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Where To Put Dean’s List On Resume

Examples Of Deans List On A Resume

How to Write a Resume
  • How its written in an education section

If a lot of people are accepted into the university and it is not in the top ones, write the Deans List if you have made it almost every time.


University of California, Berkeley California, MD

Bachelor of Arts: Major in Sociology, Minor in Psychology

Graduation year: June 2016

GPA 3.5 / 3.9, Deans List for 3 semesters


Loyola University Maryland Baltimore, MD

Bachelor of Arts: Major in Psychology, Minor in History

Graduation year: June 2020

GPA 3.6 / 3.8, Deans List for 7 semesters

  • Add it by Creating an Awards and Accomplishments section

Awards and Accomplishments

  • Student of the Year Award 2019
  • 1st Prize in a Student Essay Contest
  • Deans List, 3 semesters

Even if you havent been able to make the Deans List consistently, you can always tell that you took time to win the other awards.

How To Name Your Resume File

There are many different ways to name your resume file. But, there is one mistake you should do your best to avoid saving your file simply as resume.

For example, submitting a resume named resume.pdf will get you SO lost in HRs electronic pile of job seekers. Aside from that one rule, most variations are acceptable. Weve included several examples below:

  • Kayla-Smith-Resume
  • Kayla-Smith-Resume-Assistant-Principal
  • Kayla-Smith-Resume-2020

Overall, be consistent , always hyphen, and capitalize the first letter of each word.

Express How Many Times You Made The Dean’s List

You have many options for how to add your Dean’s List recognition, but you should list how many times you earned it if you received it three or more times. This can make use of space on your resume instead of listing the semester, but it reasserts the level of consistency to your performance during your academic years.

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When Is It Applicable To Put Deans List On Resumes

You might be asking if its always applicable to put Deans List on your resume. There are absolutely appropriate instances and inappropriate instances to include this achievement on your resume.

Getting this honor is something you should share with employers unless any of the following are applicable:

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How To Put Deans List On Resume


ZipJob Team

4 min read

Most serious college students understand the importance of trying to make the deanâs list. Itâs one of those accomplishments listed on your resume that speaks to your drive, dedication, and ability to succeed. You may also have heard that being on that list can increase the odds of getting hired during the job search.

That is certainly true–at least for certain types of jobs and certain industries. Still, you might wonder whether you should include your deanâs list distinction on your resume, and how to list it. In this post, weâll examine those questions and help you better understand the issue.

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Adds More Credentials To Your Resume

Having really good credentials regarding the job application you want to apply for is a very important thing for every recruiter.

It tells them how experienced you are and how it can be related to the job in question, whether you have a certain skill set required for the job or not.

Deans list can serve as a bit of information that adds more credentials to your resume and tells the potential employer whether you would be a good choice for a job or not.

Of course, it is not the only factor, but it is a positive one most of the time.

Pros Of Adding Deans List

There are many advantages of including this honor in your job applicationRecruiting & SearchRecruiting & job search for corporate finance careers requires significant preparation. Our guides will help you land the job you’re looking for & stand out from the competition. For investment banking, equity research, corporate development, FP& A, treasury, and other financial recruiting programs, job searches.

Benefits of including deans list on resume:

  • Demonstrates strong academic performance
  • Shows a consistent level of performance if achieved all semesters
  • Adds another credential and honor to your resume
  • Depending on the school or employer, it may be extra valuable if the GPA requirement for Deans List is especially high
  • Adds more detail to your resume

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What Is An Honors And Activities Section

This section of the résumé highlights the relevant activities you have been involved with and the honors you have received that you could discuss with your prospective employer. You also want to communicate how these activities and honors might make you an asset to the organization.

An honors and activities section might include the following.

  • Academic awards and scholarships
  • Date of award or dates of involvement in an activity


  • Firstar Outstanding Student Scholarship 2007
  • Copy Editor, Purdue University’s student newspaper August 2005-December 2006
  • Coach, local middle school soccer team August 2004-December 2005
  • Vice President, Golden Key National Honor Society August 2003-May 2004

What Other Academic Awards Can You Earn In College

How To Write a Resume (For College Students)

The dean’s list isn’t the only award college students can win for academic performance. Other common awards that universally distinguish academic excellence include the honors list, the president’s list, and the chancellor’s list. The availability of these awards and the qualifications for making each list will vary by university.

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Difference In Deans List Vs Latin Honors

There tends to be a level of confusion between the Deans List and the various Latin Honors. Both the Deans List and the Latin Honors can be conferred by the school administration to the student. However, the Latin Honors are generally more niched in their qualifications.

As the Deans List varies widely from college to college, it is difficult to quantify the qualifications needed to be conferred one. Generally speaking, however, most Deans Lists require the student to be within the top 10-15% of their class on a semester basis. From studies completed on this topic, this usually means a grade point average of a B+ or higher.

The Latin Honors are much more narrowly defined. There are three Latin Honors which can be conferred upon a student. The Latin Honors are awarded in chronological order, from a lower grade point average to a higher one.

The Latin Honors begin with cum laude, or with praise/honor. This is typically conferred to students who are within the top 25-30% in their class. The next Latin Honor awarded is magna cum laude, or with great honor. This is typically conferred to students with the top 10-15% of their class. At some institutions, this is the highest Latin Honor awarded. The last Latin Honor is summa cum laude, or with highest honors. This is conferred and awarded to students in the top 1-5% of their class.

It Can Mean A Lot Depending On Requirement

Apart from the consistency shown by being on a deans list for multiple semesters, another very important factor to consider is the general requirements for even getting onto the deans list.

Why is that so important?

Well, if the requirements are a bit harder to achieve, meaning, that it is much harder to make it to the deans list, if you include it on your resume, it would show potential employers that you are a hard-working person, who was persistent to achieve that goal and managed to get to the deans list, even though it wasnt easy at all.

That type of person would never give up trying to do its job properly, even if it meant going against the odds or having to work much harder to fulfill the companys goals.

That is the type of person every employer wants.

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How To Properly List Your Latin Honors

When listing summa cum laude or magna cum laude on your resume, always make sure theyre uncapitalized and in italics.

Heres the correct way to include Latin honors on your resume, depending on its resume section:

Education Section: If youre listing cum laude in the education section, put it on its own line below your degree, or written next to the name of your degree, separated by a comma.

Heres an example of what Latin honors look like when listed in the education section:

Honors Section: If youre using a separate Honors section, then list your Latin honors in a bullet format alongside your other honors or awards. When listed in bullet format, you dont need to italicize your honors.

Heres an example of what cum laude looks like when listed in an Honors section:

Lastly Prepare To Discuss The Deans List In An Interview

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If you are successful at getting noticed, a hiring manager may invite you to an in-person interview. During your initial interview, the interviewer may ask several clarifying questions. Be prepared to answer questions concerning the deans list requirements, your academic performance, and other related subjects.

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Strengths & Weaknesses Of The Curriculum Vitae Format

This is easy to do with the right soft. Strengths & weaknesses of the curriculum vitae format. How to write a scientific curriculum vitae. As a scientist, your curriculum vitae is the chronicle of your research, presentations, teaching, publications and skill set. A curriculum vitae is typically used in academics and related positions and is also standard in other countries. An effective resume tells decision makers, such as prospective employers and scholarship committees, about your capacity for success. About pdf formatted files an official website of the united states government portable document format the pdf format is modeled after the postscript language and is device and resolution independent. After all, youre in graduate school. Remember that dream job you didnt get? Its never too early to w. How to list references on a curriculum vitae. While people seeking jobs in academia most often prepare a curriculum vitae, it also is used in other fields. Pdfs are very useful on their own, but sometimes its desirable to convert them into another type of document file.

It may have been because you used a resume when you needed a curriculum vitae. How to add a deans list to a curriculum vitae. Think its too soon for you to prepare a curriculum vitae or cv?

Every achievement, no matter how small, could make the dif. Eloise is an everyday health expert and runs my vegan supermarket, a vegan blog and database. How to list references on a curriculum vitae.

Template For Including Deans List On Your Resume

This template will differ depending on where youre putting the Deans List on your resume. You can choose to include it under your existing education section or underneath a separate accomplishments or awards section.

If you choose the latter, be sure you have additional accomplishments to include beyond being recognized on the Deans List.

Remember, including the Deans List on your resume shouldnt be flashy or overly confident it should simply assist.

Below is a template for including the Deans List on your resume:

Including the Deans List in Education Section

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Could Be Considered Unnecessary

The deans list is a list of your academic achievements and scores, which is, of course, really important information about you, especially if you are a fresh graduate without any real work experience.

However, there is but coming right now.

On some occasions, including deans list on your resume can be a bad choice because it may seem unnecessary to do it, especially if you are a very experienced and have been working in a consistent manner for a while.

In this case, including the deans list would just be pointless and it would just overcrowd your resume with unneeded information.

Can I Put Dean’s List For Only One Semester

How To Write A Resume With Little or No Work Experience – Resume Template

If you have a good GPA but only one semester on the Dean’s List, it’s better not to include it next to your GPA.

That’s because the contrast between a high GPA and only one semester of good grades will diminish the value of your GPA in a recruiter’s eyes.

Instead, consider creating an “Awards and Accomplishments” section. Here’s how:

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What If Im Coming From Abroad To The Us Or From The Us To Europe What Is The Equivalent And Should I Add It To My Resume

Deans List is one of the university awards for good grades in the U.S and other countries. If you are coming from abroad, you would probably also have awards similar to: cum laude, meaning with praise, magna cum laude, meaning with great praise and summa cum laude, meaning with the highest praise. These are the Latin honors that most universities use.

In your resume better write the equivalent to your country honors. It is hard to make the absolute same, so if you are applying to another country and you are not sure what these awards mean describe them in a couple of words.

Should You Put Dean’s List On Resume

If you are going to put “Deans List” on your resume, consider putting it on the same line as your GPA.

  • Cumulative GPA: 3.8/4.0 Deans List for all semesters

On the other hand, you may want to omit putting “Deans List” on your resume. Here are some comments on the value of “Deans List” from senior certified users.

TheBrofessor – Portfolio Manager:I got a 3.7 in UG but didn’t have dean’s list every semester , does that make my GPA worse than someone otherwise identical with a 3.5 but dean’s list all 4 semesters? I don’t think so.

aside: Dean’s List might also mean different things at different schools. at my school it was 3.5 GPA but nothing lower than a B . the B- rule is what fucked me. it’s technically possible to get a 3.8 or 3.9 at my school but still not make dean’s list , so I think if that’s the rule, “dean’s list” loses impact.

AdaptorDie – Corporate Development Manager:Dean’s List is pretty cheesy. When I see that on a rez it makes me think the person is trying to fluff themselves, like I can see the GPA right there. Dean’s List is just redundant to me, not a value add.

Your resume is your first impression. It should clear, concise, and well formatted. Follow the link bellow to get your resume reviewed by professionals.

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How To Put Deans List On Your Resume

The Deans List is an honorific addition that can lend credibility to your resume. Learn about it and how to include it here.

7 days ago 5 min read

If youre a Deans List student, chances are that you already know what the Deans List is. If you arent familiar with it, or if you havent considered how adding the Deans List to your resume can increase your chances of being hired, this article will flesh it out and give examples on how you can easily incorporate it.

Should You Put The Deans List On Your Resume

Prescribed Load List Resume Example Company Name ...

A Deans List can go on your resume in a few different ways.

You may want to include the Deans list on your resume if it is more than five years old and you are getting interviews for positions that are not related to academics. You may also want to include the Deans list on your resume if you are interviewing for an academic position, but you dont have any publications yet.

Your Deans list is a permanent record of academic achievement that is valuable to prospective employers or graduate students.

In most cases, it is not necessary to include the Deans list on your resume. Although it can be valuable to have on your resume, you dont have to write it here. You may want to include a phrase or two about your involvement with the organization or courses you took under its auspices.

The benefits of including the deans list on your resume are:

It shows that you are proud of your accomplishments.

It helps cover any gaps in your experience if you did not have publications or research while at the university or college.

The information will be readily available to an interviewer who needs it for fact-checking purposes.

As long as the curriculum has not changed, it gives prospective employers an idea of what your classes were like and how prepared you were for higher education.

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Listing A Deans List Achievement Under The Professional Profile/summary Section:

The Professional Profile/Summary section is at the very top of the resume.

It is the first thing that recruiters read and most of the time this is where they decide if the applicant is a strong candidate or not.

Therefore, it is very important to intrigue the hiring official with this section.

This section should explain who the job seeker is, their experience, significant achievements, and core competencies in 3 to 4 sentences.

The Deans List achievement can be mentioned here to show continuous high performance from the very beginning of the resume and then can be repeated in the Education or Achievement section.

Since this is one of the most important parts of the resume, including the Deans List differentiates applicants from others right from the very start as this honor list is not just based on the GPA but the comparative performance of other students.


1) Customer Service Specialist with more than 2 years of experience in the retail and branding sector. Raised company revenue, saved costs, and optimized overall store operations by conceptualizing and implementing customer retention strategies from product merchandising to store management. Obtained Honors Bachelor of Commerce Degree, with a Deans List achievement for three semesters.

The most important factor to keep in mind about where to put the Deans List achievement is knowing the jobs requirements.

Is the position in a field where academic achievements are important?


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