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What Is Race In Resume

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Proofread And Revise Your Resume

Once you’ve written your resume, you can read and revise it. It’s important to ensure there are no grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes, so consider reading your resume out loud to find mistakes you may have missed. You can also ask your friends or family members to read your resume and provide feedback.

You might use a professional font, like Times New Roman or Helvetica, and use a font size of 10 to 12 points, and adjust the margins so they are 1 to 1.5 inches wide. Having white space in your document can help make your resume more readable. If preferred, you can add a clear and professional action shot of you racing or doing a trick to provide physical evidence of your skills.


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Companies Want To Be Fair

Successful companies dont hire unqualified or lesser employees only to meet gender, race, age or other diversity quotas. Businesses do, however, want to make sure they are not discriminating, even by accident. This could happen because the company keeps hiring from within or uses networking recommendations that skew toward one or two demographics.

Asking race and gender questions on applications helps the company measure how many different types of applicants they are getting for jobs. This can help them rethink where they are advertising their openings and make an effort to reach a broader audience.

This not only helps the company gain access to a larger and better pool of candidates, it can also help meet their internal diversity goals and any government requirements they have. This doesnt mean companies can use this data to give preference to a certain type of candidate it just means that the company makes sure it gets applications from several demographic categories.

What About A 2

Race Resume  Team Tracy ATX

In most cases, we recommend that a resume be one page only. However, there are cases where a two-page resumeis appropriate, especially for those with long careers. So the question comes up: Should you put a header on both pages?

Opinions are divided on this. Some experts say you should include a header on the second page, making it doubly easy for a recruiter to find your contact info. Other experts say this is a silly idea you already provided all this info, and you should use the space for new information.

If you do choose to repeat your header on a second page, it should be very similar if not identical to the header on the first page.

What should you leave out of the resume header?

When considering what to leave out of the resume header, please note that it isnt necessary to put the word RESUME at the top of the page. Hiring managers will know theyre looking at a resume.

Do not confuse a resume with a biodata, which is a document used in India, Pakistan and other South Asian countries as a job application document and even for matrimonial purposes in countries where arranged marriages are common. A biodata will often include information that doesnt belong in a resume, including:

  • Age or date of birth
  • Gender
  • Religion

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Companies Have Legal Requirements

The EEOC has specific rules for companies that hire 100 or more employees. These rules include practicing fair hiring with specific guidelines covering how this should occur.

The EEOC requires that employers give all job applicants a fair chance at being hired and not be discriminated against because of race, sex, age or other reasons. The EEOC does not require employers to have a specific number of women, a specific number of African Americans and a specific number of Latino workers.

However, as companies grow larger, if they fail to hire minorities and women employees, the EEOC can look at candidates who were not hired and compare them to candidates who were and determine that there is a pattern of discrimination. This can result in the company being fined.

The EEOC makes it clear that companies should not ask a job applicants race unless the company has a legitimate business reason for doing so. You can learn more about how to protect your company in this situation on the EEOC website. It explains when an employer can legally screen applicants based on race or ethnicity and when it cant.

Minorities Who ‘whiten’ Job Resumes Get More Interviews

Katherine DeCelles

Minority job applicants are whitening their resumes by deleting references to their race with the hope of boosting their shot at jobs, and research shows the strategy is paying off.

In fact, companies are more than twice as likely to call minority applicants for interviews if they submit whitened resumes than candidates who reveal their raceand this discriminatory practice is just as strong for businesses that claim to value diversity as those that dont.

These research findings should provide a startling wakeup call for business executives: A bias against minorities runs rampant through the resume screening process at companies throughout the United States, says Katherine A. DeCelles, the James M. Collins Visiting Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School.

Discrimination still exists in the workplace, DeCelles says. Organizations now have an opportunity to recognize this issue as a pinch point, so they can do something about it.

DeCelles co-authored a September 2016 article about the two-year study in Administrative Science Quarterly called Whitened Resumes: Race and Self-Presentation in the Labor Market with Sonia K. Kang, assistant professor of organizational behavior and human resource management at the University of Toronto Mississauga András Tilcsik, assistant professor of strategic management at the University of Toronto and Sora Jun, a doctoral candidate at Stanford University.

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How Do I Make A Racing Resume

Writing a successful racing resume could be the key to getting a job as a driver for a major team, or in securing financial backing through sponsors. Racing resumes are comparable in structure to any other resume, but there are also a few ways that they are particularly unique, and understanding the nuances that potential employers or backers look for is vital.

Choose how you are going to go about creating your resume. You can use the CV template from a word processing program or visit an online site that will help you format a resume. These sites include The PC Man, My Resume Online or Pongo Resume.

Introduce yourself to potential employers or backers. Outline your aims for your career and what you hope to achieve in one introductory paragraph. Include races you plan to attend, your main focus within racing and why you started racing in the first place.

List races you have participated in and how you performed. Potential employers will want to know whether you have a reliable history of doing well in big races if you do, it is something to shout about.

Write about what you would bring to a racing team. This can include aspects of your racing successes and experience, but it can also feature what you would bring to the team as a person and as a sellable personality for the team to build upon.

Include a few references of people involved in racing. All references are good, but best are those who can vouch for your racing pedigree.

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Horse Racing Resumes At Laurel Park After Suspension To Address Fatal Injuries

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Race Sex And Religion On Your Resume: How Personal Is Too Personal

Race, Sex and Religion on Your Resume: How Personal Is Too Personal?

Youre probably aware that hiring managers cannot ask discriminatory questions during interviews. But this legal protection isnt too useful in preventing discrimination before the interview. If your resume contains personal information unrelated to your job target your race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, etc. you might fall victim to discrimination, even if youre qualified for the position.Your resume is a marketing tool designed to get your foot in the door, so every bit of information on it should be selling your value to potential employers. Follow these guidelines to ensure your resume only contains personal information relevant to your job target.

Personal Information That May Be Omitted

Personal Information That Should Be on Your Resume

  • Your Name: You cant pick a new name in hopes of getting more interviews unless you have legally changed it.
  • Your Employers: If you worked for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, for example, you shouldnt hide your employers name and misrepresent your work history.
  • Schools Attended: Even if your postsecondary school has a religious affiliation, you should include the school name in your Education section.
  • Work Experience or Training in Foreign Countries: Include all work and educational experiences, as long as they are relatively recent.


Are Emily And Greg More Employable Than Lakisha And Jamal A Field Experiment On Labor Market Discrimination

We perform a field experiment to measure racial discrimination in the labor market. We respond with fictitious resumes to help-wanted ads in Boston and Chicago newspapers. To manipulate perception of race, each resume is assigned either a very African American sounding name or a very White sounding name. The results show significant discrimination against African-American names: White names receive 50 percent more callbacks for interviews. We also find that race affects the benefits of a better resume. For White names, a higher quality resume elicits 30 percent more callbacks whereas for African Americans, it elicits a far smaller increase. Applicants living in better neighborhoods receive more callbacks but, interestingly, this effect does not differ by race. The amount of discrimination is uniform across occupations and industries. Federal contractors and employers who list Equal Opportunity Employer’ in their ad discriminate as much as other employers. We find little evidence that our results are driven by employers inferring something other than race, such as social class, from the names. These results suggest that racial discrimination is still a prominent feature of the labor market.

  • Acknowledgements and Disclosures

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What Is A Racing Resume


A racing resume is a document that outlines your professional experience and qualifications as a racer. When you apply to join a team, you can submit a resume to show an employer the skills, experience or education you have that apply to being a racer. A racing resume is very similar to a regular job resume, but you may include a few different components, such as your performances in races.

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What Is A Resume Header

A resume header is a thoughtfully designed section at the top of a resume that contains a job applicants name and contact info, plus sometimes a few other things that well discuss below.

A header is similar to what used to be called a letterhead, where the sender of a business letter has pre-printed info at the top identifying the companys name and contact info. In addition to providing critical information on how to reach you, a good header projects professionalism and competence.

Ways To Indicate Eligibility Of Work

There are four ways to show that youre eligible of work when applying for a job:

  • When applying online you will generally need to tick a checkbox to confirm that you are entitled to work in the UK
  • Make a mention of it on the Application Form accompanying your CV
  • Make a mention of it in the Cover Letter
  • Make a mention of it on your CV.
  • Only disclose your nationality on your CV as a last resort.

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    What’s Included In A Racing Resume

    A racing resume includes information that can show how you’re a strong candidate for a position such as skills, experience and education. It also may have a summary or objective statement to describe your career goals and qualifications. A racing resume usually includes these components with the addition of racing experience. For example, you might include how you’ve performed in your races. Some racing resumes can include competition photos or perhaps a link to videos of races.

    You Probably Need More Friendsheres How To Make Them

    Texas playoff race to resume Monday NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs

    Some frustrated White colleagues may then wonder, How can my desire to relate to the struggles of Black and Brown people or signal to them that I share anti-racist values be wrong? To that, Id respond that while the desire or intention may be honorable, this type of behavior is often perceived as counter-productive if not cringeworthy yielding less than desired results. Heres why.

    Thou Doth Protest Too Much

    With rare exception, this type of nervous, unsolicited, congratulatory self-analysis comes across as awkward and irrelevant if not self-serving or even deceptive. Too often, the credentialing comes from someone with low levels of racial literacy, stamina and/or humility who may be known for offensive comments or worse within the organization. Invariably, their words have the feel of a morbidly obese friend calling to brag about their kale salad lunch or a notoriously mischievous child explaining how they had nothing to do with the broken vase before we can even notice its missing. Indeed, the unsolicited racial resume recitation often feels like a conspicuous attempt to assuage guilt or preemptively explain away problematic behavior. For those who may not have a track record of racially problematic behavior, its often perceived as an unfortunate waste of energy focused on confirming their character that could have been spent analyzing structural inequities impacting others.

    Weve Learned the Hard Way to Ignore What They Say and Watch What They Do

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