies

    Writing Your Education Section

    The most simplistic section of your dental assistant resume is likely to be your education section.

    List your degree in order of relevance, recency, and impressiveness, while including the title of your degree, the school you attended, and the year you graduated.

    You can always include certifications and licenses in this section or create sub-sections for each category of credentials.


    Certified Dental Assistant Chattanooga State Community College, Chattanooga, TN, Class of 2013

    • Volunteer Work

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    Key Takeaways For A Dentist Resume

  • Dentistry can be a rewarding career, both financially and emotionally, if you have the ability to put your patients at ease.
  • Dental practices have personalities and needs just like patients, so do your research and adapt your dentist resume for each job.
  • Allow your personality to shine in your summary.
  • Check out our dentist resume sample for more ideas on creating a great page design.
  • How Do Professional Resume Examples Work

    Dental assistant resume sample by Mark Stone

    Before explaining how these examples work, let’s clear air. They should not be mistaken for resume templates that are ready-made document format designed to help job-seekers portray their career achievements, skills, education, and work experience to their potential employers in an organized and attractive way.Now, the purpose of an example is to provide you with sufficient context, general best practices, and insight on what a resume for a specific industry looks like.Once you have an idea about how writing a specific or targeted resume works, you can improve the way you write your resume. This is how they work in helping you achieve your goals of writing a job-winning resume.

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    Creating The Ideal Dental Assistant Resume Outline

    As a dental assistant, youre going to have to be organized and thorough. Showing you have those qualities starts with how you create your resume.

    Start with an outline to plan out just what sections you need and what each one should accomplish. Here are some of the ones you should consider:

    • Objective or Summary

    Tailor Your Resume For Each Dental Assistant Job Application

  • Objectiveârework your objective statement to match the job title for which youâre applying.
  • Summaryârewrite your summary to reflect key qualities or skills the perfect dental assistant candidate has based on the job posting.
  • Skillsâadd your skills to the resume youâve listed on the job posting. Remove any that are not relevant to the job for which youâre applying to make room for those the ATS will identify.
  • Job description bullet pointsâsome of your quantifiable points should precisely reflect the job positionâs description.
  • Dental Assistant Resume

    Once you have some expertise as a dental assistant, you can customize your resume to emphasize your time in the field. This will help you stand out from other applicants. Here are some ways to customize a dental assistant resume with some experience in the field:

    • List all certifications achieved
    • Include quantifiable points that show increases in revenue for dental practices
    • Explain with quantifiable points how past work with office teams has improved the dental office revenue, patient volume, or another valuable metric

    You can list your certifications toward the bottom of your resume, similar to this:

    Entry-Level Dental Assistant Resume

    Everyone starts with no experience, so if youâre just entering the field of dental assistance, youâll need to show your capabilities. Here are some ways to customize an entry-level dental assistant resume:

    Pediatric Dental Assistant Resume

    Orthodontic Dental Assistant Resume

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    What If You Have No Experience

    If you have just finished your education and you lack relevant work experience, there are some alterations you can make to your resume to fit your needs.

    Start by moving your education section below your resume summary so that it is closer to the top of the page, and then expand on it where you can.

    Did you earn an impressive GPA?

    Include details in your education section that could set you apart from the crowd.

    Outside of adjusting your education section, also try to include additional sections if possible.

    Volunteer work and internships can go a long way in landing you your first paid opportunity.

    Keep a positive and confident attitude, and you will be flossing other peoples teeth in no time.


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