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How To List Security Clearance On Resume

Transferring To Another Government Or Military Position

Security Clearance Resumes: What You Can and Can’t Include

If you have an active security clearance in a government or military role and wish to transfer to another agency, you can attract the attention of hiring officials by noting your clearance on your resume. Normally, federal agencies will grant a security clearance because you already have one, and your potential employer may appreciate not having to conduct an additional background investigation for their new hire.

There are some limitations to this transferability. Your most recent background investigation has to have been completed within five to 10 years, depending on your level of clearance, with no interruption in your employment greater than two years during this time.

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When Should A Security Badge Be Visible

When is it appropriate to have your security badge visible within a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility? It is appropriate to have your security badge visible within a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility At all times when in the facility. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful.

Should I Put My Security Clearance On Linkedin

A U.S. Government Security Clearance is one of the most coveted designations for any employee. And with terrific credentials, it would make sense that youd want to put that information on your LinkedIn for prospective employers. But, is it the right thing to do and are there any risks to you, your employer, or the United States by putting your Secret Clearance on LinkedIn?

Should I put my Security Clearance in LinkedIn? In most cases, you should not put your security clearance in your LinkedIn profile. Due to national security issues, and personal security threats, publicizing your clearance status makes it easy to target you and exploit the information you have about the project you are supporting.

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How Do You List A Security Clearance On A Resume

That Security Clearance Is GOLD. For that reason, you should put it in the header portion of your Word document in addition to a prominent position in the body of your resume, so it will stand out and grab that recruiters attention. Make sure you delineate what type of clearance you have and its current status.

What Are The Requirements To Be Granted To Sci

Sample resume with security clearance

Access to SCI is only granted to individuals who have a need-to-know, have been granted a Top Secret clearance by Personnel Security , and are approved by the Department of Commerces Intelligence Community granting agency, and only upon completion of a separate Nondisclosure Agreement, the IC Form 4414.

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Will Meps Find Out If You Lie

It is not the recruiters job to get you into the military, nor is it MEPS job to disqualify you. For both, its to ensure that only qualified candidates enlist. The criminal background check and security clearance investigations can and do find sealed records. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are lying to you.

Can Bad Credit Affect Your Security Clearance

Imperfect financial circumstances, such as bad credit scores, can have a negative influence on your application and potentially cause your security clearance to be denied. However, the dollar amount associated with your financial troubles is usually less important than the reasons behind your financial situation.

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Who Pays Security Clearances

The reality is employers dont pay for security clearances. All costs related to a background investigation are paid for directly by the federal government, through appropriated funds. If an employer says they cant put your security clearance application forward, it should be related to policy, not money.

Security Clearance On Resume Example

LinkedIn and Your Security Clearance

The system has given a large number of jobs for the search security clearance on resume. The data is filtered based on the keyword that users type into the search box. All jobs here are from the most reputable sites and quality sources. All of what users have to do is to search by their expected jobs, the results will come in a moment. By searching security clearance on resume on Ecityworks, not only can you save time on job seeking but also can find the most satisfactory job. Once you are on, never stop at only searching security clearance on resume, please look for any job you want, for both you and your friends and anyone. In addition, you are even offered very helpful tips and advice in the blog section.

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In Job Description: Maintained Top Secret Security Clearance

In addition to the Summary of Qualifications section, jobseekers should consider mentioning any security clearance with the list of achievements and duties listed under relevant jobs from their work history.

What is particularly of importance in this regard is to list details regarding any promotions and resulting increases in security clearances as such achievements are most notable when applying to higher-level government and corporate jobs that deal with highly classified material.

Miller-Hanson Corporation New York, NY March 2017-Present

Associate Director, Patent Office

  • Maintained oversight of companys internal patent office, managing the processing of provisional patent applications with US Patent Office.
  • Promoted from Assistant Director to Associate Director in October of 2017, which included elevated security clearance from Secret to Top Secret.
  • Oversaw filings for 27 provisional patent applications, which ultimately resulted in company engineers and software developers obtaining 24 US Patents.

When Should You Include Security Clearance On Your Resume

Photo created by AndrewLozovyi

When looking for a job, you want to present yourself and your skills in the best way. Putting security clearance on your resume is something you should go for. Doing so is essential when applying for one of the government contractor jobs, as such jobs require it.

However, you could be asking should I put security clearance on my resume if I am not applying to a job that requires it? Generally speaking, the answer is yes. Having it shows a good mark of character, and it can impress the potential employer so you may land the job easier.

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Tips Of Giving Negative Feedback For Employee Every Manager Should Know

Why should I visit your site regularly?

We will update jobs for Security Clearance In Resume constantly, so if you havent found a pleasant job at the previous time of searching, you can visit our site regularly to see new ones. Moreover, the regular search will help you have your own tips to find the job you want.

What if I am not satisfied with your recommendations for Security Clearance In Resume?

Our customer support team is always available to work with job seekers.All queries and questions are sent through email.Therefore, if you are not satisfied with our recommendations for Security Clearance In Resume, please contact us.

Does the Security Clearance In Resume job’s recruiter employ the full-time internship?

To make sure of this problem, you must read the recruitment information on our site carefully to see the job description of the Security Clearance In Resume related jobs is suitable for your demand because employers often have certain degree requirements for their position, do not ignore it.

Where Should You List The Patents On Your Resume

Free 56 Security Guard Resume Sample format

Now that you know the importance of adding a patent on resume, where exactly is the right place to fit it in? The first thing that you should do is include it in the Summary section of your document. This way, whoever is reading your application will instantly know that you have secured one or more copyrights and they will be more likely to look for them more closely as they go through your credentials and experiences.

After a short sentence in the Summary section, you should add details about your copyrights in a dedicated section somewhere in your document. This section can be placed in different parts of the document, depending on the job youre applying for. If the job requires you to showcase your research or inventions, then add this section right under the Summary so that it is front and center. If the job is missing such a requirement, you may add the section after your previous job experiences. Be sure not to bury this section somewhere at the end of your resume though.

Another thing you can do is include these listings with a previous job that they are associated with. Perhaps you got a copyright license as part of another job, or perhaps it is just related to a prior role. Whatever the case, if you have one that can be bundled in with a prior work experience, you can add it under that jobs subheading.

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Why You Shouldnt Put Your Security Clearance On Linkedin

Being trusted with a Security Clearance is an honor and privilege as a U.S. Citizen and potential employers will certainly respect your qualifications. However, potential employers arent the only ones on LinkedIn looking to take advantage of your credentials.

Protect your country on LinkedIn

The United States is currently fighting invisible enemies all over the globe in the form of cyber attacks. People who hold clearances that publicly affirm their clearance-level are putting a target on their back.

Most LinkedIn profiles list your employer, specialty, date of employment, and more. This information is valuable to a cyber criminal because it notifies them that you may have important information that can be exploited. Government contracts are public records which enables bad actors to identify people who may have background issues worth exploiting.

And this problem is HUGE. LinkedIn last reported they eliminated 21 million fake accounts before they were created over the course of six months in 2019. LinkedIn is taking the problem seriously with strong internal, defensive efforts.

A recent report by the New York Times spells out how Chinese hackers are using LinkedIn very effectively to target unsuspecting Government employees. Other countries no longer have to sneak spies into a country to gather intel. They can sit on LinkedIn and other social sites and connect dots much faster from their home base.

According to LinkedIns own website:

Protect Yourself on LinkedIn

How To List A Security Clearance On Your Resume

A security clearance is a requirement for many jobs that involve classified or sensitive information. Though these clearances relate to confidential matters, it’s appropriate and advisable to mention them on your application documents. If you’ve ever held a security clearance for your job and are looking to leverage it for a new employment opportunity, it’s important to understand where and how to list it on your resume. In this article, we define security clearances, explain when and how you should list a security clearance on your resume and provide an example that shows the proper format for listing it.

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That Security Clearance Is Gold Dont Hide It

Whether or not you have an active security clearance is the first hurdle you cross when your resume is reviewed. If you have an active security clearance, dont hide it in the body of your resume, that clearance is often more important than your name! For that reason, you should put it in the header portion of your Word document in addition to a prominent position in the body of your resume, so it will stand out and grab that recruiters attention. Make sure you delineate what type of clearance you have and its current status.

How Do You Maintain A Security Clearance

Resume Search Training Demo

The easiest way to maintain security clearance is to take cleared positions with companies or government agencies. There certainly is no shortage of those opportunities today. A quick search among the nations top job boards finds thousands of open positions for individuals with active clearances.

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Can I Disclose My Security Clearance

Some people say that disclosing your security clearance will make you lose it. In some countries – like Australia – it is forbidden to disclose your clearance.

However, in the United States, it’s perfectly legal to disclose it.

The DoD and the NSA have created guidance documents that teach employees how to disclose clearance without breaking the rules:

  • You can disclose your level of clearance.
  • You can mention you went through background investigations to get that clearance.
  • You can mention you had a polygraph test and the dates you had it
  • You can disclose what type of projects you worked on BUT NOT mentioning any project names and other classified information.
  • You CANNOT disclose classified mission and project names or any internal software you might have used.
  • Do NOT disclose the supervisor’s names. Instead, use “references available upon request”.

Security Clearance On Resume How To List

Check the job opening and it should mention the specific security clearance level averages over 400 new candidate registrations each month.Create a bullet point list at the top of the first page of your resume beneath your header.Create a bullet point list at the top of the first page of your resume beneath your header.

Dont be afraid to put it at the top so they see it.Establishes, maintains and operates radio and wire communications and speech security equipment.Fire support specialist 10/2000 to 02/2006 company name.Follow our security clearance resume sample for great ideas to showcase your value.

For example, your header could have your name, contact information, and security clearance in bold at the top of the resume.However, confirming your security clearance and polygraph will open the doors to thousands of jobs.However, if the organization requires that you have a security clearance, the only thing you have to do is indicate that you have it.I would put something like.

If the job requires a clearance put it in, show that you have an active clearance and put yourself above the other candidates.If they are scanning for key words and one is clearance, do you want yours seen or not?If you hold an active security clearance, do you publicize it on linkedin?If you made it through the process once then you can probably do it again!

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How Do I Get A Copy Of My Security Clearance Investigation

If the DoD processed your investigation, youll need to submit a privacy act request to the DCSA Freedom of Information and Privacy Act office. You can find the form and contact information for submitting your request at the website, or at Your request can be emailed, faxed or mailed.

How To List A Security Clearance On Resume

Career Resources

Otherwise, do not include your social security number, particularly if. Example sample resume with security clearance resumes of security supervisors list such skills as training security guards on the basics of securing property and protecting the. As for how to put it on your resume, you can include it in a bulleted list of your skills/qualifications , or simply as a line in the description of your duties/achievements at that particular job, or both.

This resume was for a professional who has worked with

Pin on Resume

sample resume for dietary aide cover letter hospital

Pin by Patti Wonderlin on Disability Social security

Top trends in Security Clearance Hiring Talent

Gse Mechanic Sample Resume Printable Affidavit Music

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How Hard Is It To Get A Top Secret Clearance

The Office of Personnel Security and Suitability conducts about 25,000 of these interviews annually, for clearances at all three security levels. The process generally takes between four and eight months, but with the current Department of Defense backlog it can take more than a year to receive top secret clearance.

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How To List Patents On Resume: Main Reasons & Best Ways

When crafting a high-quality and impressive resume, one has to make sure to include everything that showcases their professional achievements and skills. While writing about relevant jobs and startup experience on resume is easier, its not always clear how to include some other things, like patents.

If youre also wondering how to list patents on resume and where to include them, this guide by a resume expert is just what you need. We will go over the importance of including your copyrighted products, the right way to showcase them, and examples of how to do so.

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An Example Of Listing Patents On A Resume

Following the template, approved copyright can look something like this:

Smith, Jason. 2019. Product Name ABC. U.S. Patent 123456, filed January 1, 2019, and issued November 1, 2019.

And the same information would look like this if it is still pending:

Smith, Jason. 2019. Product Name ABC. U.S. Patent 123456, filed January 1, 2019. Patent pending.

This is a very simple and easy way how to put patent on resume. Each listing should have its own point and all the details should be carefully checked. As stated before, if a listing is relevant to your field or your next job, you may want to add some additional information about your invention to showcase your technical or creative skills to potential employers.

Now, when you list copyrights in their own section, you can use a subheading for each one, much like you would in the Work Experience section to specify different job roles. In such a case, it should look like this:


Product Name ABC

  • Smith, Jason. 2019. Product Name ABC. U.S. Patent 123456, filed January 1, 2019, and issued November 1, 2019.

Product Name DEF

  • Smith, Jason. 2020. Product Name DEF. U.S. Patent 234567, filed January 30, 2020. Patent pending.

However, under a related work experience listing, it should be included as a normal bullet point with another bullet underneath like so:

  • Co-invented a product for ABC
  • Smith, Jason. 2019. Product Name ABC. U.S. Patent 123456, filed January 1, 2019, and issued November 1, 2019.


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