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Project Management Resume Example

Project Manager Resume Summary Example #18

Secrets to a Great Project Management Resume – Project Management Training

Visionary and strategic technology leader with repeated success leading enterprise IT operations and developing scalable architectures. Extensive experience directing cross-functional teams in the design and integration of leading-edge technology solutions. Launched technology programs that streamlined operations, drove innovation, and advanced business strategies.

What Are The Duties Of A Project Management Professional

Project managers are in charge of planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing project plans and project requirements. They are accountable for the entire project scope, project team, resources, and the success or failure of the project. Additionally, youll have to have an understanding of project management software and ensure customer satisfaction by completing business objectives. For more project manager resume examples, click here .

Project Manager Resume Examples

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the number of jobs available in the management occupations is expected to grow by 7% between 2018 and 2028, creating nearly 707,000 new jobs. Projected job growth is even higher for specific jobs within the management category, as is the case with construction management, a type of project management that focuses on the construction industry. The BLS reports that construction management jobs are expected to increase by 10% between 2018 and 2028.

Even though the number of project management opportunities is expected to increase in the near future, that doesnt mean you wont have any competition for jobs. Youll need to find a way to highlight your knowledge and skills in your resume. Below, youll find downloadable resume examples for entry-level and experienced project managers, along with tips for aligning your resume with the job description and writing a stronger resume overall.

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Project Manager Resume Summary

Write a brief statement of your professional experience to highlight the most significant skills you possess and make the recruiters recognize you as an efficient applicant.

Follow and apply the following points to write a great construction project manager resume summary:

  • Write your project manager resume summary at the end, making it easy to decide what to put in your summary.
  • Pick the highlights of your career from your work experience section.
  • Try to include the keywords the recruiter used in the job listing.
  • Write the best project manager resume summary that does not exceed 4 lines.
  • Write your project manager resume summary only if you have worked for 3 years and above.
  • If you have worked for fewer than 3 years, write a project manager resume objective.

Refer to the provided project manager resume template showcasing the ideal resume summary for your construction project manager resume:

Project Manager Resume: Professional Experience

Project Manager Resume Sample &  Writing Guide

As a project manager, you must have good work experience. You need to show that to the recruiter effectively.

Below are some tips for writing the professional experience section correctly:

  • Write your experiences in a reverse-chronological format
  • Make sure to add the following information in the professional experience section:
  • Job title
  • Achieved 10% annual cost reduction by minimizing the buyout process risks
  • Recruited ~300 technicians& remotely provided support to field technicians

Refer to the project manager resume example given below to have a visual understanding of what a perfectly framed professional experience section ideally looks like:

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Showcasing Your Project Management Skills On Your Resume

When it comes to the “skills” section, it can be tough to find the right balance between listing too many skills on your resume and including all areas of strength. It’s a push-and-pull for two reasons:

  • You need to include enough relevant skills to get past automated filters companies use that grade resumes based on keyword matching.
  • The person reviewing your resume, either in H.R. or project manager themselves, will be wary if you list 10+ skills on your resume.
  • To strike the right balance, you should ask yourself if you’d be comfortable answering questions about a given skill in an interview.

    For example, if you list “reporting” as one of your skills, you should point to specific metrics that you care about for a given project. You should be able to answer the question “How do you know if a project is on track?” by pointing to specific metrics or reports you’d use to answer that question.

    Another good litmus test to determine whether or not you should include a skill is if you can discuss using that skill in one of the projects you list on your resume. This accomplishes two things:

  • Reinforces to the hiring manager that you’re only including skills in which you are strong.
  • Provides more context around how you deployed your skills in project management, therefore, making your resume and candidacy even better.
  • Now, what are some common skills to include on your project manager resume?

    Skills to include on your project manager resume:

    Hard skills

    Transferable Skills For Your First Project Management Job

    • Data analysis and metrics
    • Quality control + attention to detail
    • Achievements related to successful implementation in previous positions
    • Calendar management with attention to deadlines
    • Knowledge of project management methodologies

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    Project Management Resume Summary: Sharing Enough Info To Get Shortlisted

    Not sure what the utility of a summary in a resume is?Your resume is a new project you’re going to manage.It starts with an inventory of your skills and resources.Then, you set an attainable goal to work on within a specific timeframe.Your project management resume summary helps you tell that story to your recruiter.So, how do you go from having separate sentences to writing an outstanding resume summary?What hiring managers want to learn is:

    • Years of experience as a project manager at different companies
    • Most successful projects you worked on
    • Strongest project management skills that allowed you to thrive in your past jobs
    • Best results and accomplishments you achieved in your career
    • Types of projects you were responsible for their implementation

    To take this a step further, youll:

    • Include precise metrics to support your claims.
    • Use short, direct sentences to keep HRs interested.
    • Personalize it by including specific project management keywords, skills, and achievements.
    • Promote a unique value proposition after reading the job application.

    Lets take a look at some project management resume summaries:


    This barely scratches the surface as to who the candidate is and what theyre up to. Instead, it makes them look too uninterested and lazy to update their resume.Lets make this better with a few simple changes.


    Do You Really Need A Cover Letter

    IT Project Manager Resume Examples & Top Advice

    When it’s time for you to apply for jobs, consider whether a cover letter is appropriate. In many cases now, especially in digital companies, cover letters are not essential and likely wont mean the difference between getting an interview and being overlooked altogether. A well-written, thoughtful, and relevant cover letter might help you stand out from the crowd but requires significant investment to get right.

    If you do choose to invest time into crafting a cover letter, be sure to conduct significant research and consider how the role to which you are applying fits into the strategy of the company, what you uniquely bring to the table and how your contributions can propel the company forward. Hiring managers care less about what you have done, and more about what you can dofocus on the future and highlight how you can add value while making work more enjoyable for all.

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    Choosing The Best Resume Format For Tech Project Managers

    The best structure for your technical project manager resume is likely the chronological format. Regardless of occupation, its the most commonly used way to organize job-related achievements and other resume content for recruiters to easily scan.

    However, other resume formats can be worth looking at if you are interested in working as an independent contractor rather than company employee, or if your background includes consulting work. This may lend itself to a functional resume structure, perhaps emphasizing an area of professional expertise or industry. Hybrid resume formats that combine this approach with the conventional chronological experience section can be a versatile option.

    Project Manager Cv Summary Example: The Overview

    Your project manager CV resume summary should adopt a tone of proficiency and confidence. More than anything else, your future boss wants to understand that you are a project manager who can help make the impossible possible. You can handle anything that your future projects will throw at you.

    Dont just describe what you do, describe how you do it. Help resume readers imagine what it is like to have you leading their project team. Project managers serve a critical role that will impact so many of their colleagues. So in the few seconds that hiring decision-makers spend reading your resume summary, it has to instill a sense of confidence in them.

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    How To Write A Summary For A Project Manager

  • Mention your previous experience. How many projects have you managed? What products, ideas, or industries have you worked with?
  • Describe your greatest strength. Do you excel at motivating employees? Are you detail-oriented? Are you good at keeping track of tasks and ensuring theyâre completed?
  • Quantify your experience. How much money have you saved your previous companies? How many people have you managed at a time? Have you ever completed a project before a deadline, or under budget?
  • Project Manager Enterprise Risk Managementresume Examples & Samples

    9+ Project Manager Resume
    • Project Integration Management Ability to ensure that the various elements of the project are properly coordinated. It involves making trade-offs among competing objectives and alternatives to meet or exceed stakeholder needs and expectations
    • Project Scope Management – Ability to ensure that the project includes all the work required, and only the work required, to complete the project successfully. It is primarily concerned with defining and controlling what is or is not included in the project
    • Problem solving & decision making Takes action and responsibility for solving problems and making decision. Uses effective problem solving methodology to achieve required outcomes
    • Have the ability to be a forward thinker who is able to manage complexity and ambiguity. Builds and maintains strong business and industry understanding. Able to develop growth plans for the business and or function and be anticipating future needs
    • Results oriented Demonstrates commitment to seeing the organisation succeed by taking responsibility and steadfastly striving to achieve exceptional results
    • ~ 7 years’ experience in project management
    • Experience in interacting with executive & senior management
    • The successful candidate will hold a Tertiary qualifications or equivalent in project management

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    Include A Professional Summary

    Below your header, you can write a professional summary of two to three sentences. This summary explains your professional experience, accomplishments, and career objectives. In it, you can describe your previous roles, your qualifications, the skills you can offer an employer, and what type of role you’re seeking. Having a professional summary can allow hiring managers to assess who you are and what makes you unique as a candidate. They can also use it to confirm that your professional goals are in alignment with their needs.

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    Project Manager Resume Summary Example #17

    A high-motivated, strategic, and results-oriented project manager who has developed a diverse skill set to meet the ever-changing requirements within the industry. Known for being a self-starter as well as a great team player. Looking for an opportunity to assist companies of any sector in becoming more successful by contributing my knowledge, creativity, and vigor to their problem-solving needs.

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    Types Of Project Managers

    • Construction Project Manager: This project manager often handles procurement of materials, client negotiations, and serves as the liaison between clients and contractors who are physically completing the construction work. If a building is getting renovated, the project manager will meet with designers, construction workers, clients, accountants, and sometimes government agencies to sort out permits, timelines, designs, and budgets in order to properly allocate tasks.
    • IT Project Manager: An IT project manager handles projects in the scope of information technology . This project manager often handles the coordination and planning surrounding software upgrades, hardware upgrades, cyber security, or other related technology projects.
    • Senior Project Manager: A senior project manager has more experience than a traditional project manager, and often will manage groups of project managers. A senior project manager may manage a group of project managers who each focus on different departmental projects.

    Open With A Strong It Project Manager Resume Summary

    PM Parley – Project Manager Resume Examples – Ep3

    A resume summary briefly explains your most impressive relevant professional achievements for the hiring manager.

    Having a strong IT project manager resume summary is vital because hiring managers . An effective resume summary tells the employer all they need to know without reading your entire resume but makes them want to read on anyway.

    Include basic information like your current job title, how long youve worked in the industry, and your primary job responsibilities. Add notable accomplishments, projects, skills, and qualifications.

    Heres an example resume summary for an IT project manager:

    IT project manager with 6+ years of experience in implementing successful technology projects. Managed a team of 5 to execute change initiatives and updates to web systems for 3 years at X company. Spearheaded cybersecurity project that increased customer acquisition by 47% in 2018.

    Treat your resume summary like your highlight reel. Load it with information, but keep it short. Its also a great place to incorporate resume action verbs.

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    Make Use Of Relevant Additional Sections

    Do you still have some extra space on your project manager resume?

    Take advantage of it!

    Show off your project management experience by adding one or more of these additional sections:

    • Associations and organizations youre a part of, alongside your role in them.
    • Publications, such as studies, interviews, and others.
    • Conferences, whether theyre on project management or industry-related subjects.
    • Awards, if any of them are related to project management.
    • Languages are always a plus, but even more so if youre applying to an international company.

    And heres an example of how to put these extra sections on your project manager resume:

    • English – Native or Bilingual Proficiency
    • Russian – Professional Working Proficiency

    Architectural Project Manager Skills And Qualifications

    • Architectural experience – architectural project managers need extensive architectural experience along with a state license, which requires the completion of the Architect Registration Exam
    • Drafting and engineering – experience with drafting building plans and blueprints is also essential to an architectural project manager’s role, since they are responsible both for developing plans and reviewing drafts developed by other architects
    • Personnel management – because they direct and oversee contractor activities and often work with teams of architects and designers, architectural project managers should also have a background in personnel management
    • Project management – with so much of this role requiring high-level planning, schedule management, and coordination, architectural project managers need extensive experience in project management best practices
    • Communication skills – an architectural project manager spends significant time corresponding both with clients and contractors, so they need effective written and verbal communication skills
    • Problem-solving skills – over the course of construction projects, circumstances can change and issues can arise, so architectural project managers need to be agile problem-solvers to prevent delays and see projects through to completion

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    Creating Your Project Manager Resume Is Simple When You Put Monster On Your Team

    Your project manager career may take you into IT, engineering, construction, or business operations. Whatever direction you choose, your first task should be getting your project manager resume in order. You may need to launch your resume project from the beginning or revisit your existing resume with a refresh since your last job or additional education, accreditations, or accomplishments.

    Two of the most important things to keep in mind when writing your project manager resume are effective keywords and clean formatting. Keywords are like a magnet that pulls your resume out of the stack for closer review by recruiters and employers. But how do you pick the right keywords to use? Use job ads as your guide. If, for example, the job ad asks for someone experienced in agile design, youll want to use that exact phrase somewhere in your professional summary, core strengths list, or job experience descriptions.

    Formatting your resume may be challenging, especially if you have many years of experience or certifications. You want to fit all that information on one to two pages, but sacrificing appropriate margins and whitespace will make it difficult to read. And when emphasizing certain projects or accomplishments, be wary of using too many fonts, bold text, underlines, and italics.

    Describe Your Professional Experience

    Project Manager

    Below your core competencies section, showcase your work experience by describing two to three of your most recent and relevant roles. Hiring managers typically place a high value on this section, as your past accomplishments and development as a professional can indicate how successful you may be in a new role. In this section, you can include information about your previous titles, duties, and the objectives you accomplished using action verbs and quantifiable achievements.

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    Check Out A Great Example Of A Construction Project Manager Resume

    Every Construction Project Manager has handled their fair share of large-scale projects. Naturally, theyve also experienced countless setbacks causing delays, increased costs, and frustration. But, its all a part of the job.

    What you probably werent expecting, though, was to be faced with a setback in obtaining the Construction Project Manager role in the first place. Writing your resume is just one hurdle you must overcome in searching for a new job. The more significant challenge is to craft a job-winning Construction Project Manager resume that employers will love.

    Keep in mind that candidates seeking out this role must have a lengthy list of job skills and qualifications. So, how do you portray your project management skills, leadership abilities, and construction knowledge in a way that stands out?

    Its best to think of your Construction Project Manager resume much like you would a large-scale project. The blood, sweat, and tears you go into your work should also be put into this document to help seal the deal on your prospective position. In the end, you can rest assured your hard work will pay off when you land the job of your dreams.

    Manage your resume as you would a project, and youll be landing interviews in no time.Stick to a Construction Project Manager resume template to help keep things on track. Include these quintessential items for a strong Construction Project Manager resume example:

    • Name and contact information
    • Awards or honorable mentions


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