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How To Phrase Work Experience On A Resume

Work Experience Resume Summary Phrases Examples

How to Make a Resume with No Work Experience in Microsoft Word (2020)

The work experience resume summary phrases will help you describe abilities and accomplishments on your CV that highlights your most relevant career experience, skills and achievements. A brief statement for work experience highlighting your work experience, achievements and skills. Make sure you include some of these work experience words and sentences in your curriculum vitae.

Related Resume Phrases

College Graduation Date On Resume

There is no need to include your college graduation date unless you’re a recent college graduate. Here’s an example of college listed on a resume without dates:

Bachelor of Arts in EnglishUniversity of New York

Here’s an example of a college graduation date listed on a resume:

Bachelor of Arts in English, 2020University of New York

Many people choose to drop their graduation date from their resume when the degree was earned 10 years prior. If you are worried about age discrimination, leaving off this information is a good way to shield your age.

Customizing These Work Experience Examples

Now, you could just copy and use one of the formats above, from the three previous work experience examples that I just gave you.

However, I also recommend adjusting it to fit your situation. Ill explain

Depending on how often youve changed jobs and how long youve been working, you may want to list months and years, or only years for your dates of employment.

Be strategic and decide whats best for you. If you held a job for only a few months, it might be better just to list everything in terms of years, and not include months.

And you can also leave a job off of your resume entirely. This is not a work history section of a job application where youre required to list all previous jobs. Its entirely up to you what goes on your resume).

Whatever you do, stay consistent with the same formatting for every job. Thats very important. Remember, you want this to be EASY to read for the hiring manager.

So use the work experience examples above to create your own, but also make sure youre doing what fits your career and experience!

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S To Writing Your Resume Work Experience

The work experience resume section can make or break your job application. Its where recruiters eyes spend the most time, meaning every detail about how you describe past experiences is critical right down to the formatting. Here are 6 things you need to know about writing your resume experience.

Showcase Your Relevant Skills

77+ Free Microsoft Word Resume Templates &  CV

Writing a strong resume skills section will set you apart in your job search and increase your chances of landing an interview. However, if youre like most no-experience job-seekers, your technical skills may be limited.

In this case, use your resume to highlight the soft skills youve acquired throughout your life. Soft skills are applicable for nearly any industry, and are valued by employers.

Here are some examples of soft skills:

  • Critical thinking
  • Positive attitude
  • Assertiveness

Additionally, listing foreign language skills on your resume is a great way to stand out from other applicants and fill out your skills section.

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What Are Computer Skills Why Are Computer Skills Important

Computer skills are the ability to utilize computers and technology efficiently.

With the rise of technology, the computer skills you have can set you apart when applying for a new job. When you think about it, there are seldom positions that remain free from technology. Even trades that traditionally didnt require computers, like farming, landscaping, and handymen, now use technology for marketing, accounting, and reservations.

Every professional position requires the use of certain technology, ranging from hardware to computer applications. Likewise, every professional has a unique set of computer skills with varying levels of proficiency. Finding the perfect fit between whats needed and what someone has is the sole mission of a hiring managers when looking for a new employee. If the hiring manager is able to find someone that has all of the computer skills necessary, they wont need to spend so much time and money on training, which means they will get a quicker return on their hiring investment.

But how can hiring managers tell if you have the computer skills needed for their role?

First and foremost, hiring managers will look at your resume. Typically, hiring managers spend no more than 6 seconds reviewing a resume and during that time they are looking to see if the computer skills needed jump out.

Mention Your Job Location

You also should include the location of your previous company. You do not have to provide the full address. Just mentioning the city and the state is sufficient. If any of your past work experience was work from home, you can either mention your current location or simply write remote work in the job location part.

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Should I List My Failed Startup Or Business On My Resume

Yes, the outcome doesn’t really matter. The chances of success for your first startup are really against you. Even the most successful entrepreneurs had many failed attempts until they found success. You should ensure that you list the more relevant skills and knowledge you acquired while working on your startup.

How To Describe Work Experience In The Resume


Select the appropriate order for your resume experience:

Chronological format: In the chronological summary, you will list your history from the most recent position. This is the most commonly used format because it clearly shows how you have progressed in your career. This method works best if you have at least three years experience.

Functional format. With a functional summary format, you classify your achievements and skills according to the new requirements. All you have to do is give the names of previous employers and the length of each employment period. Since this format focuses on your achievements and skills rather than the jobs you have occupied, it is a suitable option if you have recently graduated or have significant gaps in employment history.

Combined format: This provides more flexibility, allowing you to present your work history in a way that highlights your strengths. With this option, you first give some brief information about your professional experience and then a list of your achievements and skills. Think about using a hybrid format if you apply for a leadership position.

Read more in our article: Summary Formats

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Customize Your Resume For Each Job You Apply To

The last and most important thing to remember when creating a good resume is to customize it for every job to which you apply. Different job postings are going to have different keywords, different job duties listed, and so on. Appealing to each individual employer’s needs and job requirements is the best strategy for getting your application noticed and hopefully landing your first job.

At the end of the day, there’s no magical formula for how to write a winning resume the only perfect resume is the one that gets you the job. Be prepared to tweak and update your resume, even when you’re comfortably employed. Utilize a hybrid resume format and focus on your skills and education when you don’t have any work experience to show. Sooner or later, you’ll land that job and gain that much-coveted experience.

Tackling this kind of resume isn’t easy. If you’ve recently graduated or are in an entry-level job search, a professional resume writer can prepare you for success. Learn more.

Be Specific As Possible

When writing your work experience descriptions, try to be as specific as possible rather than providing vague descriptions of your work accomplishments in the position.


Atlanta, GA ⢠June 2017 â July 2020⢠Responsible for making creative designs for the company.⢠Created hundreds of different designs for a variety of projects.⢠Worked closely with top-corporate officials.


Atlanta, GA ⢠June 2017 â July 2020 ⢠Led the design, development, and implementation of a label design project.⢠Designed and implemented new branding materials, including a re-design of the logo. ⢠Presented key deliverables to executive level stakeholders.

In the following Content Marketing Associate resume example, you can see how Sarah has emphasized each of her bullet points with specific relevant keywords.

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What To Include In Your Customer Service Resume

Include the right information. The most important elements to include in your resume are your contact information, education, and experience. Another optional way to highlight your customer service abilities is to list them in a skills section.

Include optional sections, if you wish. These include a resume objective or resume profile. Use the objective or profile to specify what role you are looking for, along with the talents and abilities you’d bring to the position.

Emphasize your experience. You should be sure to list any previous customer service positions you’ve held.

Use the appropriate keywords. In addition to highlighting strong soft skills, you may also want to include customer service keywords throughout your resume.

Make a match. Match your qualifications to the job listing to be sure your resume accurately reflects your ability to do this particular job.

How To Address A Maternity Leave On Your Resume

Entry Level Finance Resume Beautiful 28 Finance Resume ...

Rather than chronologically listing your previous work experience, you can use the combination resume format. It allows you to attract the employers attention with your skills before addressing the elephant in the room.

Once youve done that, briefly mention that your career gap was due to the maternity leave. You can do it like this:

Maternity leave

That’s it. You don’t have to go into great detail.

Make sure to put emphasis on the work you did before you took some time off. Write about it as if it were yesterday and you still remember the details about the projects you worked on.

Recall your accomplishments and the projects you are proud of from that period of your life. Time doesnt devalue those experiences and skills you learned working on them.

Also, make sure to mention any relevant community service or voluntary work that you engaged in during your time away. Any freelancing projects or short-term gigs work as great resume enhancers.

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Work History Description Example

Ill use the example of a customer service employee as an example their job duties are fairly straightforward and most people understand what a customer service representative does.

So lets say I am looking for a customer service position. Here is one example of some bullet points from a job listing for a retail associate at a discount clothing retailer:

  • Assists customers in any way necessary by cashiering, helping with merchandise and answering questions in a polite and knowledgeable manner.
  • Performs daily recovery to ensure a neat, clean and organized store.
  • Cross-performs in all assigned areas to ensure that merchandise sizing, ticketing and presentation are to company standards.
  • Ability to use all store equipment, including PDTs, registers and PC as required.

After going through the listing, right away there are some key points we want to make sure to include in our resume when applying.

Two of the listings mention having cashier experience, so if possible Id include that. Any other equipment like PDTs and PCs mentioned in the last bullet should be addressed as well, if you have the experience.

Regardless of the past experience, I can also include details about being neat, clean, and organized. The listing actually includes this phrase three times a key phrase with this company so I better mention it somehow. Maybe I wasnt directly responsible for cleaning a store, but the work area at my desk had to be organized for daily tasks.

What To Exclude From Your Work History

When you are writing your work experience section, it is important to note that you donât want to include every job under the sun that you have ever held.

A hiring manager wonât want to read through all of that, nor are all of your experiences likely to be relevant for the job you are applying to.

For instance, short-term jobs that you left soon after being hired may not be the best to include, as this can lead to speculation and uncertainty as to why you held the position for so short an amount of time.

If you happened to work a job that was purposefully or contractually short-term but holds a high level of relevance to the job you are currently applying for, it can be useful to include a short note explaining why you were only in the position for a limited amount of time.

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How To Show Job Promotions

If you have worked in a previous job for a longer period of time, chances are you have received a promotion or two along the way.

Keeping track of these promotions and showing your professionals growth is essential.

There are a couple different ways to show promotions within a job description.

When showcasing different roles you have held within the same job or company, it is important to list your highest position first and work backwards from there.

As an example, letâs look at two different ways a job candidate could list their promotion from office assistant to office manager on a resume:

Is It Necessary To Include In A Resume Work Experience That Falls Outside A Professional Category

How To Describe Work Experience On A Resume Or Relevant Work Experience In Resume – ANIMATED

Consider the question by way of this example:

The candidate is looking for a job in customer service, so s/he added relevant experience to the resume. Thats what everyone would do, right?


At the beginning of his/her professional career, s/he was a waiter for two years. The candidate did not feel the need to include this information in the resume, on the basis that the «Customer Service Representative» post is different from the job of «Waiter».

And yet, these two jobs have a lot in common. Experience in serving people, albeit in a different area of expertise, is relevant, depending upon how it is framed, of course. You could note in the resume, say, that two-thirds of clients left an above-average tip and were satisfied with the service. And in the cover letter, you could note that the first job as a waiter helped you learn and develop communication skills with clients.

Tip: ALL your knowledge, skills and achievements listed in the Work Experience section of the resume must meet the requirements of the vacancy for which you are applying.

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What Is A Resume

A resume, or curriculum vitae , is a summary of your education, employment experience, skills and relevant aspects of your extracurricular activities. Its also a marketing document to promote your suitability to a recruiter or prospective employer. The aim of a resume is to gain an invitation to an interview.

Your resume and cover letter may be your first contact with the employer, so its important to make a good first impression by presenting your qualifications, skills and achievements clearly, positively, and truthfully. You should always research your target organisation and adjust your resume to be individually tailored to each job vacancy.

Include Your Relevant Non

Job hunting can feel like an uphill task when you dont have work experience. How are you supposed to write an entire one-page resume with no experience?

Fortunately, many recruiters are looking for more than just formal work experience. Other things you can put on your resume to help you land work include relevant skills, life experiences , and your educational background. A combination of these elements can help you demonstrate how youre still an excellent fit for the job.

While these experiences and skills arent tied to your work experience , they still help you demonstrate what you have to offer a company if hired. Some professional abilities you may have honed in your life include:

  • Managing or directing
  • Research

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What Should I Put On My Resume For Little Work Experience

You know how to describe your work experience. At this point, you might be thinking, what if I have little work experience or no experience at all?

First and foremost, youre going to have to make the most of what youve got.

Before deciding what to include in your work experience, ask yourself if youre using the right resume format.

For candidates with little work experience, you should be sticking to the functional resume. Rather than making the gaps behind your work experience revealing, you need to shift the hiring managers focus on your skills instead.

The key element to succeed here is playing to your strengths.

When looking at how to write a resume with no work experience, you have to be making the most out of everything youve got. Even if you dont have the ideal work experience theyre expecting, you can still show youre capable of getting the job done.

Here are a few ideas of what you could include:

  • Internships
  • Extracurricular activities

Then, follow our steps earlier by describing your work experience to make the most out of them.

Up to this point and you still have nothing to include?

If were dealing with a resume with literally no work experience, you need to change your approach.

Focus on emphasizing the following instead:

  • Your education section

Are you a graduate with an impressive GPA and have got relevant coursework?

Do you have any volunteer work or additional experience to show for?

Sell Your Skills Not Your Experience

Basic Resume Templates

Take a lesson from former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson: Don’t make up experience you don’t have. Instead of being embarrassed by your empty resume, keep in mind that everyone starts somewhere.

“My mom reminded me that everyone starts somewhere,” says Navy wife Stephanie. Stephanie married her sailor straight out of high school. By 19, she was pregnant. “It made sense to stay home with him once he was born,” she said of her son. “When he started school, I needed to go to work. And I had nothing on my resume. No job ever.”

The good news is this: Stephanie is happily employed today at a Hampton Roads hotel. She works the front desk and is being tracked for management. “They hired me because I had all the skills they needed even if I had no experience,” she says.

What does a skill-based resume look like? has a very helpful example resume that lists skills in its own section near the top of the resume.

If you have fewer marketable skills than these, think in broader terms. You are probably proficient at various software products that would be useful in an office environment. Maybe you have strong social media skills, have taken on leadership roles in volunteer or extracurricular organizations, or perhaps you have great people skills.

No one expects you to have a professional history to match these when you are straight out of school, but they do expect you to tell them what skills you offer and how you have honed them.

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