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How To Put Honor Society On Resume

Which Special Recognitions To Include On Your Cv

Honor Society Essay: Top Tips for Writing

There are several different kinds of special recognitions you can include on your CV. If you are a current student or recent graduate, it is recommended that you add scholarships, academic awards, and honor societies to an honors and awards section of your CV. On the other hand, if you are a professional with a few years of work experience, it is more to your benefit to include career related certificates or special recognitions gained throughout your profession. In any case, the accomplishments you decide to highlight on your CV should ideally be relevant to the job that you are applying for or somehow relate to the work field as a whole.

When To Include Honors And Awards On Your Cv

If you have the space on your CV and the achievements are relevant to the job role at hand, then it is recommended to list your awards and honors on your CV. It is especially important to incorporate any special recognitions that you have earned in the case that you are a current student or recent graduate, as you will most likely not have as much work experience to include on your CV. This can be accomplished by creating a separate section just for your awards and honors. Another option is to include the specific awards that you earned during your academic years within the education section, under the area of study/degree, institution name, and year. These awards and honors will show off some of your skill areas as well as your effort for high achievement.

When it comes to candidates who have a large amount of work experience, it is best to highlight awards and honors that you earned during your career rather than those that you earned back in your school days. Although they are no less deserving of recognition, they will no longer have as much significance to hiring managers. Employers prefer to see the notable gains that you have made in your area of work, and how you may be able to make similar accomplishments at their company.

Where Is The Best Place To List Latin Honors On Your Resume

You should list Latin honors in the Education section of your resume either next to your degree title or in a separate Honors subsection.

1) Next to degree name

When adding Latin honors to your resume under the Education section, start by listing the university name and degree you earned. You can then place the relevant Latin honor after the degree title.

Please note that Latin honors should always be italicized and spelled out using all lowercase letters, as shown below:

Columbia UniversityBachelor of Science in Biology, magna cum laude

2) Separate honors section

If you were a member of an academic honor society, received any prestigious scholarships, or were on the Deans List, for example, youll likely want to mention these achievements as well.

Columbia University

Presidential Scholarship recipient Phi Beta Kappa academic honor society member

As you progress throughout your career, additional items such as your GPA and scholarships you received several years ago simply wont be as relevant, and you may consider taking these out.

We also strongly recommend only listing your most significant achievements. Once you exceed 3-4, youll start to draw attention away from the most important and impressive elements.

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Matt Glodz is the Founder and Managing Partner of Resume Pilots and a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

After studying business communication at Cornell University, Matt worked within Fortune 500 companies, where he noted that qualified candidates were frequently denied interview opportunities due to poorly written documents.

At Resume Pilots, Matt combines his business and writing background – which includes prior work for a Chicago Tribune publication – to craft resumes that give his clients the best chance of landing interviews. He works with clients ranging from CEOs to recent graduates and has been writing resumes for over eight years.

How To Write Honors And Awards On Your Resume

National Honor society Description Resume Best Of National Honor ...

If youve decided that an Honors and Awards section will add value to your resume, you should create a separate resume section to make your accomplishments stand out.

In this Honors and Awards resume section, its possible to add scholarships, academic awards, and honor societies as well as other professional certificates gained throughout your academic or professional career.

If you have lots of work experience, it is advisable to include any professional awards on your resume to highlight the fact your work was recognized for its excellence in a certain field.

The accomplishments that you choose to add to your resume must be relevant to the job vacancy youre applying to or relate in some way to the industry or specific company.

When it comes to listing awards on a resume you should remember to include the details of when and where it was awarded to you, such as the date and the school, college or enterprise.

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Honors And Awards Section On The Resume

Add something outstanding to your resume.

In a competitive job market, it is important to have a resume which stands out from the crowd. Listing Honors and Awards on your resume gives you the edge you need to reach the interview stage and beyond.

When looking for a first job, many students find that their resume gets lost in a pile and barely gets considered. Especially when there are countless other applicants with similar qualifications and skills.

Your degrees and experience will distinguish you from thousands of other candidates but remember that employers have to look through dozens of resumes on a daily basis. Sometimes you need a little something extra.

Adding Honors and Awards to your resume can give it the invaluable advantage it needs to get you noticed. Using a resume template allows you to quickly achieve this.

Check out the following guide to find out where awards should go on a resume and how to include them so that they can positively influence your candidacy.

How To Add Honor Society To Resume

These are the top 20 resources and video content I found about how to add honor society to resume. I’ve created this page to highlight the most recently updated resources for “how to add honor society to resume”. This guide was updated: 2022-06-30. If you are searching for a job, good luck on the hunt!

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How To List A Club Or Honor Society On Your Resume

Resumes are a critical part of the application process and whether youre creating one from scratch or updating an old resume, you likely have many questions. The largest of which is how to list a club or honor society on your resume.

Before we dive in, well discuss a few best practices first. No matter the role youre applying to, whether its a job, internship, or another opportunity, your resume needs to shine.

Your resume is often the first thing employers see when considering candidates making it an excellent opportunity to stand out and land an interview. Here are some resume writing tips for you to follow:

Should I Put Nshss On My Resume

Honor Society: Everything You Need To Know About How To Join
  • /
  • Should I Put NSHSS on My Resume?

Any high school student looking to catch the eye of college admissions officers is going to want to fill out their resume with extracurricular activities, volunteer work, academic awards and honors, and personal achievements to make sure they stand out from the crowd.

But are some items on a college resume more valuable than others, and are there some things that just arent as valuable as they seem?

At NSHSS, we know these are questions that must be asked if youre looking to get into the school of your dreams. The answers will not only depend on the particular club, group, or team youre looking to add to your college resume, but on what you personally put into and get out of that club, group, or team.

At the National Society of High School Scholars, we are a perfect example of this principle. While it is true that being a member can be a great addition to your college resume, you can increase the value of your NSHSS membership by doing everything you can to make the most of it.

To help you do that, weve created this easy guide to some of the most important benefits we offer provided youre a truly dedicated member.

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Great Resume Tips: How To Organize Your Resumes Education Section

Is your resumes Education section taking up too much space on your resume? Are you finding it hard to fit in all the information you think is important?

Here are some of your resume Education section questions answered maybe even questions you didnt know you had! These tips will help you pack in lots of information without taking up half the space on your resume.

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Alternative Approach To Phi Beta Kappa On Resume

You can create a separate section named Honors & Awards and include the Phi Beta Kappa if you have a long list of honors.


Deans List for 6 semesters Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude E.J. McShane Mathematica Award | Dec 2020 Young Community Service Award | Sep 2020

Tip: Skip the Honors & Awards section if you want only to list Phi Beta Kappa.

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How To Show I Graduated With Honors On My Resume

Graduating with honors shows recruiters that youre among the cream of the crop. It tells them that you have both the intelligence and the drive to achieve great things, so its certainly worth listing on your resume. Your honors designation should be included alongside your degree information on your resume.

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Accomplishments To Put On A Resume

Resume sample hannah hatboro 0411

Before learning how to put a list of accomplishments for resume, job applicants should understand what a hiring manager or recruiter may view as one.

For entry-level applicants without enough experience or those still in high school or college those could range from education accomplishments like being on the honor roll to scholarships.

As we continue in this blog, you will see how this works when using an academic-driven field like the legal one compared to ones where education does not play as big of a role.

From there, you will see that accomplishments carry on passed your schooling. They turn into resume achievements. Those may include an association or membership award for an experienced applicant or an employee of the month for an entry-level one.

All of these types could go in an awards section resume, under work history, or as part of a professional summary.

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Examples Of Awards And Honors On A Resume


You should be listing these awards on honors at the very bottom of your resume beneath your education section.

Possible titles include:

You can even combine it with your education section:

  • Education and Awards

Since these awards, honors, and accomplishments are often difficult to tie to employment qualifications, you need to be careful to properly shape your narrative. Only include information that bolsters your prospects for getting hired. That means omitting any personal achievements and awards that are completely irrelevant to employment. Forget about that state fair cook-off award you won several years ago â unless youâre applying for a job as a chef. Chances are that an accounting firm wonât care that your chili was voted best in the state three years in a row!

Be specific about the professional awards, honors, and accomplishments, and avoid vague language. If you were on the Deanâs list for two straight years, donât just write that you received good grades. Instead, write:

Deanâs List 2016-2017, with 3.9 GPA. Received Student of the Year award in 2017, while at ABC University

Affiliations Or Membership Not To Include

There are, however, certain affiliations you want to avoid listing on your resume. Any affiliations, memberships, or interests that could be considered controversial or unprofessional to employers should be left off your resume.

For example:

  • Anything associated with a political group

  • Controversial topics

  • Groups with bad PR

It’s just not relevant and will do more harm than good on your resume.

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How Do You Put Honor Society On Resume

The honors and activities section is generally placed after the education and experience sections of the résumé. Since this section is usually the last one on the résumé, you can include as many or as few honors and activities as space permits.How do you put honors and awards on a resume? what to put instead of awards on resume.

Should I Include Honors In Resume

Curriculum Vitae vs. Resume: What’s The Big Difference?

Should I include awards on my resume? The simple answer is yes, if you have the space on your resume and the achievements are relevant to your professional profile and the job offer, then it is perfectly acceptable and often recommended to list your accomplishments, including any awards and honors, on your resume.

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Mention Scholarships And Grants

If you have received any scholarships, grants or bursaries, it is a good idea to mention them on your resume. When doing this, make sure that you list the awards and the reasons you received them. Instead of just saying, have received scholarships for academic achievements, it should read, received scholarships from ABC company for excellence in mathematics. While you dont need to write an entire book, its important to provide some background information about scholarships and grants, as well as other awards you have received for academics.

How To List Awards On Resume

Listing an award follows the same logic as mentioning an honor or achievement. For certain fields, include them in the education section.

Experienced applicants have a choice: to list them as job duties worded as accomplishments or as part of a professional summary.

Just like an honor, when you have more than one, list them in reverse chronical order. Also, include:

  • The name of the award.
  • Who gave it to you.
  • The date you received it.

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Accomplishments On A Resume

Accomplishments on a resume should usually be listed as a bullet point within the work experience section, or under your education/internship section.

For leadership posts or other accomplishments, detail not just what you did but the impact that your actions had.

For example:

University Student Advisory Council, 2016-2017. Introduced two fund-raising programs that increased student participation by 28% and overall donor activity by 132%. Also worked to establish the ABC Student Scholarship program, which helps disadvantaged students cover textbook expenses.

Do Employers Look At Honor Society Membership

National Honor society Resume

Many honor societies also offer lifetime membership, which often includes permanent access to job banks and other member benefits. 4. By attending networking events held by honor societies, leaders and employers will instantly recognize that you are a dedicated student, even before they review your resume.

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How The Nsls Can Boost Your Resume

As a leadership honor society that focuses on professional and personal growth, our programs help students like you hone their leadership skills through hands-on experience and life-changing learning opportunities. We also offer coaching and mentorships, where you can get guidance on your resume, interviewing, and skill-building.

We are the only accredited honor society in the nation. Because of this prestige, membership to the NSLS can be a huge differentiator between you and other applicants. In fact, some employers actively seek to hire members of the NSLS.

Are you looking to build your resume and get real-world, professional experience? We offer paid internships, where you can get hands-on experience that truly develops your leadership skills. Apply for an internship with us today to start a chapter at your school.

Affiliations And Memberships On A Resume

ZipJob Team

3 min read

Including your professional affiliations on your resume could be a great way to capture the attention of a hiring manager. There are some guidelines to follow when listing affiliations on a resume which we’ll go over. We also have a good example of how to include affiliations on your resume.

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Should You Include Latin Honors On Your Resume

Because Latin honors are a well-recognized accomplishment, there is no harm in displaying them to potential employers even if you graduated many years ago.

If you are a recent graduate, are applying for graduate school, or are applying for a position in a field such as law or academia that place a high importance on academic background, youll definitely want to mention any Latin honors you received throughout your academic career.

As more time passes since graduation and you gain more professional experience, however, there is less of a need to mention your academic honors, though doing so is still advisable.

Is A Varsity Letter An Honor

How to Write a WINNING RESUME | Internship Tip #1 | The NSLS

Not necessarily true. Many schools have requirements above simply being on the varsity team. Often, but not always, a senior will automatically get a letter, but younger students, subject to coachs discretion, often have benchmarks, e.g. playing in 50% of the games/quarters. Now, back to the question.

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What Is The Best Honor Society To Join

Nationally Recognized Honor SocietiesPhi Beta Kappa is the nations oldest and most prestigious honor society. Phi Kappa Phi is the oldest, largest, most selective collegiate honors society for all academic disciplines. Alpha Lambda Delta is a national society that recognizes academic excellence during a students first year at college.


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