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Where To Print Resume Paper

What Type Of Paper Should I Use To Print My Resume

How to resume printing after reload out-of- paper?

Most career guidance sources, including Cornell Universitys College of Human Ecology Career Exploration Center, advise using 32-lb, cotton paper. This paper is durable and appears crisp and professional.

Youll have some other choices, as we will describe in greater detail below, but this is a good basic starting point.

You dont need to go anywhere special to find professional resume paper. For the most part, you can buy many different brands and types online or at an office supply store.

Printed Resume: Definition Types Of Paper To Use And Tips

Although most recruiters and hiring managers request digital copies of your resume, you may sometimes need a printed version of your resume in addition or instead of a digital one. A high-quality printed resume can help distinguish your application and display your professionalism to potential employers. In this article, we discuss the definition of printed resumes, the best types of paper to print your resume on and tips for making physical copies of your resume.

A Professionally Printed Resume: 10 Tips When Printing A Resume

Your resume is a crucial component to landing any job.

Its your opportunity to make the right impression with a companys employer or hiring manager.

Its how you get your foot in the door to nab that amazing position youve been hoping to get. Its how you define yourself to potential employers, and what determines your next move.

In short, your resume has the potential to change the trajectory of your career and your life.

But many people overlook its importance when applying for employment.

According to an article published by Inc., every corporate position attracts an average of 250 resumes. That said, your resume needs to be top-notch if you want to be among the 4 to 6 candidates that are invited for an interview.

Does your resume have what it takes to stand up against the competition?

Read on to find out the secret to crafting a winning printed resume!

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Where To Print Your Resume

The most convenient and affordable option for printing on your own resume paper is probably your own printer.

However, be mindful about printing on different textures! Laid and linen textures can make your printer ink bleed and you dont want your resume ruined.

If you dont own a printer try one in your university campus or your local library. Bear in mind that it can be tricky to print on your own paper on public printers.

Other options include:

What Paper Should You Use For A Resume

Resume Paper: What Type of Paper Is Best for a Resume? (12 Photos)

The first item to consider when selecting paper for your resume is the material. Some of the options you can choose include:

  • Linen. This paper has a nice texture with a natural thickness that could help your resume stand out. Cotton paper usually has a linen texture.

  • Granite. With darker speckles distributed throughout, this paper looks unique while maintaining a professional appearance. Most granite paper is made largely from recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly choice.

  • Cotton. Cotton is the classic option because it presents as crisp and formal. The percentage of cotton in the paper makes a difference in the feel, durability and texture of the paper. The higher the percentage, the better quality and more noticeable your resume paper.

  • Parchment. Diplomas and certifications usually use parchment paper, so use this option for an official appearance. Similar to linen, parchment has some texture to it, but it’s not as noticeable.

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Faq: What Paper Should I Use For My Resume

Your resume is the first thing your potential new employer sees. In many cases, choosing to print out your qualifications on paper and either mail it or hand it over personally can have a lasting positive impression on the hiring manager. If you decide to submit a paper resume, know that the paper you print your resume on makes all the difference. In this article, we explore the paper options you can use and how you should print your resume.

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What Paper Weight Should My Resume Have

Gelli Plate Printing Techniques On Resume Paper (Live Replay)

Typical copy paper is 20 pounds per ream, or per 500 pages of paper. Instead of using the standard weight, opt for 24 or 32-pound paper. 24-pound paper is more formal than 20-pound paper. It’s also cost-effective and budget-friendly, and can usually go through a home printer easily. 32-pound resume paper is heavier and opaque, and it’s less likely to tear. It’s usually more expensive than 24-pound paper, and many home printers may have trouble running this paper through. If you use 32-pound paper for your resume, consider printing it at an office supply store that has a commercial printer.

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Avoid Gimmicks And Errors

Once in a while, you’ll read about a job candidate who successfully used a gimmicky resume to get the attention of a potential employer. Human resources professionals, however, overwhelmingly prefer resumes that communicate the candidate’s skills and qualifications clearly, honestly and professionally. According to a Harris Poll commissioned by the job website CareerBuilder, hiring managers identified mistakes that led them to dismiss a resume rather than schedule the candidate for an interview. At the top of the list: typographical and grammatical errors.

Where Can I Print My Resume 4 Places To Print Your Resume

As fewer people have printers at home, it’s become increasingly common to scramble to find a decent printer and resume paper to print your resume. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! We’re here to ensure that you are looking your best on interview day.

So, wondering where you can print your resume? Below are five places to print your resume, just in time for your big interview or career fair.

  • Resumates: Resumates is an online resume printing and delivery service. Simply upload your resume and Resumates will deliver your resume prints in a few days to anywhere in the U.S. Check out Resumates resume printing here.
  • Public libraries: Yep! Your good old public library is a place to print your resume. Not all libraries are the same, so give them a call to understand their process beforehand. For example, you will want to know if you need to bring a thumb drive or if it’d be smarter to access your resume via email. Don’t expect the library to stock premium resume paper . If you can’t find nice resume paper handy, elevate your appearance with some of our best leather portfolios. Public libraries can be a great resume printing options on the cheap. We didn’t conduct research on pricing, since every location will be different – so call your local library for more information.

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The Stylish Blank Resume Template

This blank resume form is especially easy to read. Small icons direct the hiring managers attention to key sections, making it easier for them to process than an all-text resume.

Because hiring managers have to flick through dozens of resumes, making your resume easier to scan in this way is essential.

Different Types Of Resumes Electronic And Printed Resume Formatting

Resume Paper: What Type of Paper Is Best for a Resume? (12 Photos)

Everyone knows that the Internet has changed a lot about how companies find applicants. Not only are jobs posted differently now, but resumes are also reviewed differently. No longer is it enough for people to create the perfect resume, print it on high bond paper, put it in a matching envelope, mail it off, and expect a call from the recruiter.

Most jobs now require online resumes only and those have to be much different than their paper predecessors. Most online job boards require electronic resumes, so if you dont have one and are looking for a job or will be looking soon its time to get one ready.

Electronic resumes are generally plain text that can also be included in the body of an email for job applications online. They will not be as attractive as a paper resume with its hundreds of font choices and bullets galore, but all an electronic resume has to do is get the job done.

When an employer requires application materials to be sent via email or online, the employer will enter your resume into an applicant-tracking system. That software system will not care what your resume looks like. However, the system will care about the format some formats are easier for it to read.

If you want to break up your resume with headers such as Experience and Education just use all caps. Instead of using fancy bullets, just use a dash or asterisk. If you must indent and it is not recommended use the space bar to move text in, not the Tab key.


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Why Do You Need Resume Paper

It is true that youll be submitting your resume electronically in a majority of situations. However, there are at least two instances when youll need a physical copy of your resume, namely face-to-face job interviews and career fairs. Its also not a bad idea to keep a copy on hand in other professional contexts, such as networking events.

The type of paper you use to print your resume says something about you. High-quality resume paper shows prospective employers, colleagues, and contacts that you go the extra mile to give off a good impression and displays a higher level of professionalism than cheaper paper does. Standard copy paper, on the other hand, will not set you apart from the pack .

And, of course, you should never pass out a resume on wrinkled or creased paper. This shows laziness and poor attention to detail. You may want to keep your resumes in a folder to make sure they are neat and tidy.

When Do I Need A Printed Resume

Many employers and recruiters request you submit your resume online, such as by email or through an online portal, when you look or apply for a job. However, there are situations when you need to print copies of your resume. Print out a professional copy of your resume if:

  • The job posting requests a physical copy. Some employers may specify in the job listing that they want a mailed copy of your resume. A job may also only give you their postal address as contact information to indicate they want your printed resume.

  • You have an in-person interview. Bringing your printed resume to an in-person interview shows you’ve prepared to answer questions and provide helpful information. A printed copy of your resume can also help both you and the interviewer remember important points about your qualifications during the interview.

  • You’re going to a career fair, exposition or related event. When attending a job fair or similar type of professional event, bring multiple printed copies of your resume. This way, you can let multiple potential employers or recruiters keep your resume and contact you at a later date.

  • You’re asking your network to help you find a job. Some people turn to their professional network to aid in their job search. Your network may find it easier to recommend you to potential employers if they already have physical copies of your resume they can distribute to their contacts.

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So How Do You Choose Which Paper To Print Your Resume On

Choosing the best resume paper is largely a matter of personal preference not just your own, but also your best guess about those on the receiving end of your resume. HR research data can be somewhat helpful in determining which printing paper is your safest bet or could land your resume in the reject pile without being read. But it still comes down to subjective assessments when people are asked to pick this or that favorite.

The good news is that each of the following decisions you make about the perfect resume paper need not be complicated. Were going to keep it simple as possible so overthinking doesnt bog you down.

While HR research has yielded no conclusive verdict on any overall best choice of resume paper, the consensus on these two characteristics is solid.

  • Weight: 32lb.
  • Material: Cotton content should be at least 75%, and ideally 100%

The Clean Blank Resume Template

Gelli Plate Printing Techniques On Resume Paper (Live Replay)

This blank resume template provides a lot of space to describe your work history, making it perfect for mid-level job seekers with several years of experience.

The template also has plenty of room to list your skills, education, and awards in the column on the left. If you need more space for one of these sections, you can simply resize them.

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Decide Where To Print

When deciding where to print your resume, consider the type of paper and amount of ink you may require before you decide on printing at one of these locations:

  • Home: Printing at home can be more convenient than other options. Consider checking your ink and equipment to ensure your printer can deliver a professional-looking resume.

  • Workstation: Workstations at delivery companies or office supply companies often allow customers to use their internet and resources to print their files. Often, you pay for the minutes you take to use one of their computers and the number of copies you print.

  • Copy center: Copy centers are often located at office supply stores, and they allow you to email files to them, provide the number of copies you want and their specifications and gather the finished product when it’s ready. This can be a convenient option for printing large numbers of resumes.

  • Library: A library is usually a convenient and efficient way to print documents for relatively cheap prices. Similar to public workstations, you can often print from their computers, though they may not charge you, depending on the library you choose and whether you have a library card.

What Resume Paper Should I Use

Elles resume may have stood out from the crowd, but it can come off as unprofessional in the real world.

Even though the internship and job search has become increasingly digital, there are still scenarios where a physical copy of your resume is expected. Career fairs and interviews are two such times when a physical resume is necessary, and what is often overlooked is the very paper your resume is printed on. It is important to understand that the content of your resume is more important than the paper it is printed on. However, printing your resume on high-quality paper can make it stand out and is more durable than regular paper.

Well discuss below the different types of resume paper, but in case you are pressed for time heres our verdict:

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