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When You Lie On Your Resume Meme

Comics Sans Resume Font

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What font are you using on your resume?

Is it Comic Sans? Then you are playing with fire.

You need to use a professional resume font on your resume. These fonts are simple and easier to read. Also, make sure to keep the font size between 12-14 so that recruiters can easily read it.

With that, we have come to an end of this collection of resume memes. Hope you had a good laugh while also learning some valuable tips.

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  • You Probably Wont Get Away With It

    Chances are, youve got some kind of online profile with your credentials, endorsements and recommendations on it. Online profiles are public, thus it’s far less likely a candidate will be bold enough to inflate their creds, says Stephanie Anderson, marketing communication strategist for LinkUp. The people youve worked with in the past know your skillsand may get called as referenceseven if you dont put them in your official list of references.

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    Resume References Make Everyone Cry

    This is a hard truth wrapped up in this funny resume meme. It is difficult for the job seekers to find trustworthy people to be their reference. That is why many job seekers put their parents or friends or relatives as their reference.

    It is also pain or sometimes frustrating for the interviews to see these inappropriate references on a resume.

    Your Employer Might See Through Your Lie

    Funny Pictures Of The Day

    You dont want to be caught red-handed in a lie.

    If a hiring manager has a lot of experience, then theyre probably pretty adept at judging a candidates skill level. Needless to say, lying on your resume doesnt look good to an employer, and if they discover youre lying it could ruin any chances you had of getting the job.

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    Why Put All The Resume Information On The Job Application Form Again

    This meme is a classic resume jokes of the age-old question of job seekers:“Why should I put all the information again on the job application when I’m providing you with my resume?”

    Let us give us the answer. Recruiters get 100s of resumes a day. And it isn’t easy to open each resume, read and sort them out. That’s why they ask you to put all your information in a job application form.

    This application nicely sorts all the candidates’ information in a single sheet, and recruiters can quickly sort the candidates without wasting time.

    Damage To Your Reputation

    You can pretty much kiss your employment references goodbye if you’re found to have provided false information on your resume. Even if your employer doesn’t terminate the employment relationship for the fraudulent information, you’ll still have to suffer the embarrassment of having your employer know you lied. Additionally, our digital-age lives make it easier and easier for us to network with other professionals in similar industries. In fields that are small or specialized, word can travel pretty quickly. If someone lost a job due to dishonesty, there’s a good chance the word will get out. Some recruiters have even been known to flag candidates who have been found to have fraudulent information on their resumes. A simple lie could have career-long consequences.

    How Long Should My Resume Be?

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    Resume As A Word Document

    If you send your resume in a word document to the interviewer, this resume meme accurately portrays why it is not a good idea.

    Every person uses a different version of MS Word. And the alignment in the word document varies from computer to computer. You may perfectly align your resume in your system, but it may not open correctly on the recruiter’s computer.

    So, always make sure to send your resume in a PDF format to the recruiter.

    Take Each Challenge In Stride

    When you lie on your resume and still get the job.

    It can feel absurd to try to go about normal life amidst the chaos, but we all have bills to pay!

    Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the job market has changed drastically, along with many peoples career goals. The nature of work itself is shifting and it can be hard to know how to deal with these changes.

    Its more important than ever to be adaptable, a skill that will be coveted going forward. Take each challenge as an opportunity for growth and learning, and youre already halfway there.

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    Inability To Complete Job Duties

    If someone were to make a false statement on their resume regarding their job duties or skills in past positions, there is a chance they would have difficulty in meeting the expectations set out in the new position. As suspicions arise from the inability to complete job duties, employers have been known to seek out more information and dig deeper into their employees’ job histories. Even if this information was not discovered in the initial employment references, this doesn’t mean that employers won’t seek out more information at a later date, especially if an employer feels that its employee is not meeting expectations.

    When You Lied On Your Resume Meme

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    How Lying On Your Resume Will Get You In Trouble

    When you lie on the resume but still get the job : memes

    Today’s job market is competitive. Those who are in need of work undoubtedly know how difficult it can be to compete for the top jobs. This competitive environment has led some unscrupulous job seekers to embellish or exaggerate their experience in order to improve their chances of obtaining jobs. What are the consequences for the employee who has embellished on their resume they get caught?

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    You Could Be In Over Your Head

    Unless you love to struggle, youll likely regret lying on your resume once you actually start the job.

    You may find yourself swamped with tasks you dont have the knowledge or skills to complete, and itll be difficult to ask for the help you need without giving yourself away.

    Eventually, youll end up sticking out in the office just like Big Bird in a corporate meeting.

    We All Have To Start Somewhere

    You definitely shouldnt approach writing your resume with a defeatist attitude, but its not a bad idea to take a page out of Mr. Rogers book.

    Sometimes starting your resume is the hardest part, but that shouldnt stop you from trying. If your first draft doesnt look great, its okay thats what editing is for.

    Once you get all your qualifications on the page, you can set about making it clean and crisp.

    Additionally, you can always make it easier on yourself and avoid the formatting headaches by using a free resume template.

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    Formal Or Informal Email That Is The Question

    When you lie on your resume

    There is a lot of confusion between candidates on what email address to use in their resume?And this resume meme perfectly describes what you should do.

    Your personal email address may be anything like, etc.

    But you should not use these email addresses on your resume. Instead, create a separate professional resume with only your name, such as and include that email address on your resume.

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    How To Fix Your Resume

    If you’ve fudged the dates on your resume, fix it. Instead of having to worry about getting caught in a lie, consider explaining the gaps in your cover letter. That way youll be proactively addressing them and not having to scramble after the fact.

    Once you’ve got the facts straight, consider tweaking your resume to make it sound better. A few small changes can help you make a better impression on the hiring manager without having to stretch the truth.

    Is It Illegal To Lie On A Resume

    Because resumes are not official, legal documents, it is not technically illegal to lie on a resume. However, this depends on the extent to which the lie is taken–for example, if an educational diploma, a passport, or other legal documents are falsified, this could result in prosecution for falsifying documents.

    Generally speaking, employees who have lied on their resumes have no legal recourse against their former employers. This can also impact a former employee’s ability to seek legal recourse for an employer’s actions which may have been legitimately illegal. This is known as the “after-acquired evidence” theory. If the employment relationship was found to be based upon fraudulent information to start with, illegal acts that occurred during the employment relationship may not be actionable by law. It’s sad to think that employees could lose what limited rights they do have in employment relationships as a result of unethical decisions made during recruitment.

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    Look Out For Mistakes

    Theres no worse feeling than submitting a resume only to later notice a glaring typo. Its painful to think that something so small as a misplaced comma could cost you an interview.

    Avoid this by editing thoroughly, using spell check, and coming back to your resume after some time apart for a second look. Sometimes a mistake that went unnoticed for hours while you were working on a document can seem obvious the next morning.

    You Wont Get What You Want

    25+ Best Memes About When You Lie on Your Resume

    Big liessuch as made-up employers, job titles and inclusive dates of employmentget you bounced from consideration. Smaller lies may go unnoticed, but can land you in a dead-end job, says Resume Deli CEO Joseph Terach. In the long run, that can hurt your job satisfaction and be even worse for your career.

    One of the biggest small lies a job seeker can tell is about their career goals, Terach says. Most job seekers fear the consequences that honesty would yield. For example, the honest answer might be I dont want to climb the corporate ladder. I see myself remaining in the role for which Im currently applying. But many applicants instead say they want to achieve much bigger things.

    The reason: Even though you may perform best in a steady work environment and prefer not to climb higher, youre concerned that admitting as much will be viewed as a lack of ambition or, even worse, laziness, Terach says.

    Still, bending the truth about your career goals is unfair to you and your prospective employer. Assuming you get the position, eventually the gap between what you really wanted and what you said you wanted will grow. Life is short, Terach says. Doing things not suited to you or your talents is a waste of something precious.

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    + Resume Memes To Put Smile In Your Face

    Let us make you smile with some funny resume memes.

    A day in a job hunter’s life includes everything- from writing a resume, writing cover letters, filling up job application forms, and following up with the hiring managers. And it can be quite stressful. We get that.

    No matter how many jobs you are applying for, you need to make separate documents for each company. It is quite a nerve-wracking job.

    Well, we have some news that may help you cope. In the USA alone the unemployment rate is 6.3%. That means almost 10 million people are going through what you are going through right now.

    So, keep calm and give yourself a break with a quick laugh.

    “Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.”

    With the concept “laughter as a stress relief” in mind, we have searched the web for the most funny resume memes to make you smile.

    Enjoy this list of 19 resume funny memes that we have specially curated for you.

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    Short And To The Point Resume: On Point

    What better way to make your resume short and to the point than this?

    On a serious note, do not make your resume too much straight forward like this resume meme. Make sure your resume has all the essential information:

    • Professional Summary

    This resume meme accurately calls the candidate’s dilemma to give accurate information on a resume or lie slightly to get an initial advantage.

    But you need to remember that, the incorrect information on your resume might get you the interview. Still, the interviewer can easily figure out if you are telling the truth during the interview. And it can lead to rejection.

    Better Yet Write A Fresh One For Each Job

    When you lie on your resume but still get the job

    Its clear when a candidate has put effort into writing a tailored cover letter, and these candidates are usually the ones that win over the hiring manager.

    Writing a unique cover letter for each job shows employers that youre dedicated and enthusiastic about the position. At least for the jobs youre really serious about, its worthwhile to write a new cover letter that explains why you want that specific position.

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