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What To Write When Emailing A Resume

How To Email A Resume

What to write in an email when sending a resume | COPY MY PROVEN TEMPLATE

While it is most common for employers to accept resumes through online job applications, some job postings may include a requirement to submit your resume via email. If this is the case, whats the best way to email your resume for success? The key is to read the job posting carefully. You will want to follow any instructions the employer gives you on emailing your resume. Below are tips on how to follow the instructions and other guidance on sending a professional email.

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  • c. Description of role and achievement

  • Education

  • Optional

  • What To Write In An Email When Sending A Resume

    Kerri Twigg what you should write in the body of the email

    • Its likely read by a human, so you dont have to worry about using an ATS-friendly format
    • If youre sending a resume through email, it might be because someone asked for it thats a great position to be in
    • You can be a bit more casual if you know the person or have a common connection

    What Is A Resume Follow

    A resume follow-up email is a message you send after submitting your resume or job application. Sometimes, employers are not able to respond to every applicant. If it has been a little while since you have heard from the employer more than two weeksa follow-up email can be a great way to not only create clarity but also reinforce why you are right for the job.

    There are other ways you can contact an employer following the submission of a resume, but email is typically the most efficient and professional. Use this method rather than sending them a letter or calling them on the phone. When creating your follow-up email, it’s important that you present yourself in a professional manner to create a good impression for your current application and any others you may apply for in the future.


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    How Do You Impress The Hiring Manager

    You can impress the hiring manager by crafting a great resume and adhering to all the job posting’s requirements. Be polite and courteous in all your correspondence with the hiring manager, and go the extra mile when you complete your job application. Passion, insight, and an excellent work ethic usually makes a good impression.

    Start By Following Any Given Instructions

    28+ Emailing Resume Pics in 2021

    The first thing you should do before sending your resume is to carefully read the job posting for any instructions on how the employer would like you to apply. If the job description asks you to email a resume, the employer may also include information about the email address you should send to, the subject line formatting, questions they want you to answer in the body of the email, file name and more.

    Follow these instructions carefullyif you dont, you could risk having your application overlooked. Often, employers may ask you to follow instructions so they can see and respond to the email, others may be testing that you will read and complete the instructions properly.

    If they dont have any instructions, keep your email professional, simple and easy to find with the following steps:

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    Email Job Application Introduction

    Dear Mx. Webber,

    I saw your job ad for a restaurant manager and would love to be considered for the position.

    I am a head server who has won Employee of the Month three times in a row and spearheaded a wine sales campaign that resulted in a 10% increase in alcohol revenue. My goal is to use my 10 years of serving experience to increase sales at your establishment and the number of regular customers.

    Please find attached my resume and cover letter. I look forward to meeting you in person to discuss the opportunity.


    Pablo Lopez

    Include A Subject Line In The Email Message

    Recruiters receive hundreds of emails every day. Be sure to write the perfect subject line when emailing your CV to ensure that it ends up in the right place and grabs the recruiter’s attention.

    In the subject line of your email, write your name, the description of the position and its reference number . If you did not find the vacancy on the employer’s website, it’s helpful to state where you found it.

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    Emailing A Resume To Recruiter: 2022 How To Guide

    Are you wondering how to email a resume to recruiter?

    Emails are the new age letters.

    Emailing a resume is like posting a letter. Or is it?

    In this post, we will delve deep into how to email a resume, with samples, for applying to various jobs. After going through this guide, you will know precisely what to write in an email when sending a resume to recruiters.

    In case you want the summary, here it is:

    • Find the email id of the recruiter/hiring manager
    • Write a crisp resume email subject line to capture the attention
    • Introduce yourself at the beginning of the resume email body
    • Follow it up by concisely mentioning the value you bring to the company
    • End the resume email body by asking for a suitable interview/meeting time
    • Create a professional signature with all your relevant contact details
    • Attach all relevant documents, including resume and cover letter
    • Test run the email to see if everything is in order

    Once you are sure that your email is ready, make sure to check the following points:

  • Make sure the email-id is correct.
  • Use a no-frills to-the-point subject line and ensure that you have a professional signature at the end containing all your details.
  • Don’t forget to attach the resume and cover letter before you hit ‘send.’
  • In this blog, you will learn the following topics:

    You can build a resume by using our professional resume templates on our Online Resume Builder.

    You can also write a professional cover letter and attach it with the email to recruiter.

    Save Your Cover Letter And Resume

    How To Email A Resume In A Professional Way?

    When send cover letter and resume attachments, the first step is to save your resume as a PDF or a Word document. The job posting should specify how to send the attachment.

    This way, the receiver will get a copy of the resume in the original format. You can either save your cover letter in document format or write it directly in the email message.

    If you have word processing software other than Microsoft Word, save your resume as a Word document. File, Save As, should be an option in your program.

    Depending on your word processing software, you may be able to File, Print to PDF, to save your documents as a PDF. If not, there are free programs you can use to convert a file to a PDF.

    A PDF file retains the format of your resume and letter, so the recipient will see them as you wrote them when they open the file you send.

    Use your name as the file name, so the employer knows whose resume and cover letter it is, i.e., janedoeresume.doc and janedoecoverletter.doc.

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    Example #: If Youre Relocating To The City Where The Job Opportunity Is Located

    Subject Line: Expressing Interest and Relocating Near Litigation Secretary Position

    Dear Hiring Manager,

    Im writing to express my interest in the Litigation Secretary position listed on My resume is attached for your review and consideration.

    I am a fast learner, very dependable, organized, and computer savvy. I have extensive experience assisting firm attorneys and multiple paralegals, as well as supervising and managing an office. While I currently reside in Los Angeles, I will be moving to San Francisco at the end of the month.

    I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you to learn more about your firm, its plans and goals, and how I might contribute to its continued success. I can be your ideal candidate if given this opportunity. Thank you.

    Sign Off The Right Way

    Perhaps just as important as your greeting is your closing paragraph and signature. Youll want your email to include a call-to-action to encourage your reader to want to contact you for an interview. Try something like Please let me know if I can submit any additional information. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much for your time. Then, sign your name, using a sign-off such as “Best regards” or “Sincerely.”

    You can put your phone number below your name to make it easy for the hiring manager to contact you if theyre interested. Keeping your email simple and user-friendly will go a long way toward helping your chances.

    Along those lines, keep the note brief, particularly if youve also attached a cover letter. You dont want long blocks of text, either. The email is just an opportunity to introduce yourself to the decision-maker and show them why youre the best choice for the job.


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    Finish Off With A Clear Call To Action

    Give this a thought

    Your resume email message is basically a sales pitch: the product youre selling is yourself.

    So heres an interesting online sales stat to guide you in the right direction:

    Sales emails in which the call to action was clear and singular increased sales by, wait for it, 1617%.

    People dont mind being sold to as long as the sales message is concise. Take advantage.

    Sample Calls to Action for an Email with a Resume

    Good example? Succinct and powerful.

    Bad example? Verbose and unconfident. They wont email or call you back with good news .

    Second, stop worrying about this:

    When Should You Email A Recruiter

    How To Write An Email With Resume

    There are a variety of situations where its appropriate to email a recruiter, and we looked at many of them above with sample emails you can send. To recap, heres a list of scenarios where you should email a recruiter:

    • You saw them post about a job that interests you
    • You saw that they recruit in your industry/city and youd like to talk about possible opportunities
    • They contacted you about an opportunity and it sounds interesting
    • Youve already spoken with them and youre waiting for feedback about a job
    • You sent them your resume and youre waiting to hear if they have any opportunities that fit your skillset
    • You spoke to the recruiter in the past, it didnt work out at the time, but youd like to reconnect to see what opportunities theyre working on

    These are far from the only situations where you should send an email to a recruiter, though. So if in doubt, send that email! Theres no harm in trying, and its far worse to sit at home worrying and second-guessing yourself.

    As for the best time of day to email a recruiter, its not worth stressing over. Morning or lunchtime might be best, in my experience, but many recruiters check their email throughout the evening, too. And if not, theyll see your email first thing in the morning.

    So the best time of day to email a recruiter is whenever youre ready to send your message.

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    Conclude With A Proper Signature

    Close your message with a professional signature for the reader to reference your name and contact information. This can be simple, like:

    First Name Last NameEmail addressPhone number

    If you have one, it may also be appropriate to include a link to your personal website.

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    Stay Alert For The Response

    The challenge doesnt end with crafting the perfect email to forward.

    Once its off and delivered, stay alert for the awaited reply. You might get it in minutes, days, or never. In case you do, replying as soon as possible is a sure sign of high employee engagement, trustworthiness, and conscientious attitude, all are virtues that recruiters value.

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    Some Points To Remember

    • Be professional, concise, and clear. Recruiters read hundreds of emails every day, so they wont appreciate a verbose email.
    • Use the correct document format. A recruiter will be not impressed if you use a document format that they didnt ask for.
    • The default document format is Microsoft Word unless youre told otherwise.
    • Sending documents is acceptable on PDF but it isnt suitable for resumes.
    • Write an email to the recruiter as soon as it is practical after youve researched the company
    • Mention the person who referred you to the recruiter in the email.
    • Demonstrate the value that you will bring to the company if youre hired by them.
    • Be polite. Youll always catch more with honey than vinegar.
    • Make sure your resume is customized exactly for the position that youre seeking for.
    • Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve before you start writing an email to a recruiter.

    What To Write In Your Resume Email Key Takeaways

    How to Email a Resume

    Sending your resume attached to a well-written email can be a very effective strategy. It can help you find a way around ATS algorithms that filter out unsuitable resumes before they can even get to an HR employee for evaluation.

    So how do you write one?

    • Before you start writing the email, make sure you know who to address. Knowing the hiring managers name will make the email feel more personal and decrease the chance of it being forgotten.
    • Your resume address should sound professional. Send your resume email early on a Monday morning for maximum effectiveness.
    • We have provided you with email templates. No matter which one you choose, remember keep the email short, informative and professional.
    • Attach your resume and cover letter in the PDF format and name them in a way that makes them easy to find, for example Name_Surname_Resume.pdf and Name_Surname_Cover_Letter.pdf
    • After you have written the email and attached the documents, ask someone to proofread it for you to avoid any grammar errors and typos. Lastly, send yourself a test email to check the formatting and test download the files.

    After you send in your resume, cover letter and your job application, wait for a couple of days before sending a follow up email.

    Christys Word of Advice

    Christy Morgan, Resident HR Expert

    Concluding thought even if you construct the perfect email to send with your resume, you still need to make sure you have an impressive resume and cover letter.

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    Format Your Cover Letter And Cv

    Name your files succinctly and clearly, e.g. ‘joe-bloggs-cv’ or ‘joe-bloggs-cover-letter’. This is the first time an employer will encounter you, making it important that your materials are both professional and easily identifiable.

    Before choosing your file format, ensure you read the job description thoroughly to see if the employer prefers a certain file type. You should always send the format the employer asks for.

    Otherwise, there is no clear-cut answer for which format is best for emailing your CV. Generally, the best format in which to send your CV is a Word document. A PDF is often acceptable, but PDF files are not always compatible with applicant tracking system software. As a result, employers using this software may not be able to properly read your CV.

    Therefore, the safest and surest way to go is to save and send your CV as a Word document unless PDFs are specifically requested.

    Sample Email 1 Format For Sending A Resume

    Recipients Email Address

    Subject: Application for the Post of Customer Service Support Carol Susan

    Dear Mr Ravindran,

    I would like to let you know of my interest to take up the job of Customer Service Support at your firm that I came across in the newspaper, dated 18/12/21.

    As a part of my graduate studies in Social Services, I have had the experience of providing support to people of different age groups and social backgrounds. I feel that I would be able to do justice to the role and perform my duties with integrity and hospitality.

    I would like to meet with you in person to discuss more about this position. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    I have attached my resume herewith for your kind perusal.


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    How To Email A Resume: A Few Tips To Keep In Mind Before Sending The Email

    Before you start writing, ask yourself this: Who is the person youre writing to?

    Try to find the hiring managers contact details so you can address them by name. A slightly more personal approach can decrease the chance of your resume being forgotten or disposed of.

    Remember that your email address needs to be professional. Emails like julezizcoolz@yahoo may have been cool in 2005, but not anymore. Instead, create a professional email address that consists of your first and last name.

    You should also consider when to email your resume. In general, you want your email to be among the first ones they receive that day. This means you should send it very early ideally before 8am.

    The same applies for days of week. The later in the week you send your email, the lower the probability that someone reviews it. This is why you should send it very early on a Monday morning.

    Naturally, do not put off applying if its a first come first serve kind of job application.

    Key takeaways:

    • Look up the hiring managers contact details
    • Your email address needs to be professional
    • Send it on a Monday, ideally well before 8am

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    A chief legal officer oversees all the legal affairs of a company or law firm. Businesses hire CLOs to ensure they adhere to all applicable laws, thus protecting themselves and their stakeholders, employees, and assets from potential legal challenges. CLOs work to help a company minimize legal risks by leading corporate compliance initiatives and internal audits. They give advice on how to comply with applicable laws and how to adjust to legal changes in that company’s industry.

    Many CLOs started as practising lawyers and received several promotions to senior positions within their industry. Because it’s an executive role, there is often much competition for CLO positions and they typically receive high compensations, though salary can vary significantly depending on the size of the company. Successful CLO resumes often highlight the research, communication, problem-solving, and organizational skills of the candidate.

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