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How To Make Creative Resume In Photoshop

Choosing The Right Color Scheme

How to Design a Creative Resume | Photoshop Tutorial

The first thing to do would be finding the right color scheme. We gonna do this by using the website named Go to the Explore section and search for the needed color scheme. For example, we gonna run the search for vegas:

It gonna load up. Now, you see the basic Vegas Sunset scheme that looks just the way you need.

Jump back to Photoshop and open up your Window -> Libraries panel. Then, navigate to Color Schemes, and youll see the Vegas Sunset over there.

Free Federal Resume Template

Fill in your contact details, social media ids, and personal skills on the left. Write about your work experience and professional skills on the left. The Photoshop resume template is compatible with MS Word as well, apart from Adobe Photoshop.

The file is fully customizable, easy to edit, and allows you to change the color scheme. Are you all set to take your preparations to the next level?

Fiteen Psd Resume Template

Fiteen is a beautiful geometrically inspired Photoshop resume template set thats ideal for anyone in the fashion or design industries. It comes with a CV, cover letter, portfolio, and business card design, all featuring an elegant combination of neutral colors and classic typography for a highly professional look.

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Select The Right Color Palette

Traditional resumes are generally just plain black and white. With a modern and creative resume in Photoshop, you wont shy away from using color to make your resume pop even more.

Finding the right color palette for your resume should depend on how you want to project yourself. In color psychology, certain colors reflect a certain personality. In marketing, colors are used to evoke a certain emotion. For example, blue is the preferred color for tech companies like IBM and HP because it signifies professionalism.

Based on the main color that you want to use, you can now create a color palette for your resume.

For example, go to the Adobe Color tool to pick a palette that’ll blend well with your main color.

Lets say, you want to use blue as the main color of your resume. Just click on the color wheel and choose a color harmony rule on the left of your screen:

Click the preferred color palette and then click Save to archive it on your Creative Cloud library. When you go back to Photoshop, open Window > Libraries panel > Color Schemes, and youll see the color palette youve chosen.

Make It Your Own Brand

How to Make a Creative Resume in Photoshop Quickly (With ...

Lastly, your resume should reflect who you are. Therefore, it must be unique and representative of what you can bring into your future company. Use little touches of effort to make it your own.

Your future employer will surely appreciate it if you elevate your resume into something that stands out. Treat your resume like your branding. For example, you can create a personal branding logo to complement your resume.

Creating a highly personalized and creative resume is a bit taxing. For a complete guide, learn more on How to Create a Great Resume .

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Learn More About Making Great Resumes

As you probably know by now, making a resume isn’t as simple as it sounds. It takes quite a few skills to write a good resume. You need to structure it effectively and tell a concise story that fits your strengths. You also need to immediately grab attention visually with a professional design.

But don’t worry, we’ve got some resume tutorials and resources featured in this ultimate guide that can help you do it yourself. With time and attention, you can craft a resume that you’ll be proud of.

We’ve more useful resources to help you in your journey to make the best resume for your needs:

Creative Photoshop Psd Resume Template Designs For 2019

If you dont want to work from scratch or don’t know where and how to start, using a Photoshop resume template will help you maximize your time and effort. Plus, resume templates will inspire you to get you some ideas to make your creative Photoshop resume a standout.

If you work with digital assets, think templates, presentations, photos, music and more, you should consider getting yourself Envato Elements membership. With a growing library of over 1.2 million digital resources it’s a one stop shop for many smart creatives and organizations.

Here are some of the most beautiful and highly stunning Photoshop resume templates to draw inspiration from:

This tastefully designed resume template will help you craft a pretty memorable impression to your potential employer.

Best for: designers and artists with an extensive portfolio to showcase.

This Photoshop resume template has a design aesthetic that’s minimalistic in nature, but with a modern look.

Best for: Job applicants seeking to be part of fashion and interior design industries.

Intended to make a lasting impression, this Photoshop resume template has a professional and neat design. It only has a single use of color to maintain a clean finish.

Best for: Creatives who want to maintain a level of professionalism.

A stunning resume template on Photoshop, this exudes elegance. It’s got an impressive and unique aesthetics that’ll surely captivate any recruiter.

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Minimalist Psd Resume Template

The next of our premium Photoshop resumes from Envato Elements is this lovely minimalist layout that includes a cover letter, CV, and portfolio, making it super versatile. Its fully editable and includes all necessary files for quick and easy customization, as well as free fonts and two-size formats.

Professional Free Resume Template

How to Create a Resume Template in Photoshop | In-Depth Tutorial | PE35

Most free resume templates are created by designers who are relatively new to the profession and looking for exposure. But here’s a notable exception. Chris Do is the award-winning designer, founder and CEO of Santa Monica studio Blind. And he’s made the template of his personal resume free to download for job seekers in the industry, via the online education platform The Futur.

The document comes in both an Adobe Illustrator file and a PDF, and the design is pretty straightforward and formal. And while it’s not exactly going to wow anyone as a visual, that’s kind of the point. The fact that this is based on the real resume of such a successful creative highlights that less can be more when it comes to job applications.

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Build A Whole Resume Package

Once youve finished up your resume and incorporated some of the elements and tips weve looked at in this article, it should be looking fabulous and ready for printing or sending off over email.

But wait up… theres one more thing to consider before you hastily hit the Send button. More and more agencies are looking for something extra-special in applications, to help prioritise candidates who demonstrate creativity in their resume as well as their portfolio. A great way of making your application extra-special is to expand it into a complete resume package.

A cover letter is a traditional part of a job application, but think about how you can extend the design of the resume across to the letter too. Can you lift the style of your name and turn that into a personal logo, creating an interesting letterhead design?

Can you extend the style across to a business card too?

Creating a complete resume package really does show you are willing to go the extra mile with your application, which tells the employer that you really want to work for them and also demonstrates how you would approach projects when working for them. It may sound like a lot of work, but if you really want that dream creative job, you wont regret putting in the extra effort.

Organize And Isolate Content On Layers

Layers are a powerful part of working in Adobe Illustrator. Think of them like separating content. This content can then be layered on top of each other.

We can view our layers in the Layers panel. Go to Window > Layers to open this panel.

In this Adobe Illustrator CV template, the content has all been organized into different layers. If we want to hide some of this content, we can toggle visibility on and off. Click on the eye symbol, to the right of each layer, to temporarily hide it. Or click on the trash can to delete a layer.

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Best Photoshop Resume Template To Design A Professional Cv

Although those who are designing professionally have done your job easy, it is still advisable to have some knowledge of Photoshop basics. This will help you customize your template better because you will be able to create what is needed.

You can start using Photoshop as a free 30-day trial version. This period should be enough for you to be able to create a resume. However, if you need to continue using the services, you can buy the software for $10 per month. Why start with a blank slate when you have most of the work done for you already? Heres a list of our most favorite Photoshop resume templates.

How To Make Your Graphic Designer Work Experience Stand Out

How to Create a CV/RESUME template in Photoshop ...

Work experience is the most important section in your resume .

Sure, your design skills are super important, but so is your professional experience. Heres how to structure your work experience section:

  • Position name
  • Responsibilities & Achievements

Or, heres what it looks like in practice:

Now, if you really want to stand out, you should focus on talking about your achievements instead of responsibilities.

Instead of saying:

Charged with designing client companies…

Go for:

Designed 15+ client company websites from start to finish

So, whats the difference between the two?

The second one is more specific. You know exactly what the person did, and you can say that theyre reliable.

The first example, on the other hand, is too generic. Sure, you were charged with designing client websites, but you cant tell if youre a complete newbie , or an expert .

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Make Sure It’s Right For The Job

It’s worth repeating that you should make sure the job you’re applying for is open to a creative approach. If you’re in marketing or tech, a little creativity is probably welcome. But there’s no guarantee a staider profession will find it acceptable. Of course, some jobs may ask you to be creative, which is a plus if you prefer this approach.

How To Add A Portfolio To Your Resume

You can add a portfolio section pretty right about the same way youd add work experience.

Create a header named Portfolio, link to your website , and list the designs youve worked on. And heres how this looks like:

If you dont want a dedicated section for your portfolio, you can simply link to your online portfolio in your contact information section.

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Tip 6 Catch The Eye With Resume Infographics

Infographic design details are a great way of introducing a more unique look to your resume, while looking data-driven and professional.

How to achieve the infographic look? First, divide your resume layout up into a grid with two columns and four or five rows. Focus on placing one section of data into each square of the grid, whether thats your list of awards and certificates, or your educational history.

Transform each section of data into its own individual infographic.

Try transforming your list of past jobs into an experience timeline, ordered chronologically. Use graphic icons to represent different skills or hobbies.

Use the shape tools in your design software of choice to create simple charts and graphs to represent your language skills or software experience.

Check out this simple tutorial on creating your own infographic elements in Adobe InDesign. Use them to embellish your resume layout.

One final tip for infographic styleskeep your colors pared-back, neutral and minimal. With all those graphic elements going on, youll want to keep the design looking ultra-professional.

Tip 17 Use A Different Layout

How to Create a CV/RESUME template in Photoshop : Photoshop Tutorial

If youre applying for a job in a creative industry, consider using a horizontal layout instead of a vertical one. This isn’t common practice. So, its a great way to stand out and immediately catch the attention of the recruiters.

On top of that, you might be able to include more information on your resume without worrying about going over the one-page limit rule. Take a look at how this template experiments with a horizontal layout for an effective resume.

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Tip 5 Combine Different Fonts

Using only one font throughout your resume would result in a pretty boring resume design. There are thousands of beautiful and free or low cost fonts available online. So, theres no excuse to stick to the same old boring fonts everyone else is using.

Consider using one font for creative resume headings and one font for your body text. You can also experiment with different font weights.

How To Quickly Design Your Resume In Photoshop

Now that youre armed with resume design tips, its time to customize a resume template so you can start applying for jobs.

For the purposes of this tutorial, Ill be using the CV Resume Template from Envato Elements.

This resume has a clean and creative CV design and comes with a matching cover letter.

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Infographic Style Resume Template

Do you work in a data-driven field? Is your work related to finance or analytics? Well, in that case, this is the best resume design for you. The template design focuses more on infographics and visualizations than the other sections, which will undoubtedly make your resume stand out.

Use a descriptive picture to highlight your skills and achievements. For example, you can create charts and bar diagrams showing the projects in which you saved costs for your company.

Tip 20 Add Color To Power Words


Make the power words in your resume stand out by using color. Power words are keywords that recruiters will scan for so they can immediately see relevant information. They include resume sections such as skills, education, and experience. Those words can mean all the difference between your resume getting noticed or winding up in the bin.

Apply the color directly to the heading, create a colored border around the heading, or add a colored shape to act as a background for that particular heading.

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Tip 15 Emphasize Your Contact Information

According to one study from The Ladders, recruiters wont spend more than six seconds on any given resume. Thats why your contact information needs to visually stand out from the rest of your resume.

You could use a background color to emphasize it or you could include your photo. Or, include a logo if you’ve got one.

Another tip to make this section visually stand out more is to use icons for your social media profiles, email address, and phone number.

Floral Resume Template Illustrator

The floral Illustrator resume has five beautifully designed pages. There are two different title pages to choose from included with the five pages you get in the package. Also, included in the five pages you get two resume pages and a cover letter page. All the pages are fully editable.

This curriculum resume AI template has a beautiful floral design. Use it to set your resume apart from the rest.

This Adobe Illustrator resume template is a one-page template. Here are some highlights of this template comes with:

  • 100 plus custom icons to make the resume distinctive
  • a business card template to leave a lasting impression at your interview
  • a cover letter template and portfolio template
  • two color schemes
  • free fonts

Use this modern Illustrator CV template to showcase your skills. Show your future employer that you’re a valuable candidate.

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Build A Photoshop Template Resume Today

When you’re scrambling to apply for a job, the last thing you should be worrying about is your photo resume. Start with a pre-built Photoshop resume template instead of starting from scratch.

And remember, avoid Photoshop resume templates for free. A CV template PSD for free usually doesn’t measure up to the high-quality CV templates you’ll find on Envato Elements or GraphicRiver.

If the PSD resume templates in this article aren’t your style, check out Envato Elements. The all-you-can-download service has thousands of offerings to choose from. Or, go and find a specific resume format template from GraphicRiver!

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly adding new, appealing resume templates that are ideal for your next job search.

Top 10 Parts Of A Creative Resume Template

How to make creative CV/Resume in Illustrator/Photoshop
  • A flashy color used throughout the template
  • A strong font that draws attention to the candidates name
  • Plenty of space for skills and experience
  • Strong lines that guide the reader to all parts of the resume
  • Room for a headshot or logo if needed
  • Enough space for a creative profile summary
  • Place for links to social media or portfolio
  • White space to balance out the color
  • A strong emphasis on the top of the resume
  • Stylish and modern design that works for a variety of fields
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    Symmetrical Psd Resume Template

    For a stunning symmetrical design with a greyscale color scheme and small profile photo featured at the top, consider this PSD resume template offering a matching cover letter, simple customization and editing options, vector shapes, and pixel-perfect graphics. All elements are able to be adjusted to suit your style.


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