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Where To List Certifications On Resume

Massive Open Online Courses

Listing future certifications on your resume – should you and how to do it

If you want to find free job training, a MOOC from a well-respected university might fit your bill. The open online course system offers a range of subjects, from marketing to writing to history. There are many free certifications you can secure, such as Crisis Management: Proseminar in Public Relations. But if your goal is to earn a credential, some courses do require a nominal fee.

Now more than ever, skills that relate to your industry are a necessary component in your resume. Certifications help back up your skills for a true ATS-friendly resume.

Here Is An Example Of Certifications On A Resume:

If you have any online certifications or courses you took, those would usually be mentioned towards the bottom of your resume. It is okay to list online certifications from sites like Udemy or Lynda on your resume. It shows the hiring manager that you took the time to learn or touch up on a skill, and that will never get you disqualified. However, keep only highly relevant, required or prestigious certifications at the top of your resume.

In An Education And Professional Development Section

Depending on the certification, you can include it in either your education or professional development sections section of your resume. Your formal education, including degrees earned, should come before you list certifications. Include any certifications relevant to your career field and will help sell you as a great candidate for the position.

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Should Online Courses Be Included On A Resume

Have you acquired certifications through completing an online course? Even if theyâre optional, these certifications can be a great addition to your resume. Even if theyâre not listed in the job description.

Remember, the point of certificates on your resume is to prove to employers that youâre a qualified candidate. Therefore, certificates from online courses should only be included on your resume if they meet the following criteria:

Should You Put Certifications On Your Resume


It is a good idea to include a professional certification on your resume if :

Its relevant to the job to which you are applying

Its a real, recognized certification

You have actually earned and have proof that you did

In short, there are many types of certifications that belong on resumes and can give you a boost in your job search.

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As Part Of Your Headline

Do you want to get the Recruiters attention?

You can stand out fast with a certificate on our resume header.

You can do it two ways.

Include it next to your name could be certificates such as CFA, CPA, etc.

This way the Hiring Manager can see the first couple of seconds that youre qualified enough. A study from Ladders showed that recruiters spend an average of only 7 seconds scanning a resume.

Even if youre in the process of taking the certificate, consider adding it.

You can also write the certificate in your resume title. It will grab the attention of the Recruiter immediately.

Include The Certification Title

List the full name of the certification, not just its common name or abbreviation.

Example: If you are a Certified Professional through the Association of Clinical Research Professionals:

  • Incorrect: ACRP Certified Professional or ACRP-CP

  • Correct: Association of Clinical Research Professionals Certified Professional

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Required Certifications On A Resume

Many professions require its employees to hold certain licenses or certifications. According to the BLS, over 65% of people employed in legal occupations hold licenses and certificates. 76% of Healthcare practitioners hold licenses and certifications.

Some professions may require more than one certificate. For examples, lawyers that have passed the bar need to indicate membership of a stateâs bar. The job description will usually make required certifications clear. These certifications need to be listed on your resume.

Do you work in Nursing, Accounting, or Finance? These industries typically require licenses and certifications.

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification Course

Certificates and Certifications on Your Resume

The HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification Course teaches you the basics of SEO, blogging, conversion analysis, and reporting, among other concepts. A course in inbound marketing can make you appealing to startups and entrepreneurs interested in hiring someone who can help them grow their businesses.

This is an especially valuable online certification since HubSpot is one of the most popular platforms in digital marketing. The course takes five hours to complete and includes 10 lessons:

  • Inbound Marketing Fundamentals
  • Planning a Long-Term Content Strategy
  • Creating a Blog Post
  • Creating Topic Clusters and Pillar Pages
  • Understanding Social Media Promotion
  • Developing a Conversational Growth Strategy
  • Understanding Conversion Strategy
  • Aligning Your Marketing With Sales
  • Applying a Customer Marketing Approach
  • Once you finish these lessons, youll take a one-hour exam. Thenvoilayouve completed one of the most valuable free certification courses!

    Bonus: Marketers looking for more cheap certifications can also check out for digital certification in search engines and social media, as well as to get Adword certified.

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    Provide Details On The Associated Skills

    If you have room on your resume and if the skills are directly relevant, you may want to include a shortlist of the particular skills associated with the certification. Doing so can help explain the certifications relevance and answer any questions your reader may have.

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    Free Certifications To Add To Your Resume

    Certifications can boost your resume and job opportunities, but they are not all created equal. Here are eight carefully-vetted free online certifications that you can add to your resume.

    Certifications are a quick way to gain skills that will boost your resume and raise your value as a job candidate. While not all certification programs are free, there are several reputable certifications that wont take up too much time or money. Here are eight carefully-vetted free online certifications we recommend.

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    How To List An Expired Certification In The Experience Section

    Because expired certifications may come off as a negative on a resume, you need to format it in a way that draws attention off of the expiration date.

    Gaining that certification took knowledge and skill, so these things are what your resume should expand on not the specific certification itself.

    It is best to restructure your resume to include the skills which you gained from becoming certified, rather than including the certificate with the word expired next to it.

    Detail what you are now able to do, and the experiences that you had while utilizing those skills.

    This can be done like the following when written in the experience section. In the case of an expired CPR certification:


    Mountain Gymnasium Swimming Instructor

    • Independently watched over groups of up to 30 swimmers of all ages
    • Coached daily swimming classes for beginners to advanced students
    • Maintained and utilized the knowledge of proper CPR techniques as needed

    Notice how the word expired is not once mentioned in the example. The employer now knows you have experience in CPR, and this expired certification has become an asset on your resume.

    Keep in mind, however, you should never write anything that would make a company believe you still hold this certification.

    Listing Certifications On The Resume

    How to List Certifications on a Resume with 21 Examples ...

    Showing certifications on a resume is key to standing out in the running for a job vacancy which is why its so important to understand how to indicate resume certifications, memberships and licenses.

    These are a few tips for including certifications on a resume but for more structured resume help, you could try using a resume template to ensure an HR-approved resume layout including resume boosting certifications.

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    What To Write In Case Of Incomplete Education

    Is there any way to indicate incomplete higher education in the resume and still be considered as a worthy candidate? Yes, it is more complicated than the question of how to list certifications on a resume. Students who are continuing their studies at the university at the time of submitting a CV should specify the end date of the studies according to the curriculum. When hiring a student, the manager has the right to know how many years or months left for the candidate to graduate. Therefore, be as specific as possible when indicating your graduating information in a resume.

    The following is an example of how you can list incomplete education:

    University of Education, Business Management , Completed 70 credits towards a Bachelors Degree in Business.

    How To Format Certifications On Your Resume

    How you format a certification on your resume is key to making sure the hiring manager can find the most important pieces of information in the first few seconds of scanning your resume.

    In general, each certification should include:

    • The name of the certification, along with the most common abbreviation
    • The issuing body or location where the training was completed
    • The date issued
    • The expiration and/or renewal date

    Each of these pieces of information helps a hiring manager learn more about your career story and interest in the profession. It also gives them practical information about how far back you might have learned the relevant skills. By adding the date completed, you allow the hiring manager to verify your certification with the governing body.

    Can I list a certification in progress on my resume?

    Not only can you, you probably should! Certifications in progress show employers that youve invested your time into the field because youre passionate about the possibilities. If the certification is part of a larger education program, then you may want to include it underneath your degree in progress. If not, it can go in a separate certification section with all the usual identifying information plus your anticipated completion date.

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    Mistakes To Avoid When Listing Certifications On Your Resume

    • Listing Old or expired certifications. Use these more of a talking point instead of taking precious resume space. For example, itâs better to mention that 4 year old Machine Learning certification to an employer in conversation. Always prioritize bullet points that you want to communicate in your resume.
    • Only using Certification Acronyms – Make sure you actually fully list out the certification name at least once before abbreviating. This greatly improves your chances of passing an ATS scan.
    • Including irrelevant certificates.

    Higher Quality Of An Interview

    InterpreTIP #6 What certifications or training courses help improve a resume?

    Professional certifications on your resume is an excellent opportunity to take your interview to another level. It invites conversation. You can explain why you took some courses and continued your education, what you learned, and what you can do now that you could not do before. Answers to such questions can make your candidacy unique.

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    Where To Look For Certifications To Include On Your Resume

    As with most skills on your resume, the best place to start looking is the job description itself. If you have any of the qualifications mentioned, list them clearly and prominently.

    Our comprehensive database of skills and keywords allows you to search for a specific job and instantly pull up the skills you should be listing on your resume, including common certifications.

    Network! The most reliable source of information is usually other people working in the industry. If youre new to the field or changing careers, this step is extra important our tips on how to ask for an informational interview will help you get started.

    Certifications In Contact Info On Your Resume

    The contact info section on your resume is the best place to put required certifications. This section is also the best place to include official credentials. Itâs common practice for lawyers, doctors, dentists, accountants and others to include their credentials next to their name. See how thatâs done in this nurse resume example:

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    If You Have Limited Practical Experience

    You might have the skills you need to do a job well but not enough experience to qualify for an interview. In this case, listing a certification that verifies your relevant skillset and commitment to the industry may make up for what you lack in practical experience. Many employers are happy to hire employees who have already invested in their own professional development by pursuing certification.

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    How To Correctly Write The Certification Section In A Resume

    certifications on resume 20 free Cliparts

    It is critically important to briefly and clearly describe both the main and additional education in the resume. Thus, the recruiter will understand your professional background, achievements, and interests. When reviewing your CV, a human resource manager needs to know only two things about you:

    • at least some education connected with the position you are applying for
    • an educational establishment where you got it.

    Further, its important for a perfect job search that you include your certifications on your resume in the correct manner. When you go for the first ir the second interview, employers will want to know the correct way to list certifications. The following is an example:

    Red Hat Certified Engineer, 2020 ———— Correct

    RHCE ——————————————– Incorrect

    When listing certifications, remember to include the complete name and year of the certifications, along with the certifying institute. This helps to lend authenticity to your accomplishments.

    However, the educational establishment you have studied at is not always important for the employer. But it is better to be on the safe side and provide this information.

    Wondering how long a resume should be? We have a detailed answer.

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    Opportunity To Stand Out

    Certificates may convince a recruiter that you can do a better job than others because you have additional knowledge and skills. For instance, if you apply for a technical writer position, your Microsoft Office Word 2016 Core certificate may play an important role on your resume. Why? For two reasons. First, it will show that you can easily use this program when performing your duties. Second, it will assure the recruiter that you can boost your typing speed. Thus, you can do your job quicker than other candidates.

    Go Beyond Certifications On A Resume

    Your resume should boast of all the ways you are an awesome catch that a company should go out of their way to hire. But there are other ways to attract employers. Curious? Monster can help. Upload your resume for free so that recruiters can find you for open roles in your field. Let’s get you connected today.

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    How To List Certifications In Their Own Section

    Place each certification keeping reverse chronological order with the most recent at number one, says certified professional resume writer Michael Tomaszewski. If you feel like you got your most prestigious certifications and licenses early on in your career, leave the less impressive ones for other sections, like next to relevant education or work experience.


    List The Certifications Title

    I.T. Resume Tips – Listing Skills with NO Experience, Degree, or Certification

    Using a font and font size that you included previously in the resume, list the full title of the certification as a bullet under the heading Certifications. Be sure to type the name correctly and to spell out any abbreviations. If the potential employer or hiring manager is unfamiliar with the certification, they will need to be able to conduct an internet search using the full title.

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    What Types Of Certifications Should Be Included On A Resume

    The first and most important step is to thoroughly read the job description. If you haven’t looked at any job listings yet, search for jobs in your industry to find some. Letâs go over the various types of certifications you may find in the job description before figuring out where to put them on your resume.

    Does It Align With The Job Description

    Inside the job description or job listing can be a number of helpful queues when developing/writing a resume.

    One of those queue’s is the requirements section. Inside the requirements portion of the job ad, certain certifications could be listed.

    For example:

    Candidates with PMP certification will be preferred.

    This tells us that certain certifications are required of this position. And listing the correct resume certifications is a key part of writing your resume for this job application.

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    Should I Put Expired Certifications On My Resume

    Whether or not to list expired certifications on a resume can be a tough decision. In general, its not recommended to include expired certifications as hiring managers are looking for your current skill set and licensing. However, there are instances where knowledge from an expired certificate may still be relevant even after the piece of paper is out of date. If youre applying for a job in healthcare and you used to work as a nurse, for example, a mention of your previous training can show that you have skills other candidates may lack.

    It also depends on how formal and/or legally required the certification is for this specific job opening . If a language proficiency test can likely still be listed in some cases, a government-licensed certification should probably be renewed before listing it.

    Alternatively, if you really need to, you can mark an expired certification on your resume as in the process of being renewed or a similar disclaimer. Just make sure that it really is in that process.

    The Best Certifications + Examples

    How to List Certifications on a Resume with 21 Examples ...

    The right certification for you depends largely on your job title and career goals. Its worth researching trends in your field to see which certificates will put you ahead and help you learn new skills. There are, however, some certifications that are growing in popularity either for their ability to be applied to multiple fields or because they set the standard for knowledge of a particular industry.

    Note that there are thousands of certifications for various industries, so a comprehensive list would take up the space of a small library. But here are some examples of the best certifications to have in 2021:

    • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional
    • Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer
    • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert
    • Cisco Certified Network Associate
    • Cisco Certified Professional Network Professional
    • Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect
    • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate
    • Oracle Certified MySQL Database Administrator

    Hospitality and catering:

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