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How To Pitch Yourself In Resume

Customize A Resume For Each Specific Role

How to Describe Yourself in One Sentence: Elevator Pitch Examples

Companies only consider resumes that are related to the jobs posted. Moreover, you will need to adjust the documents anyway for the ATS purposes. Make sure to change the job title based on the vacancy you are applying for. Resume summary might require customization as well, as you will need to explain how your skills will benefit this particular company.

What Elevator Pitch Means

Also called an elevator speech or elevator statement, an elevator pitch is a short, persuasive statement about yourself and what you do. What makes it unique and striking? Its short enough to present during a brief elevator ride, hence the term.

At maximum, it should exceed 30 seconds. This is the perfect amount of time to get your message across. Also, it serves as a sales pitch that can help you convince whomever youre talking to. This may lead to a direct sale in your business, a job youve been eyeing for months, or simply a new contact you can add to your growing network. Who knows, maybe all it takes for you to achieve your specific goal is to present yourself in a quick yet powerful way.

However, you must be clever about using an elevator pitch. It doesnt have to daunt you, either. Lets now talk about when and how you must use one to your advantage.

For Business Owners Salespeople And Job Seekers Who Want A More Direct Elevator Pitch

The method above can work for pretty much anybody, but its really designed to create the best elevator pitch possible for job seekers. But if you own a business or you work in sales, you should be much more direct

I recently came across a great formula and have yet to find anything better in terms of a very specific, direct elevator pitch. So Ill share the formula here and then give you some elevator pitch examples with this method.

I suggest you try it if you want a more direct approach.

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When Meeting A Potential Employer:

Whether youre at a job fair or out to lunch with a friend who introduces you to their boss, meeting a prospective employer is a brief opportunity to make yourself known as a job candidate. In these situations, youll want to go over a large amount of information in a short time. Example:

My name is Jeremy Choi, and I recently graduated with a masters degree in urban planning from the University of California at Berkeley. I am dedicated to finding innovative and sustainable solutions to environmental and economic issues in highly populated cities. Last month, I completed an internship with the City of Oakland Department of Public Works and am looking for a similar full-time position here in Chicago. I would love to speak with you about potential job openings. Could we schedule a time to speak in your office?

Lastly Give Out Your Business Card

A Short And Engaging Pitch About Yourself

At planned networking events, it will benefit you to have a business card that you can trade with contacts. Its also appropriate to give out your card in other situations when you use an elevator pitch. Giving your potential employer or service provider a physical reminder of yourself can make you stand out from others they meet.

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Figure Out Who You Are

First and foremost, you need to know who you are as a professional. Take a look at your work ethic, interests, character, strengths, and weakness, and combine these into a description of who you are.

Job seekers who are confident in their interests, passions, skills, and abilities are more likely to stand out to employers. If you know who you are as a professional, youll better illustrate these qualities when you apply for jobs and network with employers.

Additional Elevator Pitch Resources:

If youre looking for additional assistance with crafting your elevator pitch, or if you need a little bit of help formulating your next business plan, then consider these resources:

BplansIf your elevator pitch goes well, the potential investor might want to follow up by looking over your business plan. Bplans offer business plan templates that are easy to use, and it also offers how-to articles to help you get started with crafting your business plan.

American FactFinderBefore starting your business planor even before you craft an elevator pitchits a good idea to do a bit of market research. This site can help you access U.S. Census and other market research-related data to help you with your overall business approach.

Venture BeatThis site covers the latest news in tech innovation and entrepreneurism. This is an ideal business resource to consult before crafting your elevator pitch.

Whether you are a jobseeker, entrepreneur or possible business partner, it is important to state who you are, what you are looking for at the event and the benefits you would bring to the listener. Be sure to list your best skills and close by explaining what your goals are and how you would like to stay in touch.

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This Executive Placement Expert Advises To Hone A Personal Narrative That Captures Your Career Story At Its Most Concise And Memorable Level

Which category of jobseeker do you fall into?

  • The historian. Shares every bullet point on her three-page, 25+ year resume, overwhelming hiring managers with details.
  • The opportunist. Emphasizes so much willingness to do anything and everything, that theres no figuring out the right fit for him.
  • The generalist. Downplays her true skills with generic accomplishments like building great teams and achieving corporate goals leaves no lasting impression.
  • The reactionary. Needs a therapist and lets emotion about his last employer drive the conversation until the interviewer is screaming for the exit.

Many of us inadvertently fall into one of these stereotypes when asked to introduce our skills, experience and career goals. And, especially for executive jobseekers, those traps could kill your chances. Recruiters, hiring managers and networking contacts need a clear picture of your unique strengths and ideal roleand all in just a few short sentences.

Enter the professional narrative.

Elevator Speech Examples For Job Seekers

How To Write Your Elevator Pitch For Your Resume

Whether youre a recent graduate fresh out of college or an experienced professional, its important to be prepared to pitch yourself to potential employers and referral sources. An elevator speech can also be helpful in job interviews. When the interviewer asks you to share something about yourself, youll sound polished and professional if you can quickly reply with a well-prepared elevator pitch.

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First Dress For Success

What you choose to wear to a job interview factors into the employers overall impression of you. Thats why its important to dress cleanly and professionally, even if the company dress code is more casual. Save the casual days for later, when youve been hired. During your interview, wear business clothes in neutral colors and keep accessories to a minimum. Well-groomed hair and nails enhance your look of professionalism.

Why Do Projects Fail

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

In their blog post, “31 Pivotal Project Management Statistics for 2021,” TeamStage, a project management think tank composed of project managers, reports that 70% of all projects fail.

They go on to list another set of alarming statistics:

  • 42% of companies do not understand the need or importance of project management
  • 55% of project managers cite budget overrun as the top reason for project failures
  • the project management profession was set to grow by more than 6 trillion USD by the end of 2020
  • 62% of successful projects had supportive sponsors

In my opinion, the top reason for most of the failures that I have encountered on projects is the lack of a robust project execution plan. No matter the school of thought used to manage a project, it is highly important to use a project execution plan in order to cover all of the work and contextual elements that are part of a project. In some industries, it is actually a requirement for customers to do business with you.

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Tips To Pitch Yourself To Potential Employers And Get The Job You Want:

To create a positive impression on an employer, a candidate need to follow all the below mentioned tips and try to keep all the check points clear while pitching yourself in an interview.

1. Know your goals: You should be very clear about your aims. What kind of a position you wanted to settle and try to match with the company. By knowing the goals of a successful career there is a possibility that a candidate will get a clarity about themselves. There are some of the ways to follow while pitching an employer, and they are as follows. Therefore, it can always help a candidate while pitching himself / herself in front of the employer.

2. Know your skills: Know in which position you wanted to see yourself in the company. Make a clear understanding of how you wanted to grow in your career. How you wanted to serve for organizational and individual growth, Analyze how you would become the key person in the company. A candidate applying for a job should be well prepared for all the questions and situations which might be asked in an interview and to perform easily in every interview, a candidate need to know their own skills and strengths.

Keep Calm And Dignified

Short And Engaging Pitch For Resume It Graduate : How To ...

Even if you need a new job urgently, keep confident and calm. Don’t go to extremes trying to please them, and let them know that you are considering other opportunities as well. Maintain a confident body language. Sit straight without legs or arms crossed, keep your chin up and maintain the eye contact. Remember that most of information is transmitted non-verbally!

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What Is A Personal Introduction

An opportunity to present your skills, experience, education, and career interests to new people in 30 to 60 seconds. It starts a career-related conversation and is a great response to the interview question, Tell me about yourself.

When using a personal role:

  • Networking event
  • Meet the employer or employer for the first time
  • Graduate School Interviews and Fairs
  • Practical interview

Graphic Design Resume Summary Examples

Graphic Designer

“Senior graphic designer with 11+ years of experience in website and branding design in a variety of industries. Proficient in Adobe Suite software, like Photoshop and Illustrator. Experience in multimedia, print design, and vector art. Known for exceeding expectations and delivering work on time.”

Creative Director

“Passionate Creative Director with 15+ years of experience in the fashion industry. Led conceptual development within niche brands, developing pitches and brand stories based on a deep awareness of our buyer personas. Won several long-term contracts worth over $250K. Looking to use my expertise to help develop new clothing ranges.”

Product Designer

“Creative and hard-working designer with 5+ years of experience in product design and graphics. Expert in market research and new product design. Passionate about sustainability and the use of eco-friendly materials. Created and launched a line of plastic-free children’s toys that have generated revenue of $250K in sales.”

UI/UX Designer

“Detail-oriented UI designer with 4+ years of experience creating engaging apps for the Gaming industry. Passionate about streamlined and minimalist interfaces. Designed UX and UI for first-person shooter that featured as a best-seller on the AppStore.”

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When Applying For A Sales Job

“I am Andrew. I am a sales executive, specializing in the manufacturing industry. I am currently working at ABC Group of companies that manufacture childrens’ toys. I am passionate about creating awareness and letting great products get to the hands of people that need it.

My enthusiasm for marketing and sales has brought me different recognition. I won an award for the best project of the year for our yearly University marketing/sales project competition. I also won an award last year at my current place of work as ‘best sales executive of the year’.

Having gotten to understand sales/marketing strategies that exist in the manufacturing industry, I am ready to expose myself to bigger challenges in bigger organizations which is why I look forward to working in this company.”

Chapter : Business Elevator Pitch Examples

How To Write An Elevator Pitch For Your Resume

Are you looking to craft an elevator pitch for the perfect business deal? Whether you are making a sales pitch, describing your startup or looking for business partners, an elevator pitch can be a great way to get your ideas across to one or more listeners. The business world is overcrowded with new startups and those looking to make a sale, so having a well-crafted elevator pitch at the ready would give you a great advantage over others in the crowd.

Keep in mind that the recipient of your pitch probably listens to numerous pitches each week, so it is important to convey how your personal background and skills make you exceptional within the field. Use the opportunity to explain how your professional skills have benefited others in the past. Remember to stay positive and on point. Staying focused on your business goals and professional dedication should be the guiding factors of your elevator pitch.

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Other Points To Consider

Keep your 30 seconds off statement short. People usually hear effectively between 30 and 60 seconds, and they appreciate the brief reactions of the questionnaire. It indicates that you are clearly focused and do not waste time going to the point.

Speak in the current time to show that your skills are current and applicable in todays market.

Remember your audience. Adjust the level of detail and industry that you use in terms of the interests and experiences of the person you are addressing.

Avoid general claims such as: Im trustworthy, loyal, helpful, kind, kind, and more. Most job seekers are not only those claims, but they do not disclose your value to your potential employer without a detailed example.

Make your statement my 30 seconds as natural.

This is a real communication medium that will help you to organize something that is brief and coherent in your thinking.

The most common issues or aspects of consideration include:

Take an interesting story of your life: In a personal introduction, you can take an interesting story of your life. You can share the experience you have experienced and present the message to your visitors.

A flash on your vacation activity: this is another interesting way to show you. Engage with your extra time activities/hobbies along with interesting life experiences associated with this.

Networking statement Let me Introduce in 30 seconds Sample

Statement for an interview Me 30 Seconds Statement:

We will use my role as an example:

Not Practicing What Youre Going To Say

First, write down your pitch. Read it over. Have your friends and family read it. Does it make sense? Make sure it flows well and that there arent any spots that feel rough or awkward. Then practice it. Practice it again. Keep practicing it until it becomes so easy for you to pitch that you can do it at the drop of a hat.

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Sixth Describe Your Achievements Using Metrics

When explaining why youd be a good fit for the company, make sure you reference your past accomplishments with specific numbers. For instance, if you helped your last company find new clients, specify how many and in what amount of time. While mentioning any time-related accomplishments, mention how much time and money your efforts helped the company save. Interviewers like to hear percentages and numbers because it shows you know how to produce actionable results and how those results benefit the company.

Professional Narrative Versus Personal Brand

A Short And Engaging Pitch About Yourself

Personal branding gets a lot of buzz with jobseekers, and its common to mistake a personal brand as enough to support your job search. While theres a definite intersection between what you stand for as an individual and your career aspirations, these are two distinct elements. The main difference is that a personal brand applies in many situations and stays constant across your life a professional narrative speaks to a clear goal and focuses more narrowly on your work identity.

In either case, senior leaders often waste space calling out skills and experiences that are baseline expectations, rather than true personal differentiators. For example, at a C-suite or vice president level, we expect robust leadership abilities and proven team-building.

A smart professional narrative drills into other attributes that truly set a candidate apart. That specificity can seem counterintuitive, especially for executives with many skills and experiences, but the more you try to look good at everything, the less you stand out.

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Dont Underestimate Your Delivery

Often times people will just write out their pitch instead of saying it out loud, McGoodwin said. But the way you talk and the way you write are probably going to be a bit different. You need to get comfortable hearing the words come out of your mouth so when youre sitting in the actual interview, youll sound fluid instead of overly rehearsed.

Selling Yourself In Less Than A Minute

Elevator speeches epitomize the phrase “short and sweet,” but that doesnt mean theyre easy to write. Figuring out how to convey information that will intrigue someone to want to learn more about you in 75 words or less requires saying a lot with just a few words. Telling your story in an intriguing way in a minute or less requires strong communication skills.

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Know Your Strongest Skills And Experience

Your strongest skills and experience are what will get you in the door at a company. Make sure you dont overlook a combination of your hard and soft skills because employers want to hire well-rounded candidates.

Once you know your strengths, find ways to weave them into all aspects of your job search. For example, if youre sending out a networking email, dont hesitate to share with a recruiter some of your latest work. Be careful you dont do this in a manner where it sounds like youre bragging. You want to show employers what you can do and how it will add value to their organization if they hired you.


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