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How To Make Waitressing Sound Good On A Resume

Waiter Or Waitress Jobs


Highlight customer service and diplomacy skills. The restaurant owner relies on the waitstaff to manage relationships with the clientele. When something goes wrong, the managers hope the waitstaff has the tact and diplomacy to assuage the customer without having to involve management. A good waiter or waitress can find clever ways of appeasing even the most contentious restaurant guest.

Document your ability to manage time effectively. Waitstaff typically handle between three to seven tables at once. Each table may be at various stages of its meal. This means the waiter must keep track of the dining activities of several people simultaneously. Not only that, but the waitstaff also is typically charged with what are called side duties, essentially assigned chores such as making sure theres adequate glassware available to all waitstaff, or that theres always fresh coffee, or that the ice cube bins or silverware trays are always well stocked. To be effective in this job, a waiter must have incredible time management skills. Use your resume to highlight your time management skills as well as your ability to work in a fast-paced environment. Its important.

How Do You Serve As A Waitress

Five Serving Tips for Waiters to Become the Best

  • The customer is always right. The first rule of being a good server is to remember the customer is always right.
  • Be friendly but professional.
  • Know the menu forward and backward.
  • Practice good hygiene.
  • Always upsell, but not in an obnoxious way.
  • How To Make Your Waiter Or Waitress Work Experience Stand Out

    Recruiters love nothing more than an employee with work experience.

    As such, this section is your best chance to impress.

    Heres the best way for waitresses and waiters to structure the work experience section:

    • Position name

    07/2017 03/2020

    • Served food to 80+ people a night and multiple tables at a time
    • Educated customers on menu items and daily specials, while offering my personal recommendations based on their feedback
    • Welcomed and seated customers in a 96-guest restaurant , while taking their preferences into account to keep everyone happy
    • Always engaged customers with a personal, yet professional manner, which helped me to win Employee of the Month four months in a row

    Focus on how you were a valuable asset at your previous place of work. Doing so will allow the recruiter to see the obvious benefits to making you a member of the team.

    Instead of saying:


    Served food to 80+ people a night and multiple tables at a time

    Simply put, the first statement says nothing. It shows you were a member of staff, but doesnt go into any other details about your position.

    The second statement shows that you had to serve tables under stressful conditions to a large amount of customers.

    Hard numbers that prove your skills cant argue with that!

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    How To Write A Good Objective For A Waitress Resume

    If you want to prove to the restaurant owner that you can sell, the best proof that you can do so is in the resume objective. Think of your objective statement as your sales pitch.

    What would make the restaurant owner want to hire me?

    Wondering what you can put on a waitress resume objective? Here are some suggestions:

    • Have you read the job ad? If you are sure that you have the required skills, indicate them in the objective statement. For example, if the job specifically requires someone who has at least 1-year experience working in a fine dining restaurant, start with that and include the name of the restaurant:

    From July 2018 to June 2019, I worked at Chez Magnifique. 6 months as fine dining crew before I was assigned as a Cashier for 3 months then as a bartender for another 3 months.

  • Use the information you gathered from your research. In the previous section, we suggested that you visit the restaurant to learn more about its food and service. Lets assume you tried the Beef Bourguignon, you can include your experience in the resume objective:
  • The Beef Bourguignon was very tender, succulent, and well-seasoned. I would recommend that a customer pair it with a glass of Shiraz.

    This statement will convince the restaurant owner that you have initiative and can sell the menu items.

    Important Waiter / Waitress Skills For Resumes

    How To Make Waitressing Sound Good On A Resume

    Being a waiter or waitress can be a challenging job. The work is physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding. Youre likely to spend hours on your feet, rushing about managing several tables of customers. While the potential for higher pay through tips, this work is not for everyone.

    Waiters and waitresses are responsible for greeting patrons, seeing to their needs, and delivering prompt, accurate service.

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    What Qualifications Do You Need To Be A Waitress

    Although you dont need formal qualifications to be a waitress, the following could help:

    • An understanding of various cuisines and a personal interest in food preparation.
    • Professional certifications, such as an NVQ in Hospitality Supervision.
    • An excellent memory for orders and special dietary requirements.
    • The ability to multi-task.

    When Youre New To The Job

    Waiting tables is a popular part-time gig for students and young people. Local restaurant owners know this and are looking for teachable candidates who can demonstrate a great work ethic and strong set of interpersonal skills. You have personality and determination on your side, but if you have any additional experience that might be relevant, make sure to mention it!

    According to the Restaurant Success Report , 51% of all restaurant operators name staffing as a top challenge to success, and 35% say training staff is a top challenge.

    This means that employers will pay special attention to your employment history, trying to evaluate how likely you are to stay long-term. If you can, reassure them with detailed descriptions of your past jobs. If thats not possible, make sure to emphasize your diligent and hardworking character is emphasized throughout the resume.

    Possible related activities:

    • Working at a retail store
    • Working in an organization as a member of a team
    • Volunteering in a soup kitchen or other volunteer food work.

    How these skills can translate:

    • Handling customers needs while working in a retail store
    • Ability to work long hours on your feet after spending a summer in lawn care
    • Attention to detail and the individual needs of each customer after working as a camp counselor.

    Here is an employment history sample for someone without waitress experience.

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    What Should A Waitress Wear

    Attire. Select a dark or neutral-colored suit and coordinating separates, such as a skirt or slacks, blouse and cardigan for a well-put-together look for your interview. Avoid overly trendy or inappropriate attire, such as miniskirts, animal prints or leather skirts or pants. Keep it simple, yet fashionable.

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    Waiter Or Waitress Duties And Responsibilities:

    • Provide the perfect service experience for restaurant patrons

    • Ensure the guest feels important and welcome in the restaurant

    • Ensure hot food is hot and cold food is cold

    • Adhere to timing standards for products and services

    • Look for ways to consolidate service and increase table turns

    • Present menu, answer questions, and make menu recommendations

    • Serve customers in an accommodating manner

    • Must know all food liquor, beer, wine, and retail offered

    • Apply positive suggestive sales approach to guide guests

    • Pre-bus tables maintain table cleanliness, bus tables, remove dirty plates

    • Look for ways to avoid waste and limit costs

    • Assist in keeping the restaurant clean and safe

    • Provide responsible service of alcoholic beverages

    • Deliver food and beverages to any table as needed

    • Must follow all cash handling policies and procedures

    • Report to property on time and in proper uniform

    • Process payments of food and drink orders with the cash register

    • Coordinate with kitchen staff to deliver accurate food orders

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    Job Interview Tips For Waitresses

    If you want to get the job, then after finishing writing the resume, you must do your best to be well prepared for the job interview. Here are some tips to consider:

    Be Presentable

    An expensive outfit may not be practical, so at least come to the interview in your most presentable self. A collared blouse would be great.If you have long hair, it is best to tie it up in a tidy pony. Wear closed shoes. Do not wear too many accessories.

    Good Rule of Thumb: Come on Time or Dont Come at All

    Do not leave a bad impression by letting your interviewer wait for you only to see you arrive half an hour later. Your chances of getting the job can get very slim when it happens.

    If you are commuting, prepare ahead and set a time allowance, so that you can anticipate delays due to traffic and other possible reasons.

    Study and Memorize the Restaurants Menu

    The interviewer may ask you if you have gone through their menu. You should be prepared to answer questions related to it. Therefore, you need to study the restaurants menu including their bestsellers, the wine selections, special offerings, and others.

    Managers would be most pleased to see that their people truly care about the business, and showing your enthusiasm to learn about what the restaurant is selling is very important. If you find that there are difficult terms to understand in the menu, doing your research on the Internet or browsing food and drink magazines would prove to be useful.

    Be ready for the tough questions

    Put Testimonials On Your Resume

    Another way to stand out is to ask your previous managers for testimonials.

    You can then embed these testimonials on your resume. Either a testimonial per job entry or a section dedicated to testimonials. Either way will work.

    Most people are not doing this, but it’s a great way to stand out in a crowded field.

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    What Are The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Server

    Restaurant Server duties and responsibilities

    • Provide excellent customer services.
    • Greet customers and present menus.
    • Make suggestions based on their preferences.
    • Take and serve food/drinks orders.
    • Up-sell when appropriate.
    • Keep tables clean and tidy at all times.
    • Deliver checks and collect payments.

    Structuring Your Role Descriptions

    How To Make Waitressing Sound Good On A Resume

    The purpose of your role descriptions is to show recruiters how you apply your skills in the workplace to benefit your employers and customers.

    Structuring your roles properly will make it easy for readers to digest the information in them, and allow you to highlight the facts you want them to see.

    Use the structure from this annotated example to achieve this.

    In your waiter/waitress CV, heres how you should fill out each section.

    Role outline

    Give readers a solid introduction to your role to build some context for them. This outline should explain the type of restaurant or bar you work in, and what the overall function of your job is.

    For example:

    Reporting to duty manager for this leading City upmarket wine bar, fulfilling orders alongside bartenders and ensuring enjoyable experiences for all customers.

    Key responsibilities

    Once youve set the scene for readers with your outline, list your responsibilities to show how you put your skills and knowledge to good use in order to support customers and colleagues.

    For example:

    • Taking food and drink orders from customers via POS system, serving a range of alcoholic beverages and cocktails
    • Communicating with bar team of 15 and kitchen staff to ensure special customer requests are met and exceeded


    If you have any impressive achievements that have impacted your employer or customers, you should highlight them at the bottom of your role.

    For example:

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    How To Write A Good Waitress Resume

    1. Find Out The Type Of Restaurant You Are Applying For

    The restaurant industry includes fast-foods, casual and fine dining. These types of restaurants all need waitress services in different capacities.

    Before writing your resume, find out the type of restaurant where you aim to get a job, then highlight the most relevant skills and qualifications in your resume.

    Fast-food is generally self-service. However, some fast-food restaurants need servants, stationed on the floor to take orders for the line to move faster. They also take the time to assist diners and bus out empty tables.

    Casual and fine dining restaurants offer a more formal, posh setting. Waiters are required to strictly adhere to restaurant guidelines. For example, utensils, plates, and napkins have specific ways to be set up on the table.

    Waiters who work in casual and fine dining restaurant are typically expected to be more refined and conscientious in their functions. Fine dining restaurants prefer candidates who have completed some college or are presently enrolled in a related course such as Restaurant Management.

    Fast-food restaurants are much more liberal in their selection of candidates. Most will consider your application if you are at least 18 years of age.

    2. Learn As Much As You Can About The Menu And Service

    Here are some tips to learn more about the menu and the service:

    3. Carefully Review The Job Specifications

    A typical restaurant job post would include details on the following:

    What Are Waiter/waitress Skills

    Waiter/waitress skills are those that are necessary to accurately take customer orders, safely handle food and provide exceptional customer service. These skills include a combination of hard and soft skills required to perform the job duties and ensure customer satisfaction.

    Although hard skills are useful, soft skills such as customer service skills are important to your success as a waitress. Some hard skills include operating point-of-sale systems, safe food handling procedures and the ability to count money and calculate change. Soft skills as a waitress include communication, prioritizing or customer service.

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    Include A Cover Letter With Your Resume

    Want to really make an impression?

    Then you should write a convincing cover letter.

    You see, a resume is great at giving the essential facts, but nothing speaks to a hiring manager like a well-written cover letter.

    The hiring manager has to read through generic resume after generic resume.

    In fact, its not uncommon for the hiring manager to get confused between multiple applications!

    A cover letter instantly allows you to make a personal connection.

    Oh, and cover letters shows the hiring manager that you care about working for their company.

    Heres how to create a structure that works:

    You should complete the following sections:

    Select A Great Resume Font To Use One Thats Easily Legible For Any Reader

    How To Write A Resume With Little or No Work Experience – Resume Template

    How to make waitressing sound good on a resume. One way to do. This section allows employers to quickly take notice of all your previous job experience and professional skills. Highlight customer service and diplomacy skills.

    Use a one-inch margin on all sides of your resume for restaurant jobs. This is how to format a waitress resume template. Consider Bundling Your Experience If you worked as a waiter in multiple venues you may be well-served by grouping all your table-waiting experiences into a single entry on your resume.

    Chronological Resume Type the name of the restaurant its location citystate and your job title such as Waitress or Food Server in the Experience section. Dont try to turn a waitressing job into something its not. Average resume samples for Waitresses describe duties like providing menus meeting special customer demands taking orders bring food to tables refilling glasses and cleaning tables.

    Your career objective has to do a lot of work in a short space. Additionally they should also be able to remember and convey any messages should the. How to make waitressing sound good on a resume.

    Start with a strong career objective. When applying for a waitressing. The restaurant owner relies on the waitstaff to manage relationships with the clientele.

    Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nail it all with a splash of colour choose a clean font. The way in which you include waitressing in your resume depends on the resume format you are using.


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    How Do I Describe My Retail Job On My Resume

    This is how to write a professional resume job description: Start with your latest / current position and then list the previous ones in reverse-chronological order. Make sure each entry includes the job title, dates worked, and the companys name. Dont exceed 6 bullets when describing your duties and achievements.

    Employment History Sample: Your Accumulated Experience

    The employment history section of your waitress resume is where the jobs you’ve held are listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent at the top. Below each employer name and dates, provide a short description or bullet-point list of your duties and accomplishments. Provide concrete examples of excellent performance, backed by facts and figures wherever possible.

    Some possible sources of numbers for your waitress resume:

    • How big was the team that you worked with? Did you have any leadership roles like training others?
    • How many seats were in the restaurant? How many customers did you routinely serve during a shift?
    • How many dishes were on the menu? Were you able to memorize their names and components?

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    How To Make A Waitress Job Sound Good On A Resume

    Waitressing is a tough job. The obvious challengesassociated with working in a position where you have to be on your feet most ofthe day is something that hiring managers understand. Hence, they look forpeople who can handle these challenges without issues.

    At the time of applying for a waitress job, make surethat the waitressresume speaks great things about you. All that you have done in the pastthat has anything at all to do with food service, should make its way into yourresume. And if you have worked as a waitress specifically, that too should behighlighted.

    The good thing about resumes is that they provide youwith many opportunities to showcase your waitressing profile. All sections withina resume will serve your purpose to impress the hiring manager.

    Let us start from the very beginning the resumesummary. As a seasoned waitress, you will have a lot to say here. You canbegin by highlighting your skills, and how you intend to contribute.

    Moving on, the professional competencies sectionmakes you look good to a hiring manager. Here, you should mention why youshould be considered, and what competency areas you excel in. For instance, youcan mention order taking, upselling, food preparation, and paymentprocessing as competency areas, amongst others.

    Educational information is also vital to put intoa waitress resume. If you have a degree in a culinary or service managementcapacity, mention it here. If not, write down the last diploma or degree thatyou obtained.


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