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How To Add Your Small Business To Your Resume

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How To Write Your Resume in an HOUR

As daunting as the application itself can be, treat it like the first stage of the interview process. If you are given the space, answer each question fully using keywords and cater your answer to the job description. Most recruiters wont see too many other applications with answers like this on the online application. This is another area for you to shine and stand out from the other 100+ applicants.

Double check your grammar and spelling. Theres nothing like reading an awesome response, only to find numerous typos throughout the application. This can also get you eliminated from further consideration.

Consider This: Research the company, figure out why you want to work for them specifically. Use that why to craft your answers to questions like, Why do you feel you are the best candidate?

What Is A Good Headline Or Summary For A Resume

A resume headline should be one brief phrase it should not even be a complete sentence. The goal is to concisely state your value as a candidate anything longer than a phrase defeats the purpose of a headline. Use keywords. Use keywords that demonstrate your skills or experience as related to the job application.

Small Business Owner Resume Samples

The exact duties of a Small Business Owner can vary from hiring staff to arranging finance. While the specific duties may vary from business to business, the general duties are common and are listed on the Small Business Owner Resume as follows reviewing sales reports, comparing goals, directing the activities of the employees, taking responsibility for the growth and stability of the business, representing on behalf of the business in meetings and conference and monitoring the day-to-day operations of the business.

Earning a college degree in business can help the owners in building a solid foundation of business acumen, and technical skills that are needed for running the daily operations. But in addition, the person should have strong time-management skills, exemplary communication skills, and operational skills as well. Though a formal degree may not be required, the person should have knowledge of bookkeeping and marketing.

  • Small Business Owner
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    Important Tips To Consider When Putting Family Business On Your Resume

    You can and should add your family business experience to your resume. Have it in mind that family experience works are great additions to your resume, especially for anyone whos dealing with employment gaps in their work history. Here are a few important tips to remember while doing this.

    1. Give yourself a Job Title

    Always remember to treat your family business experience as other independent contractors and other freelancers would on their resumes give yourself a title that reflects the type of work you were doing during your time of employment.

    2. Start with Contact Information

    Also start by listing your contact information at the top of your resume. Include your full legal name, mailing address, phone number, email address, and professional website if applicable. Check to make sure that your contact information is updated and accurate so any potential employers can contact you easily.

    3. Include an Objective or a Summary

    After your contact information, remember to include either a career summary or a short description of your professional objectives. Note that most entry-level professionals opt for an objective, while mid-level and senior professionals typically write a summary of their achievements. Keep this section short, as it should include no more than two sentences.

    4. Highlight your Key Accomplishments and Responsibilities

    5. Mention your Academic Achievements

    Business Owner Resume Example

    Small Business Owner Resume Template

    Here is an example of a business owner resume:

    Contact InformationDetroit, MI 48213

    Professional SummaryCommitted and motivated business owner with almost a decade of experience in the residential construction and retail sectors. Proven track of analyzing construction plans and proposals and identifying affordable sources of material and labor. Highly knowledgeable about the fundamental construction principles, customer service, project management and leadership.

    Work ExperiencePJ Consulting, December 2018PresentDetroit, Michigan

    • Provides assistance and oversight for large construction projects

    • Conducts business process assessments and develops new processes for the successful management and execution of construction projects

    • Develops project-specific financial models and tools to help projects run more smoothly

    Office ManagerKenTanks Enterprises, February 2015-November 2018Detroit, Michigan

    • Allocated resources to ensure high performance

    • Trained new staff members and organized their orientations

    • Collaborated with the production department

    • Managed price and terms with vendors

    Sales SupervisorBetatech, September 2011-January 2015Ann Arbor, Michigan

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    Use Your Cover Letter To Showcase Your Skills Juggling Both Jobs

    When you write a cover letter to go along with your resume, use it to describe how you balanced working a full-time job and a side hustle and succeeded in both.

    For example, you can showcase how your ability to meet deadlines for freelance projects in your spare time highlights your effective time management skills.

    You can also note how managing the responsibilities of two roles means you can handle a greater workload than other applicants.

    Use this opportunity to reassure the hiring manager that if youre planning to continue with your freelance work, it wont affect your ability to handle a full-time job.

    Change Your Job Title

    You might want to say you worked for your company. Leave it unsaid that you were the owner. Instead, describe yourself as the companys manager, or list another role that you played.

    You can even use the title of the job that you are seeking since you probably filled that role in your own company. For example, lets pretend you are applying for a Director of Sales position and have overseen business development for your business. Calling yourself a Director of Sales on your resume helps the reader understand your work through their frame of reference.

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    Tips For Describing Your Small Business Or Side Hustle On Your Resume For Maximum Impact

    Your resume is your opportunity to make a great first impression and stand out from the competition. But if youre running your own business as your main gig or even just as a side hustle, describing it on your resume can be tricky.

    You want to make it sound as impressive as it really is for future opportunities, but you also dont want to come across as too boastful. So, how can you make sure your small business or side hustle shines on your resume? Check out our top tips below.

    Youll be able to catch the eyes of potential employers and show them that youre not just another applicant youre an entrepreneur with real-world experience and skills. And thatll set you apart from the rest.

    What Is A Catchy Headline

    HOW TO create your perfect RESUME!

    A catchy headline is extremely important to bring the reader in to view an article, advertisement or social media post. A headline should be carefully worded to catch someones eye and get that person interested in reading what follows the headline. Discover some catchy headlines and get inspired to craft your own.

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    How Do You Say Side Hustle On Resume

    If you created a side hustle for whatever reason, you can include it under the Experience section of your resume as well. Even if your side hustle hasnt earned you a lot of money, youll want to include it for the new knowledge and skills youve gained from it! Dont worry so much about how much money youve made.

    When Should You Not List Your Startup Or Business

    The only time you wouldn’t want to list your startup is when you’re still active or you were in the same industry as the company you’re applying for.


    You don’t want to highlight a startup that you’re still running because if it eventually takes off, your hiring manager would expect you to leave. The last thing an employer wants to do is spend all that money hiring someone who may leave in a few months. They also want you focused on your current job and not your startup.

    You also don’t want to mention your startup if it’s in the same exact industry. The hiring manager will think that you either want to grow your knowledge or obtain trade secrets to grow your own startup.

    Even though these situations may not be your goal, it’s best to leave your startup off your resume in this case and focus on other relevant skills and work experience. If you have a large gap in your resume because of the startup you may want to use the functional resume format. You can read more here on how to deal with employment gaps on your resume.

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    Discuss Your Work Experience

    Next, create a list of all work experience that is relevant to your field, starting with your most recent job. Mention the name of your employer, your role and your employment dates. Then, create a bulleted list of your primary responsibilities and contributions. Use action-oriented verbs to showcase what you did and what you accomplished.

    Small Business Renewal Specialistresume Examples & Samples

    Small Business Owner Resume Guide
    • Gathering necessary information to make an independent credit decision, based on behavioral factors, for maturing loans with exposure up to $750,000 in term loans and $250,000 in line of credit exposure
    • Preparing and presenting credit approval documents to appropriate credit approvers, to include discussions with Credit Risk Management
    • Contacting Business Bankers to discuss structure and obtain additional information as needed
    • Managing the renewal process for many customers at any given time
    • Daily multi-tasking as well as adherence to deadlines and production requirements
    • Three to five years of job related experience
    • Basic knowledge of credit administration, policy and procedures
    • Strong problem solving, decision making, and negotiation skills

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    Small Business Loan Documentation Specialistresume Examples & Samples

    • Manage and monitor a complex portfolio of work representing a significant amount of risk
    • Act as SME in an advisory capacity to senior managers and lead new work. Recommend business performance improvements
    • Ensure authorizations and approvals are obtained in accordance with policies and controls
    • Escalate all unresolved processing issues to the appropriate level, as per guidelines
    • 3 to 5 years of business purpose/commercial documentation experience handling non-complex transactions
    • Good knowledge of standard desktop applications used by the business unit
    • Good knowledge and understanding of business units key products and services, processes and controls
    • Good understanding of business units risk and regulatory requirements
    • Good knowledge of departmental systems and applications
    • Good understanding of internal business partners business, services and organization
    • Good knowledge of area of expertise and ability to perform business purpose lending activities, including but not limited to, order and review of required entity and collateral due diligence, preparation of loan documents, perfection of collateral and set-up of exception/ongoing monitoring requirements
    • Accurate data entry skills

    Heres How To List Self Employment On Resume

    There are a couple of general directives that you should rely on when making a resume with self-employment:

  • List your entries just like you would do with any other job. Describe the work you did and describe it well. Additionally, try to include some achievements. The recruiters will care less about the experience being self-employment if your duties were impressive.
  • Use a functional job title, instead of simply putting self-employment or even worse self-work. This way, your resume will pass any Applicant Tracing System to reach the HR Officer. And when the HR Officer eventually looks at your resume, from the first look at it, they will instantly know what your job was.
  • Add clients. They serve as the insight to your scope of work. Other businesses are sure to know the local partners, which they will surely contact to get to know their possible future employee.
  • Include references! One of the main problems with self employment on resume is that mostly you cannot prove the work you did. You created a successful startup that received backing from 200,000 contributors? Thats great, and I went to Mars with Elon Musk is what some very judgmental HR Officers think daily. Give a couple of references, directing recruiters to your partners and collaborators.
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    When Applying At New Businesses

    At startups or smaller businesses, your jack-of-all-trades skillset can be a great asset. In your resume, mention the challenges you faced at your startup. How did you overcome those problems? How did you ensure growth?

    Even if youre applying to a company where mentioning entrepreneurial experience on your resume is not advisable, you can still talk about it in a way that shows your strengths. So how do you convey your skills to an employer without scaring them away?

    What Counts As Experience On A Resume


    Your professional experience can include any and all exposure you’ve had to skills, training, or practical applications that qualify you for a job. Most often, this section consists of full-time office work, but times are changing. Resumes now often include freelance work, side hustles, internships, entrepreneurial pursuits, volunteer work, and passion projects. It all comes down to relevance.

    Relevant experience will differ by employers, so hereâs a tip: always refer to the job description.

    While reviewing the job description, identify your job titles, skills, and education that would satisfy the basic qualifications. Sometimes, this means adding in a volunteer project you wouldn’t usually consider professional work experience. On the other hand, if you have a former position that doesn’t support your current career goals, you do not have to include it on your resume.

    We’ll talk more about determining what is relevant experience in a minute.

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    Be Confident About Your Experience

    There is no way to hide the fact that you were a business owner and you shouldnt try to. So dont shy away from letting potential employers know that you ran your own business.

    Even though you moved on, self-employment provided you with a variety of skills that will benefit you and your new employer. The fact that youve been a business owner means you have leadership skills and qualities that other candidates may not possess.

    Be confident about the skills youve gained during your small business experience. Potential employers will see the energy and enthusiasm you bring to the table.

    What Are The Good Business Ideas

    Explore this list of business ideas you can start making money with this year:

    • Start a dropshipping business.
    • Design and sell print-on-demand t-shirts.
    • Launch your own book.
    • Create digital products or online courses.
    • Sell print-on-demand posters, greeting cards, and prints.
    • Start a charitable business.
    • Sell a service.

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    Overview Of Your Entrepreneurial Experience

    The most important part of your business owner resume is the section that outlines your experience as an entrepreneur. You dont have to write a book one to two paragraphs may be enough but focus on summarizing what your entrepreneurial journey has entailed. The goal is to close any gaps that may exist by detailing experience you had from the time you began your career to today. This might seem simple enough, but when you are writing the resume yourself it might end up sounding biased and subjective. To avoid this you should work with a professional resume writer that will assure to include only the important parts and present you in a proper way.

    Central Direct Banker Small Businessresume Examples & Samples

    Small Business Owner Resume Guide
    • A strong focus on acquiring new business, primarily home lending, equipment finance and business term lending
    • Utilising your excellent communication and people skills to network, creating meaningful relationships with customers. In order to expand your networks you will be required to think outside the square and be creative in your approach
    • General customer maintenance, including onboarding and maintenance of customer accounts, value transactions, ensuring all NAB customers are provided world class customer service
    • Professionally and efficiently answer enquiries, action requests and resolve customer feedback and concerns, ensuring all details are accurately captured in Siebel
    • Identifying sales/referral opportunities

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    What Is A Good Summary For A Resume With Little Experience

    Since you dont have work experience, your professional summary should include one or two adjectives describing your work ethic, your level of education, your relevant skills and your professional passions or interests. Each professional summary should be tailored to the specific job you are applying for.

    Important Skills Family Business Owners Forget To Add To Their Resume

    Table of Content

    1. Marketing Skills

    Note that for most people who are self-employed or work within a family business, advertising the company might never seem like marketing. Especially since attracting people into the business is how a family makes its living this tends to make all skill.

    Even though some family businesses are lucky enough to have established a reputation in their community, allowing most of their revenue to come from word-of-mouth or customer retention scenarios, individuals should consider what they have done to increase their customer base.

    Have it in mind that managing social media pages and interacting with customers on the Internet can also translate to Internet and content marketing. In addition, those who build a business as a result of communicating directly with others in the community can sometimes identify themselves as having face-to-face marketing, as well as sales, skills.

    2. Certifications and Community Involvement

    Also, note that one of the most crucial things found on a resume is whether or not the applicant has continued to learn new job skills throughout his or her career. Even though it is imperative to list education that may have been completed while working for a family business, it is also pertinent to note any training courses that were completed or certifications that were maintained throughout the career.

    3. Management Skills

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