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How To Add Honor Society To Resume

Move Your Educational Experience To The Top Of Your Resume

Creating an Effective Resume – Including awards, honors, and other information

In this case, you’ll want your education section to be at the top of your resume, especially if you’re in the early stages of your professional career. Recruiters and hiring managers read a resume from top to bottom, so being on the Dean’s List can make it likely for an employer to continue reading your resume in addition to the school that you received your bachelor’s or master’s degree from.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining National Honor Society

NHS offers:

  • Support for students and parents with college admission and financial aid planning, leveraging unique member-only resources and tools, including webinars, virtual events, and scholarship search.
  • Assistance in making the dream of higher education possible through the highly acclaimed NHS Scholarship program.

Is A Varsity Letter An Honor

Not necessarily true. Many schools have requirements above simply being on the varsity team. Often, but not always, a senior will automatically get a letter, but younger students, subject to coachs discretion, often have benchmarks, e.g. playing in 50% of the games/quarters. Now, back to the question.

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What Gpa Do You Need For The National Honor Society

Eligibility Requirements

Students in grades 1012 who meet the requirements for membership outlined by their schools chapter are eligible to be invited for membership. Per national guidelines, at a minimum, students must have a cumulative GPA of 85, B, 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, or equivalent standard of excellence.

Secondly Decide How To Format Your Education Section

National Honor society Resume

One formatting style would be to keep the section simple by listing each institution and the dates you attended, followed by basic information about your degree. This should include the type of degree you earned, your major, your GPA and your honors. In this format, your honors should be listed directly after your major, separated by a comma. You can include your GPA in parentheses after the Latin honors.

Another formatting style is to expand your education section by listing your academic activities and honors after each degree. You may prefer this format if you participated in several extracurricular activities and received multiple honors. In this format, under each institution you attended, you should list your degree, honors, major and graduation date. Below that information, you should include two subsectionsone for activities and one for honors. Your Latin honors should be included in the honors section.

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How Should You List Awards On Your Resume

Once you know which awards to add to your resume, you can decide where and how to list them. As you consider your options, think about how important the award is to selling yourself as a candidate for the job youre applying for. You always want to make sure the most important information on your resume is easy to spot and understand by someone quickly scanning your resume.

Assess The Purpose Of The Resume

Determine the purpose of your resume. Are you trying to gain entrance to graduate school? Are you applying for your first job? Are you well established in your career and looking to make a move to a new company? The format of your resume and what you include in each category will depend on the answers to these questions. Generally, those job seekers who are new to the workforce should include more educational information than work experience. Experienced workers should include more jobs than educational experience and honors.

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Where Should I Put Honor Society On Common App

In general, National Honor Society should be included in the Activities section, especially if you made a meaningful contribution to the club, no matter if it was in the form of leadership, community service, etc. That way you will be able to describe in further detail how you contributed to the group.

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How to Write a Resume for High School Students with NO experience

On the other hand, if you are a professional with a few years of work experience, it is more to your benefit to include career related certificates or special. This will beef up and add clout to this part of your resume. In either case, listing your honor society membership certainly would not hurt. To list them as job duties worded as accomplishments or as part of a professional summary. View 200+ more professional resume samples for all industries, along with a guide to writing resumes from our experts. The honors and activities section is generally placed after the education and experience sections of the rsum. Add honors & awards to your education block you should have a block on resume that is specifically for education. Your latin honors should be listed under the relevant degree so that it is obvious when and where you earned them. If you are a current student or recent graduate, it is recommended that you add scholarships, academic awards, and honor societies to an honors and awards section of your resume. Including personal affiliations or memberships. You list it after you list your undergraduate or graduate business degree. Since this section is usually the last one on the rsum, you can include as many or as few honors and activities as space permits. Choose activities that you actively contributed to.

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Examples Of Awards And Honors On A Resume


You should be listing these awards on honors at the very bottom of your resume – beneath your education section.

Possible titles include:

You can even combine it with your education section:

  • Education and Awards

Since these awards, honors, and accomplishments are often difficult to tie to employment qualifications, you need to be careful to properly shape your narrative. Only include information that bolsters your prospects for getting hired. That means omitting any personal achievements and awards that are completely irrelevant to employment. Forget about that state fair cook-off award you won several years ago â unless youâre applying for a job as a chef. Chances are that an accounting firm wonât care that your chili was voted best in the state three years in a row!

Be specific about the professional awards, honors, and accomplishments, and avoid vague language. If you were on the Deanâs list for two straight years, donât just write that you received good grades. Instead, write:

Deanâs List 2016-2017, with 3.9 GPA. Received Student of the Year award in 2017, while at ABC University

What Information To Include About Your Awards

When youre deciding what information to include about your award, the first thing to consider is the knowledge base of the reader, Goodfellow says. For example, recruiter or hiring manager probably wont know the qualifications of your companys Rockstar of the Year award, and youll have to fill them in about what the award is given for. However, if youre applying for an internal promotion, she says, you wont need to include these details.

You should include the following details about any award you list on your resume, unless its well-known enough to the intended reader that it goes without saying:

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What Is An Honors And Activities Section

This section of the résumé highlights the relevant activities you have been involved with and the honors you have received that you could discuss with your prospective employer. You also want to communicate how these activities and honors might make you an asset to the organization.

An honors and activities section might include the following.

  • Academic awards and scholarships
  • Date of award or dates of involvement in an activity


  • Firstar Outstanding Student Scholarship 2007
  • Copy Editor, Purdue University’s student newspaper August 2005-December 2006
  • Coach, local middle school soccer team August 2004-December 2005
  • Vice President, Golden Key National Honor Society August 2003-May 2004

Great Resume Tips: How To Organize Your Resumes Education Section

Teenlife Guide to Writing Resumes

Is your resumes Education section taking up too much space on your resume? Are you finding it hard to fit in all the information you think is important?

Here are some of your resume Education section questions answered maybe even questions you didnt know you had! These tips will help you pack in lots of information without taking up half the space on your resume.

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Creating A Separate Section For Awards And Honors

Finally, you should work to highlight these career achievements in a separate awards section. This will enable you to make sure that these high-points are seen by the hiring manager. This also provides an opportunity for you to develop some consistency in how the information is presented. For each of these achievements, include:

  • The type of award, honor, or achievement â and when you received it

  • What it recognizes

  • Why it was important, and what you did to achieve it

  • Whether it was a school, city, regional, or national award or honor

For example, suppose that you were honored for your work as a student journalist on campus:

2017 Student Journalist of the Year

Given in recognition of outstanding contribution to the world of student journalism and awarded for my series of stories on the increased student dropout rate at ABC University. The award offered national recognition from a coalition of newspaper and broadcast media.

How To List Academic Honors On Your Resume With Examples

Graduating with honors is an impressive accomplishment, and its certainly one you should highlight on your resume as a recent graduate. However, many graduates are unsure if, when and how they should list Latin honors and other academic achievements on their resume. In this article, youll find resume tips and examples for graduates who have earned the distinction of cum laude, magna cum laude or summa cum laude.

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Should The Education Section Come First Or Last

If you are a new graduate from college or graduate school, or if you are applying to graduate school, your resumes Education section generally goes FIRST on your resume . Why? Because its what youve done most recently, and/or it is most relevant.

If you have been in the working world for 2 years or more, your Experience section will more likely come first, and Education might be last or close to last on your resume.

How To Show I Graduated With Honors On My Resume

Add Field Inspections To Your Notary Resume

Graduating with honors shows recruiters that you’re among the cream of the crop. It tells them that you have both the intelligence and the drive to achieve great things, so it’s certainly worth listing on your resume. Your honors designation should be included alongside your degree information on your resume.

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How To Write Honors And Awards On Your Resume

If youve decided that an Honors and Awards section will add value to your resume, you should create a separate resume section to make your accomplishments stand out.

In this Honors and Awards resume section, its possible to add scholarships, academic awards, and honor societies as well as other professional certificates gained throughout your academic or professional career.

If you have lots of work experience, it is advisable to include any professional awards on your resume to highlight the fact your work was recognized for its excellence in a certain field.

The accomplishments that you choose to add to your resume must be relevant to the job vacancy youre applying to or relate in some way to the industry or specific company.

When it comes to listing awards on a resume you should remember to include the details of when and where it was awarded to you, such as the date and the school, college or enterprise.

What Should Be On A 2 Page Cv

Two-page resume tips

  • Put your contact information on both pages.
  • List skills and summary statement only once.
  • Be as concise as possible.
  • Put the most important information first.
  • Focus on the last 10 years.
  • Put education and certifications on Page Two.
  • If its less than 1.5 pages, make it one page instead.
  • Use two sheets.
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    Alternative: Create An Honors And Awards Section

    You can alternatively create an honors and awards section. This works best for those with a long list of honors:

    Honors and Awards:

    • Team player of the year 2019 – Lacrosse
    • Young Writers Award 2018 – second place

    However, it would be awkward to create an honors section if you only list Phi Beta Kappa there. Skip this section if you can’t find anything else to put there.

    Mention Scholarships And Grants

    National Honor society Resume

    If you have received any scholarships, grants or bursaries, it is a good idea to mention them on your resume. When doing this, make sure that you list the awards and the reasons you received them. Instead of just saying, have received scholarships for academic achievements, it should read, received scholarships from ABC company for excellence in mathematics. While you dont need to write an entire book, its important to provide some background information about scholarships and grants, as well as other awards you have received for academics.

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    Honors And Awards Section On The Resume

    Add something outstanding to your resume.

    In a competitive job market, it is important to have a resume which stands out from the crowd. Listing Honors and Awards on your resume gives you the edge you need to reach the interview stage and beyond.

    When looking for a first job, many students find that their resume gets lost in a pile and barely gets considered. Especially when there are countless other applicants with similar qualifications and skills.

    Your degrees and experience will distinguish you from thousands of other candidates but remember that employers have to look through dozens of resumes on a daily basis. Sometimes you need a little something extra.

    Adding Honors and Awards to your resume can give it the invaluable advantage it needs to get you noticed. Using a resume template allows you to quickly achieve this.

    Check out the following guide to find out where awards should go on a resume and how to include them so that they can positively influence your candidacy.

    Greek Life Can Be A Conversation Starter

    While having your fraternity or sorority on your resume isnt an interview-granting guarantee, its a great way to break the ice during an interview. Acknowledging your Greek experience is an easy way for you to show another side of yourself.

    Your skills and experiences arent the only measures for whether youre a good fit for a company. Company culture is important, too. If the company culture values friendliness, socializing, or community, presenting your personable nature through your Greek experience could show your employer that you would fit right in.

    Nervous about your interview? Prepare yourself with these common job interview questions and answers.

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    Where Should Awards And Honors Go On A Resume

    Deciding where to place an Awards and Honors section will depend on the resume format. However, no matter how impressive this section is, it should not be the main focus of your resume.

    So, where do you put awards on a resume?

    Any awards and acknowledgements that you choose to add to your resume should be prominent, but your experience and qualifications are the main selling points. You could put it directly below or next to your Experience or Qualifications section.

    Your resume tells your story, and demonstrates why you are the right person for a position. The Awards and Honors section should accompany your Qualifications and Experience, adding extra value to your resume.

    Using an online resume builder is a simple and effective way of writing a winning resume which will get you through to the interview stage.

    When To List Honors On Your Resume

    Randall NJHS Application Tutorial 2020

    Not every resume should have academic honors listed. Generally, listing academic honors is best for those job seekers right out of school with very little work experience. Academic honors demonstrate the applicant’s intelligence, hard work and commitment to education. Since those new to the workforce do not have the job experience to demonstrate their skills and qualifications, academic honors can be used to determine a candidate’s qualifications instead.

    Job seekers who have several years of work experience do not need to list academic honors separately on their resumes. There is a way to list graduation honors like cum laude without taking space away from work experience. Generally speaking, however, hiring managers will be more interested in your work experience at this stage in your career than your academics achievements from your time in college.

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    How To Put Phi Beta Kappa On Your Resume


    College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA – 2020Bachelor of Science, Computer ScienceGPA: 3.9 Honors: Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude

    Step by step:

  • List your college, its location, and your graduation year.
  • Add your degree, including majors and minors.
  • Add your GPA .
  • Create an Honors subsection. Include Phi Beta Kappa.
  • Add any other honors .
  • Where To List Your Special Recognitions

    The appropriate place to list your awards and honors depends on where you are in your career. For example, if you are a student or you graduated a short while ago, you probably dont have as much experience in your desired career field. Thus, it may be worth it to create a separate honors and awards section, as you will have a sufficient amount of space on your resume to do so. If the honors and awards were awarded during your academic experience, you can include them in your education section. On the other hand, if you have several years of work experience, you dont have enough room on your paper resume to create a separate section just for your special recognitions. In this case, seasoned professionals can list honors and awards within the specific work experience where it was earned. In addition, it is always a recommended to mention your most significant recognitions in your executive summary. Remember in either case, if you do not have enough room on your PDF resume to write about your honors and awards in great detail , you can always add more detailed explanations on your online resume.

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