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How To Send Resume To Infosys

Creating A Diverse Workplace

How to Write a Resume? For TCS | Wipro | IBM | Infosys | Accenture

At Infosys, we recognize the need for greater diversity and inclusion at the workplace, and on this journey, we place special emphasis on enabling gender diversity. Women form an integral part our of company and we do all that we can to build an inclusive, supportive and safe workplace for them.

In line with the UK Equality Act 2010 Regulations 2017, Infosys Consulting publishes its annual UK Gender Gap Report.

To learn more about how Infosys is creating a diverse workplace, click here.

Some Questions On These Conditions

11) boys are allowed to watch football at c.v.Raman auditorium subjected to conditions. i)the boy over age 16 can wear overcoat ii)no boy over age 15 can wear cap iii)to watch the football either he has to wear overcoat or cap or both iv) a boy with an umberella or above 16 or both cannot wear sweater.

6) There N stations on a railroad. After adding x stations 46 additional tickets have to be printed. Find N and X. Ans. let N = t;

6)This one was based on logical was a long question barrons type. names of five men and women were given.they go to cinema hall.conditions regarding their seating arrangement were took time but it can be solved.

7)There are three teams ? DoIt, ActIt & ThinkIt ? playing basketball in a championship. Three friends are speculating about the result: A : Either DoIt or ThinkIt will make it B : DoIt is not going to make it C : Neither ThinkIt or DoIt will make it Only one of them turned out to be correct. Which team won? Ans: ActIt 8) There are 3 tribes. Sorobean aways speaks truth. Narobean alwaz lies. Midorean speaks truth and false alternatively but whether he speaks truth or lies first cannot be detemined. From the statements find who belongs to which tribe. A: I am a sorobean B is a narobean B: I am a sorobean C is a midorean C: I am a sorobean A is a midorean Ans: A-Midorean, B – Narobean, C – Sorobean

How Does Resume Parsing Help

It is a process by which resume data is analyzed and extracted into a format such as XML. In other words, new-age ATS solutions or a resume screening software that are powered by AI creates unique candidate profiles.;

It can look for specific information such as educational qualifications or skills and cut and paste this information into the designated fields in the candidates profile. Recruiters can search the database using keywords and receive a list of relevant results.

  • It eliminates any errors and inconsistencies that result from manual data entry by recruiters or applicants.
  • Resume parsers extract and sort information into designated fields. Recruiters do not need to scan the entire resume to look for relevant keywords. They can view candidate information in a standard format.
  • Resume parsers are designed to add context to the keywords and understand the intention of using them to give more reliable results.
  • They do not just screen resumes based on keywords but use variables. Therefore, they can help overcome false-positive and false-negative keyword issues.
  • They have capabilities to add filters to the search criteria for better results. For example, candidates with work experience on a specific product can be identified easily.

The recruitment software market now offers AI-based ATS solutions or even independent resume scanning software solutions powered by AI that can be integrated with your existing ATS. Heres what they do:

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Big Biller Recruiting Software

Big Biller is an ATS and Recruiting CRM that also allows for seamless job board integration. It offers effortless resume parsing and powerful search features.


  • It allows spreadsheet imports for the smooth implementation of the software.
  • Email parsing can be used to send resumes to the database.
  • It also has a Recruiter CRM that facilitates job postings, email marketing, and business development.


  • Some glitches have been reported with its candidate management features

How To Write A Resume For Tcs

My Resume final infosys(border photo)

Watch this video by Mohamed Abdullah, Director, ConduiraOnline to find out how to create a good resume for corporations equivalent to TCS, Infosys, Wipro, IBM and so on. Learn the frequent errors one ought to keep away from whereas writing a resume. This video additionally talks concerning the variations between a resume & curriculum vitae. So, do verify this video out to get a full understanding of the artwork of making a resume.#ConduiraOnline #CRT #ResumeWriting

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How To Register At Infosys Career Portal

  • You can click on the login option which is present in the top right corner of all Infosys Career Pages.
  • It will open a form where you can login if you are already registered.
  • If you are not, click on the register button.
  • Fill in your details: Full name, Email ID, Password and other basic particulars.
  • Your email ID will be your user name.
  • You will get a confirmation saying you are successfully registered.

Challenges Of Implementing Resume Screening Software And How To Overcome Them

Even though implementing AI-driven resume screening software can be immensely beneficial, recruiters must be careful about certain things. Two of the most common challenges of implementing resume screening software solutions are as follows:

1. Reliability

Reliability remains the most significant concern as AI-based recruiting tools may have several inconsistencies and flaws. AI-powered recruitment technology is still in its initial stages. It might not be able to recognize patterns in a resume, as well as you might expect.;

For instance, an ATS might reject a resume because the applicant might have used a different font. The scanner might not be able to read an unusual format, page orientation, or picture placement.;

Social recruitment is on the rise. If your AI-driven resume screening software includes social media activity in its screening process, it could prove to be a disadvantage for those talents that arent very active on social media.;

The only way to solve these challenges is by feeding more and more data into these tools. AI uses data to analyze patterns and combinations. To get more accurate predictive analysis with the help of AI, they need a massive amount of data to derive reliable conclusions.;

2. Biases

AI recruiting tools work by analyzing old patterns. One of the main reasons we choose to use AI tools is to reduce the human biases involved in selecting candidates based on their name, age, gender, nationality, and more.;

3. Language Barriers:

Wrapping it Up

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Why Work At Infosys Portland

The Infosys Portland team comprises of a group of high calibre individuals who combine deep industry experience with problem-solving expertise.

Our team has worked with many of the leading, global corporations. We have adapted best-practices and applied problem solving techniques to our specialist domain. This allows our people to develop real solutions that clients can implement to generate sustainable, long-term benefit.

We are always interested to meet with highly motivated candidates who would like to join our organisation. A position with us offers immediate exposure to a blue chip client base, the opportunity to work in a challenging, stimulating, environment with a team of dynamic individuals, and the chance to travel both within Australia and internationally.

Benefits of working at Infosys Portland include:

  • Accelerated personal skills and capabilities development
  • Exposure to a wide range of industries and businesses
  • Access to clients’ senior management and decision-making teams
  • Satisfaction of staying the distance to see the results, not just the report
  • Opportunity to contribute to a rapidly growing business

Those who succeed at Infosys Portland combine operational excellence with the ambition to make our clients successful. Our recruitment process assesses technical capability, strategic thinking, and cultural fit to find that rare mix.

Category : Training & Placements

Infosys Recruitment process form Submit details | Step-by-Step Process | Edit Resume

Preparation You must be familiar with C, C++ and basic JAVA concepts Following is the descending order of number questions from each subject interviewer will ask. Data Structures – Try to exercise simple programs on all types of data structures Operating systems – Should be familiar with all basic concepts and definitions, try to learn some OS algorithms Computer Networks DBMS Software Engineering

1. PUZZLES TO PUZZLE YOU – By SHAKUNTALA DEVI : 2,3,11,12,17,23,27,37,38,45,51,63,66,108,117,124,128,130,145,14 8 2. MORE PUZZLES – By SHAKUNTALA DEVI : 193,221,244,275 3. GEORGE SUMMERS BOOK starte with the puzzles to puzzle book importance to each and every question. genrally problems having comaplex figures and 2page questions will not be asked. u need to give importance to the questions ive listed above.

7. If one tyre of a car suddenly gets stolen…. and after sometime u find the tyre without the screws how will u make ur journey complete? Ans: Open 3 screws, 1 from each tyre and fix the tyre. 8. How can u measure a room height using a thermometer?Ans: temp varies with height. but its dependent on various other factors like humidity, wind etc.

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Jobs For Candidates With A Career Break:

Infosys has good news for candidates on a career break. If you have a minimum experience of 3 years and are currently unemployed, you can apply at Infosys. Follow the link to know more:

Skill Assessment tool for Infosys Online exam for freshers:

All India Jobs developed a skill assessment tool powered by Artificial Intelligence to help you assess your preparation. Take this test to check your preparation. Have fun sharing your scores and comparing it with your friends.

2.Profile submission along with resume

We have discussed in detail about these two steps until now.

3. Profile shortlisting:

Apply for suitable jobs present in their portal. After submitting your profile and applying, wait for the Talent Acquisition team at Infosys to contact you.

This is the first round of screening. It requires you to maintain a minimum of 60% throughout your academics starting from 10th standard to be eligible. Just meeting the eligibility may not be enough to get selected.

There is a job alert feature too. It will send an email notification to your inbox if they get an opening you are looking for.

4. Online Test :

If you are a fresher and got shortlisted, you need to give an online assessment test for aptitude and reasoning. It has three sections with section wise time limits. The difficulty level is at par with CAT questions.

Aptitude and Reasoning Material:

5. Interview

Important Interview Tips:

Technical study material:

Top MNC Placement Papers:

Get The Right Experience

If you have completed your education from a reputed college or you have worked for a reputed company then it will help you a lot otherwise you can boost your resume with some projects and participation in hackathons.;

  • You can build some mobile app, web app or you can also include your ML project. Honestly, it doesnt matter that much what youre building as long as youre building something. You should have good command with at least one programming language such as Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, C++, etc.
  • Instead of building 5-6 tiny projects be to build some big projects which you are most proud of especially when you have no programming background. Doing a project is important to get enough experience and to showcase that you have built something.
  • Participate in hackathons or open-source projects. If you are a college student participate in ACM-ICPC or . Participating in these competitions helps a lot in applying for dream companies.
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    Showcase Your Soft Skill Set

    This is a critical part and that which will set you apart from other candidates. You will need to show these soft skills that are going to be a game changer in 2020. Here is how you can highlight them in your job resume

    • Complex problem solving Include examples where you contributed to projects which addressed a roadblock or bottleneck.
    • Critical thinking This can be shown through examples of writing white papers, case studies, etc.
    • Creativity Show this by highlighting the software projects you undertook and the innovations you did. Here creativity does not mean artistic creativity!
    • People management Mention cases where you have led teams, it can include even extra-curricular activities
    • Coordinating with others if you have not led teams then at least you can highlight examples where you were part of teams
    • Emotional intelligence This cannot be showcased on a job resume but can be highlighted during the Infosys interview.
    • Judgment and decision-making Write down examples where you used this, and keep it ready for answering during the Infosys interview

    These are the top tips that you can use to create a job resume that will impress an Infosys recruiter and help you get an Infosys interview. If you are unable to create a resume with these points on your own, you can use Resume Buddy which has resume templates, resume keywords and phrases, to help you create a professional resume within minutes!

    Resume Writing Tips For Freshers & Experienced Outside Resume : : Resume Format Always Have A


    .doc format and .txt format of your resume with you. When you are filling your resume in websites, you need the text format and when you are sending resume through mail, it’s better to send the .doc format. Few companies may ask specifically for .rtf format. In such case, you don’t have an option anyway.

    If the company mentions that a specific ‘Job Code’ has to be written in Subject Line, write that. If nothing specific, then give a proper subject line for your mail. Example: Resume – J2EE – 3 Years Experience – INFOSYS Bangalore

    Covering Letter Always try to include a “short” covering letter just containing your experience, current location, contact details current company name, technology you are working in. Don’t write too long covering letters. No HR will spend time on reading your long letters.

    Resume Size Short is Sweet Try to see to it that the .doc resume file size is less than 100 KB. Don’t make the resume too long. Keep it short & sweet. It should be less than 3 pages . The HR will hardly have 1 minute to glance at your resume. He won’t have the time to read story-like resume. So, be precise, clear and straight to the point. Better use bullets for mentioning important points.

    Check BULK mail folder Check the BULK mail folder before blindly emptying it. I have seen people who lost call letters because of it.

    Exclusive Mail IDs Use only one mail Ids exclusively for the purpose of recruitments. Do NOT use those mail Ids for any other purpose .

    Subject Line

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    Guidelines For Effective Screening

    Heres what can help recruiters do a better job of screening resumes:

    1. Build a clear, specific, and concise job description

    The job description should clearly convey details about the role and the type of candidate required. It must leave nothing to the recruiters or the candidates interpretation.

    2. Talk to the hiring manager

    An in-depth discussion with the hiring manager will ensure that they both understand the role similarly and that they are on the same page. A hiring manager may be able to share some more insights into the ideal candidate that may not have been captured on the job description.

    3. Look for red flags

    Recruiters should attempt to spot red flags such as frequent job changes, gaps in employment or employment dates that do not add up, etc.

    4. Identify keyword stuffing

    Candidates stuff their resumes with specific keywords that they know recruiters will most likely be looking for, even if they may not apply to them. Recruiters must be vigilant about that.

    5. Introduce layers of testing into the resume screening process

    Tests can be employed as a part of the resume submission process or even after their resumes have been screened to ensure that only quality candidates reach the interview stage.

    6. Look beyond the minimum and preferred requirements

    Recruiters must also keep an eye out for details that may give the candidate an edge over the others. For example, an ability to speak more than one language.

    Cover Letter For Resume

    Lets Get Started by Knowing why you should include cover letter and what is a Cover Letter.

    Q: Why Cover Letter?A: For a Job Application, A HR Recruiter will receive Thousands of Applications. Its a Known fact that HR Recruiters spend only 10-30 Seconds to look at your Profile. Hell not be able to read everything mentioned in your resume within those 10-30 seconds. So hell just screen your resume. If you havent presented yourself in a effective Manner then your Resume or CV will go to the Dust Bin/Trash Can. So You Just have these 30 Seconds to Impress the Recruiter. This is where Cover Letter can be a Big Asset for you.

    Q: So, What is a Cover Letter?A: A Cover Letter is a Document which is to be sent along with your Resume. A Professional and Well Written Cover Letter Briefs about your Yourself, Your Qualifications and Why you should be considered for the Job. The biggest thing here is WHY YOU SHOULD BE CONSIDERED FOR THE JOB?.

    Q:Where should i add the Cover Letter?A: The Cover Letter should be the First Page of your Resume Document. Please remember that Cover Letter and Resume both are not different documents. Both of these should be in the same document. The First Page of your Resume Document should be Cover Letter, and the remaining pages will be your resume. Only After Cover letter your Resume or CV Follows.

    Cover Letter for Resume Format:

    Your Name


    Contact: +91- XXXXXXXXXX; Email:

    Respected HR Team,

    Yours sincerely


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    How To Check If Your Infosys Offer Is Genuine

    Candidates sometimes get cheated with fraudulent offer letters which are not from Infosys. Do not share your bank account details or sensitive information before checking the offers validity. Follow this link to Infosys site to read further:

    Fraud alert!

    If you got an offer letter that mentions it is from Infosys, you need to verify it on this page.Infosys offer letter validation link:

    Internship at Infosys_ Instep:

    Infosys offers internships to students studying in various capacities. However, only students from Infosys partnering institutions are eligible to apply. Heres a list of those institutions in India:

    IIT: Delhi, Bombay, Madras, BHU, Kharagpur, Khanpur, Gawahathi, RoorkeeIIM: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Indore

    Students from these institutions can look at the list of projects and apply generically or to projects of their choice. Find the list of projects from here:


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