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Hair Stylist Resume Template

Experience For Seasonal Doll Hair Stylist Resume

Beauty Salon Video Template
  • Perform administrative tasks such as completing transactions on the computerized register, performing close-out procedures
  • Perform administrative tasks such as completing transactions on the computerized register, and performing close-out procedures
  • Perform hair styling services in salon, guest rooms or other venues on property when requested by management
  • Fulfillment of current California State licensing requirements
  • Communicate with guest regarding services offered and requested and the guests needs
  • Current cosmetology or barbering license
  • Clean, stock, and maintain Salon Stations, Shampoo, and Dispensary areas

Experience For Freelance Hair Stylist Resume

  • To work as part of the spa therapy team to consistently provide the highest possible standard of hair service, creating a sensory journey for guests helping them to rest, relax and regain a sense of balance and harmony in their lives
  • Experience behind the chair
  • Responsible for setting up the hair service area according to procedures and dispose of laundry in a timely basis
  • Maintain sanitation of workstation and equipment as required by state board guidelines
  • Provide the highest quality in terms of hair service and professional concept
  • Able to perform with current expertize Hairstyling, coloring, highlighting, perming, blow drying, cutting, shaping, shampooing, conditioning, roller sets, and client consultations
  • Maintains the safety of all guests and staff by providing a clean and sanitary work environment, including sanitizing, disinfecting, and sweeping

Responsibilities For Hair Stylist / Barber Resume

  • Cut hair for an immediate customer base
  • Maintain high quality service
  • Maintain safe and healthy conditions
  • Flexible, professional in appearance and demeanor, attentive to guest needs
  • Provide appropriate and consistent levels of guest service and hospitality in a professional and ethical manner with regard at all times to comfort of the guest
  • Clearly communicate procedure and product usage to guests
  • Maintain supply and treatment areas. Treatment areas are always left in a clean presentable fashion. Complete assigned side work
  • Promote and execute retail sales

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Example Of A Hair Stylist Cv

Here’s an example of a hair stylist CV for you to review:

Cassandra Wilson332-098-2343| | Tampa, FL |

Professional Summary

Motivated and personable Hair Stylist with over five years of industry experience consulting clients and providing them with the cut, color and style of their choice. Highly skilled in time management with a keen attention to detail and the ability to use a reference images to replicate specific hair styles.

Work Experience

*Hair Stylist, June 2019âCurrentHot Shot Salon, Tampa, FL*

  • Speak with clients to understand their style and desires for their hair

  • Cut and style a variety of hair lengths and textures

  • Analyze clients’ face shapes to understand the right cut for their features

  • Manage bookings and salon schedule to ensure all clients have enough time for the services they request

  • Take and maintain inventory to ensure supplies are stocked and available

Hair Stylist, January 2017âMay 2019Trim-It! Salon, Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • Sanitized and cleaned the work space after every appointment

  • Used reference images for cut and color inspiration

  • Assisted and advised clients regarding hair style choices


Attention to detail | Verbal communication | Time management | Manual dexterity


Include Relevant Action Verbs In Your Stylist Resume

Hair Stylist Resume Templates ~ Addictionary

To ensure that your work experience section grabs the attention of employers, begin each bullet point with an action verb.

Using action verbs in your resume emphasizes what youve achieved in the workplace, rather than just stating what you were responsible for.

Sentences beginning with action verbs are far more likely to impress potential employers than the same overused phrases theyve seen a thousand times.

If youre not sure what verbs to use, here are some basic action verbs for hair stylists:


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Understanding The Business Of Hair

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 1% decrease in jobs for hair stylists grouped together with barbers and cosmetologists between 2019 and 2029. At the same time, the overall outlook for hair stylists remains positive, with no shortage of job openings to replace workers who retire, change jobs or leave the occupation.

Within the industry, theres a big conversation around the shortage of expert stylists. One of the reasons for this is that hair stylists have a tendency to jump around between salons a situation known as turnover.

High turnover rates are common among many jobs in the service industry. They pose a big challenge to employers who lose money and time each time a stylist hits the road. While the industrys high turnover rate is a pain for salon owners, it can work in a stylists favor there is always a chair opening up somewhere. You just need the right resume to connect with the right salon at the right time.

According to data from IBIS World, there are almost one million hair salons in the United States, but no major player owns more than 5% of the industry. The field is defined by its entrepreneurial and semi-freelance nature consequently, there’s a high level of job mobility and changing employers.

Returning customers are a big source of income for most salons. In a 2019 Statista survey, over 20 million Americans said they get their hair colored two to three times every six months.

Hair Stylist Resume Education Example: A Key To Success

While education certainly isnt the only factor that makes a successful hair stylist, it is an essential component in proving your professionalism. It may be true that anyone can braid an updo in her friends kitchen the morning of prom day, but a hair stylist is a trained professional.

Every state requires hair stylists to be licensed. In order to take the examination, stylists must first graduate from a cosmetology or barber school and complete a certain number of hours of on-the-job training in a salon. You should plan to take about two years to complete your education and training.

Besides being knowledgeable about cuts and color, stylists should know about their salons hair care products. While these products account for only up to a quarter of sales, they are much more profitable than the services themselves. Source: Hair Care Services Industry Profile

The hair stylist exam includes a written, oral and skills component that will allow a stylist to start working unsupervised with their own clients. Since you cant get a stylist job without education and a license, these resume lines are essential for landing your next job.

Below is the education section from a hair stylist resume example.

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Hair Stylist Resume Template

Sometown, GA 55555 | 555-5555 | | Instagram

Professional Hairstylist

Licensed Cosmetologist ABCH-Certified Colorist PURE-Certified Extension Artist

Multicertified hairstylist with a passion for delivering hair artistry and service excellence exceeding client expectations. Blend creativity, vision and skill with strengths in achieving custom cut, color and design solutions meeting client needs and lifestyles. Savvy marketer, proven sales generator and builder of lasting relationships and loyal clientele. Successful working in value-priced franchises as well as luxury salons.


ABC SALON & SPA Sometown, GAHairstylist, 2014 to Present

Consult with clients on hair needs and styling/color options, recommend hair care services/products, deliver a full range of hair services and assist with salon marketing and retail merchandising. Adhere to salon standards for cleanliness and guest service while seeking ways to improve the customer experience and bottom line.

XYZ SALON Sometown, GAHairstylist, 2011 to 2014

Delivered quality hair services to men and women with an emphasis on the customers total look. Provided a premium guest experience at a value price in keeping with franchises business model.

Education & Credentials

XYZ COSMETOLOGY & ESTHETICS SCHOOL Sometown, GAGraduate, Cosmetology Program

Skills For Freelance Hair Stylist Resume

  • A professional who takes pride in producting quality finishes
  • Question patrons regarding desired services and haircut styles
  • Keep card files on clientele, recording notes of work done, products used and fees charged after each visit
  • Shape and trim beards and moustaches, using scissors
  • Curl, color, or straighten hair, using special chemical solutions and equipment
  • Apply lather and shave beards, or neck and temple hair contours, using razors
  • Conditions hair and scalp by applying treatments
  • Professional styling services

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Professional Skills In Hair Stylist Resume

When listing skills on your hair stylist resume, remember always to be honest about your level of ability. Include the Skills section after experience.

Present the most important skills in your resume, there’s a list of typical hair stylist skills:

  • Good communication skills and a friendly congenial personality
  • Effectively applies and maintains proficiency in state-of-the-art techniques concerning all related hair applications, styling techniques and procedures
  • Looking for 5 years previous salon hair experience
  • Have experience working with children to provide a warm, engaging, and MAGICAL visit for our customers
  • Show off your artistry via great clips, cuts, color, Tea Tree Experience, and waxing services
  • A current, valid state Barber/Cosmetology license recognized by the governing board of California

How To Write A Hair Stylist Resume

Knowing how to structure your hair stylist resume is the first step to begin writing. It should contain the following elements:

  • The resume summary
  • The education section
  • The resume skills section

What a successful hair stylist resume has in common with any other communication medium is that the style, tone and message should be geared to the recipient. In this instance, its the person hiring you, likely a salon manager or owner.

Investigate everything you can about the job you are applying for: the place and the people. Especially try to put a name and a face to the person you will be working for or most closely with. Write your resume as if you are answering interview questions that havent been asked yet. Who knows? It could open the door to an actual interview that finds you steps ahead of other candidates.

This guide will emphasize the importance of writing every word in your hair stylist resume with your prospective new boss in mind, adapting the style and tone as you would communicating in person with a client. Well also offer tips for visually styling your resume with a design that makes you look right at home in front of the mirror where your next chair is waiting!

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Education Section: Why Is It Important

The education section shows that you can offer more value than basic hair styling. Recruiters are likely to trust you more if you show them that you have attended reputable centers to gain hairstyling education and more life skills and knowledge.

When writing a hair stylist resume, make sure to mention your grades and other achievements, such as the leadership positions that you may have assumed while at school.

Skills For Hair Stylist Supervisor Resume

Hair Stylist Resume Sample &  Writing Tips
  • Consults with clients on matters pertaining to their haircare needs
  • Maintains safe and healthy conditions by following organization standards and legal regulations
  • Benefits including medical , Dental , paid time off , 401K and associate discount
  • Set your own service pricing
  • Benefits including a storewide associate discount, medical, dental, paid time off, and 401

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Skills For Hair Stylist & Salon Manager Resume

  • Frequent lifting up to 10 pounds, occasionally up to 25 pounds
  • Be exposed to various chemicals and fragrances used in performing services
  • Ensure all professional stock is being used in compliance with PAR levels to assist with reduction in product waste
  • To begin and end hair services at the published time and ensure correct procedures of all hair services are being followed at all times
  • Provides guests with current information involving the latest hair techniques and procedures
  • Stocks work stations, and informs management of necessary inventory needing replacement
  • Attends mandatory training to stay current on all hair style and color trends

Hair Stylist Job Description Resume

Another valuable piece of information that will surely boost your credibility as a hairstylist is a list of references from previous salons youâve worked for, or even a solid bunch of written testimonials from your roster of clients. These supplementary details will really make a difference since good word of mouth from past experiences can go a long way to improving your chances for better hairstyling projects in the future.

Furthermore, the added bonus of positive referrals is the opportunity to explore other avenues where your cosmetic skills can be put to good use outside of the traditional confines of a salon environment. You might possibly get a chance to work backstage at a runway show to style the hair for a bunch of gorgeous models, or perhaps score a huge gig in the form of a high fashion editorial photo shoot where youâll be collaborating with a creative team that includes a clothing stylist, a makeup artist, and the photographer.

The bottom line here is to ensure your future success through your resume that will speak to potential employers or clients. Use these creative Sample Resumes In Word so you wonât lose track of what you need to achieve.

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Hair Stylist Resume Templates

The ideal resume template for your hair stylist job depends on your career path. One of the employer’s major considerations is your experience, but that does not mean that you should overlook your vision for the job.

It would be best to focus on a particular area and prove that you are the best for the position. Emphasize the skill, your education, and where you have worked before as a hairstylist. A good hair stylist resume template includes the following

Experience For Associate Hair Stylist Resume

Ayla Dimitri Look #1 Salon Blow Out Style
  • Excellent customer service and communication skills as well as having a friendly approach when dealing with colleagues and clients.
  • Operates cash register prepares hair care chits collects and accounts for cash received from clients balances daily sales using Salesperson’s Daily Cash Report. Sells hair care products to clients and maintains Daily Appointment Book by name of client, time and Hairstylist/Barber assigned. Opens and closes Haircare Shop
  • Performs monthly inventory of shop supplies maintains adequate stock of supplies. Ensures that sanitation, security and safety standard are met
  • To maintain the smooth day to day operation of the Salon facilities in accordance with the polices, standards and guidelines established by the Club and Shangri-La Internationals
  • Perform Hair services at an exceptional service levels to all client

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The Importance Of Soft Skills

Even more than technical skills, hairdressers require soft skills. Even if you know the most technical hair cutting and styling techniques, if your customers dont enjoy interacting with you, they arent going to be repeat business. To show employers that you have the soft skills they are looking for, try to incorporate these into your profile, key skills, and cover letter sections:

  • Active Listening

View This Sample Resume For A Hair Stylist Or Download The Hair Stylist Resume Template In Word

Is your resume in need of a fresh look? To be a successful candidate for the leading hair stylist jobs, resume expert Kim Isaacs says you need to be a cut above average.

That starts with the right openinga strong hair stylist resume summary. This brief paragraph tells your story. What kind of work do you do? What skills do you use to do it? And how will you help your new employer’s business succeed?

But before you create your new hair stylist resume, view this sample resume that Isaacs created below.

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Apprentice Hair Stylist Resume Free Pdf Template

Check out this very simple and professional hair stylist resume template which you could use to build your CV. The layout in non-fussy and the body of the template includes sub-heads Career Objective, Personal Statement, Educational Qualifications, Professional Skills and Experiences. Whether youre a pro or a rookie, this CV caters to all.

When To Pick A Professional Resume Template

Hair Stylist ResumeâExamples and 25+ Writing Tips

Lets say youre not sure whether a professional resume template is right for you. One way to decide is to really get a feel for the image of the company. Check out their website and social media. Even just the logo can give you a sense of what type of workplace you might be dealing with. Does the company strike you as prim and proper and more conservative than flashy?

These are good indicators that a professional resume template is in line. Professional templates are most often in use in the administration, law and medicalfields. If the position requires an advanced degree, its a good bet that youll need a professional resume template. However, there are other situations that call for these templates as well. For example, a recent grad applying as a receptionist for a large accounting firm may also benefit from a professional resume template.

If youre still not sure, its best to err on the side of caution and pick a more formal resume template. Unless you are applying to a highly creative company, a professional template with its clean color scheme and streamlined design will virtually never be out of place. A hiring manager or recruiter will thank you for keeping the focus on your skills and achievements.

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Hair Stylist Resume Objective

Your hair stylist resume objective should be relevant to the precise job description. The objective states the position for which you are applying. It may also state your career goals. Make it short and to the point, and do not forget that it should be customized to suit every resume’s job description.

Here is an example of a hairdresser resume objective.

Experience For Assistant Hair Stylist Resume

  • Demonstrate expert skills in color applications and techniques, Updos and Blow outs
  • At least two years of hair stylist experience
  • At least one year of guest service experience
  • Provide and perform hair services including haircuts, blow drying and styling, hair treatments, up-dos, and hair extensions
  • Occasional lifting and carrying up to 25lbs
  • Communicate with guests regarding services offered and requested and the guests needs and wants
  • Communicate with guests regarding services offered and requested and the guests needs and wantss
  • Current cosme Standing for sustained periods of time

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