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How To Handle Promotions On Resume

Tips For Optimizing Your Promotion On A Resume

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When showing a promotion, make sure that:

  • It is relevant and specific to the job you are applying for
  • There is enough context behind why you got promoted. Did you earn an award within the last year? Did you complete an intense training program?
  • You list the job titles and company name first, followed by the dates of employment.
  • The month and year of your experience in each position is listed, as its the most helpful to the hiring manager.
  • You use bullet points when detailed larger batches of info
  • Bold, italics, and underlines are used tastefully to put more emphasis on a specific section

Following these will help optimize your resume both for ATSs and for hiring managers eyes. Now lets look at how some of these resume promotions will generally be formatted on your resume.

How To Show Job Promotion On A Resume: Common Tips

Choosing the right method to reflect the promotion in the resume is half the battle. The rest of the success will depend on your ability to catch the recruiters attention and prove your professional value. The following rules will help you accomplish both tasks.

1. Combine duties and achievements. Even small professional victories speak volumes. Your contribution to the companys profit, the prosperity of the team, or customer satisfaction demonstrates that you not only performed routine duties, but also knew your stuff, set goals, and pursued them step by step. Therefore, try to add at least one achievement to your list of responsibilities. To consolidate the success, expand on your accomplishments in the cover letter. If you do not know how to create a cover letter, Get Cover Letter online builder can break it down for you.

2. Use specific numbers. Submitting a resume with a typical list of responsibilities is a bad idea, because it runs the risk being lost among dozens of identical application documents. Another failed tactic is filling the resume with big words and groundless statements such as increased sales, increased department efficiency, and so on. The potential employer appreciates not just the fact that you got promoted, but also the reasons for your success. Therefore, use hard numbers. They always reinforce achievements, increase credibility, and bring you closer to the coveted job offer.

Option #: List The Same Company Twice

You can also just list the companys name and address a second time, but create separate sections for each job title. Then, you can list your most impressive accomplishments from each.

That would look like this:

XYZ Inc. Rochester, NYVP of Marketing June 2017-Present

  • Increased website traffic by 145% year-over-year

  • Managed social media campaign that drove sales by 36%

  • Designed new website layout that was featured on Best SEO of March 2019

XYZ Inc. Rochester, NY

  • Hired and managed a team of 8-12 writers to develop blog

  • Cut costs on development by 36%

  • Organized group pitch meetings and developed 20 new articles each week

This resume format works really well for applicant tracking systems because its the same as listing your experience at different companies. If youre applying to a large company thats likely to use an ATS, we recommend this method.

Of course, it takes up a lot of space, so consider the value of that space and perhaps cut some detail from your more junior roles.

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Assistant Promotions Manager Client Acquisitions And Relations

Worked on 300+ national music video marketing campaigns with major and independent record companies.

  • Assisted in coordinating exposure strategies as part of a team of marketing promoters, while tutoring new employees on processes.
  • Developed visual and written promotional hype sheets to attain high profile airplay and exposure for 90% of client base.
  • Participated in the client and outlet acquisition process and serviced current client and outlet inquiries.
  • Optimized computer communication methods for efficient outlet and client networking using MS Outlook, MS Publisher as well as various social and blog networks to significantly reduce hours spent on the process .
  • Contributed to ongoing project to speed up content delivery and introduced basic SEO techniques to generate site traffic.

Is It Important To Make An Exclusive Section For Promotions On Your Resume

High School Tutor Resume Samples

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Promotions usually go under the work experience section. However, you could dedicate an entire section for them if you have been working for several years and have had quite a few promotions over a long span, as in twelve years or more. So, although your promotions are from a long time ago, they could still be important, making a separate section would mean you would not have to devote much space to them under the main work experience section. They might not need an extensive description, yet you would get a chance to showcase them on your resume.

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If The Roles Were Different

If youve been promoted or moved into a significantly different role, its okay to list these as . Youre essentially treating these as different jobs but using a shared company heading to make it clear that this was an internal progression rather than a series of isolated jobs.

If you prefer, you can list these roles completely separately, with the company name included twice . This is riskier since it can look to a recruiter like two different jobs if theyre only quickly scanning your resume. Why consider it?

Some applicant tracking systems may find it easier to read, so its a trade-off. Its also a good way to show career progression if you held two different roles at the same company with a gap in between .

A third option is to selectively group different roles together. This is similar to the first option, but ideal if youre trying to highlight specific experience or particularly noteworthy accomplishments. Here’s an example:

Example Of Work Experience Showing Promotions Through Different Companies

Here is an example of work experience showing promotions from one company to another:


  • Managed and engaged 15 employees
  • Managed guest satisfaction by providing exemplary service
  • Scheduled side work for shifts to ensure all front of house duties are complete
  • Performed basic math to deliver guests their change

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Writing A Cover Letter For Promotion Tips & Samples

Presenting your skills and expertise with the help of a professional cover letter for promotion is a good way to catch the attention of the hiring manager. When called for an interview, do not shy away from speaking out your expectations. One good of progressing in your career is to get internal promotions, within the company. When applying for a promotion, remember to use a formal cover letter for an internal position. Here are the tips to write the perfect promotion cover letter.

Employer Promotion Company Policies

How to Handle Multiple Job Offers

The reasons you may need to interview for a promotion is because poor HR/promotion practices can cause job dissatisfaction, turnover from those who were passed over, and possibly discrimination claims if employees believe they were discriminated against.

It’s important not to expect promotions to come automatically. It’s also important to prepare for the interview as you would for any other new job opportunity.

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Common Job Promotion Interview Questions And Answers

Taking time to review possible questions and answers to those questions is important to your interviewing success. Preparing will build your confidence.

Here are nine common questions that you may be asked in your job promotion interview, as well as sample answers:

  • What do you like best about your current position at the company?

  • Why do you want the new position?

  • Why should we consider you for this promotion?

  • Can you tell me what you know about the position you are being considered for?

  • How would your current team members describe your work?

  • How will you react if you donât get this promotion?

  • How will this promotion affect your current work relationships?

  • Tell me about a time when you had to complete a task you had never done beforeâ¦how did you go about it?

  • If given this promotion, what do you hope to accomplish within the next three to six months?

  • Manager Hgtv & Diy Networks Home Promotionsresume Examples & Samples

    • Bachelors degree in marketing or related field
    • 5-7 years experience in digital marketing with experience specifically in various social platforms, digital content creation, and syndication/distribution management
    • Strong analytical skills combined with the ability to provide creative direction and execution on multiple projects at the same time
    • Ability to develop and present clear and compelling client focused marketing solutions
    • Ability to work across different internal departments and alongside outside vendors in areas such as digital edit + social initiatives, consumer marketing, client events, PR, and on-air sales and promotions
    • Must have a passion for digital platforms and be willing to explore digital growth avenues for the company as it pertains to home giveaways
    • Must have experience with managing client promotions such as contests/sweepstakes and custom executions including content creation and social integrations
    • Must be able to work on multiple projects in a high-pressure, deadline-oriented environment
    • Must be able to communicate clearly and concisely in both written and oral presentations and comfortable speaking with high level business partners and clients
    • Proficiency in Power Point, Excel, Word SalesForce, Box, and Photoshop experience strongly desired
    • Must be available to travel for business on occasion

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    How To Show Promotions On Resumesame Company Similar Duties

    Scenario one:

    Youve been promoted. Your responsibilities grew together with you but the nature of your job remains largely the same.

    In this case, the best way to list promotions on a resume is to

    Stack your job titles.

    Heres how to show a promotion on a resume when your duties dont change much:

    • First, list the company name, start and finish dates, and location.
    • Next, list your job titles in the reverse-chronological order.
    • Finally, add bullet points that reflect your achievements on a resume for all the positions, just like in the example below:

    How to List Promotion on ResumeExample


    It may be hard to come up with numbers for each and every experience bullet. And honestly:

    You dont have to.

    Its vital to strike the right balance, though.

    So, mix your responsibilities with achievements to create a balanced whole.

    Example Of Work Experience Showing Promotion With A Change In Responsibilities

    Head Photo Specialist Resume Samples

    Here is an example of what a work experience section on a resume looks like showing job advancement at one company when the roles include different responsibilities:


    Administrative Assistant | January 2018 to Present

    • Planned corporate travel
    • Helped with daily office operations

    Quality Assurance Coordinator | November 2017 to January 2018

    • Ensured all bottles had secured caps on an assembly line
    • Paid close attention to detail
    • Excelled in a task-driven workplace

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    How Can I Use An Accomplishment From My Previous Role As Part Of The Explanation For Why I Was Promoted

    You can list your accomplishments on your resume and explain how the experience helped you get promoted.

    For example, if your goal was to increased sales by 20 percent, but you ended up increasing sales by 50 percent, you want to highlight that. All of this would follow detailed explanations of what specific actions and experiences that led to the increased numbers in sales. This same idea applies to any promotion within an organization.

    Cover Letter For Promotion Writing Tips

    • Mention youre essential particulars, especially if you are in a big company. The things to mention include your current department, the total number of years in the company, the total number of years in the current position, and your current job profile.
    • Mention specific reasons why you are the right person for the position. You need to sync your current job responsibilities with that of the vacant position. If it is for a promotion, you need to focus on the leadership skills if it is for an internal transfer, you should emphasize the technical skills you have.
    • Mention clearly and concisely your career goals and connect them with the organizational goals.
    • Use a qualitative sample cover letter for promotion so that you are sure that you stick to the formally accepted norms of a promotion cover letter. Customize it to fill in your specific details.
    • It is crucial to highlight your achievements to prove your mettle. This is to impress the hiring manager and prove your suitability for the job.
    • Never forget to show your appreciation for what the opportunities that the organization has provided to you, for example, the training that you have attended on-the-job.
    • Remember your cover letter for promotion needs to be convincing, precise, and contain specific details. You could opt to tell them your story but do it in a way to nail it with finesse.
    • Finally, ensure that you put in the names of few trusted referrals from within the company. This makes the cover letter professional.

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    Be There For Your Team By Asking How You Can Help

    People who are viewed as worthy of promotion are those who can be team players. When you show your employer you can lead a team or be part of one you’re illustrating your versatility. Promotions are often granted to those people an employer can count on to take the right leadership role during a project or assignment.

    Ask For More Information

    How to deal with multiple job offers

    Your job as a manager is not to have an answer right then, says Shannon Fitzgerald, the Director of HR at The Muse. Its to listen and gather information, she adds. Its asking why they feel that way and digging in before responding.

    Youll not only need to understand your employees reasoning in order to make an informed decision and perhaps make a case to HR and your higher ups, but youll also be able to figure out whether there are other issues you need to addresssuch as mismatched expectations about the role.


    • Did you have something in mind?
    • Tell me why you feel that way.
    • What do you feel is an appropriate range?

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    Instead Of Working Hard Behind Your Desk Go To The Office Party

    While promotion is often based on your job performance, it doesn’t hurt to get on good social terms with your boss. Find common interests and talk about these subjects during your lunch break or downtime at work. If it’s all business between you and your boss, then you don’t give him or her time to see you as a human being and care about your success on a personal level.

    Promotions Executive The Sunresume Examples & Samples

    • To work alongside the Head of Promotions to ensure all key Sun promotions, from conception to execution across both print and digital platforms are outputted smoothly
    • To play a role in contributing to wider marketing plans, working with the brand team to ensure campaigns feed into the wider strategy for The Sun
    • To work alongside the sales teams to ensure customer groups are met through all campaigns
    • To work with the editorial team, on maximising the campaigns, both in print and digitally
    • To monitor the effectiveness of all promotional investments, responsible for all campaign wash ups and sharing the results with wider teams
    • To execute promotions and partnerships activity, through both direct and above the line communications to various different customer groups both digital and print
    • Work with the brand, promotion and sales teams to ensure promotions will deliver on total sale
    • Understanding The Sun marketing values, its positioning and key competitive advantages and translate this into meaningful and effective marketing solutions. Future-proof the brand by developing optimum positioning with promotions
    • Experience of all media channels
    • An understanding and experience at using a variety of marketing and communication levers
    • Preferably a knowledge of and experience in the media industry
    • Commercially and organisationally astute

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    Don’t Be Afraid To Tell Your Boss They’re Wrong

    Instead of sitting back and doing the job you’ve been assigned, make proposals that will help you succeed in business situations. If you can come up with a better way to gain new clients, enhance the web presence of your business or expand revenue, tell your boss about it in a formal proposal. This shows you are not afraid to challenge the status quo.

    Promotionsresume Examples & Samples

    Seasonal Sales Associate Resume Samples
    • 1) Supports a strong commitment to world class customer service and ensures a pleasant and productive shopping experience for all customers
    • 2) Assists with the execution of all major Promotional events
    • 3) Coordinates “in-house” outdoor skills workshop program
    • 4) Coordinates external and internal Public Relations activities
    • 5) Communicates all Store events timely & appropriately and works with Management to insure proper staffing
    • 6) Fosters goodwill for the BPS Brand in the local community
    • 7) Maintains strong relationships with local chapters of conservation organizations and affinity groups
    • 8) Submits timely information for tabs, website pages, signage, ROP, etc. to Marketing
    • 9) Keeps work area clean, neat and safe at all times
    • 10) Follows all Company Policies and Procedures

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    When To Stack Job Titles Together

    Stack job titles when the jobs in question have identical or similar job descriptions. For example, you may have received a title change with no change in duties, been promoted to a job that increased your authority but didnt change your day-to-day activities, or been transferred to a different branch office for the same role. In cases like this, describing both jobs would be repetitive.

    Stacking job titles works best when you held the jobs one after the other. This way, the dates beside each role are still in order, even though they dont have individual descriptions. If the jobs werent back-to-backif you worked for a different company in between these jobs, for examplethe timeline will be confusing. Only stack job titles when describing consecutive roles.

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    Further, its best not to stack job titles in your resume when youre applying through an applicant tracking system . An ATS is a type of software that some employers use to read and sort resumes, and its important not to confuse it. When your job titles are stacked together, the ATS may have difficulty understanding which role the description applies to. If you are applying via an ATS, consider writing every job in a separate entry, even when they were at the same company.

    In short, stack job titles together when:

    • The jobs were consecutive
    • The job descriptions were similar or the same
    • You were promoted or moved for a good reason
    • You arent submitting your resume to an ATS


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