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Customer Service Job Description Resume

Include A Cover Letter With Your Resume

How to write a customer service Resume

As a customer service representative, you need to leave a positive impression.

Your application is no different.

And the best way to leave an unforgettable impression is to write a convincing cover letter.

You see, resumes give the vital information, but nothing speaks to a recruiter like a cover letter that delves deeper into who you are and why you want the job.

Heres how to create a structure that works.

You should complete the following sections:

What Should I Not Include On My Resume

There are a few things you shouldn’t include on your resumes, such as experience that is not relevant to the role you’re applying for or irrelevant skills. You also don’t need to include your hobbies and interests unless they are directly related to customer service. Finally, don’t forget to proofread your resume before you send it off.

Retail Customer Service Representative I Resume

Objective : Administrative position with focus on Client Relations/Client Services. Increased monthly growth and revenue sales Assisted customers with any customer service related needs: equipment, billing, etc.

Skills : CPR Certified In Heartsaver CPR AED CPR Discipline Through The American Heart Association.

  • Received and serviced customers quickly and efficiently maintaining excellent associate/customer relations.
  • Conducted returns and exchanges of purchases.
  • Addressed any and all customer inquiries regarding merchandise and store operations.
  • Recovered of misplaced and mishandled merchandise throughout the store maintaining an organized environment for our shoppers convenience and comfort.
  • Attended fitting room area adhering to company policies to prevent loss of merchandise by theft and intended mishandling.
  • Conducted one on one training of new hire sales representatives.
  • Received regular verbal and documented recognition from superiors and fellow representatives for great customer service and company policy adherence which has resulted in the overall graded performance of our store improving considerably.

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What Are Customer Service Duties For A Resume

Customer service duties for a resume encompass a number of different services, including answering customer questions, placing orders or fulfilling returns for customers and helping customers select the right product for them. If you’ve worked in customer service and are now applying for another customer service position, you should to include your previous customer service duties on your resume. There are several ways you can do this, with the most common way being to incorporate previous customer service duties into the work section of the resume.

When you include previous customer service duties you were responsible for in past jobs in your resume, use specific examples of the duties you performed. For example, rather than saying you managed a customer service team, state that you oversaw a team of 10 customer service representatives and increased productivity by 30% over six months. The more specific and quantifiable your examples of previous duties are, the more able hiring managers can see what you’re capable of.


Tip : Format Your Resume For The Ats And Recruiters

Customer Service Representative Resume Sample

When you open the pages of a book, what’s more inviting: dense blocks of texts with little color or short paragraphs with headings, indents, and plenty of white space? The latter is easier to read and, thus, more inviting. Your customer service resume needs to follow the same principle since it’s your first impression. Make the recruiter’s job as easy as possible by being neat, easy to read, and understandable.

There are multiple ways to achieve this, but one of the easiest is to put things in reverse-chronological format. This helps recruiters know immediately where you’re coming from.

Below are some further suggestions for keeping your resume easy to read and why these strategies work.

  • Add bullet points
  • Bullet points rely on keywords, essential for making your resume ATS-friendly. The condensed structure and repetitive points also relieve eye strain when reading.
  • List the job you’re seeking
  • Place the customer service title beneath your name to make it easier for the recruiter to keep that specific job in mind as they scan your resume. This is especially crucial when a company is hiring for multiple positions.
  • Limit your resume to a single page
  • The average time a recruiter spends looking at a resume is six to seven seconds, which means you should only include necessities. Anything else that’s relevant can be brought up in the job interview.
  • Avoid icons and images
  • Notice the customer service title beneath the applicant’s name.

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    What Does A Customer Service Representative Do

    Customer service representatives typically work by phone addressing questions and resolving complaints raised by clients who have already purchased goods or services from a company.

    Some customer service reps also meet clients face to face, by email or via live online chat. The reason for the interaction is not always an existing problem, as sometimes its simply a matter of helping to process orders, assist with billing, provide more information or even sell new services.

    But customer service reps often deal with clients who are unsatisfied for one reason or another. Customer service reps typically need abundant reservoirs of patience and a demeanor that remains pleasant, helpful and informative.

    Highlight Your Communication Skills

    Communication is essential for success as a customer service representative. Handling client relations can often be stressful, especially when resolving issues related to defective products, as customers are much more likely to be frustrated during these interactions. In the example below, the job seeker showcases their ability to communicate calmly and effectively with customers while resolving product issues:

    • Responded to phone calls and in-store inquiries from retail customers, guided shoppers in locating products and merchandise, and communicated with empathy and understanding
    • Communicated with other local stores and departments to aid customers, resulting in a 91% customer service ranking over 12 consecutive months

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    New Claims Sales & Customer Service Represume Examples & Samples

    • Inbound call environment from current internal and external customers nationwide additional admin/clerical duties outbound follow-up with customers with outstanding questions/concerns
    • Scheduling service appointments with customers in a timely, professional manner
    • Setting up accounts/contracts with new customers
    • Provide resolution to customer concerns, deescalate customer concerns by providing professional courteous, and clear communication of warranty information
    • Route customer calls accordingly based on customer needs
    • Responsible for establishing rapport with new and existing customers, identify needs to sell, cross-sell, and renew Direct Energy products and services

    Jr Retail Customer Service Representative Resume

    Insurance Customer Service Job Description : Job Advice

    Headline : Core Strengths Focused on customer satisfaction Strong organizational skills Skilled multi-tasker Active listening skills Deadline-oriented Seasoned in conflict resolution Excellent communication skills Adaptive team player.

    Skills : Have The Ability To Work In A Fast-paced, Intense, And Results-oriented Environment.

    Description :

    • Greeted and assessed the needs of customer issues and concerns.
    • Handled bill payments and billing inquiries, equipment replacements, processing price plan changes, upgrades and daily reports.
    • Processed electronic serial numbers and activations daily.
    • Ensured appropriate documentation and data is complete.
    • Examined phones and warranty phones out as needed.
    • Saved lines when clients felt the need to terminate.

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    Customer Service Associate Resume

    Why this resume works

    • Focus on making your customer service associate resume friendly and approachable, while still demonstrating to the hiring team that youre professional and refined. As long as youre not distracting from the content of your resume, go ahead and get a little creative!
    • Do this by formatting your resume into distinct sections , and using a pop of color to show your personality. Who said your resume has to be boring?
  • Your resume should focus on the important skills. Look through the job posting and see if you can find skills that are especially important for the customer service job to which youre applying. In general, we recommend including four to ten skills in your skills section.
  • Focus on adding hard skills, like CRM, Zoom, and Account Management.
  • Related Resume Guides

    Can I Customize The Csr Job Description

    When you advertise a customer service representative job, you should include details about the position of your company. Feel free to add your own customer service representative duties to our list or edit our customer service agent job description to include the qualities and skills youd like in your next hire.

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    Tips For Writing An Effective Resume For A Customer Service Job

    Be consistent. Use the same formatting throughout the document, and clear language in the bullet points to describe each job.

    Keep it concise. You do not have to include every responsibility held in each position. Instead, provide the most relevant information, and group together similar tasks. If you’re fairly new at resume writing, be sure to bone up on how to write job descriptions for a resume.

    Use a resume sample, but do not copy it exactly. Your resume needs to be a unique document, highlighting your own work history and strengths. However, use the examples to get a sense of the language to use and the best information to include.

    Include Examples Of Customer Service Skills Throughout Your Resume

    30+ Customer Service Resume Examples

    Impress a hiring manager by adding a strong resume skills section that highlights your expertise in customer service software and tools.

    And even if you dont have those particular hard skills, you can still list soft skills on your resume as well. Here are some of the top resume skills being used by customer service professionals on their resumes in 2022:

    Additionally, be sure to include any skills that are relevant and transferable. You can usually find relevant skills in the job description. If you have any of those skills, include them on your resume to show hiring managers youre qualified.

    Here are some of the main customer service skills that will help you land a job as a CSR:

  • Communication skills: As a customer service professional, you must provide information clearly and politely to help customers with whatever problems they have. Whether this is verbally or through text, your communication skills are crucial for getting your customer what they want.
  • Technical skills: Working in customer service means that youll use specific software to better serve your customers. Whether that involves Zendesk or Microsoft Office, being familiar with technical skills will make your job easier and keep you organized.
  • Interpersonal skills: An important aspect of customer service is interacting with people. If you have excellent interpersonal skills, your friendly and sociable attitude will help you engage with customers down and earn customer loyalty.
  • Hard skills:

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    The Structure Of The Customer Service Resume

    Reverse Chronological Order Format

    You will benefit from a reverse chronological order format if you are a seasoned customer service professional seeking another customer service job.

    It highlights your vertical career progression, showing hiring managers your wealth of customer service experience.

    Functional Format

    This format is best when you would like to highlight your professional skills more than your work history.

    You may also use this if you have employment gaps or want to make a career shift.

    Hybrid or Combination Format

    The combination is suitable for established customer service professionals who would like to bank on their expertise and developed skillset in customer service.

    You may also use it when you intend a change in your career path, and you have acquired enough transferable skills.

    Resume Employment History Example: Focused And Descriptive

    Customer service representative positions may be perceived as entry-level. But theres room for growth. And theres also room to demonstrate your life/professional experience in other fields. Craft a career history to impress employers. Theres some great news for people making a career changefrom other areas: this is one of the most universal professional fields, with a variety of industries requiring specialists in CS. When it comes to employment history, reverse chronological order is your best bet to make use of limited recruiter eye time. So showcase your most important past jobs first.

    U.S. Census Bureau data shows that the most common CS positions are in the business support, restaurant and food, retail, bankingand financial areas. If you have worked in similar fields before and are applying for related jobs, it makes sense to prioritize this relevant years of experience on your resume. The next thing you want to do to surpass your competition is to provide resume bullet pointsor notes on your achievements, milestones and noteworthy duties in previous jobs.

    Adapt this sample to your own experience for a highly effective work history section.

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    How To List A Customer Service Job Description In Your Resume

    If you have any experience as a customer service representative, you have several soft skills that are useful in many industries. Describing your customer service skills in a resume can be difficult if you feel the job is irrelevant to the positions youve had. However, there are several points you can use to describe the job in a way that impresses hiring managers. If you need more inspiration, look at the many customer service representative resume examples on ResumeNerd. Then, employ the following tips to learn how to describe your customer service job on a resume.

    Creating A Cv For The Modern Customer Service Landscape

    Get your next Customer Service job!

    There are a few facts about customer service that can help guide the CV and resume writing process.

    Fact #1: Customer service is one of the best areas for entry-level applicants. Customer service provides amazing opportunities for career growth for talented employees. Working in this position also develops a huge amount of soft skills. It allows for awesome networking in the professional world.

    Fact #2: Customer service is viewed by companies and brands as extremely important. Studies show that great customer service is the No. 1 reason that consumers trust brands and that bad customer service is nearly guaranteed to make clients switch to their competitors .

    Fact #3: Technological solutions, CSR platforms and chat bots are changing how customer service is provided.

    Friendly customer service representatives and memorable CSR work history are what cause 73% of consumers to stay with a brand or company long-term .

    In addition, digital customer service experience is about apps, interfaces, digital requests, CSR platforms, etc. Along with an emphasis on social and communication skills, technological aptitude is becoming more important for customer service representatives. In this resume guide, we’ll take a look at how this impacts your resume and CV in each section.

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    Customer Service Resume Examples And Writing Tips

    Yuri_Arcurs/Digital Vision/Getty Images

    Are you applying for a customer service position? If so, you’ll want to emphasize some of the soft skills commonly required for customer service employees, such as being an excellent communicator and having strong interpersonal skills.

    Employers will also be looking for candidates who are punctual and responsible, because customer service workers often handle cash registers and replace other employees during shift changes.

    Solution Consultant Sales& Customer Serviceresume Examples & Samples

    • Deliver an outstanding customer experience remotely
    • Maintain up-to-date knowledge and expertise in Oracle Solutions delivering focused Oracle Sales Consulting expertise to help our customers understand the value of Oracles Solutions
    • Develop customer-specific value propositions highlighting benefits and differentiators of Oracle compared to the competition
    • Collaborate on Customer opportunities with Oracle Sales, Sales Consulting and Product Management communities
    • Fluency in Spanish and English is mandatory
    • Very good understanding of Sales and Service market trends
    • Bachelors or Masters degree
    • Most important is an eagerness to learn! Oracle has an incredible portfolio of industry leading products. You will be motivated by learning new technologies and how they can be applied to compelling solutions for our customers
    • Openness to work with different languages & cultures
    • Customer focus: you wont be satisfied until the job is done to the right quality for our customers
    • Ability to work in teams. To get a specific job done can require working together with many colleagues, partners and customers
    • Self motivated, you have the natural drive to learn and pick up new challenges
    • An environment that is focused on continuous learning
    • Ample opportunity to train on new products and to develop new personal skills

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    How To Make Your Customer Service Work Experience Stand Out

    Recruiters hate nothing more than risk.

    You see, their job is on the line if they hire the wrong person.

    As such, you need to prove you have what it takes, and your work experience section is the easiest way to do that

    Heres the best way for customer service representatives to structure the work experience section:

    • Position name
    • Achieved highest up-sell rates in both 2017 and 2019
    • Worked at the customer information desk for 10+ hour shifts
    • Welcomed 1000+ customers during store opening event
    • Won Employee of the Month three months in a row by engaging with customers in personal, yet professional manner

    The key here is to showcase how valuable you were to your previous employer. Doing so will have companies competing against each other for your skills.

    Instead of saying

    Spoke to all customers


    Won Employee of the Month three months in a row by engaging with customers in personal, yet professional manner

    Simply put, the first sentence states that you spoke with customers, but it doesnt say whether you were successful in doing so.

    The second statement goes into more detail and backs-up your claims with awards.

    Customer Service Representative Resume Template

    Customer Service manager resume, sample, template, client satisfaction ...

    If youre looking for a customer service resume template, look no further. We will provide you with everything you need to create an excellent resume that will help you land your dream job. Well discuss the basics of customer service resumes, as well as provide tips and examples to help you create a document that stands out from the competition.

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