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Sample Nurse Practitioner Resume

What Sections Should An Fnp Resume Have


From top to bottom, an FNP resume should have the following information.

Contact Information

Include your full name, address, telephone number and email address.


Most FNP job posts indicate the required credentials. In this section of your resume, show evidence of each license and certification you hold by listing the name, credential number and date of expiration.


If you decide to include a summary of your relevant skills, add it near the credentials section. Examples of skills include team leadership, quality assurance and strong clinical judgment.


This section outlines your professional experience in nursing. For each job, list:

  • Job title
  • City and state of the employer
  • Period of employment
  • Two to three sentences that summarize the duties of the position
  • Three to five bullet points that describe your accomplishments

For examples of how to write about job duties and accomplishments, check out the FNP resume samples on JobHero.


List all of the degrees youve earned since high school, starting with the most recent. For each degree, include:

  • Institution
  • Graduation month and year

Additional Sections

To distinguish your FNP resume, you can include additional sections that expand on your qualifications. Think about what sets you apart from other candidates.

These extra details can be especially helpful for new FNPs who have limited experience as RNs:

Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Facultyresume Examples & Samples

  • Nurse practitioner with national certification in Adult/Gerontology Acute Care or Adult Acute Care
  • Doctorate in Nursing Practice degree preferred. Will consider nurse practitioners with other nursing or related doctoral degrees if the candidate meets NP certification requirement
  • Minimum of one year teaching experience at the Baccalaureate or Graduate level
  • Currently licensed as a nurse practitioner in the state of Pennsylvania, or eligibility, is required

Cardiac Nurse Practitionerresume Examples & Samples

  • Minimum of two years experience working as a nurse practitioner in an acute care or cardiac setting
  • Able to obtain an active, unrestricted Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner license in the state indicated as the Location above
  • Current certification or ability to be certified in AHA or ARC Basic Life Support for medical provider
  • Bilingual: Fluent in Spanish and English
  • 4+ years of Occupational Health and Emergency Room experience
  • NYS Physician Assistant license
  • Knowledgeable with OSHA

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Experience For Nurse Practitioner / Physicians Assistant Resume

  • Experience in an Outpatient setting
  • Demonstrated excellence in written/verbal communication, time management and working with an interdisciplinary team
  • Two to three years increasingly complex nursing experience
  • Experience providing medical care to patients with multiple co-morbid chronic medical and surgical conditions
  • Experience working with newly housed and/or homeless patients with multiple co-morbidities
  • Two years clinical nursing experience, preferably in Cardiology
  • Patient monitoring experience required
  • Experience in a critical care setting required

How To Write Your First Nurse Practitioner Resume

Nurse Practitioner Resume Samples

After graduating from my NP program, I sat down to craft the perfect resume only to be met with the sinking feeling I had nothing to put on it. I became a nurse practitioner early in life through an accelerated program and had zero healthcare experience. Ice cream scooping expertise. Check. Research lab assistant know-how . Check. Working with actual human patients? I had nothing to offer.

Feeling discouraged and desperate for a job, I ditched my nearly blank resume draft and sought some pointers from my coolest former clinical advisor. Her advice was reassuring. You do have patient care experience she reminded me. You have completed hundreds of clinical hours over the course of your NP program, highlight them in your resume.

Following the rest of her advice I omitted the fact that I had spent a few summers making milkshakes and vigilantly protecting the large cow statue form theft that stood outside of the ice cream shop where I had once worked. I did include my experience feeding fruit flies and lab rats but gave it a prestigious and educational spin.

So how do you write your first nurse practitioner resume? What is the best way to highlight your accomplishments so they overshadow your lack of experience? Here are the main components new NPs should include on their resumes:

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The Guide To Resume Tailoring

Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the nurse practitioner job. Its actually very simple. Tailor your resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add your accomplishments. This way, you can position yourself in the best way to get hired.

Do You Need An Objective Or Summary On Your Nursing Resume

When crafting your registered nurse resume, you have the option to use career objectives and summaries.

When to include a career objective in your resume:

      • You can use objectives when changing or modifying your career. For instance, if you plan to change from a surgical assistant registered nurse to an emergency room registered nurse, you’d use an objective to highlight that you’re pursuing a new subfield within nursing.
      • Use a career objective if you’re looking for an entry-level job and lack experience.

When a summary is right for your resume:

      • Use a summary to highlight your most valuable experience and skills. These are ideal when you have vast experience in nursing. For example, if you’ve worked in a health setting for five or more years, you can include a summary.
      • A summary is effective for connecting varied work experiences.

When not to use objectives or summaries:

  • Example of an unclear objective and why it might flop: “Looking for a nursing job to apply my skills and knowledge.”
  • This lacks specifics to the job and has a generic “I don’t care” vibe.
  • Example of a vague summary and why it could fail: “I am a highly-experienced registered nurse looking for a position in this hospital.”
  • This lacks depth and the hefty work history detail that should hallmark a summary. It’s void of substantial expertise, specializations, and skill specifics.
  • When objectives or summaries are worth including:

  • This summary highlights key areas and many years of experience.
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    Family Nurse Practitioner Resume Samples

    One of the key roles and responsibilities of a Family Nurse Practitioner is to assist, care, treat, and counsel elderly patients, children, and their families. Apart from this, some of the other important job tasks that can be found on a Family Nurse Practitioner Resume are: to assist physicians in determining appropriate treatments for the patients, to set up proper recovery and rehabilitation routine, and to co-design a healthy diet routine.

    If you are interested in applying for this challenging job role, there are certain qualifications that are expected from you, such as patience, endurance, good communication skills especially with elderly people and children, strong subject knowledge as well as practical knowledge, and quick reasoning skills. While the minimum education required for this role is a Bachelor?s Degree in Nursing, a Master?s Degree and relevant work experience are considered to be a great bonus.

  • Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Common Key Skills And Action Verbs For Nurse Practitioner Resumes

    How to write a Nurse Practitioner Resume

    Understanding which keywords hiring managers and Applicant Tracking Systems look for when evaluating applications is the first step to creating an effective nurse practitioner resume. ATS scans for relevant keywords and highlights the most suitable candidates to the hiring manager. Integrating as many of the following skills and action verbs into your resume is an excellent way to compete in a large applicant pool.

    Key Skills & Proficiencies

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    Do Nps Need A Resume Or Cv

    So who needs a resume? The majority of NP school students, most likely!

    If you are a NP student who has followed on a traditional career path: starting as a RN, going to nurse practitioner school, graduating and planning a clinical career seeing patients in a clinic or the hospital youre someone who I would recommend crafts and submits a traditional resume.

    A CV is better suited for someone who perhaps has a long standing history of an academic career. Maybe this is a faculty member who is planning to move into a research career, or applying to clinical instructor positions, or doing something a little bit more academic. In that case, youre likely better suited to craft a CV for your next application.

    Now, what if you are someone whos doing both of those things? Lets say you have, or you want to have both a clinical and an academic career. Not a problem: you can have both a traditional resume and a CV as a nurse practitioner. But if you are planning for your first clinical NP job, chances are, you need what I would call a traditional nursing resume that highlights your clinical career achievements thus far, on 1-3 pages.

    If youre ready to write your own résumé and/or CV and you want an easy way to get it done, then my Nurse Résumé Template Bundle is a great tool to help transform your documents.

    Professional Skills In Nurse Practitioner Resume

    When listing skills on your nurse practitioner resume, remember always to be honest about your level of ability. Include the Skills section after experience.

    Present the most important skills in your resume, there’s a list of typical nurse practitioner skills:

    • Strong problem solving skills, good organizational skills, and communications skills to offering counseling and education to meet patient needs are necessary
    • Demonstrate strong organizational and time management skills with the ability to set priorities
    • Demonstrate strong communication and collaboration skills
    • 2 Demonstrates leadership skills in problem solving with and directing designated personnel in assigned clinical area
    • Board certification in applicable specialty that evidences the training and skills needed to perform the Departments services
    • Good computer skills and comfortable using an electronic health record

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    Family Nurse Practitioner Skills

    Core skills

    • Completing an accredited post-graduate Nurse Practitioner educational program
    • Having a Master’s degree in nursing
    • Obtaining a Registered Nurse license in appropriate state
    • Possessing an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse license in appropriate state
    • Having prescriptive privileges in appropriate state

    Advanced skills

    • Specialized care experience
    • Electronic medical record experience

    Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitionerresume Examples & Samples

    Nurse Practitioner Resume Samples Of
    • A bachelors and masters degree in nursing and an earned doctorate in nursing or related field
    • A beginning record of research and scholarship for tenure track position
    • A beginning record of educational or clinical scholarship for clinical teaching track position
    • Certification as an Advanced Practice Nurse specializing in the care of the Adult/Older Adult by either ANCC or AANP
    • Registration or Eligibility for registration as an APRN- AGNP on the Colorado State Board of Nursing Advanced Practice Registry
    • Prior & current Experience as an AGNP
    • Prior teaching experience at both the undergraduate and graduate level of nursing education
    • Adult and Gerontological Nursing expertise
    • Experience in higher education which might include guest lectures, preceptor for student practicums, projects, or continuing education workshops
    • Evidence of a commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration
    • Interpersonal style which fosters respect and openness to the ideas of others and constructive feedback

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    What Sections To Include On An Np Resume

    Regardless of whether youre going to craft a resume or CV, there are sections that I recommend for pretty much all nurse practitioners. If you are planning to apply for a new job or position as a nurse practitioner, these sections should be included.

    The first section you want to include is your professional profile or your professional summary.

    This is the formerly known objective section. This is where you summarize everything and explain to whoever youre sending this document to the value you will add in your potential position as NP.

    Next, you want to feature your education.

    Youll put all the relevant degrees that you have in this section. If you have additional degrees outside of your nursing profession, perhaps nursing is a second career for you, you can choose to leave these off if youd like. You dont necessarily have to include everything. You can decide exactly what to feature and what to leave off, but know that education is an important section that you will want to include.

    Next you will want to include your licenses and your certifications.

    Here you can put current licenses, certifications, and things that are in progress. For example, if you took your boards but your state license hasnt been issued yet, you can mark that is in progress. But this section is where you put your board certifications, your state licenses, your CPR certifications, and any additional certifications that are relevant to your position, or that you want to document.

    Lead Nurse Practitioner Resume

    Objective : I have more than 4 years of experience in the healthcare field as a Nurse Practitioner. I am a firm believer that education, communication, and preventative methods are core foundations to positive overall wellness goals. I am currently seeking a permanent position as an Adult Nurse Practitioner providing high-quality care services in a supportive and stable environment.

    Skills : ARNP, Assessment, and Physical Exam, Interpret Diagnostics, Diagnosis, Prescribe Appropriate Medications, Aesthetic Injectibles, and Hormone Replacement Pelleting.

    Description :

    Description :

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    Professional Skills In Family Nurse Practitioner Resume

    When listing skills on your family nurse practitioner resume, remember always to be honest about your level of ability. Include the Skills section after experience.

    Present the most important skills in your resume, there’s a list of typical family nurse practitioner skills:

    • Strong ambulatory care skills
    • Effective interpersonal, communication, organizational, and management skills
    • Demonstrated outpatient skills
    • Proven internal medicine and primary care skills
    • Communicate effectively with the family/caregiver and other providers regarding clinical findings and the recommended plan of care
    • Proven effectiveness in working with individuals from diverse ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds

    Nurse Practitioner Resume Templates

    Building Your First Nurse Practitioner Resume
    • Conducts DOT physical examinations and follow-up
    • Evaluates and treats injured workers
    • Ensures proper OSHA recordkeeping is performed as appropriate
    • Valid Advanced Practice State License issued by the State Board of Nursing or Physician Assistant licensure by the Florida Board of Medicine
    • Valid Prescriptive Authority
    • FMCSA certification to conduct DOT medical certification examinations
    • Demonstrated decision making skills
    • Demonstrated ability to multi-task in a rapid pace clinical environment
    • Demonstrated ability to work and collaborate with other medical providers working in the same environment
    • Ability to speak Spanish or Hatian-Creole
    • Willingness to learn new software applications
    • Familiarity with State of Florida Workers Compensation laws pertaining to medical management and disability
    • Demonstrated problem solving skills, as well as continuous improvement process skills
    • Demonstrated computer proficiency within a Windows system environment
    • Demonstrated ability to handle confidential information
    • Masters degree in nursing as Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner or successful completion of a Physician Assistant Training program
    • CT Nurse Practitioner experience
    • Certification in specialty area of Psychiatry
    • DEA and Controlled Substance Registration
    • 1+ year of Psychiatry work experience

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    Start Off Strong By Summarizing Your Strengths And Nursing Experience

    Most resume formats begin with a short paragraph known as the resume summary. Its intended to communicate a lot of information to the reader quickly, like the abstract at the beginning of a medical paper. This is your opportunity to summarize the rest of your resume and get the readers attention.

    A great nurse practitioner resume example summary might be, Knowledgeable and dedicated nurse practitioner seeking to offer professional, compassionate patient care at Greenfield Clinic. 8+ years of nursing experience include seeing 22+ patients daily, mentoring 5 NP students, and collaborating with insurance vendors to increase reimbursement rate by 10%.

    This resume communicates three things in just two sentences. The reader immediately learns the nurse practitioners most valuable skills and experience. Next, they see three significant past successes that include eye-catching numerals. Finally, they notice that the nurse took the time to customize the resume by naming the employer. This demonstrates that the NP is an experienced and enthusiastic candidate.

    Nephrology Nurse Practitionerresume Examples & Samples

    • Engage in independent decision making about health care needs and provide health care services to individuals
    • Obtain patient histories, perform physical and psychological health assessments, provide patient and family education and counseling, and ensure continuity of health care services
    • The provider will see primarily follow-up general Nephrology patients
    • See patients in 6-8 half-day clinics per week in the Clinics and Surgery Center
    • Potential for inpatient coverage during the week, and approximately 6-7 weekends per year at the University of Minnesota Medical Center
    • 0 FTE

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    Cac Primary Care Nurse Practitionerresume Examples & Samples

    • This is a field based role visiting Humana members in their homes
    • Provides general medical care and treatment to patients in their home under direction of a collaborating Physician
    • Masters in Science of Nursing
    • Active, unrestricted Nurse Practitioner license in the state indicated as the Location above
    • Bilingual: English, Spanish and other languages are required
    • Travel 100% throughout Dade County
    • Critical Care or Emergency Medicine experience a plus
    • Active Nurse Practitioner / Physician Assistant license
    • Demonstrated Internal Medicine knowledge

    Nurse Practitioner Resume Objective

    Nurse Practitioner Resume Sample

    The first thing hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities will look for is your qualification. Specifically, your certification. End the suspense by starting out your Nurse Practitioner resume objective by disclosing your status as an authorized, certified and licensed professional.

    Thats why in our sample resume objective for Nurse Practitioner, we ran off a list of Evelyns other qualifications:

    • Licensed Registered Nurse
    • Masters Degree in Nursing
    • More than 10 years experience as a Nurse

    These qualifications alone may set Evelyn apart from the other candidates. You should also review the job post and check if there are other requirements that the potential employer is looking for.

    Take note of specific keywords that may be used to identify desired attributes for the job. In our resume objective for Nurse Practitioner, we used and leadership skills.

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