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Engineering Management Resume Examples

Detail Your Skills And Abilities

The Resume That Got Me Into Google (software engineer resume tips)

Though your work experience section allows you to show the responsibilities you manage, your skills section is an opportunity to showcase your unique or relevant abilities. This can include hard skills, like familiarity with equipment or understanding of a coding language. You can also include soft skills like communication, collaboration and leadership.

Industrial Engineering Project Managerresume Examples & Samples

  • Ability to operate independently, manage people and processes, ensure successful delivery from project inception to implementation for material handling, business improvement initiatives and technology projects. Specific projects could include
  • Implement warehouse operational processes, material handling systems and the technology to support new business partnerships and/or acquisitions
  • Optimize existing warehouse operational processes in existing locations
  • Implement upgraded or new Warehouse Management Systems in existing or new facilities
  • Integrate material handling systems with Warehouse Management Systems and sorter control systems in existing or new facilities
  • Implement material handling systems
  • Defining supply chain/warehousing capabilities in North America and physical network modeling
  • Partner with engineering consultants on business process optimization, material handling projects and IT project manager on technology initiatives
  • Represent business customers and their interests for all projects
  • Coordinate with Supply Chain peer groups, inclusive of Corporate Logistics and Training, Store Operations, DC/FC Operations, regional Facilities and Industrial Engineers. Some projects will require management others will require consulting or coordination services
  • Project management includes

Add An Education Section To Your Engineering Manager Resume

You can either choose to add your entire course details or just add your GPA, it depends on you!

However, the general rule of thumb is that if you have over three years of work experience, you can simply add your GPA because that will sum up your expertise and knowledge.

When it comes to education, engineering manager qualifications usually require a bachelor’s degree in the engineering field of your choice, including:

  • Mechanical engineering

If you do not, follow the tips given below:

  • Add the name of the degree and under it, the name & location of the university
  • Use the date format unless specified otherwise
  • Add course modules that are relevant to your career
  • Attach the names of any clubs you have been involved in

Since it is a niche field, ensure that you articulate your engineering manager qualifications properly.

If you are hesitant to take the risk on your own, you can opt for our Online Resume Builder and tons of engineering resume samples that align with your requirements, and you can customize it to your satisfaction!

Here is a sample for a proper education section in an engineering manager resume:

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Top Engineering Manager Sections That Make The Best Resume


Some companies, states, and countries have policies about identifying information like photos on your Engineering Manager resume. Be sure to check all the relevant rules before submitting yours. If youre in doubt, you can always try contacting the companys HR department to ask for their policy.

Highlight Your Engineering Skills

Senior Engineering Manager Resume

Engineering requires many technical skills. Employers want to see which software and systems you have experience working with so they dont have to pick through your resume to find out which competencies you possess.

Also, dont underestimate the value of soft skills in engineering. For example, communication skills are important because critical failures may occur if communication breaks down.

Here are some examples of good hard and soft skills to highlight:

Technical skills for engineers

Remember to write a cover letter that explains more about the skills on your resume.

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Manager Configuration Management Engineeringresume Examples & Samples

  • Developing scalable, sustainable and highly effective systems, processes, standards and tools for centralized configuration management and product release
  • Job responsibilities include managing remote teams, budget forecasting, HelpDesk oversight, acquisition integration
  • Qualified candidate should possess experience migrating between multiple source control technologies such as GIT, TFS, Jira, Perforce, Subversion and ClearCase
  • Scripting/coding experience is desired: C#, Java script, VB .Net, Com Java
  • Experience with Microsoft technologies MTM ,TFS, SharePoint, Dynamics is a plus
  • Familiarity with agile development methodologies
  • Excellent communication skills and customer service skills
  • BA/BS required, Graduate degree in a related discipline is preferred
  • Has a minimum of 5 years relevant technical experience
  • Must demonstrate 1 or more years experience successfully coaching, advising and training less experienced departmental staff
  • Must demonstrate 2 or more years continuous experience with departmental systems, tools, or processes

Sc Engineering Project Managerresume Examples & Samples

  • Capacity Projects – Execute engineering solutions to bring additional capacity to Frito-Lay’s portfolio of products. This could include the modification of existing manufacturing lines, the expansion of warehouse and traffic facilities, and the installation of new manufacturing lines
  • Productivity Projects – Execute projects that create efficiency and drive operating savings. This could include automation, waste reduction, and environmental sustainability projects
  • New Products – Partner with R& D and Marketing Teams to deliver innovative new products into the market
  • Facility Projects – Execute projects that maintain and modernize Frito-Lay’s facilities. This could include HVAC upgrades, electrical switch gear replacements, roof upgrades, compressed air upgrades, and high pressure boiler system upgrades
  • B.S. in Electrical, Mechanical or Chemical Engineering
  • 4 to 6 years design and capital project management experience in the process, packaging, or manufacturing industries
  • Manufacturing experience preferred
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, aggressive, results-oriented culture
  • Communication skills to work with all levels of the organization from manufacturing employees to corporate executives
  • Strong technical competencies in at least one engineering discipline with solid understanding in several preferred
  • Must be willing and able to travel 20 – 40% of the time

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Feature Your Leadership Capabilities

As an engineering manager, youll want to showcase your leadership capabilities and people management skills to grab the attention of prospective employers. In this role, youll manage engineering teams and collaborate with cross-functional groups to execute complex technical projects. In the example below, the job seeker places a specific emphasis on their ability to build a high-performance work culture and drive the professional development of team members:

  • Build, manage, and develop an engineering organization with 30+ personnel, establish a high-performance work culture centered on collaboration and accountability
  • Provide coaching and mentorship to drive the professional development of team members and reduce annual turnover rate by 35% within one year
  • Analyze cost of daily business processes and manufacturing operations for the delivery of medical devices, evaluate engineering capabilities, and coordinate with cross-functional teams to drive continuous improvement initiatives and reduce production costs

Learn Manager Of Computer Operations And Development

Resumes that got me great software engineering jobs

Worked as a system administrator for the two main offices and three satellite offices , maintaining network equipment, servers, and client deployments. Played an active role in two building projects for magnet schools, building and supporting the network infrastructure which included video distribution, wireless networks, and desktop/laptop deployment of 500+ clients. Built internal web-based tools for tracking issues and time-tracking for consulting work done in school districts.

I assumed a manager role in August. I have the privilege of empowering a growing number of engineers in a new office through many technical and cultural changes. I also helped lead the team to ship APIs and products critical in the first year of acquisition.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Heroku, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, RabbitMQ, Redis, Sentry, Papertrail, Codeship, Bitrise, Swift, React Native, Phoenix/Elixir

  • Designed and shipped an alpha and private beta of a new mobile product in the first year of acquisition
  • Lead 3 teams to adopt Scrum with great success
  • Counseled a lead engineer through rallying a team to tackle some significant scaling issues
  • Played a pivotal role in doubling the total team size in the first year of acquistion

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Heroku, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, RabbitMQ, Redis, NewRelic, Sentry, Papertrail, Codeship

Technologies: C#, Unity 2.0, Fluent NHibernate, SQL Server 2008, ASP.NET MVC4, Backbone.js

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Resume Education Section Checklist:

  • Ensure your hard skills section are exactly matching the job description.
  • Dont simply list your soft skills. Apply the show, dont tell principle – let your job achievements speak for themselves.
  • Find a way to showcase your skills beyond the skills section.
  • Your resumes skill section is important to ATS systems – so dont skip it.

How Do You Draft An Ats

Applicant Tracking System or ATS is a significant leap from traditional recruiting. By using this software, companies can sift through thousands of resumes within a fraction of the time.

However, this software scans the load of resumes based on the keywords from the job description listed by the company.

So, make sure that your resume has all the keywords listed by the employer, subtly. You can check our blog on ATS-Compliance to have a deeper understanding.

Or, you can leave it to us at our Online Resume Builder to get engineering manager resume examples that might just be what you’re looking for!

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Devops Engineer Resume Resume

Why this resume works

  • As you gain more experience in your DevOps career, your education section should take up less and less space. You should strive to keep your DevOps engineer resume to one page, so real estate is valuable. Make your work experience the focus of your resume.
  • Your DevOps engineer resume should have numbers and metrics as the focus. These quickly make the case for your qualifications and that you deserve an interview.
  • Use action verbs like “built,” “created,” and “owned” to demonstrate your leadership experience and prove you’ve had a meaningful impact in your past roles.
  • See four more DevOps engineer resume examples for 2022.

How To Format Your Engineering Resume

Sample Resume for a Midlevel Engineering Project Manager

How you format your engineering resume can determine whether you get an interview. Formatting is important because of how employers skim over resumes. Your resume needs to be in a logical format that can be quickly reviewed, and it needs to include all necessary information. Chances are, if you leave important details out of your resume, you won’t have the opportunity to prove yourself.

Letâs briefly explore our three best tips for resume formatting for engineers in 2022:

  • Reverse-Chronological Format, Functional Format, and Combination/Hybrid Format
  • Contact Info and Header

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Formatting Your Engineering Resume’s Header And Contact Information

You’ll want your header to stand out in a professional way. Many of the resume examples we have show your name in large letters at the top of your resume. We recommend the following:

  • Use a font size of at least 16 points.
  • Use a Serif font like Times New Roman, Helvetica, or Bookman Old Style.
  • Avoid cursive or curly fonts.
  • Write your name in bold colors like black or dark blue.
  • Avoid overly bright colors like purple or orange.

Also, include the title of the position youâre applying for directly under your name. Are you applying to be a DevOps Engineer? A Network Engineer? A Data Engineer? Your future employer should know the position youâre applying for right away.

Additionally, you’ll want your contact information close to your name. Some resume writers put this information directly under their names, but you can also place this at the top of the sidebar. Include the following information:

  • Your phone number
  • Links to professional networking sites like LinkedIn or GitHub

When it’s all said and done, your engineering resume header may look something like this:

Engineering Management Resume Tips

To further your career goals, you need to create a resume that makes you stand out among other qualified candidates. This entails coming up with the right words to make your information interesting and significant.

An effective resume tells employers why hiring you would benefit them. Here are some ways our engineering management resume templates accomplish this task:

1. Personalize Your Engineering Resume: You need to convince employers your qualifications make you a uniquely good fit for their company. Use your own research and the job listing to learn what matters most to a specific employer, and tailor your resume accordingly.2. Write a Powerful Summary Statement: Your introduction should make hiring managers want to continue reading your submission. Pack this short section with impactful, attention-grabbing content.3. Use Specific Examples and Experiences: Details help employers understand what you bring to the table. Facts such as the size of your team and specific accomplishments are more likely to impress employers than general descriptions of yourself as a team leader.

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The Guide To Resume Tailoring

Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the engineering manager job. Its actually very simple. Tailor your resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add your accomplishments. This way, you can position yourself in the best way to get hired.

Project Engineering Manager Resume

5 Common Engineering Resume Mistakes | How To Write An Engineering Resume

Summary : Served as a Lead Civil Engineer, a Project Engineer, a Senior Project Engineer, a Project Engineering Manager, and a Project Manager. Special talents include team motivation and client relations, satisfaction.

Skills : Microsoft Office Suite, MS Word.

Description :

  • Responsible for the project implementation of a 330 mtpd Air Separation Plant in Tangga Batu, Melaka Plant sizing and basic .
  • Lead multi-location, multi-discipline engineering team for an EPC natural gas conditioning and condensate stabilization facility project.
  • Developed engineering and procurement schedule for the execute phase.
  • Developed tracking tool to monitor and report engineering contractors’ progress.
  • Directed the cost, scheduled and performance of all project and specialty engineering and drafting activities.
  • Included the development of plot plans, engineering flow diagrams, specifications and requisitions for equipment, material and subcontracts.
  • Developed and maintained programs for the operation and repair of all production and support equipment to ensure KDP quality standards are met.

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How To Write An Engineering Manager Resume

ResumeHey there! Engineering Management Interview Course

Are you thinking of becoming an engineering manager? The role is exciting – you’ll deliver complex projects… and lead a team. Understandably, you’ll need a manager’s resume. Don’t worry, though! That’s why we wrote this article to help candidates work through their process of writing an engineering manager’s resume to impress all the hiring managers who see it.

Work Experience For An Engineer

Your most relevant experience should be listed first. We recommend listing two to four jobs that best show your qualifications for the position to which you’re applying. You don’t need to list more than four jobs, nor do you need to list every job you’ve ever worked. The employers who review have limited time, and they want to quickly see what you have to offer.

Writing your engineer bullet points

It’s easy to sink or swim when it comes to bullet points.

Check your engineering resume for the following:

  • Use action verbs and active language. This includes writing in the present tense and using verbs that show action. “Being” verbs are not your friend here. “Action” verbs show strength and a strong skill set.
  • Avoid using personal pronouns. Saying “I” is superfluous since the recruiter already knows youâre talking about yourself. Instead, allow the action verb to drive your actions forward.
  • Punctuation is optional. Either include punctuation everywhere or completely omit it.
  • Not every bullet point is created equally. Here are some poor bullet points:

    • Designed the EmptyNest app
    • Fixed bugs and looked at reviews for future app updates

    Here are the same bullet points, written strongly:

    • Designed an app called “EmptyNest” to help parents transition to children moving out of home
    • Analyzed user feedback to implement monthly changes to the app, which increased users by 82% over a six-month period

    Quantify your impact as an engineer

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    Construction Engineering Managerresume Examples & Samples

    • Provides technical, administrative, and operational management of assigned project or tasks, including contract and subcontractor management
    • Supervises assigned staff, including subordinate supervisors
    • Participates in the development of technical project plans, proposals, reports, and task order and administrative reporting
    • May also perform high level technical services on assigned tasks
    • Conducts planning and provides recommendations to client on task workload
    • Attends customer meetings and may serve as primary client liaison
    • Interacts with vendors, other agencies, and other client staff on behalf of the client
    • Coordinates development of deliverables and products
    • Ensures quality assurance of project deliverables
    • 8-10 years of related experience, including supervisory experience
    • At least 10 years of related construction and engineering experience is required
    • Familiarity with diversified Retail systems support experience preferred
    • Organizational

    Choose The Best Resume Format For You

    Resume Sample Of Engineering Manager

    The first step for writing an effective resume is determining which format can best organize and present your professional information. There are many resume formats to choose from that can help you emphasize various areas of your experience, skills or education, and choosing the best one for you can direct the hiring manager to the most important or impressive information. These are three common resume formats you may choose:

    • Functional: This resume format functions by showcasing your relevant skills and abilities just after your resume objective. A function format may be best for those with robust qualifications but a short or inconsistent work history section.

    • Chronological: The chronological resume format may be best for you if you have a lengthy and stable work experience section. This resume format lists your experience in reverse chronological order, allowing you to highlight how your experience and previous responsibilities make you the best candidate for the job.

    • Combination: A resume that uses the combination structure can focus on both work experience and skills, but leaves little room for additional information like volunteerism, education details or a resume summary. It’s a great option if you are making a career change or a disparate work experience section.

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