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How To List Real Estate License On Resume

How To Write A Cv For A Real Estate Agent

Creating A Real Estate Resume | REALTOR Success

Your curriculum vitae is your one chance to grab a potential employer’s attention. Also known as a resume, the CV includes a summary of your education, skills and work experience. Make yours stand out from the crowd so the hiring manager feels compelled to at least bring you in for an interview. Keep your CV contained to one page, if possible. Get your key points across quickly and wait until the interview to answer questions in detail. It is easier to highlight your accomplishments in real estate than in other industries because your performance can be quantified with sales revenue numbers.

Format The Real Estate Cv Template The Right Way

Like organising an open house, you cant just come in on a Saturday and expect to let potential homebuyers walk right in.

Youve got to tidy the place up, spruce up the decor, and create an event for those clients to find.

Similarly, before you start writing a CV for real estate agent jobs, youve got to format the CV just right.

Here is how to format real estate CV templates:

  • Start with your most recent job, real estate or otherwise, and go back in reverse-chronological order from there.
  • Pick a CV font to use which is easy to read for the real estate agency employer.
  • Use an 1112pt font size in the body text, about 24pts larger for section headings, and leave a 1-inch margin around all sides of your CV for real estate agents.
  • Choose appropriate sections to put on a CVif it isnt relevant or helpful in landing you a real estate interview, leave it off.

Expert Hint:Send CVs as PDFs. The real estate agent CV PDF format is way better than a Microsoft Word doc when it comes to how well it displays on various devices. Dont send a Word CV unless the real estate job description specifically tells you to do so.

Bilingual Real Estate Agent

Plan, Coordinate, and execute mothly marketing plans on social media tailored to home buyers and home sellers to expand my data base and generate leads.

  • Analyse the current real esate market trents to aim my clients take informed decisions while buying or seeling their home.
  • Analyse my clientes wants, needs, preferences, budget and motivation and help them narrow their search and identify the best properties.
  • Handle the details of the negotiation process, including the preparation of all necessary offers and counteroffers forms, in order to obtain the best deal for my clients.
  • Prepare all the paperwork that goes along with a real estate transaction in a timely manner executing and meeting all the dead lines.
  • Follow up with all my past clients on a daily manner to regenerate new businesses and obtain referrals.

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Real Estate Agent Cv Sample Of Education Section

Bachelor of Business Administration in Real Estate

Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA

Graduation: 2017

Relevant Coursework: Commercial Investment Analysis, Residential Real Estate Sales and Marketing, Income Property Appraising, Brokerage Firm Operations, Real Estate Finance & Mortgage Banking, Real Estate Management, Real Estate Law, International Real Estate.

Here are the guidelines to follow in a real estate agent CV education section:

  • If you have more than one degree , add the highest one first.
  • List the major, the school name, its location, and the year of completion.
  • Add any coursework related to real estate jobs you may have taken.
  • If you have additional educational accomplishments, such as academic awards, include them below as a subsection.
  • Dont add a high school entry if youve completed a university degree.

Expert Hint: Writing a new real estate agent CV? If you have impressive university work but lack relevant real estate experience, switch their places. Move the education section over your work history section to give the employer the most notable things first.

Make Your Resume Stand Out With Your Real Estate Agent Skills

Download Realtor Resume

As a real estate agent, youll have many diverse responsibilities. A successful agent has to be adept in a variety of skills, such as:

  • Generating leads through various marketing campaigns, like phone calls, emails, and online ads
  • Negotiating deals between buyers and sellers that can also lead to the need to resolve conflicts
  • Holding open houses as well as escorting potential buyers to properties that match their needs
  • Creating legal documents like lease agreements, contracts, and deeds
  • Consistently keeping up to date with the local and national real estate market trends
  • Acquiring local knowledge of the city or state in which youre selling property, in order to adequately serve customers

If youre not sure what skills to include on your resume, here are some general hard and soft skills that are useful for any real estate agent to have:

  • Negotiation
  • Effective use of marketing techniques
  • Knowledgeable of all federal and local laws regarding real estate
  • Trustworthiness
  • Social media skills
  • Negotiation skills

Additionally, mentioning your computer skills on your real estate resume is recommended. A large part of a real estate agents time is spent in front of a computer, either doing research, marketing or communicating with buyers and sellers.

Quickly state what computer programs youre proficient in, such as Microsoft Excel, Word, and Powerpoint.

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How To Detail Licenses On A Resume

Add pertinent license information to your resume, especially if it is relevant to the position to which you are applying. Resume formats can vary and some people like to insert licensing information under its own section, such as Licenses, or under headings like Education or Licenses and Certificates. While you have flexibility in how you format the resume and layout your information, maintain consistency when detailing information for each license included on the resume.

Locate copies of your licenses and note the exact title, date and accrediting agency for each license.

Create a subheading for the license detail on the resume, such as Licenses and Certificates or Licenses. Insert the license information under this heading.

Give each license and its details its own line.

Include the name of each license, its accrediting agency, and the date of the license on each line.

Place a comma between the name of the license and accrediting agency, and between the accrediting agency and the date of the license.

  • Dont include your drivers license number on the resume.


  • Don’t include your driver’s license number on the resume.

Writer Bio

Things To Remember When Writing This Type Of Resume

The real estate sales resume must be as competitive as the real estate marketplace itself. The resume is the agents best chance to distinguish themselves from a set of similarly qualified applicants through demonstrating their value. Whereas all the traditional resume rules apply , the real manner in which a potential realtor can distinguish themselves is through mastery or competency with a number of cutting-edge real estate business tools.

These tools, ranging from things as mundane as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, to real estate specific items like Win2Data, CoStar, Yardi, Argus, eGrabber, ListGrabber, and Lexis Nexis, truly stand out to employers.

Often, the mere mention of familiarity with some of these tools and the business advantages they offer will be more than enough to make a candidate stand out as a valuable asset to potential employers!

This sample resume is part of the Resume Writing Center.

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Senior Level Work Experience As A Real Estate Agent

  • Attended home inspections, appraisals, and escrow signings and closings
  • Prepared necessary contract paperwork for buyer offers
  • Performed comparative market analysis to estimate a propertyâs value
  • Attended listing appointments and secured team listings
  • Remained up to date about the real estate market and best practices
  • Determined client needs and financial abilities in order to purchase the right home
  • Supported and learned from other team-oriented agents in order to establish a prosperous and long-term real estate career
  • Increased sales by 15% by coordinating with clients and seeking properties that match their expectations
  • Provided guidance and assisted buyers with purchasing homes
  • Guided 50 clients through the home purchase process each year, culminating in earnings of $3 million
  • 85% success rate in negotiating property sales between buyers and sellers
  • Held open houses at team listings
  • Prepared representation contracts, purchase agreements, closing statements, deeds and leases for clients in order to facilitate smooth and accurate transactions
  • Developed and maintained a good working relationship with contractors, subcontractors and associated technical resources

How To Write A Winning Real Estate Appraiser Resume

Do You Have A Real Estate Agent Resume

How can you make your real estate appraiser resume as impressive as it can be, if youre an appraiser looking to be employed by a bank? How about if youre an aspiring appraiser looking for a company that will hire you as a trainee? If youre a seasoned appraiser looking for new hires, what are some red flags to look for on an applicants resume?

We recently asked two of our in-house experts at McKissock LearningJo A. Traut, appraisal curriculum and content specialist, and Dan Bradley, director of online appraisal curriculumto weigh in on those questions.

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Resume Tips For Appraisers Applying At Banks

Traut notes that much of the hiring process is automated today, particularly at large banks. These employers often use software that looks for certain keywords on an applicants resumeand applicants need to know how to use those words.

Banks hire real estate appraisers for various positions includingbut not limited tochief appraiser, valuation officer, staff appraisers, appraisal panel managers, review appraisers, collateral underwriters, internal auditors, and various other valuation compliance positions, she says. Many of the large banks use automated applicant tracking systems that analyze the resumes by identifying keywords, and candidates that best match the keywords are forwarded to the hiring manager.

Unfortunately, some qualified candidates may be automatically disqualified because their resume does not contain the keywords. For example, if you are applying for an appraisal review position, your resume should contain words like review, examine, assess, research, analyze, resolve, communicate, and appraise.

Applicants should also look at qualifications and minimum requirements listed in job postingsand include those in their real estate appraiser resume.

Traut also urges applicants to be specific about software programs theyve used in past positions, such as MS Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. Experience with appraising complex property types might catch an employers eye as well.

Free Guide: Is it time to upgrade your appraisal license? to find out.

Start With A Strong Headline

People often focus their resume-building efforts on listing out professional accomplishments and education experiencejust the facts. They forget that the ultimate goal is to tell the broker who they are, and why theyd be a great addition to the agent roster. A headline is often undervalued. Many resumes dont even include them. But a great headline can establish your identity and set the tone that the reader carries with them throughout your entire real estate resume.

The headline is where you emphasize your unique selling point. Its your opportunity to stand out amidst a sea of other people who, just like you, have likely gone to school, had previous jobs, and know how to use Microsoft Office and the MLS. Think about why you would hire you. Are you a successful real estate veteran with a proven lead generation strategy? Are you a newly licensed agent whose previous experience in an administrative role at a real estate office gives you a distinct advantage? Are you a people-person who is comfortable making friends in a room full of strangers? Do you have past success in marketing or sales positions that translates well to real estate? These are selling points that set you apart, and thats what the headline of your real estate resume should focus on. There are a number of great online examples of resume headlines to help you get started.

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Resume Examples & Samples

  • Bachelor’s degree business or related field preferred. Equivalent work experience considered
  • A Texas licensed real estate Broker currently in good standing, or an inactive Broker who can immediately move his/her license to ForSaleByOwner
  • Free from current litigation surrounding brokerage activities
  • Three + years of related experience in real estate brokerage
  • Proven leadership experience
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
  • Self-motivated and self directed with capability to work independently
  • Strong interpersonal and sales skills, and a customer service mindset
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and take initiative
  • Ability to adjust to changing program policies and procedures

Cv Formatting And Design: Showcase Your Professional Image

Real Estate Resume &  Writing Guide

Your look enhances your success as a real estate agent: neat, clean, friendly. The look of your resume should be the same. The best resume has clean lines, plenty of white space, and above all, is legible. You want managing brokers to be able to find your contact information, last job, and skills within a few seconds because thats all the time you have to impress.

Because your job is personality-driven, you may want to add one small flourish, but keep it to that. Any more is simply distracting. Make sure you have a photograph that expresses your professional image if you choose to use one.

If you use social media for personal marketing, consider listing the URLs or user names for any social media accounts you use for your business in an easily viewed spot on your resume.

Formatting problems can cause the ATS to miss important information on your resume, so follow these tips:

  • Always send your resume as a PDF file to avoid formatting problems between different word processing software.
  • Dont put information in headers and footers because the ATS may not see it.
  • Use expert-tested layouts and designs to guarantee your resume looks as good as it reads!
  • Resume.iooffers four different categories of resume templateswith multiple designs in each to get you started.

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    What Is The Hardest State To Get A Real Estate License

    Colorado and Texas lead the way with the most difficult licensing requirements in the United States. I think becoming a real estate agent was the best move I ever made in my career. I think if you can take real estate classes in person it is a huge advantage, but there are many options to take classes online.

    Real Estate Resume: Education

    The education section of your resume should ideally consist of:

    • School/university name.

    Read Hiration’s 2020 Guide on how to list education on your resume to learn the tricks of composing the education section the right way.

    While you’re at it, feel free to make use of Hiration’s Online Resume Builder to curate an impeccable shortlist-worthy real estate broker resume.

    We have attached a real estate resume example below. We have made this using our Online Resume Builder. It illustrates the ideal education section for your resume.

    This section communicates the following information:

    • Certification course name.
    • Name of the institute of affiliation.
    • Location of the institute of affiliation.
    • Enrolment and completion date of the course.

    Arrange this information in the format we have mentioned below:

    | | |

    Read Hiration’s 2020 Guide on listing certifications on a resume to learn how to perfect this section.

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    Real Estate Resume Summary

    Your resume summary is a brief overview of your entire career in a 3-5 line paragraph.

    Heres a list of what you should do to perfect your real estate resume summary:

    • Compose your real estate resume summary at the end: This will help you easily identify your career highlights and endorse them in your summary.
    • Try to keep your real estate resume summary limited to a 3-5 line paragraph.
    • Write a resume summary if you have worked for 3+ years. If you have worked for less, write a resume objective instead.

    If you’d like to read a more detailed guide on the subject, read Hiration’s 2020 Resume Summary Guide.

    While you’re at, get your hands on a perfectly composed, well designed AND ATS-compliant real estate broker resume with Hiration’s Online Resume Builder.

    The real estate agent resume sample that we have attached below illustrates the ideal real estate resume summary for your resume.

    You should write a resume objective if:

    • You have less than 3 years of work experience.
    • You are a fresh graduate with no work experience.

    Your goal here is to demonstrate that you are a valuable asset and that you can contribute meaningfully to the organizations that you have applied to.

    Read Hiration’s 2020 Guide on Resume Objectives to learn more about resume objectives to learn how to compose them effectively.

    If The Employer Specifically Requires Certification

    Real Estate Agent Jobs: 5 different career options with a real estate license

    This is perhaps the most important reason you might choose to include your certification on your resume. If an employer lists a certain certification under the requirements for employees, you may not be considered for employment unless the employer knows you are sufficiently qualified. Before applying for a job, be sure to consult the company website and the job listing to find out if any certifications are necessary.

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    Resume Summary Example: Show Off Your Personality

    The summaryof your real estate agent resume gives you a little freedom to highlight your professional style. As a salesperson, who you are can be the key to your success! A resume is a professional document with little room for personality. Thats why the summary, also known as the profile or personal statement, is so important.

    These two to four sentences, in the prime location at the top of your resume, are where you can get a bit creative. Real estate agents need to be great communicators to build relationships with homebuyers, sellers, and colleagues. A great resume summary should reflect those skills. It tells managing brokers who you are and what you will bring to the team.

    This is where you showcase your biggest attributes and accomplishments, conveying your customer service and sales abilities, plus your professional identity. Use strong action verbs that show you are a go-getter who can bring in new business and close sales. Vivid adjectives help project your personality and professionalism. Give details where you can. Be proud of your career without exaggerating.

    Use the active voice. Instead of home listings increased by 5%, write generated 5% increase in home listings. Use the active voice. Instead of home listings increased by 5%, write generated 5% increase in home listings.

    Below is a real estate agent resume example summary you can customize.


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