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Do You Need To Put Your Address On Your Resume

Why You Shouldnt Include Your Address

Do Not Put Your Home Address On Your Resume! says Rick Gillis
  • You may be discriminated based on commute time: On the other end of the spectrum, you may be discriminated purely on your commute time just because of your address. This can hinder your chances of even getting through to the interview stage, which is quite unfair. By not including your full address, you can avoid this altogether and show the hiring manager in your interview that you are 100% happy with commuting and have been doing it for years.
  • You could become victim to identity theft: By including your full address on your CV, you could leave yourself open to identity theft. Your CV is usually handled over email, uploaded onto job boards and is limited to any security data therefore, leaving your information open to hackers and criminals crawling the internet.
  • It could be viewed as old-fashioned: Similar to personal photos, in this era of technology, some hiring managers may view the inclusion of your full address as old-fashioned. A general location is more common on CVs these days .
  • You could be subject to economic profiling: If your full address is included on your CV, companies can Google your exact location, analyse the wealth of your area and base a salary according to your living expenses. If youre located in a cheaper area, hiring managers may assume that your expenses will not be as high and, therefore, offer you a much lower salary than what youre probably worth.

Ramifications Of Wrong Addresses

Some employers have had experiences with applicants who intentionally state that a company has gone out of business or is no longer in operation to cover up that they were fired or terminated. If you mistakenly list the wrong address location for a past employer on the resume, the hiring manager might become suspicious about your work experience. For example, you may list the company’s former location as a small town or neighborhood that is familiar to you, but the official postal address is a larger city. This might confuse a hiring manager not familiar with the area. In addition, errors or flat-out lies on resumes can come back to haunt employees even if the issues are found after being hired.


Outdated Or Irrelevant Social Media Profiles

Do not include on your resume social media accounts that host unprofessional content, do not support your current job goals, and are not regularly updated. If you’re going to include the URL to a social media account on your resume, make sure it reflects your personal brand and serves to demonstrate why you’re qualified for the job.

In addition, create at least one professional online profile on sites like LinkedIn or GitHub and include the link at the top of your resume. If you work in a creative field, consider creating an online portfolio or blog that has a mobile-responsive design so employers can access your site from any device.


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Option #: Tell The Truth And Put Your Out

This option is simple, and chances are youve already tried it. Accept that some employers wont want to interview you, but continue to list your full out-of-state address on your resume.

Theres one big drawback, which you probably already know

Some companies only consider local candidates. This will limit the number of opportunities youre able to interview for. Not every company will be open to interviewing you, even on the phone.

Still, I would try this option for a couple of weeks to start my job search. Its a good place to start because its the safest, assuming you can get some companies willing to talk to you. The only risk is spending time applying for jobs and finding out youre not getting enough responses or interviews.

If that happens, youll need to consider other options. Thats where option #3 comes in

Privacy Concerns And The City State Solution

What are some Skills to Put On Your Resume format 45 ...

Now that snail mail has no part in the application process, your street address is not necessary. Employers will need your address in the onboarding stage for tax purposes, but not before then. Thats good news for applicants with privacy or discrimination concerns.

However, we do recommend including your city and state for the reasons described above.

Heres what that looks like:

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How To Format Your Resume Contact Information

Place your contact information at the very top of your resume so recruiters can’t miss it. If you’re using Word, be sure to not place these important details in the header section of the document, as not all applicant tracking systems are able to properly read and parse information stored in this section of a Word document.

Place your name at the top of this section, using a larger font size than the other pieces of contact information so that it stands out. Depending on how much space you have to work with, you can place the rest of your contact details in one or two lines, located just below your name. Below are a few examples of how you can format the contact information on your resume.

Should You Include Your Address If Youre Relocating

You should still include your current city, state, and zip code even if youâre relocating. If you have a place secured and are absolutely certain about moving, you can include your new city, state, and zip code.

You can also include the city youâre relocating to along with the month and year.


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Desire To Change Career Paths

It is increasingly common for people to explore several different jobs and careers in their lifetime. Whether you want to go back to school, change industries or pivot what youre working on, changing careers is a great example of why you may want a new job:

Im looking for a new opportunity that doesnt exist at my current company where I can develop and expand my account management skills.

Beautiful Resume Templates To Land Your Dream Job

How to Write The BEST Resume in 2021 – NEW Template and Examples INCLUDED

Adding your address to a resume is a traditional expectation from hiring managers.

But what is the expectation for more modern resumes?

The answer ultimately depends on several factors, including:

  • The location of the job
  • Whether the job description specifically asks for an address
  • How relevant the address is to the job

A hiring manager is unlikely to communicate via physical mail, so they are also unlikely to use your address as a method for contacting you.

Instead, employers will likely use addresses as a point of reference for:

  • Where an applicant lives
  • The applicantâs proximity to the job
  • Whether or not the applicant will need to relocate

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Should Remote Applicants Include Their Locations On Their Resumes

One of the big benefits of working remotely is that you can do it from anywhere. Perhaps youre traveling the world or living in a rural area far from an office center. As long as you have the right tech, youre good to go. So is there really a need to include your location on your resume?

Maybe. Many employers want to know which timezone youre in to ensure your working hours are compatible with theirs. Including your city and state could qualify you as timezone-compatible and help you in the recruiting process.

It is worth noting that some remote workers dont like to disclose their locations because theyre concerned employers, as , will want to adjust pay to the cost-of-living in their areas.

In this case, including your location on your resume is a personal decision, but do consider that youll be asked where youre located during the interview process, anyway. Overall, it seems including your city and state on your resume can do more good than harm.

Are There Any Advantages Of Including Your Address

As weve seen above, there are many reasons why recruiters are looking for your address on your resume. There are also many reasons why you may wish to omit your address on your resume. While all of these points remain true, there are advantages for both you and the recruiter when including your address on your resume.

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What Is A Resume The Essentials You Need To Know

Resume is a word youll hear a lot during the job-hunting process. A resume, sometimes called a CV or curriculum vitae, is a document that lists your work experience, education, skills and achievements.

Youll need a resume for almost any job application. Its considered essential information to give to an employer so they can weigh up whether youre suitable for a role, and if they want to invite you to a job interview.

Should You Include Your Full Address On A Resume

Do You Put Your Address On A Resume New Trends In Resumes ...

Caitlin Proctor, CPRW

6 min read

Once upon a time, your resume needed to include a comprehensive set of information so employers could contact you by phone, email, or mail. However, the way an employer actually contacts you has changed so your resume should adapt.

As the job search is increasingly digital, you do not need to include your full address on your resume in 2021. In fact, it is usually a mistake to put your full address on your resume.

Weâll show you how to include your location on a resume the right way.

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How To Include Your Address On A Resume Without Harming Your Job Search

Clarity is key when it comes to providing your address on a resume.

When deciding what format to use when writing your address, consider the following:

  • Will location or proximity effect your candidacy?
  • Are you planning to move in the near future?
  • Are you uncomfortable sharing your exact address?

Sharing your address is ultimately another way to convey information to employers.

The different formatting options we have discussed each have their own benefits depending on the context.

If you are unsure of your employerâs expectations, opting for the âCity, Stateâ format may be best.

This provides a clear answer for where you are located without divulging too much personal information.

The âCity, Stateâ format will also enable you to pass ATS scanning!

Though a formal street address is certainly preferred by ATS, having location keywords can also do the trick.

Its Preferred By Applicant Tracking Systems

An important aspect of applying for jobs today is knowing how ATS software works, because nearly 40 percent of employers use it to screen candidates.

ATS software filters resumes by locating certain key terms, and for certain pieces of software, your address is one of those key terms. By leaving out your address on your resume, you may accidentally put yourself out of the running.

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Assemble The Perfect List Of References

If an employer requests professional references, providing them a strong, tailored references list can maximize your chances of being hired over other final candidates.

And whether you get the job or not, remember to thank your references. They took time out of their schedule to help you convince an employer that youre the right candidate for the position. The least they deserve is a nice thank-you note.

Should You Include Your Address On Your Cv

High School Resume: How To Write Your First Resume (Plus Template)
  • Content Manager and Career Expert

The job search process has changed greatly over the past decade hiring managers and recruiters expect candidates to compact as much information as possible into a two-page CV and are more critical of your skills and experience than ever before. And with job ads moving from store windows to online job boards and company websites, opportunities are now more accessible to everyone making competition for jobs much tighter.

Creating a top-notch CV is, therefore, essential. But as we focus on things like employment history and skills, were left perplexed about all the small details which leads us to the question: should you include your address on your CV or not?

Below weve covered the pros and cons of including your address on your CV, as well as formatting instructions and a few key examples.

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Format Option : Writing Only The Region

John DoeNew York City Region

Benefits of writing the region: This format is good for job applicants who live nearby a job location, but are not in the exact same county or state. For instance, our John Doe example may live in New Jersey but is willing to commute to NYC. This format is good for relaying that kind of information.

What Do You Put For An Address On A Resume When Your Former Employer No Longer Exists

You boost your resume’s credibility by listing the names of companies and their locations. The resume portrays your skills and qualifications to hiring managers, but it also provides evidence about your claims. When someone reviews your resume, the current and verifiable addresses of companies that shaped your past professional experience may help hiring managers feel confident and trusting of your potential as a new employee.

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Being Mindful Of Time Zones On A Resume

If you are applying for a job in a different timezone than your own, this can be important information to relay.

It is of the utmost importance for you to respond quickly when an employer contacts you.

If you have not relayed that you live in a different time zone, an employer may end up contacting you when you are unavailable!

Making yourself available throughout the hiring process is key.

To do so, you need to be clear about what time zone you are in.

You can also bring this up once you have reached the interview stage as well.

It is crucial to be ready and willing to talk with employers once they have decided to put you through to the next phase of hiring.

The Reason You Left The Job

How To Mention Relocation In Cover Letter

Save this information for the interview. Whether you left the job in order to advance your career, or you were terminated, explanations on paper have to be far too brief to give a future employer a favorable impression. At an interview, you are far more likely to be able to place a good spin on even an unpleasant termination.

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I Dont Like The Hours At My Job

If the hours and flexibility of your next job will play a significant role in your decision to accept an offer, this may be a good detail to share with your interviewer. However, the way you frame this response is crucial. You dont want to come across as someone who isnt willing to work hard. Instead, give an answer that positions you as a responsible and mature professional who knows how to manage your time well:

I know that I do my best work when I have a healthy balance between work and life. The commitments I make to my managers and colleagues mean a lot to me, and I plan my days around following through on those commitments efficiently. Its important to me to work for a company that values my ownership of my schedule and allows for flexibility when appropriate.

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The Reality Of Including Your Address On Your Resume

For the most part, recruiters do not need your full address on your resume. When using address information, the recruiter likely will only need to know your general area to be able to assess you as a potential candidate. While certain circumstances will call for a permanent home address, this is the exception to the rule. If you want to keep your personal information safe while providing the recruiter everything they need, include your location in your resume header just like others have using Enhancv.

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If You Have Found A Job Posting On A Third

A safer option would be to find the same posting on a secure site or the companys direct website. If you suspect a fraudulent or otherwise suspicious job posting on Indeed, please contact Indeed immediately. You can visit our Guidelines for Safe Job Search for additional information.

Another way to mitigate applying to fraudulent posts is to look at company reviews on Indeed Company Pages or do a web search on the company along with search terms like scam to see if job seekers have experienced issues in their applications.

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If you dont live in the same city as the job youre applying for, listing your current address can get your resume quickly rejected. Especially if the employer is looking for a local candidate. Instead, consider adding a line notating your intent to relocate, like this:

Relocating to Tampa, FL in Fall 2018

It is important to be honest with employers about your current physical location if they indicate wanting a local candidate, but adding your willingness and desire to relocate to the employers area can give your application a better chance.

Jobs That Require A Listed Home Address

How To Write Your Resume

Why would a recruiter want your home address? Some jobs require this because they prefer local applicants, or they want to do a background check. Below are different scenarios that’ll require a home address on resume.

  • Federal and civil service jobs require a permanent address for background checks.
  • Jobs for retail and restaurant industries may request an address because companies prefer applicants who can get to work within a few minutes due to shift changes and overtime.
  • Delivery jobs prefer local applicants who are familiar with the area.
  • Banking and other jobs that handle sensitive information may request an address so they can run a background check.
  • Sales jobs that require knowledge of community residents and hotspots to better perform the job.

Jobs that only accept local residents usually specify which location they prefer, so youll see requirements like Must live in South Dakota or Applicants must live in Boston.

In some cases, a company may send you an interview invite or job offer via snail mail. Although this rarely happens now, some companies still do this, especially for jobs where sensitive information is involved.

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