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How To View Resume On Linkedin

Upload A Resume To Linkedin Using Easy Apply

How to Upload Resume on LinkedIn (2020 LATEST VERSION) | LinkedIn Resume Upload

The best way to add your resume to LinkedIn is to upload a targeted resume each time you apply for a job using LinkedIns Easy Apply function.

Follow these steps to upload your resume to LinkedIn during the job application process:

Step 1: Search for a job using the .

Step 2: Find a job listing with an Easy Apply icon. Click on the job for more information.

Step 3: Click the Easy Apply button and complete the required fields.

Step 4: Select Upload Resume to add a resume file.

Step 5: Click Submit Application.

LinkedIn will store your four most recent resumes, which allows you to update your resumes and target different jobs. You can find your saved resumes under , and easily change them.

If you want to get your resume off LinkedIn, you can remove it by clicking delete on the application settings page or featured media page, depending on where you uploaded it.

How To Upload A Resume In Linkedin When Applying For A Job

1. Once you’ve found a job you want to apply to, click or tap on the job title to view details.

2. Click or tap the Easy Apply button.

Important: You must choose Easy Apply not Apply for this to work. Otherwise, you’ll be directed to the hiring company’s job application portal. And your resume must be less than 2MB and be formatted in either Word or as a PDF.

3. Add the required information and under Resume, select Upload resume.

4. Choose the desired file from the pop-up window and click Open.

5. Select Next and continue through the application until you reach the Review page.

6. Choose Submitapplication when ready.

How To Use Your Linkedin Profile As A Resume

Employers in every industry use to find job candidates, and it’s the top site for professional career networking. It’s important to make sure your LinkedIn profile highlights your skills and experience. This way, interested employers and networking connections can see, at a glance, what makes you unique.

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Linkedin Custom Url Options

If you are ready to add your LinkedIn profile to your resume and close this articletake your time! This is far from all that we wanted to say. There is still important information that will be important to you.

Before adding LinkedIn to your resume, make sure the link looks professional. No anonymized numbers and letters. Ideally, if your name is at the end of the link.

Lets look at some LinkedIn URL examples.

Bad LinkedIn URL example:

Good LinkedIn URL example:

LinkedIn gives you this option in the editing menu of the Public Profile URL section. In addition to the fact that the new link will look more competent, it will also take up much less space in your resume.

How To Add Your Resume On Linkedin In 2021


ZipJob Team

6 min read

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site in the world and one of the largest job search sites. Many employers list jobs on LinkedIn and prefer the platform over other popular job boards given the size of the potential applicant pool and LinkedIn’s advanced filter options.

While your LinkedIn profile and your resume share several similarities, they’re not the same. Your LinkedIn should display your broad career history and connections to people, companies, and interest groups. Your resume should be a tailored document with a clear job target.

According to ZipJob’s team of career experts, professional resume writers, and experienced LinkedIn profile writers, savvy job seekers should leverage both a resume and LinkedIn to support their job applications. Since , you may want to upload your resume to your LinkedIn profile.

In this article, we’ll walk you through four ways to add your resume to LinkedIn.

ZipJob is a premier resume writing service that has been helping job seekers create job-winning resumes since 2016. Our network of 100+ professional resume writers are experts in all industries including IT, Business, and Marketing/Sales.

Word of caution: even resumes posted online are subject to ATS scans. Before adding your resume to LinkedIn, make sure your resume will pass the ATS resume test.

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Your Resume To Upload Or Not To Upload That Is The Question

Crafting a powerful, engaging LinkedIn profile is an art form. People will either pay attention to you or they will move on. Before we get into how to spruce up your LinkedIn profile page, here are some primary reasons you should not upload your resume:

  • Private Information Risks Your resume usually includes your contact information, i.e. your direct email address, phone number, and sometimes even your home address. This is information you usually do not list publicly on social media. However, if you upload your resume that information will become public and available to anyone online.
  • No Control After you upload the resume, you no longer have control over what happens to that information . That means that anyone is free to view, copy, download, use, pirate, and distribute your resume as they wish all without your knowledge or consent.
  • Current Employer Issues Many of our Resume Upgrade clients are concerned about making their job search public and tipping off their current company that they are looking elsewhere. Uploading your resume to LinkedIn as a clickable document can make your job search into a public conversation probably one you do not want to have in the company break room or at your next weekly department standup. LinkedIns Open Candidate function is a discreet way to signal to recruiters that you are looking.
  • Upload Your Resume To The Featured Media Section

    The featured media section is where you can upload or add items to your main profile page. You can use it to showcase your work, such as articles youâve written and presentations youâve given. Youâll also find that it allows you to provide external links to portfolios, resumes, and other content. Uploading your resume to this section is simple:

  • Go to your LinkedIn profile page.

  • Next, click âAdd section.â

  • Expand the section labeled âFeatured.â

  • Search your files for the resume you want to feature and upload it from your computer or device.

  • If you choose this method, remove any contact information from your resume, as it will be publicly available. Donât worry about being reachable. If someone sees your resume and thinks you may be a good fit for a job, they can message you on LinkedIn.

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    Adding Your Resume To Linkedin

    If you don’t have a resume ready, you could use , which takes all of the information you’ve included on your profile and converts it into a PDF resume.

    However, that downloaded resume is likely not as aesthetically pleasing as a resume you created yourself, and it will likely be longer than you want. So uploading a customized resume to your profile lets you tailor your employment information to better fit the job you’re applying for so you’ll stand out in the right ways. The same goes when you’re applying for a job.

    Add Your Resume Information To Each Linkedin Section

    Create a Resume in Seconds from your LinkedIn Profile

    If your goal is just to share the information thats on your resume and you dont care about the recruiter seeing the actual file, then transferring your experience to each LinkedIn section instead of adding the actual resume to LinkedIn is the best way to go.

    Heres how to do that:

    1. Navigate to your profile

    Navigate to your LinkedIn profile

    2. On the left-hand side, underneath your name and connections, choose the grey bubble labeled Add section

    3. Use the drop down menus to navigate to all the different possible sections including Work Experience, Skills and Education

    4. Copy over the information from your resume into the corresponding boxes on LinkedIn

    In short, always remember that a great LinkedIn profile often performs the function of a resume!

    Pros: This is the way LinkedIn is intended to be used so this method serves to give a complete picture of your career path and also demonstrates that youre comfortable with the platform.

    Cons: This isnt the way you should submit your resume when applying for jobs. Well cover that next.

    How do I post my resume on LinkedIn without my employer knowing?

    While theres no way to guarantee your employer wont find your resume on LinkedIn or see changes youve made to your profile, there are a few ways to minimize the changes of your boss noticing that youre on the job hunt.

    Start by navigating to the Me menu and choosing Settings and Privacy. There you can control different options including:

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    Create Resume Using Linkedins Resume Builder

    LinkedIn provides a more robust method of creating a resume then downloading it in PDF format. If you want to make changes and tweak your resume to fit the needs of a specific job, then this is the option to use.

    Previously, the option of using the LinkedIn Resume Builder was not available to every member. Only the premium accounts had access to it. LinkedIn has however made this available to everyone and so you can enjoy the feature for free.

    Heres how to go about it.

    At the top of your LinkedIn homepage, click on the Me icon and select View profile.

    On your introduction card, click the More button and select Build a resume.

    You will then be guided through the process and get the chance of editing the resume.

    Its important to note that this resume will have only as much information as is available on your profile. And whereas the resume sections will be on the document, if your profile doesnt have anything in the corresponding sections, the sections will be empty.

    All the same, youll be able to make changes, including adding information to the resume as though you were writing a fresh resume. This is what makes this method the best between the two. The final document you download will be good enough for making an application with.

    Still, on the resume editing page, you have the opportunity to preview the file, make a copy of it or even delete it.

    Identifying The Connecting Network

    Finding a potential recruit with the necessary skill set is somewhat straightforward, but identifying whether theyll be good for your startup or not takes time and thought. LinkedIn Recruiter comes with the Connection Path, a feature that helps address this problem. The Connection Path contains two parts: your connections and your coworkers.

    The Your connections module will help you see how exactly your startup and the prospect are connected. The connection could either be direct or via a network. This relationship between you and them will help you reach out to the network and gain a better and more informed perspective on the candidate.

    The Your Coworkers tab in LinkedIn Recruiter will reveal the employees at your startup who overlap with prospective candidates. This overlap could be in the form of being in the same school, college, workplace, etc. This way, you can contact people who already work with you and ask for their candid insight regarding the conduct of this potential hire.

    Access to this feature is not automatic, which means that it can be manually turned on or off by the administrator.

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    Who Can Search Resumes On Linkedin

    Businesses have , and anyone can use it to search for resumes for free. You dont have to be a hiring manager or recruiter, which makes recruiting via this platform open to businesses that dont have a dedicated recruiting team.

    If you want to invest more into searching for resumes on LinkedIn, there are specific paid-for candidate sourcing tools. These are:

    • LinkedIn Recruiter

    These products allow you to carry out advanced searches with many more filters, such as:

    • Years of experience
    • Zip code
    • Past companies

    LinkedIns paid-for recruiting tools allow you to carry out advanced searches for candidates. Image source: Author

    Back Up Your Identified Skills With Evidence

    Design, review, rewrite resume, cv, linkedin, cover letter by Henrypro3 ...

    In addition to cultivating a resume that is concise and pertinent to your desired position, it is important to show evidence of the skills that you claim to possess whenever possible. For example, support your identified skill of leadership with specific details about situations in which you have served in a managerial role and the key responsibilities that you took on. This is important for employers to see that you are not just padding your resume with buzzwords, but that you actually possess the skills that you list.

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    How To Put Linkedin On Resume Examples & Guides 2022

    Koji Agudah

    Have you ever wondered how to put LinkedIn on your resume correctly? Well, first of all, LinkedIn is a social networking site with an emphasis on business. Its used by businesses seeking to promote themselves, as well as to hire others, and is also used by many who wishes to be hired.

    As of January 2018, the site reportedly has more than 100 million unique hits a month from members and non-members alike, from approximately 200 countries.

    Thats a lot of traffic on the internet superhighway.

    One of the numerous benefits of LinkedIn is that it gives prospective employers and professional contacts a summary of your credentials. Viewing a LinkedIn profile is the quickest and easiest way to get insight into an individuals career history.

    Including your LinkedIn URL in your resume is a simple and effective way to showcase your background. You can create a custom LinkedIn URL to add to your resume, email signature, and anywhere else youd like to market your credentials.

    Prospective employers can, at a glance, visit LinkedIn to learn more about you, your skills, and qualifications. They can also see endorsements and recommendations from your colleagues, clients, and managers.

    This article will address the following:

  • Putting LinkedIn on Resume Correctly.
  • Should I Put My Resume To Linkedin?
  • What to Include in Your LinkedIn Profile.
  • How to Create LinkedIn URL In 4 Easy Steps.
  • Top Reasons To Put Linkedin On A Resume

    Almost all recruiters use social networks and always follow the candidates who are of interest to them. Since LinkedIn is the key network for professional job search and job offers, the link to it in your resume will be much more useful for recruiters than, say, your additional phone number or detailed address of residence.

    An interesting observation: studies have shown that almost half of employers would prefer not to contact the applicant if they did not find his or her online profile. Accordingly, you should not leave them a single chance not to contact you.

    Also, if you ever filled out your profile in LinkedInif not, then you still have toyou could pay attention to some additional sections and the ability to add important details that can make your resume more valuable.

    And finally, returning to the theme of the personal brand. All the professionals around the world have long agreed among themselves that the profile in LinkedIn is your main hallmark. Show everyone that you are well aware of this and can properly talk about your work experience. Show everyone that you know how to add LinkedIn to your resume and can professionally prepare for it.

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    What To Include In Your Linkedin Profile

    Heres what to include on your LinkedIn profile and how to give it a makeover- if it needs one. Along with listing your work experience, be sure to add a professional summary section to your profile.

    Use a Summary

    This is similar to a résumé summary statement it allows you to highlight your greatest strengths and experiences. You can write your summary in the first person this is an opportunity to be authentic and show a bit of personality.

    Use a Headline

    Also, be sure to write a headline at the top of your profilethis is like a resume headline, which is a short phrase that summarizes who you are as a professional. One element of a LinkedIn profile that makes it different from a resume is that people can give you recommendations.

    Request for References

    LinkedIn recommendations are written references supporting your work. Job seekers should include a variety of recommendations with their profile to show that others respect the quality of their work.

    You can request these recommendations from clients, colleagues, professors, coaches, fellow volunteers, and subordinates as well as people who have supervised your work.

    Include Your Skills

    You should also list your skills and experiences, and include LinkedIn endorsements for those skills. Endorsements are skills and expertise that someone else thinks you have.

    To encourage people to give you endorsements, give your LinkedIn contacts endorsements first. This way, they will be more likely to provide you with one in return.

    How To Search Resumes On Linkedin

    How to Create a Resume Fast Using Your LinkedIn Profile 2021

    Image credit: Unsplash

    As mentioned earlier, LinkedIn functions similar to any other social media platform, which means that you can build an account on it for free. In the basic version, you can view about 100 profiles at a given time. By spending some money, you can upgrade yourself to the LinkedIn Recruiter account where you become a user of LinkedIns more advanced search options.

    There are three ways through which you can search for resumes on LinkedIn:

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    How To Get Your Resume From Linkedin To Your Phone

    If you can’t download your LinkedIn profile OR save your featured resume from a mobile device, what are you supposed to do? The answer is related to LinkedIn’s Easy Apply feature.

    Whether you’re applying for jobs from your desktop or mobile device, you’ve likely used LinkedIn’s Easy Apply option. After all, you can apply for a job with just a few clicks.

    It doesn’t matter if you apply from your phone or your computer: LinkedIn will automatically save your most recent resume submissions. With a little know-how, you can quickly download your resume from LinkedIn’s mobile app. This guide will walk you through it.


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