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How To Prepare A Resume For A Teacher Job

Sample : Job Application For Tuition Teacher

Resume Writing Tips : How to Write a Resume for a Teaching Job

Subject: Application for the Role of Tutor

Dear Sir/Maam,

I have earned both a Masters degree in and a B.Ed. degree, and have served as a teacher in respectable private schools in the past. Besides school syllabi, I am also familiar with the topics and preparatory material needed for all main competitive exams. Moreover, the evening tutorial shift at your centre fits into my current work schedule perfectly and the remuneration you are offering also sounds very reasonable to me.

has always been a leader in preparing students for school and competitive exams, and it would be a great honour to join your team and contribute to the success of the institute and its students.

You will find more details about my education and skills in the CV that is attached with this email. Hope to hear from you about this soon.


Stick To A Single Page

Most recruiters prefer one-page resumes as theyre generally easier to scan and include only the most relevant information. Tailoring your resume for each job and limiting the content to include only your most recent work history should help you to keep the length down.

Edelman recommends featuring only your most recent experience and cutting older work history. A resume should detail your most current 10-15 years. Its understood that your resume is a brief overview of your current career it is not a biography. You dont need to include a list of references or a line about them being available upon request, either. We know we can ask for them later, Swartz says.

Note that when youre first starting out, student teaching should be listed as professional experience. But after a few years, you should consider condensing this experience or leaving it off altogetherespecially if youre worried about getting your resume down to a single page.

How To Write An Effective Teacher Resume

  • Write for the Job youre applying:

If youre applying for different job positions in teaching environments, ensure that you modify your resume to each job opening. You will want to emphasize diverse aspects of your experience, depending on the precise requirements of the positions obtainable. In addition, you can also include job keywords in your resume from the job listing to reveal you are a superior fit for the job.

  • Consider the right resume format:

You might find there are various resume formats which are used for job application. But you can also use the different format which should include all the essential information to highlight your ability for the specific job role. Sometimes a unique format can also help you to stand out of the crowd.

  • Use Examples:

Before writing a teacher resume, ensure to research for some resume examples to get a plan of what to include. How to emphasize the most applicable experiences and how to format your resume. You can accordingly modify it for the job opening you will be applying.

  • Proofread and edit:

Employers want professional who are well skilled and qualify the fixed criteria for the jobs. Be sure before submitting your resume it should be error-free and consistent.

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Sample : Job Application For Primary School Teacher

Subject: Application for the Role of Primary School Teacher

Dear ,

This is with regard to the vacancy for a Primary School Teacher at , as advertised in the . Please consider this as my application for the same.

I finished my Bachelors in Elementary Education from in , and also cleared the national-level CTET in . I have since worked for three years as a teacher for various subjects for Grades I to III in , and greatly enjoyed being around young minds and seeing them grow under my guidance. I am qualified for the position your school is offering and would like to be considered for it.

Please find attached detailed resume as well as scanned images of relevant documents. I can be reached at as well as this email ID.


Display Your Leadership Skills

High School Teacher Resume

You should show skills that other applicants might not have, including leadership skills. In the example below, the teacher states that they trained a newly-hired teachers aide. This gives the teacher more credibility, Training requires patience, knowledge, authority and determination.

Example: Elementary school teacher with experience instructing grades one, two and three, and class sizes of up to 23 students created unique activities that enhanced student literacy and mathematical ability trained a newly-hired teachers aide.

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Keep It To A Page If You Can

The general rule in the resume world is to keep your resume to one pageif you can. As with anything, there are exceptions. If you have a lot of teaching experience, 2 pages is probably fine. If your resume is longer than a page, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the second page add value? Quality > Quantity!
  • Could it be one page if I made it more clear and concise?
  • Could it be one page if I restructured or redesigned it?

Im personally a fan of 1-page resumes, just because you have one chance to impress the person who is glancing at the resume. I like the challenge of creating a well-designed one-pager, if you will. It forces you to be concise and precise as you analyze whats most important about what you have to offer.

Why You Should Give Your Resume An Extreme Makeover

Your teacher resume is your personal sales pitch and highlight reel of what you have to offer, so it makes sense to give it some extra TLC when youre navigating the job search. An impressive resume can make the difference between getting calls back and being shuffled to the back of the stack. If your resume is ugly, nonexistent, boring, or ancient, then I am here to help!

After teaching resume writing to a group of seniors and revamping my own resume, I rounded up what I learned about creating standout resumes so I could share it with you. Here are my top ten tips for creating an impressive teacher resume that will lead to calls, interviews, and a JOB!

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I Especially Like Different Designs And Work

I was very pleased when I first saw this website because I realised I was about to save a lot of time. I found it very straightforward to use. I especially like the option to select different designs and work-related descriptions. I have used Myperfectcv for two years and would definitely return if I needed to.

Make Sure Your Teacher Resume Is Organized And Readable

How to prepare – TEACHER’s RESUME.

One survey revealed that most hiring managers spend less than 2 minutes looking at resumes, with 17% spending less than 30 seconds. Another even claimed that hiring managers spend as little as 7 seconds skimming over each resume. Whatever the number, one thing is clear: Its not a lot of time. Your resume should stand out, but more importantly, it should be easy to read.

Because hiring managers or principals will be quickly scanning dozens of resumes, yours needs to be organized, clear, and readable. Dont go so wild on the design that you overcrowd your resume or create an overwhelming, difficult to read document. Prioritize the readability of your resume. The more reader-friendly it is, the more time the reader will spend glancing at it and learning about what you have to offer. If youre struggling to format your resume, consider a template with a balanced, well-structured layout. Columns and shaded boxes work well to organize your information into readable sections.

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Write Computed Professional Experience

You list your professional experience will be listed in bullet points. Each bullet point should be relevant to the job that youre applying for. If youre hoping to get another job as a teacher, choose the best skills, abilities, and knowledge that youve accumulated through your experience.

Here is a sample of how you can put it through:

Ensured that all students understood the curriculum well, and supported students who required extra guidance, resulting in writing and reading comprehension test scores increasing 20% over three years on average

Other points that you can add if you do not have a particular data like this are:

  • Evaluated and took care of 100+ students progress throughout the year and worked closely with other staff to efficiently plan and coordinate work
  • Trained new teachers emphasizing on classroom control and other important teaching aspects.

Sample : Job Application For College Professor

Subject: Application for Assistant Professor of

Dear Sir/Maam,

I am writing in response to the post on your college website declaring vacancies in the department. Please consider this as my application for the same.

I have completed my Masters in and cleared the NET/SLET in . I am currently enrolled in the MPhil programme in and aim to pursue a PhD after this. I have also previously held guest lecturer positions in colleges of the University and I am comfortable teaching most of the papers in the undergraduate syllabus.

Please find attached my resume which has my academic history along with details of papers which I have presented and published in recent years. I am also attaching key documents in case they are useful for administrative purposes. Looking forward to an interview call from you.


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Bring Attention To Your Most Important Information

Make sure that your most important information is higher up on your resume, and consider bringing attention to it with text formatting. When I designed my resume, I wanted my name to be the first thing hiring managers or principals noticed.Even if the prinicipals tossed my resume aside, I wanted them to remember my name for future opening.

To bring attention to my name, I typed it in the upper left-hand corner at the top of a vertical grey box. I increased the font size and used bolding for emphasis. I also made sure that my Professional Profile and Teaching Experience sections were prominently placed. Those Professional Profile conveys my teaching philosophy and values, and my Teaching Experience showcases the strong experience I have to offer. Notice how the Skills section is probably the least prominent. This was purposeful as well. I wanted to highlight my philosophy, experience, and achievements more than I wanted to list my skills .

Sample : Job Application For Specific Subject Teacher

How to Write a Career Objective

Subject: Application for the position of teacher

Dear Sir/Maam,

This is an application for the teacher position at your prestigious school. As a new school session begins shortly, I wish to send out this application letter in the hope that you may find it worth your consideration if a vacancy opens up at any point during the course of this academic year.

I graduated from in with a degree. Post that, I completed the B.Ed. programme from and cleared the CTET in December last year.

I am currently looking to teach students in a respected institution like yours. I am familiar with the revised syllabus and comfortable with teaching classes across Primary and Middle School sections. Although I do not have a lot of prior experience in a classroom, my enthusiasm for is ardent enough to make me a good teacher for this much-feared subject!

I hope to find a spot in in the near future, and promise to be a worthy candidate if chosen. I am attaching a more detailed resume with this email, and putting down my contact details below. Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,

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Employment History Resume Example: Designed To Impress

The employment history section is the core of your teacher resume. It ties everything together. Make sure its the most robust and detailed resume section you have. Teachers are one of the most varied and flexible professions out there, both in terms of job experience and the varied backgrounds that teachers come from. According to U.S. Labor Department data, while the average age of elementary, middle and high school teachers is around 40, the age range is quite wide: from 19 all the way to 86. If youre just starting out or are making a career changeto education from another field, its completely acceptable to list marginally related work experience.

Remember that schools are not the only organizations that hire teachers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the three runner-up employer categories are: educational services , civic/social organizations and cultural institutions . If youre submitting a resume to one of these alternative categories, make sure to tailor it to your potential employer. Do your research.

The golden standard for listing your employment history is in reverse chronological order, meaning you should mention your most recent positions at the top of your teacher resume. Your past job description should ideally include the following:

  • Position / job title

English And Creative Writing Teacher

Organized various events geared to remediating students needing to retake the SOL test due to failing scores. 93% of the students that attended these events retested successfully.

  • Spearheaded a textbook selection committee in which a new textbook was chosen for high school English classes in Richmond, Virginia.
  • Serve as an assessment developer by creating questions for each SOL standard and strand using Bloom’s taxonomy, reading passages, informational text, and grammar in a variety of question formats. High school teachers across the district use these test questions for creating classroom assessments using the online program Interactive Achievement.
  • Sponsor an afterschool program that is paired with Podium, a literary journal in which the students’ poetry, prose, and artwork is published and distributed throughout the city.
  • Facilitated teacher development sessions in which teachers were provided with lesson planning ideas, writing workshops, and strategies for teaching content across the curriculum.

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Showcase Your Teacher Resume Skills

Your teaching skills need to be kept up to date on your education resume because teaching methods often change due to new research and Board of Education policy shifts.

Here are some of the most in-demand job skills to include on a teaching resume :

Additionally, showcase a balance of soft and hard skills throughout your resume, as well as in your teacher resume skills section to prove you have both the personality and technical know-how to manage a classroom.

Hard skills are abilities youve taken the time to learn and get certified for. Here are some hard teacher skills to include on your resume:

  • Curriculum planning

Sample : Job Application For Kindergarten Teacher


Subject: Application for the Role of Kindergarten Teacher

Dear Sir/Maam,

I received my Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training two years back and have since worked as a teacher in the pre-primary section at . My education and work experience have taught me a lot about the profession, and to my delight I have loved every bit of it. I believe I am competent enough to manage and teach young children and possess the patience and enthusiasm for the job.

I am excited about this opportunity being offered by your institution and would request you to consider my application for the same. Please find more details about my education and past experiences in the attached resume. I can be contacted on both email and phone.


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Teacher Resume Skills Section Example: A Varied Toolbox

The skills section is one of the shortest parts of your teacher resume. There isnt much room to elaborate. Make each bullet point count towards your shining professional teacher toolbox. The skills section is used by recruiters to evaluate how productive and versatile you will be as a teacher in both your day-to-day activities and in challenging situations. Unlike the summary, you dont have much room to be creative in this resume section. There isnt much real estate here to expand upon, so each skill needs to be carefully evaluated to determine whether it should take up precious space on your resume.

The best method to choose your most winning skills is to have a master list. This is a list that you brainstorm in a separate document. Think of any and all possible qualities and practical or social tools you might have acquired over your life and career. Then, for each teacher job application, customize your resume to include the most appropriate and relevant skills. Once again, make sure to pay special attention to the job description to not miss out on skills that the employer is looking for in a new teacher.

According to DATA USA, the most highly valued skills by employers of elementary and middle school teachers are related to these general categories:

  • Learning Strategies
  • Speaking
  • Social Perceptiveness

Back Up Your Professional Experience With Numbers

Dont just include hard numbers in your resume objective also use them throughout your resume. Using numbers in your resume experience section in particular helps you better highlight the skills, abilities, and knowledge youve accumulated during your career.

For instance, check out this text taken directly from our teacher sample resume. In one quantified bullet point, the candidate demonstrates their greatest teaching accomplishment, and shows hiring managers the exact kind of value they can provide if given the job.

  • Ensured that all students comprehended the curriculum, and supported students who required extra guidance, resulting in writing and reading comprehension test scores increasing 16% over 3 years on average

The candidates ability to raise test scores demonstrates that theyre a skilled teacher and a potentially valuable hire, especially given the current teaching climate in the US, which is increasingly test score-oriented.

What if you lack accomplishments?

You might be unable to add hard numbers to your resume, especially if youre new to teaching.

However, your resume can still be quantified by giving the hiring manager an idea of the scope of your skills and abilities.

For instance, you can quantify the number of students you work with per semester:

  • Assess and look after 150+ students progress throughout the term and work closely with other staff to efficiently plan and coordinate work

Or quantify the size of the school you work in:

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