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How To Write An Objective Summary Resume

Sample Quality Assurance Resume

GET YOUR RESUME NOTICED – How To Write a Resume Summary / Objective / Personal Statement examples

Referring to sample quality assurance resumes can guide you in writing your own. Familiarise yourself with the QA resume style and tone before writing your own. Here is a sample resume to guide you:

Professional SummaryQuality assurance manager focused on enhancing systems productivity and efficiency through implementing new methods and software. Possesses more than seven years of experience in a SaaS startup with managerial experience leading a team of quality assurance testers. Achieved a 55% reduction in customer support workload.

Work ExperienceQuality assurance managerPoppy Apps, July 2014âApril 2022

  • led a team of five quality assurance testers to create test plans and improve existing testing protocols

  • evaluated feasibility and productivity of existing and potential software systems

  • crafted training programmes to integrate various teams to use new software

  • generated SOPs for customer support to reduce IT workload by 40% in eight months

  • accomplished a QAS score on key metrics of 99.3%

Quality assurance testerOriontel Solutions, December 2012âJune 2014

  • performed inspections and conducted testing of raw materials to ensure the production of high-quality products

  • streamlined existing processes and collaborated with other departments to improve SOPs

  • conducted regular data analysis and generate reports on consumer feedback

EducationBachelor of Science in computer scienceSterling University

If Youre A Recent College Graduate

When writing a recent graduate resume or college student resume, divide your resume objective statement into the following sentences to best emphasize the professional abilities you honed as a student:

  • First sentence: Your degree plus years of relevant experience
  • Second sentence: How youre hard-working, reliable, and focused on achieving the companys goals
  • Third sentence: Your best provable traits, and the role in which you want to apply those traits

Sample resume objective

Heres an example resume objective written by a recent college grad:

Recent college graduate with a BA in English Literature and six months of international internship experience. Dedicated worker aiming to help achieve s objectives and take on more responsibility as quickly as possible. Seeking to leverage acquired academic knowledge and work experience to effectively fill your open office clerk position.

The student who wrote this particular resume objective has internship experience. Because any type of relevant experience is valuable to employers, it should always be highlighted in the first sentence of an objective statement.

If you have no work experience or are writing a resume for an internship, youll need to incorporate academic accomplishments into your objective to make it effective. Here are a few resources that can help you determine your top scholastic achievements and whether they can be applied to your own resume objective:

How Do You Write A Resume Summary

Resume summary writing is probably the most challenging aspect of your job application. Dont rush it. When you sit down to write your resume summary, take some time to think about your greatest strengths, along with the life experiences that best demonstrate your competence for the job youre seeking. Consider these tips to guide your resume summary writing:

  • Brainstorm a master list of what you might include.

Brainstorming is a process in which you write down ALL ideas, as if no idea is a bad one even if the list ends up being way too long. This kind of uncensored thinking will inevitably result in a lot of stuff youll have to throw out. But it can also produce some unexpected gems that you wouldnt have considered if you were trying to edit the list in your mind before writing anything down.

  • Consider all your qualifications, not just the obvious.

If you have years of experience in your field, an advanced degree and every certification under the sun, these are all clearly points to consider in writing your resume summary.

But try to look beyond your experience, education and skills toward less obvious aspects of your candidacy. These might include your innate drive, passion, creativity and resourcefulness.

How do you write a short summary of yourself?

This question is too broad. Narrow your thinking down just a bit and breathe a sigh of relief. Youre not writing a short summary of yourself, youre writing an enticing elevator pitch for your candidacy.

To sum up:

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Resume Objective Templates + How To Adjust

Resume objectives tend to follow certain conventions. For example, many applicants write in the third person, but you can also write in the first person or jump straight to explaining your career goals. Letâs take a look at three examples:

Third-person emphasis: Social media coordinator with agency experience looking for a position managing social media strategy, planning, and execution for a major health care brand .

First-person emphasis: I am an agency-trained social media coordinator seeking a social media manager position , where I can apply my health care brand knowledge to grow audience awareness and engagement .

Position emphasis:Seeking a social media manager position at a health care start-up , where I can apply my three years of social media experience using tools like Hootsuite and Buffer .

You can adjust your resume objective by determining which formatâthird-person, first-person, or position emphasisâbest fits your particular needs, and by changing the way you present the three key pieces of information expected in an objective. For example, as a concise description, you can go with an adjective that grabs a recruiterâs attention, like âsavvy â or âorganized ,â or you can choose to summarize your experience, like â with X years of experience.â

Tips For Writing A Great Entry

Writing A Resume Objective Summary

A resumes career objective would often point out the obvious. A typical entry-level resume objective would read something like: “Objective: To secure a role as a software engineer at Company X.” Hiring managers will look at that and think, “Well, this candidate applied for that job, so I kind figured this out already.” A career summary doesnt waste space like that.

In fact, although a career summary is about your experience, what youre really doing is showing a company how your skills can be of use in their business. So, in reality, its less about you and more about them. In a couple of sentences, reflect to the recruiter how your background and experience aligns with the company’s values, along with the value you could bring to the role.

To write an effective career summary, you need to research the company to which youre applying and include specific language that references their mission and/or the position itself. When you tailor your resume to the job posting, youre more likely to get a call for an interview.

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Resume Objective Vs Summary Statement

Most employers only spend a few seconds looking at a resume, and most of this time is spent looking at the top half of a resume. The higher the information appears, the more important it is, which is why the first part of a resume is key.

Resume objectives and summary statements are both possible first paragraphs of a resume and they are very similar in their make-up.

They are both brief 3-4 line texts which aim to highlight why someone is the ideal candidate for a job.

However, there are distinct differences between the two and when youre writing a resume it is important to know which one you should use and how you should construct it. Using a resume builder is an effective tool to help you write a winning resume.

It is up to you to decide which opening paragraph suits your resume the best, considering your work experience, skills, and qualifications, in relation to the requirements of the job youre applying for.

General Career Objective Examples

Take help from these examples to write a strong resume objective:

  • To secure a challenging position in a reputable organization to expand my learnings, knowledge, and skills.
  • Secure a responsible career opportunity to fully utilize my training and skills, while making a significant contribution to the success of the company.
  • Seeking an entry-level position to begin my career in a high-level professional environment.
  • To secure employment with a reputable company, where I can utilize my skills and business studies background to the maximum.
  • Seeking a challenging career with an MNC.
  • A highly organized and hard-working individual looking for a responsible position to gain practical experience.
  • To make use of my interpersonal skills to achieve goals of a company that focuses on customer satisfaction and customer experience.
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    Computer Science Resume Objective Examples

    Im looking for an internship where I can utilize my experience with natural language processing and building web apps for non-technical users to further the mission of Coursera in democratizing education across the world.

    Recent graduate with an MS in Computer Science looking to leverage my experience building responsive and scalable web apps to solve interesting problems that delight end-users.

    What Is A Resume Objective Statement

    How to Write a Resume Objective vs. Resume Summary Statement | 40 Professional Samples

    A resume objective statement introduces a resume to the hiring manager. As the name suggests, it answers the question, What is the objective of this resume? It usually states the position for which you are applying and may include your career goals.

    Traditionally, a resume objective statement section might look something like this:

    Resume Objective: To obtain an entry-level marketing position at a Fortune 500 company.

    However, todays resume objective statement not only states the applicants intention but aims to sell the hiring manager on the job seeker by highlighting their skills and career goals. It should be short, to-the-point, and customized for each resume.

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    General Labor Resume Objective

    Adaptable and reliable general laborer with strong skills in woodworking, job site cleanup, lifting and carrying heavy objects, written and oral communications, basic math and physical stamina seeks position that provides steady employment and growth opportunities.

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    Great Examples Of Resume Objectives

    Here are a few various examples of well-crafted resume objectives:

    For the recent graduate:

    Recent college graduate with a BA in Comparative Studies and six months of international internship experience. Seeking to leverage acquired academic knowledge and work experience to effectively fill your office clerk position. A dedicated worker aiming to help achieve company goals and take on more responsibility as quickly as possible.

    Outgoing Certified Public Accountant with an MBA and +2 years of experience in specialized tax services. Seeking to leverage my technical and professional expertise to grow in the new role of Accountant at your company.

    For a management position:

    Management responsibility with an organization where demonstrated skills in marketing, administration, and sales can be translated into improved growth and profitability.

    For a career changer:

    With a reputation for meeting business objectives and aiding in data-driven decisions, Iâm looking to shift my skills as an IT administrator into a data scientist role.

    For an experienced professional:

    Accounting professional with over 10 years experience looking to transfer my skills to the finance world. My proven mathematical and money management skills make me an ideal fit for the Finance Assistant position.

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    Business & Management Resume Objective Examples

    Recent graduate with a B.A. in Marketing looking to start my career in Advertising at XYZ Inc. Strong skills in copywriting and graphic design, coupled with a creative mind. Practical experience in creating social media ads as a marketing intern.

    Click here for a complete .

    Project Manager Resume Objective

    Detail-oriented software engineer with 5+ years of experience in Node.js and React looking to transition into the role of an IT-focused project manager. Practical experience conducting daily scrum meetings and following agile project management methodologies.

    Click here for a complete project manager resume example.

    Human Resources Resume Objective

    Psychology graduate looking for a position in recruitment at XYZ Inc. Completed an HR internship at Recruitment Agency X. Solid entry-level experience doing recruitment work, which included pre-selecting qualified candidates and filtering them based on client needs. Looking to further develop my experience in the HR field and help XYZ Inc. go above and beyond their hiring needs.

    Business Analyst Resume Objective

    Business Student at University X seeking a summer internship as a Business Analyst at XYZ Inc. Strong business know-how, with a focus on analyzing and interpreting data. Completed 10+ real-life business consulting case studies as university projects. Skilled in financial and managerial accounting.

    Click here for a complete business analyst resume example.

    Bpo/ites Career Objective Examples

    A Good Resume Summary

    Example 1:

    Project Manager with 6 years of experience in handling multiple projects in the BFSI domain right from quality training to operations division. Possess a knack of applying analytical and problem-solving skills to meet clientsâ varied demands within strict deadlines. Ensures timely completion of identified goals.

    Example 2:

    Highly responsible Training Manager focused on developing and conducting unique training sessions for a better understanding of telecom companyâs products and processes. Handled team of 25 trainers and conducted various leadership and motivational training materials for organizing company-wide training workshops.

    Example 3:

    An accomplished Team Leader with 3 years of experience in designing and managing Customer Service strategies & ensuring timely resolution of customersâ queries. Helped call centers in retaining the existing customers & increasing revenues by X% with a remarkable FCR ratio.

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    What Do I Include In My Resume Objective

    In terms of what to include in a resume objective, you want to keep it as short and simple as possible.

    The following four pieces of information should generally be included:

    • The job title you are seeking
    • 2-4 key skills that you possess
    • A brief summary of your career goals
    • What you can bring to the company or hope to achieve at the company

    Tips For Writing A Good Cv Objective Or Summary

    If you want to write a powerful CV summary/objective, then stick to the following guidelines..

    Do your research Before you type one word on your CV, ensure that you have thoroughly researched the jobs you are applying for, and understand the core requirements.

    Tailor your objective Following your research, tailor you objective to include your attributes that most closely match the skills being sought by employers.

    Keep it brief Recruiters and hiring managers are busy people, who see hundreds of CVs, so you only have a short window to hook them. Keep your summary short, and you can go into more detail in your role descriptions.

    Sell yourself Your objective needs to excite recruiters, so dont be afraid to brag and talk about why you are the best person for the job.

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    Difference Between Objectives And Summaries

    Objectives and summaries both aim to show the hiring manager that you’re the right person for the job, but they do so in different ways. A summary, or profile, describes how your experience and education relate to the position while an objective details career goals. A summary is also usually a little longer than an objective. You can use a summary if you have plenty of experience or education that fits into the role.

    Marketing Career Objective Examples

    How to Write a Resume Summary – Plus 5 Strong Examples | Indeed Career Tips

    Example 1:

    Highly motivated individual and a certified digital marketer with strong SEO and SEM skills, attention to detail, and a solid online marketing background looking to obtain a position of SEO Specialist with XYZ company.

    Example 2:

    A resourceful individual with a proven track record in implementing successful marketing strategies, boosting organic traffic, and improving search rankings seeks a position of Marketing Associate at ABC company to maximize brand awareness and revenue through integrated marketing communications.

    Example 3:

    An MBA with specialization in online marketing, working knowledge of Google Analytics and Adwords, and 4 years experience in developing and managing marketing campaigns seek the role of Online Marketing Manager with ABC Inc. to provide thought leadership and implement best practices for digital marketing.

    Example 4:

    Seeking the role of Social Media Marketing Manager at XYZ Inc. to utilize my 6 years of social media, content development, and project management experience in identifying trends, engaging users and increasing brand awareness through unique and innovative marketing strategies and campaigns.

    Example 5:

    A highly creative thinker, grammar Nazi, and social media enthusiast seek the position of Social Media & Content Marketing Analyst to transform technical and digital information and processes into influencial stories.

    Example 6:

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    Craft A Quality Assurance Summary Or Objective

    For the first section of your resume, choose between crafting a resume summary or objective. If you’ve prior working experience in quality assurance positions, you can write a resume summary. It highlights your past accomplishments and key skills. You can use this section to summarise your relevant experience and how it applies to the position you’re applying for. Consider citing specific statistics or numbers to quantify your achievements.

    If you’re a fresh graduate or switching career paths, you might be applying for entry-level quality assurance jobs and can craft a resume objective statement instead. In two to four sentences, talk about your career goals and explain how they align with the position. Mention relevant skills and certifications to demonstrate your suitability for the job. Write your resume first before identifying the main points you want to highlight to hiring managers in this section. This enables you to review your resume, compare it to the job description and choose the details to include in your summary.

    What Is A Good Goal Statement

    A good goal statement is similar to an objective statement. It shares your objectives and accomplishments with a hiring manager in the hopes to hook them into reading the rest of your resume.

    If youre creating your resume, we can help! Check out our free resume builder.

    Originally published May 31, 2018. Last updated February 18, 2020.

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    Focus On Work Experience And Skills

    Employers typically care more about a warehouse team leader’s work experience and skills than education, so focus on these two sections. Try to show your recipient your value to past employers through your work experience and skills sections. Job-specific education can give you an advantage over other candidates. You can leave your high school education off your resume, as this is less relevant for the role.

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