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How To List Cpr Certification On Resume

Certifications In A Dedicated Section On Your Resume

Basic Life Support (BLS) Tips on passing CPR training in 2021

For listing more than two certifications, we recommend creating a dedicated section on your resume. A resume format with a dedicated section works great for listing all relevant certificates – required, recommended, and optional.

We recommend taking advantage of this especially if youâre a licensed lawyer, doctor, accountant, or a student seeking an entry-level position!

Be sure to list certificates in its own section in reverse-chronological order. To improve chances of appearing after an ATS scan, place the dedicated sections right underneath the experiences section.

This works wonders for candidates applying to industries such as Information Technology. Take a look at how this IT Specialist resume example lists certifications in an easily noticeable dedicated section.

How To List Your Certifications On A Resume

Employers look for specific certifications when hiring to ensure candidates. This is to ensure they have the specialized knowledge and skills required to perform the duties of the job. Adding professional certifications to your resume can positively affect the impression your resume makes on recruiters and hiring managers. In this article, we discuss the definition and types of certifications, as well as identifying when and how to include them on your resume with specific examples for listing current and in-progress credentials to help you get noticed.

How Can I Get Cpr And First Aid Certified Online For Free

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Always Mention The Certifying Authority

There are zillions of certifications happening around the world.

But there are certain authorities which are renowned for a certification.

That is, these authorities will enhance the value of your resume.

It is exactly like doing a degree course from a reputed institute or doing it from some random institute.

Again, the certification becomes important if the date is mentioned alongside.

Of course, the certification pursued this year holds much more important than the one taken a few years ago.

But if you mention both the certifications without mentioning the date, then they both become irrelevant for the recruiter.

Certifying authority can be mentioned with the location and date using a separator.Location can be added if absolutely necessary.

Referring to the same image above, you would see how we have used a separator to state date of each certification along with the certifying authority.

The Certification Is Credible

First Aid And Cpr Certification On Resume

Ideally, the certificate is obtained by a credible institution that the employer would recognize. The more credible the certificate issuer, the more valuable the earned certificate.

Example of Credible certifications for a software engineering candidate

Incorrect â Certification in Algorithms & Data Structures by Random YouTube Channel”

Correct â Certification in Algorithms & Data Structures by Harvard University”

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In The Education Section

Most of the certifications go naturally with educational degrees, making the education section the most suitable place to list your certifications. However, you may want to modify the heading of this section in order to let recruiters know that you have included your certifications there. For instance, you may name it something like Education and Certifications or Education and Other Credentials instead of just Education. Just like in case of experience and education, list the certifications beginning with the latest one.

  • Example:;CPR certification, American Heart Association, 2017

How To Put Certifications On Resume

Once youve defined what type of certifications to specify in your resume in order to stand out, its important to stick to a certain format and specify the following information:;

  • Name of Certification
  • Name of Certifying Center or Authority;
  • Date of Obtainment;

Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 Certification, Adobe, 2017

Bad example:

Adobe Illustrator Certification

Remember, if you took any additional courses related to the position youre applying for its always a big plus, however professional certification is more valuable than, for example, Lynda certificate.

Despite that, a resume with certifications shows a recruiter that its owner is constantly striving for improvement and self-development, which are considered to be; the key soft skills for any position. Plus, additional education is a heavy reason for an employment gap or a great benefit if youre applying for an entry level position and submitting a resume with no work experience.

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Fema Certification On Resume

All;Federal Emergency Management Agency; certifications require you to complete a series of courses in a specific order. FEMA requires following an approval process to take courses.

Some certifications expire, and others do not. All programs go through the Emergency Management Institute ; always list this as the accrediting body.

;The Professional Development Series is the first certification. You must complete seven courses to obtain this.

Below you will see FEMA resume example on how you list this based on completion in your certification section:

  • Professional Development Series ,;Emergency Management Institute, September 2019
  • Professional Development Series ,;Emergency Management Institute, pending completion in January 2020
  • ;Coursework completed toward the;Professional Development Series ,;Emergency Management Institute

Here is an example of FEMA Professional Development Series:;

Certifications List For Business Analyst Resume


IIBA happens to be a global BA certifying body.

These are some globally recognized list of certifications to get which will take you ahead in the analytical industry:

  • IIBA Certification of Competency in Business Analysis
  • IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering
  • PMI-Professional in Business Analysis Certification
  • CBAP for professionals over 5 years experience in the industry
  • Entry Certificate in Business Analysis is best for freshers

Certifications List for Operations Resume

If you are an Operations maverick, it would surely make sense to take note of the certifications to get in the Operations domain:

  • Six Sigma Certification
  • Google Cloud Certified – Professional Data Engineer
  • Google Cloud Certified – Associate Cloud Engineer

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The Benefits Of Having Cpr On Your Resume

Whether you are applying for a part-time job, a contract position or even your dream job, writing a resume is not an easy task. It is always difficult to decide what you should include and how in-depth you should be about your experiences.

A great section to have somewhere on your resume is a certification section. This looks great to an employer as it shows your interests, willing to learn and role of responsibility. This is one of the many reasons it is beneficial to have a CPR certification listed on your resume.

CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It is a technique used in order to restore oxygen and blood flow to vital organs in the body. Depending on which CPR course you decide to take, you can receive your certification in as little as a day.

Having a CPR certification on your resume also shows your employer that you are ready to step in to help in case of an emergency in the office.

A CPR certification is beneficial for any job type. Whether you are working in a restaurant or at a school, knowing CPR allows you to assist in an unfortunate situation until emergency services arrives. It is important, and sometimes mandatory, to have CPR informed staff at every workplace for this very reason.

F.A.S.T. Rescue is a training partner with the Canadian Red Cross, and holds certification courses all across the GTA. We offer discounts to students which is great for those still in school and applying for jobs. All you need is to take a day and complete the course.

Which Certifications To List

The most important thing to remember about listing certifications is that it must be relevant to the post you are applying to. Certifications may be essential, desired, or optional.

  • Essential certifications include qualifications and licenses that are required of professionals in certain fields, such as accountants or nurses.
  • Desired certifications are ones that a potential employer might recommend as a way to narrow down the contenders for a particular position.
  • Optional certifications are simply a way to enhance your application and help you stand out from the crowd.

Lets say your list of certifications includes:

  • A course in Japanese
  • A qualification in Digital Marketing
  • A certificate in Reiki

How do you decide which certifications are relevant and worth including?

The logical thing to do is to include only those certifications that serve to strengthen your application to the specific job.

So in the example above, if you were applying for the role of Marketing Executive, a credential in digital marketing would enhance your application. But there would be little value in adding the certificates in Reiki, or even Japanese unless you were applying for the post of Marketing Executive in a Japanese company.

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How To List Certifcations In A Resume

When an employer is comparing numerous resumes, certifications can make you rise above the rest. But, making your certifications stand out while not overshadowing the rest of your resume can be a little bit tricky in an already difficult job application experience. Learn how to present your certifications in a way that is easily accessible to hiring managers and helps them see why you’re the best fit for the job.

Heres How To Put Engineer

CPR Certified Resume Example Company Name

EIT , also known as EI in some states, is a certification awarded to those who have passed their FE examination and have graduated.

They are now licensed to practice their work as an Engineer-In-Training in their state.

However, in certain cases, there are those who passed their FE exam but have not yet graduated.

Some have graduated but are still waiting to receive their certification or license number.;

If that is you, you may have some questions such as:

Do I include EIT on my resume?

Where do I put my EIT certification?;

What is the proper way of adding EIT based on my circumstance?

Or maybe, you received your EIT certification and are just curious about how to include it on your resume.

Well, here are your answers!

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Where Should You Place The Certification Section

According to the CV writing standards, the Education section should go after a section that defines your goal and working experience. However, if you are a graduate and do not have any working experience, you are free to skip this section and move further to the education and certifications you have obtained.

Education, of course, is important for a recruiter, but it is even more important for the one to know what exactly you can do and in what way a company can benefit from hiring you. Thats why your mission is to demonstrate your strong sides and do the following.

  • Do not force an HR manager to seek out the necessary information in the CV – it should be easy to see.
  • If you have not yet acquired any working experience but just graduated from a college/ university, then the education section should be placed immediately after the goal section in the resume.
  • If you are a qualified specialist in your field and have solid working experience, place the information about education/ certifications after the experience section.
  • Remember, you must first write about the certification that is of the greatest importance.

The certification section should be placed right after your academic qualifications. Just follow the examples below.

The Right Way

List educational qualifications in reverse chronological order


List certifications here in reverse chronological order

Listing Certifications On The Resume

Showing certifications on a resume is key to standing out in the running for a job vacancy which is why its so important to understand how to indicate resume certifications, memberships and licenses.

These are a few tips for including certifications on a resume but for more structured resume help, you could try using a resume template to ensure an HR-approved resume layout including resume boosting certifications.

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To Show Additional Skills

Depending on the position, you may include certifications that aren’t listed in the job description but would benefit the role. These certifications show that you are capable of doing more than the job requires and demonstrates initiative and the desire to take part in professional development. For example, if you are applying for an administrative assistant position, you can include computer software or customer management certificates you’ve earned to highlight your additional skills. Several examples of these certifications include being a Microsoft Office Specialist , a Dynamics 365 Certified Associate, or having a computer software CompTIA A+ certificate.

Which Certifications Should You Include On A Resume


You should of course include any required or relevant certifications on your resume. Some may have additional secondary certifications that are not really relevant to the position.

For example, if you have CPR certification and youâre applying for an accounting position â itâs not relevant and would probably be better left off your resume.

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What To Write In Case Of Incomplete Education

Is there any way to indicate incomplete higher education in the resume and still be considered as a worthy candidate? Yes, it is more complicated than the question of how to list certifications on a resume. Students who are continuing their studies at the university at the time of submitting a CV should specify the end date of the studies according to the curriculum. When hiring a student, the manager has the right to know how many years or months left for the candidate to graduate. Therefore, be as specific as possible when indicating your graduating information in a resume.

The following is an example of how you can list incomplete education:

University of Education, Business Management , Completed 70 credits towards a Bachelors Degree in Business.

When Should You Add A Certification On Resume

James is a Marketing Manager with 10 years experience, working with a top-notch brand and delivering your best to the company.

Additionally, he is an MBA graduate from a decent B-school.

Your work experience and education sections look quite sorted.

Now let us evaluate your certifications

Your certifications list is:

  • Certificate in Yoga and Meditation from Yoga Art Center
  • Digital Marketing certification

It makes sense to add only those certifications list to your resume which adds VALUE to your current portfolio!

For a , Digital Marketing Certification goes a long way in letting the recruiter know the additional skill in the same domain.

The skill of digital marketing shall enhance the marketing career of this candidate.But rest of the certifications do not necessarily add value to a Marketing Resume.

So whether the rest of the 3 certifications can be added or avoided depends upon the space constraint in the resume.

Needless to say, the rest of the 3 skills might showcase your learning stint but would not add much value while the resume is getting shortlisted for interview.

At the same time, in case of freshers, all the certifications matter a lot.

Because freshers are still deciding their path and any new certification will add value to the resume.

For example, a fresher might have done an online certification in Leadership Training.

Also, the baking certificate would showcase the skill of initiative and a team player.

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Here Is An Example Of Certifications On A Resume:

If you have any online certifications or courses you took, those would usually be mentioned towards the bottom of your resume. It is okay to list online certifications from sites like Udemy or Lynda on your resume. It shows the hiring manager that you took the time to learn or touch up on a skill, and that will never get you disqualified. However, keep only highly relevant, required or prestigious certifications at the top of your resume.

Bls Certification On Resume

First Aid And Cpr Certification On Resume

The American Red Cross also offers a;Basic Life Support certification. First responders and family members who want to know life-saving measures may take this. These expire in two years, so you will need to recertify.

The ARC offers a shortened BLS course when your certification is about to expire or has expired within 30 days of the expiry date.;

;Using the same guidelines and template for CPR, your resume certification example for BLS looks like:

  • Summary include BLS certified;by the American Red Cross.
  • Objective an example includes, Empathetic;BLS Certified;EMT looking to join as a first responder to contribute to patient care in emergencies.
  • Certification section ;BLS Certification;;American Red Cross; Issued May 2, 2019, |Expires May 2, 2021

Here is an example of Basic Life Support certificate template:;

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How To List An Expired Certification On A Resume

The way in which things are worded on a resume is just as crucial as the actual skillsets. Explaining the experiences which led you to obtaining a certification is particularly important when the certification is no longer valid.

Expired certifications can be listed in the experience section or in the certifications section. The experience section allows you to expand on the skillset that came with it, whereas the certifications section is only appropriate if you plan to renew the certification.

Where To Include Certifications On A Resume

If the certification is a requirement for the position, then you want to either list it next to your name in the header or in your resume title. A hiring manager only looks at a resume for a few seconds so you need to quickly show that youâre qualified for the position.

Here is an example of a certification next to a name:

You could also list your certification in the title of your resume. Utilizing a resume title is very effective for any resume and we wrote a good post on writing a resume title and header here.

Here is an example of listing your certification in a resume title:

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