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Are Video Resumes A Good Idea

Reinforce The Assumption That College Grads Are Tech Savvy

Video Resume: 3 Steps on How to Create a Video Resume Example!

The stereotype of college students as being tech-savvy is partially rooted in truth. Youngsters grew up with technology, meaning they find it intuitive. However, plenty of recent college graduates refuse to submit their resumes in video format.

There is a general assumption amongst college students that earning a college degree and interning is enough to land a job offer. In reality, the job market is quite competitive, and those who fail to separate from the pack will likely remain unemployed.

A video resume makes it clear you covet the open job, are skilled with technology, and willing to invest a little bit more time and effort in artfully presenting yourself to a hiring manager.

Hiring managers who receive video resumes from recent college grads understand these job-seekers are skilled with the latest tech tools, willing to learn how to use technology, and are hungry for work. This is the competitive advantage you need to impact when applying for the open position and ultimately score an interview.

What Are The Advantages Of A Video Resume

  • Visibility:Your personality, presentation and communication skills can be easily assessed by a video resume. The interviewer doesnt have to wait for the first meeting to analyze you. Your confidence, maturity, achievements, skills, work, in short everything, is visible right from the start. If you are applying for a , advertising job or for any position that requires creativity then you must give it a shot. It will help you stand out among the rest. Also, you can show your enthusiasm and seriousness for the available position through video resume.
  • Importance: Yes, Thats right. After viewing a pie of text resumes, your video resume will definitely arise curiosity in the head of the hiring manager. You just got the managers attention and your first step is done. Plus, if you manage to pull it off well, you will definitely bag yourself an interview call for that dream job of yours.
  • You enjoy the powerSounds interesting, isnt it? This is just like your job interview, the only difference is, you enjoy the authority here. Since, you have the power, you can use it for good and show all your strengths and skills you possess to create a positive influence on the interviewer.
  • If you love camera If you love the camera and it loves you back, then what are you waiting for? Research says that attractive candidates get hired much easily than an unattractive one. If you have good personality, killer attitude and you are photogenic then wait no more. Make a video resume today!
  • How Long Should A Video Resume Be

    If youre wondering how long your video resume should be, the answer is: shorter! One minute is perfect two minutes is pushing it 10 minutes is what planet do you live on?

    Job recruiters are busy people who may be processing hundreds of text resumes. Watching even a 1-minute video takes them longer than scanning a one-page resume. So if it takes much longer than that, its totally possible that theyll lose patience and never finish watching your video.

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    And How Will Companies Compare A Candidate Who Applies Via A Job Board Using A Resume With A Candidate Who Applies Via A Tiktok Video Resume Thats Also Tricky

    Exactly. I think thatll come down to the individual companies and how their screening process is. But I think for the moment most companies will offer only one method to keep things simple. The main issue at the moment is that videos arent ATS-compatible. So, that complicates things when it comes to adopting video resumes in the screening process.

    You Can See The Enthusiasm

    Pin on Top Resume Ideas

    Unlike on paper, a video resume allows you to see the applicants enthusiasm. You, as a recruiter, have the job of recognizing whether someone is a good fit and is showing a positive attitude towards the prospect of filling the role. It is typically very difficult to hide the enthusiasm if you are excited about something, so you can see whether the applicant really wants the job and has the desired qualities.

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    Should You Create A Video Resume

    Creating a video resume is an optional task for job seekers. It’s quite rare for companies to require or request a video resume from candidates. A Robert Half survey reports that most companies prefer traditional resumes, either a Word Document or PDF. Only 3% were interested in video resumes or infographics.

    For some job seekers, particularly ones in visual or creative fields, a video resume can highlight valuable skills. For instance, a video resume is useful for showing any type of performance-based work, whether it involves acting on stage, teaching a class, or presenting quarterly numbers.

    Also, a video resume can be an excellent way to show off your personality for people in client-facing roles, whose work involves charming prospective buyers, a video resume may be beneficial.

    However, if your role is not very visual, then a video resume might not help further your candidacy. You should also be mindful that it’s easy to miscalculate in a video resumethat is, there’s a high risk of the script, filming style, or location being inappropriate.

    If you make your video resume yourself and have little filming experience, your video might come across as unprofessional.

    Keep in mind that, as with anything on the internet, once your video file is out there, you cannot control how it’s shared.

    On The Other Hand What Do You Think Are The Main Pros Of Video Resumes

    I think there are a lot of pros. Ive looked at lots of them lately, and its clear that you can really get your personality across in a way that you cant with a resume. A resume is very much an objective document. Sure, the professional summary enables you to communicate a bit of your personality, but its not the same as somebody seeing you talking. And youve got all those inputs like your accent and your speaking style. Your personality shows a little bit more. And as more companies are becoming personality or culture-driven, thats a huge advantage.

    You also get to communicate your message about a particular job much more quickly. If youre applying for a specific position, you can really explain your passion and your key accomplishments and the reasons why youre a good match. You can also keep a recruiters attention longer. With a traditional resume, its six seconds. But if you have an engaging video, you can potentially have their attention for the whole video. Which is a lot longer to communicate who you are and build something of a rapport.

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    Brownie Points For Creativity

    Are you applying to roles that require you to have a creative side? Video resumes will win you extra points for creativity hands-down. This is because you enjoy a lot of creative freedom while editing your video.

    You can add special effects, visuals, and even a storyline to your video. It will build your image as an ideal person in the recruiters eyes. No amount of written fluff can match up to that.

    What Should You Put In A Video Resume

    Make a video resume like a pro

    Think of your video resume as a mini job interview. Your clothing, demeanor, language, and subject matter should be interview-appropriate. In other words, dont send a video of yourself surfing unless youre applying for a job in the surfing world.

    In this video, Kelly uses her creative background to tell her story mostly by voiceover, photos, and creative b-roll shots. She also includes her website as a call-to-action at the end.

    To make sure you look your best on camera, wear the same kind of outfit youd choose for an interview with the employer youre interested in. Place the camera so that the lens is just above your eyeline and tilt it down a bit to get the most flattering angle. Dont position yourself directly under a bright overhead light or youll end up with distracting shadows on your face. Finally, choose a professional-looking background preferably a blank wall or backdrop in a neutral color.

    If youd rather not be on camera, animation is a great option. With animation you have the ability to bring any concept to life with ease, and its easier than you may think.

    Heres a simple template to help you showcase your skills.

    To open this video and make your own edits, sign into a paid Vyond account or free trial and then to open this video template in Vyond Studio. You will be able to download videos on a paid subscription.

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    Heres My Stance On Creative Resumes Proceed With Caution

    If you really feel you must submit a super creative, out-of-the-box resume, here are a few parameters:

    • Make sure its brand appropriate Submitting your creative hack to google or a portfolio of your work to a fashion house probably is brand-appropriate. However, look beyond that. Is what you created a brand-fit? In the fashion/retail world, its important that not only do you have the technical skills to create something, but also that it feels in line with what youd be asked to create on the job.
    • Make sure it is really, really good Doing this is a risky move, so if you are going to take the risk, my advice is to give it 110%. Anything less, is likely going to work against you, not for you . Dont get sloppy here.
    • Also apply the traditional way Being creative is good, but following directions is also pretty important to lots of employers. Make sure in addition to your creative application, you apply in the way the company is asking you to.

    So bottom line I think under most circumstances these tactics will get you some attention but not always the kind you want. When it comes to put extra effort into applications, Id recommend putting it into skill-building and networking. For most jobs, no matter how cool your application is, you still need the skills to do the job, and a good endorsement weighs the most out of anything .

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    But If I Understand It Correctly On Tiktok Job Seekers Will Only Apply With A Video Is It A Good Idea To Post Such Things Publicly On A Social Media Platform

    Yes, theyre trying to drive traffic there. And TikTok resumes are possibly a good idea, but with conditions. If youre doing that, dont put your last name and other identifying information there. A traditional resume protects you to some extent because youre sending it to a company privately. But if youre putting it online publicly, theres a huge potential for identity theft or stalking and so on.

    But I think its an interesting experiment. From what I understand, companies have to sign up, and when you upload your resume to TikTok, it will be considered for specific advertised roles by those companies, rather than generally. So its not going to be a video resume database just yet. But the fact that they are public resumes is a big question mark for me. Itd be better if they were private, just like you can set your only for recruiters or LinkedIn members.

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    Can Be Difficult To Analyze

    All companies follow different application and recruitment processes. When applicants are more in number, some even use ATS software to shortlist resumes. Thats where video resumes create a problem.

    This resume format is not scannable in ATS systems. So, HR managers will have to spend extra time and effort to analyze your resume. It can result in frustration and even backfire in some cases.

    When It Comes To Tiktok Video Resumes Privacy Is A Big Weak Point What Other Cons Come With Video Resumes In General

    Resume Templates Ideas (6)

    There are some disadvantages, but there are also some things you can do to minimize the cons. For example, if were talking about TikTok, dont put your identifying information there.

    With video resumes, theres also the potential for discrimination based on how you look. You dont have this with a traditional resume where you dont have to include your picture, date of birth, and so on. But with a video, youve got a person right there. And theres a much greater opportunity to discriminate against somebody, subconsciously or otherwise. You can see and hear things like gender, personality, skin colour, accent, speech impediments, and so on. In that respect, video resumes can be a bit of a discrimination minefield.

    As far as I know, there are no laws regulating video resume content at the moment. So I feel like with a traditional resume, youre a little bit more protected from discrimination. Because if youre well qualified on paper and then get rejected before or after an interview, usually you feel the outcome is fair, even if you dont like it. With video resumes, you may potentially see more cases of applicants suing for perceived discrimination if they dont get interviews or a job.

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    It Might Also Be More Time

    When youre sending video resumes directly to companies, its not a big deal if you plan this in advance and script and shoot it in a way that you can go back in and minimally edit a few parts. For example, you could do a voiceover at the beginning to say the company name and job title. Or have these written on the screen, so you dont need to re-film yourself each time. However, with TikTok it will be interesting to see whether you can upload your resume once, or whether you can edit and upload it for multiple jobs.

    Why Make A Video Resume

    As per Glassdoor, an average recruiter spends just about 6 seconds to scan through a resume while screening a potential candidate.

    That means, your resume needs to do all the talking and leave a lasting impression in those crucial 6 seconds to take you to the next round.

    You may be the best in the business, have rich experience, and relevant skills to demonstrate, but how do you convey that to your recruiter in just 6 seconds on paper?

    This is where a video resume can be of great help. Not convinced? Here are five key benefits of creating a video resume.

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    The Cons Of Video Making

    On the other hand, a poorly made or inappropriately-sent video resume can actually hurt your chances of being hired. Not all industries are accepting of an additional resume in video format so make sure you know your industry before sending one.

    If you are applying to more conservative industries such as pharmacy, law, or construction, HR managers will probably not be as interested in taking a look at your video as opposed to more creative or media-oriented industries such as advertising, public relations, and journalism.

    Do your research beforehand to find out if a video resume, in addition to your paper resume, is appropriate for you.

    Consider the risks when submitting a video resume, because it is possible for discrimination to occur at anytime throughout the hiring process, from when the hiring manager is skimming through your paper resume to the actual face-to-face interview.

    With a professional image and demeanor, using video is a great opportunity to leave a deep, positive impression on your potential employer that otherwise cannot be portrayed through a paper resume.

    This Is What A Video Resume Should Look Like

    Creative Video Resume (CV): All you need to know to make one!

    But if you’re going to go this route, it’s important not to just throw something shaky together using the camera on your computer. If you’re going to submit a video resume, you’ve got to do it right.

    So what does “right” look like? Well, this video resume created by Todd Cavanaugh is a great place to start. Vying for a position at Dropbox, Cavanaugh created this faux campaign and video resume to try and catch the company’s attention.

    Paired with an impressive digital resume, it’s sure to make plenty of employers think about how they can get him on their team ASAP.

    And while Cavanaugh is in the lucky position of having prior experience producing videos like this, there’s plenty that anyone looking to make a video resume can learn from watching. We talked to Cavanaugh about his tips for making a video resume that stands outthat anyone can keep in mind:

    2. Keep it Short: The video resume will never be a replacement for a paper resume, but it has the capabilities to show some intangibles your paper resume cantlike confidence, professionalism, and presentation skills. I dont think any hiring managers are going to watch a five minute overview of your career. So your job is to highlight only your very best accomplishments related to the job while showcasing these qualities. Id shoot for 60 seconds and definitely avoid going over 90.

    Home page photo of video projector courtesy of Shutterstock.

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    Video Resumes: The Good The Bad And The Ridiculous

    Job hunters are turning to video resumes to stand out from the crowd. We have some tips on how to use a video resume to land a job, and avoid becoming an office joke.

    Nick Belling was tired of his resumes getting chucked into the abyss. The Australian software developer was trying to land a job in Sydney, but wasn’t making much headway. He’d been working in his hometown at the Illabo Public School as a school learning support officer, where he’d designed multiple software solutions, like an application called NetSpell for taking, grading, and tracking spelling tests, as well as an event management program called Carnivale. Though, there was a problem: “I knew I had the skills and the talent to do each of the jobs I applied for, but every employer basically took one look at my resume, saw that I had no industry experience, and instantly threw it out,” he said.

    There had to be a better way to communicate what he could offer to a company. Using his video skills, Belling made a video resume. According to Glassdoor’s Scott Dobroski, making a video resume might be a good option to aid your job hunt — but, there are a few things to consider before deciding to create one.

    “If you’re doing one just to do it, that’s a ‘don’t,'” he said. Here are a few more tips to help you decide if you should do one and how to do it well.


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