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Data Analyst Resume Template

How To Write A Data Analyst Resume Summary Or Resume Objective

Data Analyst Resume Examples | Data Analyst Resume Sample

When doing your research on resume writing, dont expect to find a fixed data analyst resume template.

Your data analytics resume should be in line with your level of experience and expertise.

Different formats are acceptable for entry-level applicants and potential employees with extensive working experience in the data analytics field.

The two types of data analyst resume profiles:

  • Career objective for data analystsa viable option for entry-level individuals and career changers.
  • Data analyst professional summaryperfect for professionals with long years of experience in the field.

But, how do you get a data analyst job if you have no experience?

This is where a data analysts resume objective steps in.

The key points in this type of data analyst resume profile include your education, personal qualities, and future professional goals.

On the other hand, the resume summary needs to feature the data analyst candidates previous work experiences. The more experience you have, the better.

Also, you get extra points if you provide a recommendation letter from your prior jobs.

When it comes to writing a great data analyst resume summary, here are some positive and negative examples of how you should set your tone:


Hardworking and diligent Data Analyst dedicated to helping businesses succeed. Possessing an MBA and experience in owning a small business. Obtained strong technical skills during significant engineer training.


Key Takeaways For A Data Analyst Resume

  • Data analysts are in demand but competition for the best data analyst roles is high.
  • There is a need to demonstrate how you transform analysis into profitable action.
  • Focus on your communication and influencing skills translating the stats to others.
  • Your employment history should include full details of your technical capabilities.
  • Highlight your impact on your company how do you individually make a difference?
  • Make sure that you share the full details of your education and job-related qualifications.
  • Use resume.ios field-tested resume templatesto ensure that youre working with a viable design and format. Well provide a winning look and feel all you have to do is supply the data.

    Data Analyst Resume Format

    Here are some quick tips for formatting your data analytics resume:

    • Keep it to one page.
    • Break up bullet points into small, consumable pieces of information.
    • Don’t refer to yourself with “I” or “we,” as it takes up room and looks unprofessional.
    • Double, triple, and quadruple check your grammar and spelling. One error can send your resume into the “no” pile!
    • Each bullet point on your resume should be a self-contained, complete thought.

    When a hiring manager reviews 50+ resumes for a given role, they quickly look for reasons to say “no.” By using these formatting tips, you make it easier for the hiring manager to see your worth and ask you for an interview, getting you one step closer to a job.

    Contact information

    Of all the places to make an error, your contact information is the worse place to make a spelling mistake. One of our team members recounted their early days out of college as a data analyst. When they were applying for jobs, they accidentally wrote the wrong email address on their resume for seven different positions.

    Even if they were perfectly qualified for the role, there was no way to contact them because of a minor mistake. So believe us when we say you need to triple-check this section for any spelling, grammar, or link errors.

    As part of your contact information, you should include your name and the role you’re applying for .

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    Data Analyst Ii Resume

    Summary : A thorough and highly motivated Data Analyst with over 8 years in the role seeking a Senior Analyst position. I possess an expert level knowledge of Microsoft Excel with experience in SQL, SAS EG, VBA and Microsoft Access. A determined individual with an exceptional drive to advance my career within Database Analysis.

    Skills : Postgres SQL, SQL, C#, Perl, ASP.NET, VB 6, HTML, XML, Database Application Software: Netezza, DB2, SQL Server MS Access, Sybase, DB Utilities: SQL Query Analyzer, SQL Enterprise Manager, Management Studio, SQL Server 2005 Query Editor, Solution Explorer, And Reporting Server.

    What Makes Data Analyst Resume Experience Effective:

    Data Analyst Resume Example
    • As a Data Analyst, you must be concise and clear – so make your bullets specific and to the point.
    • Use numbers to demonstrate your impact – be specific and show your achievements.
    • Use keywords and data science terminology to show youre proficient in the field.
    • Dont opt for the easiest vocabulary – use active verbs, strong and uncommon words.
    • Frame any experience in lessons learned and skills gained that will help you for this job.
    Pro Tip

    To leave an impression and stand out, make sure you use active verbs. For example, rather than saying led the development of the internal data structure in the company, change that verb to spearheaded or oversaw. This will make your resume experience section much better.

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    Mobile Survey Qa/data Analyst

    Performed nine survey QA per month including surveys from eight countries with proper documentation and implementation of updates, testing survey logic, and proofing.

    • Analyzed survey data on MobiLens, UI dashboard, to ensure the survey programming were correctly implemented and anomalies within the data were investigated and resolved in a timely manner.
    • Researched the Japanese mobile media market to update Japanese mobile surveys ensuring the related surveys were up-to-date to reflect the rapidly changing mobile market
    • Translated survey questions, answers for open-ended questions, and comments in Japanese version online surveys and qualitatively analyzed the data to improve overall survey quality.
    • Collaborated effectively with international teams to develop new survey concepts and designs.
    • Conducted statistical analyses to leverage the results to drive brand decision making and survey development.

    How To Write A Data Analyst Intern Resume

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    In this video, Sinéad explains what a functional resume is, when to use one and six steps to crafting a functional resume.

    A data analyst gathers and interprets several sets of data on behalf of the organization they work at, helping the company achieve its goals. If you’re currently a student pursuing a similar major, consider applying for an internship related to data analysis. Understanding how to write a resume for your data analyst internship application may help you find success in earning an internship that’s right for you. In this article, we discuss what a data analyst internship is, explain how to write a data analyst intern resume and provide a template and an example you can use as a reference.

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    Example Data Analyst Job Description

    ADVert Co., listed as a 2019 Best Work Place by Some Magazine, is an ad agency that focuses on affiliate programs. Our suite of proprietary software programs, nearly 17,000 affiliate partners and oodles of data helps customers break into the e-commerce landscape and experience increased profitability. Put your analytical mind to work finding the best ways to generate online buzz, identify new markets, track trends and generally improve the e-commerce landscape for our customers. Plus, do it all in a relaxed, casual working environment that might mean days spent in the office with marketers and developers or client meetings on the beach.


    • Examine and report on a campaigns ROI
    • Research and identify new markets and the potential opportunity, performing extensive market research
    • Investigate brand value, reputation and market penetration
    • Develop focus groups and other customer feedback mechanisms to measure customer engagement and satisfaction
    • Analyze marketing metrics, competitors and distribution channels and create databases to capture market data
    • Assess clients needs and meet with all stakeholders to determine goals and the best path to achieve increased profitability
    • Generate reports on all client-based activities to demonstrate ROI

    According to the job description, the best candidate will have the following experience and skills:

    • Analytical
    • ROI

    Why The Data Analyst Resume Summary Or Resume Objective Is So Important

    Data Analyst Resume Review Session | Review 27 Real Resumes For Data Analyst Position

    The resume summary or objective can serve as a trailer to your resume – it has to get the attention of the reader and keep it.

    To write an effective resume summary or objective, you need to think about your impact. What have you helped the company accomplish?

    Back that information up with hard data – after all, this is something you need to do on a daily basis as a data analyst.


    You can tell this one almost gets it right, but vague wording makes this sound meaningless. What makes you motivated? What certifications to you have? Of course youre eager to grow and learn, what data analyst isnt?


    A lot gets said in just 55 words. You know their level, get a snapshot of their experience, their certifications, what they want in their next role, and even their motivations. But what if youre an entry level data analyst?


    This resume summary strikes the perfect balance between sounding qualified and professional along with conveying a deep passion for the field.

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    Work Experience In The Resumes For Data Analyst

    As mentioned early, its very important to write this section of your data analyst resume in reverse chronological order. It gives the hiring manager easy access to your latest experience which is what they are looking for.

    Write to the point. Use concise bullet points to showcase detailed experience in each of your previous positions.

    Use numbers as much as possible. Quantifying your experience can lift your resume to the top 5% of the applicants. Numbers are a way to convince the hiring managers that you are a data-driven candidate.

    Here is an example

      • Optimization of the main landing page using SQL resulted in a 15% increase in sales

    Used regression analysis to optimize the Google Adwords copy resulted in an increase of 15% in click-through rate

    These are things hiring managers would come back to check if they get to decide between a few candidates even in the final rounds of interviews.

    Be specific about the project, your contribution to it, and the outcomes. Do not go into details as these are the areas the interviewer would examine from you in the first interview. Let them be curious about the project.

    Also, use numbers as that will save you space and communicate your idea effectively.

      • We carried out this project to analyze personal data of customers and the customer journey on our main sales funnel

    With the data findings, we could optimize the e-commerce platform to achieve drastic improvements

    Project objective:Process:Results:

    Other Data Analyst Resume Examples We Love

    Data analysts can build good careers in different streams: research, finance, fintech, sales and marketing, and more. Here are three examples of specialized data analyst resumes in different streams.

    Example 1

    • The education section neatly highlights all relevant degrees and coursework.
    • The projects section is relevant to the job description, making it stand out for recruiters.

    What could be better:

    The work experience can be explained better, with a focus on impact and specific details about tasks/projects.

    Example 3

    What we like:

    • As a business analyst, the candidate has both technical and business skills. The resume does a good job of bringing out both.
    • Skills and Tools are separated into distinct sections so that both get equal focus.
    • Neat layout with links to relevant work to skim

    What could be better:

    The summary can be more specific, focusing on the candidates interests and career objectives.

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    Agile Business Analyst Resume Sample

    Use this template

    Why this resume works

    Agile business analysts look at how a company operates conducting research and analyzing data. By analyzing and understanding the data, Agile workflow implementations can then be made to improve company KPIs further down to individual team members.

    • Build credibility by starting with a firm foundation via a bachelors degree in business and then completing that foundation with a lengthy internship.
    • Once one to two years of experience has been gained, including multiple KPIs, it will demonstrate a history of driving value.

    Its inevitable and essential to continue building your proficiencies when developing your career. Yet, including too many, too few, or unrelated skills can easily confuse the reader by appearing to be a dabbler of many, but master of none.

    • Continue tailoring your Agile business analyst resume with a singular target role in mind. For example, suppose you sell the target company specifically what you know theyre buying. In that case, its an easy win, even if your overall years of experience are below the ideal candidate minimum.

    Gather The Rest Of Your Information

    Data Analyst Resume

    Any accomplishments that have numerical value are great to put on a resume. It’s also helpful to have a list of people the potential employer can contact to confirm your experience. This is also a good time to review your schedule and your contact information so you can provide the employer with an ideal time to contact you.

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    Include A Data Analyst Cover Letter

    Many job seekers today overlook the importance of a cover letter. The significant impact it can leave on your recruiters will play its part in the decisive moment for whether youâre going to get hired or not.

    To put it simply, cover letters can be your gateway to improving your overall job application and a higher chance of getting the job.

    Unless your resume is absolutely perfect with no flaws, why settle for less? A cover letter can greatly increase your odds of getting hired for the company you want to work for, even if itâs a competitive job posting.

    Next Create A Business & Data Analyst Skills Section On Your Resume

    Your resume’s skills section should include the most important keywords from the job description, as long as you actually have those skills. If you haven’t started your job search yet, you can look over resumes to get an idea of what skills are the most important.

    Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing your resume’s skills section:

    • Include 6-12 skills, in bullet point form
    • List mostly hard skills soft skills are hard to test
    • Emphasize the skills that are most important for the job

    Soft skills are also valuable, as they’re highly transferable and make you a great person to work alongside, but they’re impossible to prove on a resume.

    Example Of Business & Data Analyst Skills For Resume

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    How To Showcase Your Business Analyst Skills

    Compared to other tech roles, the scope of hard skills that business analysts need to have are relatively consistent across companies.

    While the kind of analysis that a business analyst does from role to role varies drastically, the underlying tenets of the role remain the same. A business data analyst takes in data and leverages their insights to improve business processes or operations.

    Whether that happens through forecasting, pricing, reporting, or statistical analysis, the toolbox that a successful BA needs to have is well defined.

    First, you need to be able to prep data for analysis. More often than not, companies store their data in relational databases. So this means you need to know SQL to pull and clean that data.

    If the quantity of data that a company has is significantly smaller, you might get all the data you need to analyze right in Excel workbooks.

    After the data is prepped you need to do your analysis. That can come in the form of interactive models or you might need to do a more sophisticated analysis in Python or R.

    Finally, you need a way to present your findings. Again, sometimes this can just be visualizations in Excel , sometimes it can be through data visualization in a BI tool like Tableau or Looker, and sometimes it might be through a presentation in PowerPoint.

    Skills to include on your business analyst resume
    • SQL
    • Excel, Google Sheets
    • Salesforce, Netsuite, Hubspot, Pipedrive
    • A/B testing, linear regression, logistic regression

    Choosing The Perfect Data Analyst Resume Layout Is Easy

    How To Make a Resume For Entry-Level Data Analysts | Resume Example

    Resume templates differ wildly, so you will need to think carefully about the best format to present what you have to offer. Recruiters spend too little time on each resume, so your resume template will serve two main purposes:

    • Grab the attention of the recruiter, helping you stand out in a pile of other applicants
    • Guide them through your professional experience and skills, proving you are a viable candidate they should invite to an interview.
    • Basic layout – If youre an entry level data analyst or fresher, youre not likely to have enough experience in the field to really fill up a resume. This single column design works well when you have less content but want it to look great aesthetically anyways.
    • Professional layout – This is a classic layout, ideal for someone whos already got a few years of data analysis experience and is perhaps looking to move up in their career.
    • Simple layout – If youre a senior data analyst and have plenty of relevant experience to show off, this more compact layout is ideal. It manages to fit in tons of information without looking clutters. The result is a data analyst resume thats not showing off, but has plenty to show.
    • Creative layout – If you want a lighter and more modern feel, this layout is perfect. It shows youre ready for the 21st century economy while avoiding anything too flashy or out there. This would work well if youre looking for a higher level position which mixes regular data analysis with management.

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    What Skills Should Your Data Analyst Resume Include

    A data analyst needs to have both hard mathematical and statistical skills, as well as soft skills that come into play when you present your findings or present business issues to different business stakeholders.

    Of course, youre going nowhere if you dont have the technical skills. After all, as a data analyst youll be handling large amounts of information on a daily basis.


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