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How To Make A Resume For A High School Graduate

Use Numbers That Quantify Accomplishments


If possible, use numbers to quantify your accomplishments, either at work, in volunteer experiences or through extracurricular activities. For example, if you played a key role in helping an organization raise money for a mission trip, include your role and the amount of money that you raised.

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Sample Resume For College Graduate With No Experience


Recent college graduate with a degree in Political Science. Designed and led a state-wide polling project in New York to gauge public opinion on tort reform. Seeking to leverage 3.8 GPA and data analysis expertise to obtain the political research assistant position at Win Blue.


NYU / 2019

Summary: Graduate School Resume And Cv Samples

Most graduate school applicants will need to submit either a resume or a CV along with their graduate school applications. This is the only opportunity youll have to summarize all of your academic and professional achievements in a single document.

But how can you ensure your resume or CV will impress admissions committees? Generally speaking, a memorable graduate school resume will be one thatâs:

  • Focused without straying too far into irrelevant territory
  • Clear and easy to follow, with a header, headings, and bullet points
  • Professional, with easy-to-read fonts and a basic color scheme
  • Free of errors in regard to grammar and formatting

Resume and CV samples can help you figure out how to structure your own resume or CV and give you tips on what kinds of sections and topics to include. Weve provided you with four original resume and CV samples you can use as references while drafting your own resume or CV for graduate school. For additional samples, try browsing university websites and career center webpages.

Remember, if you can produce a compelling graduate school resume, youre bound to leave a positive impression on admissions committees! So dont be tempted to slack off with the resume portion of your application â it could very well be what ultimately entices a school to accept you.

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Include A Career Objective

A career objective is a one or two-sentence statement summarizing your career goals and how your talents and skills align with the needs of the employer. While people of any age and career level can benefit from including an objective statement on their resume, its especially important for a high school student. This is largely because your work history may not reflect your future goals.

Adding a career objective to your resume will give employers a clear idea of why youre applying for the role and how their decision to hire you could be beneficial.

Examples of high school student resume career objectives

I am a motivated team player and aspiring graphic designer seeking an opportunity to work in a sign shop where I can apply my skills and further develop my artistic abilities.I am an aspiring leader, with more than three years of experience in child care, seeking a position as a summer camp counselor. Im excited to share my talents while expanding my leadership skills as part of a valued community institution.

Trainings Courses And Certificates

New High School Graduate Resume

The ideal option is when you have higher education and want to work in your specialty. But life makes its own adjustments, and such ideal scenarios are far from real life. You may have realized that you are not interested in that profession, and you want to do something completely different

There are professions in which it is impossible to work without higher education for example, doctors or chemical engineers. But for the rest there are online courses, distance learning, which may be quite reasonable and teach very specific skills. You can learn from the best professionals in the field at EdX, Udemy, or Coursera. Pass at least one course in the desired profession, get a certificate and indicate it on your resume.

Include the courses you completed at the University, if they are relevant to the position you are applying for. It is enough to indicate the name of the course, as well as add a brief description of what you have learned, and what skills you have acquired. Add a start and end date for the course.

Write about attending seminars, conferences, master classes only if they are related to the work you want to get.

An example of how to write about a course in a resume:

Hospitality Basics Course: Introducing the hospitality industry, including various career paths. In-depth lessons on food and drink, including categories of restaurants and various types of catering.

An example of how to list a certificate:

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What To Include In Your Resume

Your goal is to recognize and highlight the experience that you do have and tie it to the requirements as listed in the job description. For example, you might not have held a formal position as a manager, but perhaps youve trained new workers at your after-school job and helped your supervisor balance schedules and make deposits. Demonstrating responsibility and leadership qualities may help make up for the lack of an official title.

On the other hand, maybe you have little in the way of paid job experience but a lot of volunteer work on your resume. Dont just match apples to apples.

Dig into your experience and abilities and focus on what you can do for a prospective employer.

Here are some of the experiences and activities that can be included on your resume:

  • Academic projects
  • Volunteering

Common Resume Errors To Avoid

Since this may be your first resume, make sure you edit and proofread carefully. Ask a parent, teacher, or friend to check, too. A second set of eyes never hurts and almost always helps. Here are some sample errors to check for:

  • Missing or incorrect words
  • If you are currently doing something, use the present tense
  • If you did something in the past, use the past tense.

Do not pump up the font size or expand the page margins to make your resume look fuller than it is. If the content seems sparse, try looking for a different layout. Or enhance what each section conveys about your desirability as a candidate by digging deeper into you skills.Extracurricular activities: a hidden strength

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Example Job Description For High School Graduates

Hometown Pharmacy is devoted to serving its customers and contributing to the wellness of the community by providing quality products in a friendly atmosphere. Our patient-centered business requires an applicant with a passion for the health industry and a commitment to customer service. The ideal applicant will work closely with the pharmacist, other team members and support staff to complete transactions and to ensure the satisfaction of each customer. The individual will help check the accuracy of filled prescriptions, keep inventory filed and neatly organized and help answer any questions from shoppers.


  • Provide excellent customer service through active communication
  • Manage incoming phone calls from medical facilities and patients
  • File and maintain existing confidential customer files within the online database
  • Monitor on-hand inventory
  • Assist in all duties as assigned


  • Must be 18 years of age
  • High school diploma
  • Interest in the medical field
  • Computer skills preferred
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Preference is given to those going into a college degree program in the medical field

How To Apply To Jobs As A High School Graduate

How to Make a High School Resume

Dont assume that youre not qualified for the job, just because you lack some of the ideal requirements listed in the job description. Hiring managers tend to list the skills, experience, and qualifications that theyd hope to find in the perfect candidate.

But, the reality is that this person might not exist. Further, the best person for the job might be someone who doesnt have all of the requirements but has other things to recommend them, such as a positive attitude, the ability to learn, and excellent communication and people skills.

Unless you lack the essential skills for the job, its usually worth it to apply.

The only thing you have to lose is your time. Plus, the more you apply to jobs, the better youll get at writing resumes and cover letters, participating in job interviews, and networking your way into new opportunities.

If youre a high school graduate whos currently working on a resume, the following example, which includes both volunteer and work experience, will help you get started. Remember to customize your resume for your experience and for each job application.

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How To Create A High School Resume

If you are a high school student with limited work experience, a resume template can help you create a professional-looking resume that will be more likely to stand out with employers. A resume template will ensure you include all of the most important pieces in your resume and that you order the details appropriately and use the proper format.

Creating an effective resume takes some time as well as thoughtful self-assessment, as you consider your own experiences and skills. In this article, we share the many benefits of using a high school resume template, what you should include in your resume and some tips to help you write your own. We also include a template and sample resume for you to use.

Skills To Highlight On Your Resume

For fresh graduates with absolutely no work experience, its absence does not automatically make you an incompetent applicant. You can highlight the following skills on your student résumé to impress your employer and prove youre a worthy applicant:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Knowledgeable on advanced and basic computer troubleshooting
  • Work with little to no supervision
  • Quick learner and picks up new skills easily
  • Diligent and gives his 100 percent in every task
  • Just make sure that these skills genuinely describe your capacity, and you should have real-life experiences and skills to prove your worth.

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    How Do I Write A Resume With No Experience

    • Include club memberships and elected positions such as president or treasurer. These positions indicate strong leadership, organizational, and money-handling skills that benefit your job search.
    • Include sport-related activities that indicate teamwork, collaboration, and leadership skills.
    • Include volunteer work or community service that can indicate long-term commitment, community involvement, and organizational skills.
    • Include semester-long school assignments that indicate strong project management, research, interview and time-management skills.

    Sample Graduate School Resume Templatecv Sections

    High school resume
    • Skills & Abilities
    • References

    Expert Hint: Last year, humanities and social science programs acceptance rate for MA and Ph.D. programs ranged from 513%. With such low acceptance rates, youll need to make sure your application documents are formatted to perfection so counselors focus on your merit.

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    High School Resume Examples

    The overall employment rate for high school graduates is expected to grow by 5% from 2016 to 2026, which is the average amount of growth expected for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While an individual isnt guaranteed employment with a high school diploma, those who do find a job may earn more and can expect lower unemployment rates than those without a diploma. In 2018, workers with a high school diploma earned approximately $200 a week more than those without, and the unemployment rate was around 5%.

    For high school graduates, the top earners are those who receive on-the-job-training and apprenticeships in occupations such as driver, storage and distribution manager, detective and criminal investigator and commercial pilot, but all require at least a high school diploma to get started.

    Why Include An Education Section On A Resume

    Theres a good chance that every resume youve ever seen had an education section. But why?

  • Employers expect to see it. This is as good a reason as any, if not better than most. After all, if you want to get hired, you need to meet your future employers expectations. Not including an education section on your resume can raise many suspicions about your background or even your character.
  • Your job requires a specific degree. You cannot become a medical doctor without a medical degree, for example. The same goes for being a lawyer and many other professions. But you already know that.
  • Your education background can help you stand out. This is especially true if youre a fresh graduate or a student. Sure, adding a prestigious degree to your name can increase your chances, but thats not all. Try to inflate your education section by mentioning your GPA, scholarships, awards, being on student committees, etc. Anything to help your future boss see your potential.
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    Grad School Application Resume Format

    • Use the reverse-chronological format to highlight your achievements. This format is the standard most counselors want to see.
    • Choose resume fonts like Cambria or Times New Roman in 1012pt.
    • Embrace white space.
    • Submit no more than 23 pages. Check specific resume length guidelines offered by the program youre applying to.

    After youve written your resume, save it as a PDF to keep the layout aligned and in-line with all software and devices.

    Some require a CV for graduate school. Structure it in the same way as the resume format but include additional sections only if they are relevant. Think quality over quantity. Heres a list of different sections for you to consider:

    Include A Summary Statement

    How to Write a High School Resume | BeMo Academic Consulting #BeMo #BeMore

    Resume objective statements, where you state exactly what career goals you wish to achieve, have mostly fallen out of fashion. This is largely because you want to focus on what you can do for the employer, not what the employer can do for you. A resume summary statement, on the other hand, sums up who you are professionally at the top of the page in a sentence or two and serves as the first impression you give a hiring manager to entice them to keep reading.

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    Resume Summary Example: Personality First And Foremost

    Describing yourself can be tough, but don’t hold back. You have many of the qualities employers want. Here’s where your personality can shine. The 2-3 sentence resume summary is the first section, directly under your contact information. It allows you to exhibit a bit of personality while you explain the qualitiesthat will make you a great employee.

    Here are some sample questions to ask yourself when writing your summary:

    • What makes me a good student, friend, teammate, family member?
    • Which of my skills or personal qualities have helped me in school ? Am I organized, creative, responsible?
    • What activities, projects and interests could I describe that translate into job skills?

    Below is a high school student resume summary example you can use as a guide for creating your own version.

    Resourceful and dedicated high school student with excellent analytical skills and a demonstrated commitment to providing great customer service. Strong organizational abilities with proven successes managing multiple academic projects and volunteering events. Well-rounded and professional team player dedicated to continuing academic pursuits at a collegiate level.

    How To Write A Professional Resume Summary For A High School Graduate

    A resume summary, as the name suggests, summarizes the content and the important parts of the resume. For applicants, especially a recent high school graduate, a resume summary is crucial because it determines if the hiring manager will continue reading the rest of the resume.

    As a result, applicants should ensure that they have gotten a summary stated in their high school graduate resumes that catch the eye. Information that should be highlighted in this section includes:

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    Write A Section On Work Experience And Skills Outside Of Academia

    If youre fresh out of college or more geared towards academic work, you might not have a long list of work experience to show.

    Thats fine.

    Your previous work experience wont define you in the same way it would if applying for jobs outside of academia.

    Butif you had working experience, especially ones relevant to the field youre studying, then this section will signal to the admissions office that youre more than just a student.

    Show this in a resume work history section.

    Its the place in your graduate CV to showcase how diverse you are as a candidate and what path you took along your way to arrive at this decision to apply for this particular grad program.

    If youre applying for a psychology program and have worked with at-risk students in the past, then it is still in line with your overall interest to apply to that grad school.

    It also can help to explain why you might have taken some time off from when you graduated to now. Just make sure not to throw everything youve done in this section. Dont be as thorough as you would for a regular job resume:

    What To Include In The Education Section Of A High School Resume

    Sample Resume for High School Graduate Free Download

    Since you havent graduated high school yet, you might be feeling a little lackluster about writing the education section of your high school resume. But rest assured, there are plenty of enticing details you can include in this section to help you impress employers and colleges. Heres a list of information you might add to your education section:

    • High school name and location.

    • Expected graduation datethe month and year will suffice.

    • Weighted GPA. This is an optional item to include if your GPA will impress the person reading your high school resumea 3.5 or above, for example.

    • Class rank. Again, if it is impressivethe top 20% of your class, for example.

    • SAT or ACT score. Only include your scores in high school resumes for college and scholarship applicationspotential employers wont know what a good SAT score is .

    • Especially challenging and relevant coursework. Dont include the standard high school curriculum, but you can list IB or AP classes youve taken that relate to the job or internship youre applying for.

    • Leadership roles in clubs or sportsfor instance, Team Captain, Varsity Soccer. Especially mention your extracurriculars that are relevant to the position youre seeking.

    • Academic memberships. You can include your involvement in a college preparatory program or selective honors societies, if applicable.

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