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What Does Profile Mean On A Resume

What Is A Resume Objective

How to Pronounce Resumé? (CORRECTLY) Meaning & Pronunciation

First of all, it’s not the same thing as a resume summary. They share several common features but each serves a different purpose.

Like a resume summary, a resume objective also sits at the top of your resume. Though, its a bit shorter usually about one to two sentences long. The biggest difference is that instead of your past accomplishments, it details your future goals.

Although a resume objective might not help hiring managers decide whether youre qualified enough to solve their companys problems, it may help you shift their attention away from your lack of experience.

With that said, resume objectives are a bit antiquated and should only be written as a last resort if at all.

Do I Need A Personal Statement On My Cv

Traditionally, almost all CV types include a personal statement but in recent years there has been some debate about whether you need to include one.

Some believe that personal profiles are one of the most important parts of a CV as they provide an easily accessible overview of a candidate’s ability, while others feel that personal statements are a waste of valuable space and time.

This latter belief is often the case with graduate CVs as some recruiters feel that those just stepping onto the career ladder don’t have enough knowledge or experience to warrant a personal statement. Because of this, a graduate’s personal profile runs the risk of being bland and generic, which is why some employers believe that they are best suited to more senior professional CVs.

Fiona Stubs, careers manager at the University of Glasgow explains, ‘I’m not in favour of writing a profile as it is hard to get right. Many students’ profiles tend to include a list of common strengths without a context, in some cases stating things that should be a given, for example, hardworking and organised. I feel that profiles can be more helpful when you are more senior as you can be more specific about your skills, specialisms and successes.’

If you’d like to include a personal statement on your CV it might be best, as a graduate, to focus on your educational background and the career path you’d like to embrace. If you have relevant experiences use these to make your personal statement unique.

Professional Summary Example For Warehouse Worker

Hard-working and dedicated Warehouse Worker with 2+ years of extensive experience in inspecting incoming shipments, preparing and processing orders, and performing various administrative duties. The Employee of the Month Award winner with a strong attention to detail and accuracy and determination to achieve exceptional results. Offers excellent time management skills and important ability to work independently or in a team.

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Cv Personal Statement Examples

To help you get started take a look at the following CV personal profile examples.

As a recent graduate from the University of Townville, with a 2:1 honours degree in marketing, I have undertaken internships at industry-leading agencies such as Beyond Imagination and Noah Freemans. These placements have allowed me to develop sector knowledge and gain hands on experience, as well as expand transferable skills such as commercial awareness, communication and negotiation and analytical skills. My career aim is to gain a role which allows me to further my expertise and take on increased responsibility at a market-leading digital marketing agency.

I am a highly motivated 2:1 forensic science graduate from Groveshire University, looking to secure a graduate position that enables me to use and develop my analytical, attention to detail and communication skills. I have gained relevant experience in both scientific and hospital laboratories, which allowed me to build on my problem solving, concentration and team working skills. My career goal is to assume a role that enables me to analyse and interpret forensic data and to eventually move into crime scene investigation.

Remember avoid copying and pasting ready-made examples. Instead use them as a guide to craft your own, tailored CV personal statement. Take a look at our example CVs.

Examples Of Strong Resume Profiles

Translator Resume &  Writing Guide

During the job search process, employers view your resume to learn what skills and qualifications you have. To give them a better understanding of this, you can detail it in your resume profile. The profile on a resume should explain your qualifications for the role to encourage hiring managers to request an interview and learn more about these skills and qualifications.

In this article, we explain what a resume profile is, what elements to include and share a list of resume profile examples for various job titles.

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What Is The Difference When Linkedin Says That Your Application Was Viewed Vs Your Resume Was Downloaded

What is the difference when LinkedIn says that your application was viewed vs your resume was downloaded?

What does your application was viewed mean on LinkedIn? Yes, it indicates that your resume has been looked at by the person who posted the job.

What does it mean when your application is viewed? Essentially, when one receives a, Viewed By Employer message. The hiring representative has actually screened and/or perused the resume to some degree, be it to rule out because some basic requirements were met or to send to the next evaluation party, which may mean to the representative needing the position filled.

Is it better to apply with LinkedIn or resume? You should use both your resume and LinkedIn profile when applying for a job whenever possible. Most jobs still require a resume, but most hiring managers will also want to see a solid LinkedIn profile before they interview you.

Writing Your Work Experience

The work experience section of your LinkedIn profile is similar to your paper resume but offers more room to expand on each position. List your complete work history and be sure to write a description for each entry. To add a new job to your profile, click the plus sign at the top of the Experience section. When adding a new job, be sure to select the company from LinkedIns suggestions rather than just typing it in. This will include you with other employees on the LinkedIn company page and allow recruiters to find you when they filter by company.

Here are some tips for writing a great Experience section.

Add Details to Your Work Title

Much like the LinkedIn headline, simply typing your job title into the job title field e.g. Accountant is a wasted opportunity. The work experience job title fields are weighted heavily in LinkedIn Search and allow you to type up to 100 characters. Instead of just Accountant, a more effective job title would be something like:

Accountant CPA, Budget Forecasting, Financial Statement Analysis

This still shows that the user was an accountant, but also highlights their specialities and areas of focus while adding search terms to a high-impact field.

Keywords and Measurable Results

Which Job Titles to Leave Off Your Linkedin Profile

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Resume Profiles Vs Other Introductions

Professional profiles, career objectives, and qualification summaries should all be written with the same intent to quickly and concisely show your potential worth to an employer. However, the way which each conveys this worth is slightly different.

Professional profiles take elements of both a career objective and qualification summary and combines them. They often appear as four to five bullets or in a short paragraph form, and give details about your work successes in addition to the abilities/personality you bring to the company . They are a popular choice for people sending out numerous resumes to different companies.

Career Objectives are typically two to three lines of text at the beginning of your resume that function as your sales pitch to the hiring manager, where you explain why youre desirable and hirable.

Career objectives aremost useful for people targeting one specific position, because they allow the applicant to directly address the needs of the company and show how they will fit into the workforce. If this approach seems more suitable for your resume, our guide for writing a winning resume objective is an excellent resource to get started.

Qualifications summaries are always bulleted and emphasize your achievements and relevant skills. They work best for someone who has a lot of experience, because they act as a highlight reel of your past accomplishments.

What To Include In Your Personal Profile

Should My LinkedIn Profile Match My Resume?

When drafting your personal statement for your dream job in 2020, split it into three sections: who you are, what you can offer the company, and your career goals.

TIP: Bullet point things you might mention under each of these sections, then list the qualities that position you as the ideal person for the job.

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How To Write A Professional Summary For A Resume With No Work Experience

A lot of people with no work experience default to writing a resume objective because they think they have nothing to summarize.

However, this usually ends up backfiring on them as a resume objective brings little to the table. Thats because a resume objectives main focus is you as opposed to a professional summary which focuses on solving the needs of the company.

Also, writing a summary objective can make you appear more inexperienced then you truly are.

Instead, as someone with no work experience you can write a professional summary by including:

  • Your education level
  • Adjectives that emphasize your work ethic
  • Relevant skills gained at school, volunteering or internships
  • Professional hobbies .

In addition, if you have volunteered or interned, know that regardless of whether they were paid or not they are still considered work experience. As the skills and knowledge gained as a volunteer or intern can be quite valuable to an employer.

With that said, heres an example of a professional summary for someone with no work experience:

People United Foundation Fundraiser Volunteer

Top Tips For Writing A Cv Personal Profile

1.Tailor it to the specific role

Its unlikely that every role you apply for will be looking to hire a professional with exactly the same skills and experience. As a snapshot of your professional experience and suitability for the position, only the most relevant aspects of your CV should be highlighted in your personal statement.

2.Keep it brief

While there is no definitive number of words that this should be, your CV should be no longer than two pages, which means just a few sentences or a short paragraph to introduce yourself is plenty. It should be hard-hitting and get straight to the point, referring to your academic achievements and the industries you have worked within.

3. Focus on professional experience

You do not need to describe yourself as a person or what your long-term career aspirations are. Highlight your professional achievements and goals. Avoid using unnecessary adjectives such as ambitious, forward-thinker etc. as this will only distract from the core capabilities you should be aiming to showcase.

There are five key points you should aim to address in your personal statement: your academic profile and qualifications, the relevant industries youve worked in, the products and processes youve worked with that may cross over and the key job titles you have held. Information outside of these areas should be left out.

4. Use facts and figures


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Example Of A Redeployment Web Summary

I am currently working as a senior manager and have over 10 years experience at the University of Leeds and almost 20 in the Higher Education sector. I have excellent interpersonal skills and a proven ability to build strong and productive relationships and networks both internally and externally. I enjoy communicating with a wide variety of people and have experience of writing clear, concise and persuasive documentation for a variety of purposes and audiences.

My experience includes:

  • Managing recruitment processes including assessing role requirements, writing job descriptions, interviewing and selection
  • Induction,
  • Writing and delivering staff training sessions
  • Management of change, staff

Does Your Linkedin Profile Sound Like A Resume

Audit Analyst Resume Samples

If youre in the 9-5 corporate world, your LinkedIn profile should be your online resume.

Your resume is all about you.

If youre a coach, consultant, or independent professional service provider, your LinkedIn profile should be client-focused.

What do I mean by client-focused?

Your LinkedIn profile should be focused on your target market and the problems you solve for your clients.

Its all about them .

I have a quick exercise for you.

Turn on Zoom and record yourself reading your LinkedIn professional headline and About section out loud.

Read it three times.

As you watch the recording, does your professional headline mention your target audience or the problems you solve for them?

Does your About section sound conversational, like you are having a cup of coffee with your ideal client?

Jump on Zoom with a friend or colleague and read your profile out loud to them.

As you watch the recording, pay attention to their reaction.

The look on their face will tell you everything you need to know.

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Benefits Of A Personal Profile

Adding a personal profile to the top of your resume can help boost the number of responses you get. Employers want to get a sense of who you are by looking at your resume, and a personal profile can summarize your experience and accomplishments. Crafting a personal profile lets you take control of the narrative and make a strong first impression.

If you want to quickly get the attention of anyone viewing your resume, then adding a personal profile to your resume is a good idea. Most employers only view resumes for a few seconds, so you dont have a lot of time to introduce yourself. With a personal profile, you can highlight the most important things about yourself and convince the reader to investigate your resume a little further.


What Is Resume Profile Summary

Profile summary is a summary of your education, skills, career experiences, and goals. It is usually written in a few sentences and phrases. Easy it may sound, however, when you set out to write it, you can possibly get overwhelmed. You may have the impulse to talk about all your job responsibilities, making it unnecessarily lengthy and boring. So in this blog, we will tell you some key points to keep in mind when writing a profile summary.

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Rein In The Buzzwords

Theres absolutely no harm in saying youre a highly motivated individual or that you have extensive knowledge in x, y and z. However, plug your personal profile with too many buzzwords is off-putting and reduces the value of what youre saying, overall.

Personal profiles for your CV arent that difficult to write, especially if youre a graduate. Just follow our simple structure, and youll have crafted the perfect intro to your CV in no time.

About the author: Laura Slingo is Digital Copywriter for the UKs leading job board, CV-Library. For more expert advice on job searches, careers and the workplace, visit their Career Advice pages.

How Qualified Are You For This Position

How to Write an Effective Profile Statement for Your Resume – Part 1

If you have related work experience, place that at the top and include your job title. If you dont, then use examples from your academic career and show how these examples qualify you beyond a person with no experience at all. For instance, if you are applying for a job as an editor at the local newspaper, your first bullet could read something like the following,

  • Recent University of Nevada graduate & senior editor for the University Tribune, where I compiled three years of experience editing, writing and formatting journal articles for publication

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Resume Summary Example For Management

A Project Manager with 16 years of experience in IT projects. Responsible for the management of teams of up to 15 direct and 7 indirect employees. Has High level knowledge in project execution using best practices of waterfall and agile methodologies. High level knowledge of Jupyter Notebook, MS Project, MS Excel, MS Word.

Linkedin Profiles Tell Your Whole Professional Story

Your resume is, at its core, a messaging document designed to grab an employerâs attention. Resumes tend to be relatively brief, fact-focused, and to the point. They are not a vehicle that provide much opportunity for building your personal narrative.

Thatâs a key difference between your resume and LinkedIn profile. With the latter, you have more room to tell your story in an informative and compelling way. You can offer more details and provide greater context for your achievements.

So, what does that mean? To begin with, you can include more detailed information–and links or other visuals–about projects that you worked on. You can better describe the challenges that you were tasked with overcoming, and how your solutions benefited past employers.

You can use more colorful and vivid language to give your story flavor. In addition, you can also include details that you might otherwise reserve for the interview. For example, instead of a dry resume description like, âCharged with overseeing development of new marketing campaign,â your LinkedIn profile can say:

âIn 2016, the ABC Corp management decided to address slowing growth by creating a new campaign that would target the 18 to 25-year-old demographic. Because I had designed a similar campaign at my previous job, leadership tapped me to head up the new project. Four months later, we had grown our share of that demographic market by 32%, which had an immediate impact on the companyâs bottom line.â


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Why Do You Need A Resume

A resume is an important tool for your job search because it offers a page or two where you can display your top skills and qualities.Resumes help employers make hiring decisions and help you get your first interview. Thats why it matters how you structure your resume and what information you decide to include.


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