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Should You Put Volunteer Work On Resume

When Not To Include Activism On Your Cv

Should You Put Volunteer Work on a Resume?

If you enjoy your volunteer activism but do not consider it an integral part of your identity, you may want to leave it off. Working for an organisation with which you have ideological differences may not be a deal-breaker for you, so it’s not worth the risk to offer information an HR manager could hold against you.

Instead, focus your CV on your work experience and skills that show you’re qualified for the job without any complications.

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This article was updated in October 2020 by Lauren Settembrino.

The Pros And Cons To Sharing Volunteer Work

You may wonder whether to include volunteer work for your children’s preschool or the Parent Teacher Association. Are you worried that by including this would tip off the hiring manager that you’re a working mom and that’s a strike against you?

If you do list it and the company doesn’t consider you, think about this: Would you really want to work for an organization that doesn’t support working moms? You can’t change the fact that you are a working mom, and it’s nothing you should have to hide.

When you are called in for an interview it’s already on the table that you’re a working mom. When your future employer knows this fact you’ll get a good idea during the interview process how their company culture views working parents.

If you don’t list your volunteer work you may be leaving out a piece of the puzzle that describes who you are as a person. Are you passionate about the volunteer work that you’ve done? If so, by letting your future employer know about it you may bet the opportunity to talk about something your passionate about besides your past positions.

Also, if you do not include it, you are keeping your resume strictly professional. This may need to be the case depending on your field of work or the position you’re applying for. If the position has 50% travel you may not be considered if they know you’re heavily involved at the school.

Volunteer Experience On Cv

Similar to the work experience section, a volunteer experience description should include the following information:

  • your volunteer role/title
  • the name of the organization, non-profit, or humanitarian group
  • the start and end dates
  • a brief description of the organizational mission and purpose
  • your principal responsibilities and accomplishments

This guide will inform you of the benefits of including volunteer experience on your application, how to incorporate this voluntary work on your CV, the structure of writing a volunteer experience description, as well as practical examples.

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Do Not Include Volunteer Work On Your Resume If It Doesn’t Help To Prove You Are A Strong Candidate For The Specific Job You Are Applying To

When is including volunteer work on your resume not helpful?

  • When it gives away more personal information than you want to share with the employer at that stage in the hiring process.
  • When your resume is already jam-packed with information, and your volunteer work doesn’t demonstrate crucial skills and experience that you have already demonstrated somewhere else on your resume.
  • When your volunteer work occurred more than 10 years in the past.

How To Write Church Volunteer Work On Resume

Volunteer Resume Sample &  Writing Guide

Now another question is that how can you write it? Like all the other work experiences you have mentioned, write the title Church Volunteering in the experience section.

Then write the task you have done in this volunteering in bullet points. Dont try to stuff it up with multiple tasks. Only write the main task you performed or the achievements you got in this job.

Example for Writing Major Church Volunteer Job

Church Experience

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How To Put Church Volunteer Work On Resume When Its Minor

Some volunteer work is not related to your desire job. They dont seem to be relevant to write down as a significant experience.

For instance, if you have done volunteer work in which you had to lead people towards their seats in a churchs event, it is useless for an editor, management, or HR job.

Yes, it can still impress some employers that you have also worked for a church. But dont list it as work experience.

So, you cant write it in a way that we have mentioned above. You will add it to the section where you have mentioned your other volunteer programs.

Doctors Nurses And Other Certified Medical Specialists:

If you work in the medical field, you might already know about the various needs that many people face in terms of healthcare. There are many places that are in need of quality medical attention.

One great way that you can volunteer as a medical professional is lending your expertise and knowledge to society by engaging in free community service for a few hours for free. Places where you can do community services include:

  • Your own hospital where you work and have privileges
  • Volunteering in a non-profit organization or a medical charity.
  • A local health clinic or dispensary
  • A scout group or a helper association

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Your Resume Is Your Story

Altogether, your resume is your story. It should weave together a cohesive and compelling overview of your history, experience, skills, and ambition without leaving room for your audience to guess as to where you might excel in their organization.

Regardless of whether you picked up your “expertise” volunteering or working, the same essential resume principles apply.

Regardless of whether you picked up your expertise volunteering, interning, working, or studying, the same essential principles apply to ensuring that you stand out in the application pool. This comes down to intelligently angling yourself so you come across as a professional who knows what direct value they bring to the table.

Secondly Make A Selective List Of Your Volunteer Work

Volunteer Experience – Why and how to Include it on your resume

You shouldnt mention an excessive number of volunteer work roles on your resume. The employer likely has minimal time to review your resume. You should include volunteer work that best projects your personality and interests. You can select up to two to three of your best volunteer experiences to list on your resume. You can then create a positive impression about the volunteer work mentioned on your resume, and you can discuss them further if you are asked about them in an interview.

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Increase Your Chances With Volunteer Work On A Resume

If you are a high school or college student or someone just starting out in your career, you might turn to volunteer work in order to bolster your experience. This is definitely a smart move. According to The Guardian, 75 percent of employers say that adding volunteer work on a resume boosts a job applicants chances.

Volunteering on a regular basis gives you a chance to prove that you are reliable, hard-working, willing to learn, and interested in going above and beyond. Anyone can list these qualities on their resume, but having a regular volunteer activity is a surefire way of backing them up.

In fact, a study by the Center for Economic Policy Research found that volunteering is in fact associated with a significant improvement in job prospects. But thats only among those who volunteered for more than 20 hours per year. Volunteering regularly will also give you the chance to build relationships, expand your network, secure good references, and possibly even find a mentor.

What Is A Resume Volunteer Experience Section

The volunteer experience section of a resume includes any unpaid work youve done that could be relevant to your application. In addition to being an effective way to showcase your professional skills, it also shows that you are a purpose-driven person. The studies speak for themselves – volunteering can open a new path to employment.

You can list volunteer experience either under the work experience section or as a separate section entirely. Below, were going to explain how, exactly, you can do both.

But first, heres an example of how volunteer experience looks like:

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How Should You Treat A Volunteer Work

Treat it as any other paid work that you have done. Explain the skills that were used, the purpose of the volunteering work, and the result of the work. Also mention the name of the organization and also the dates you were working with the volunteering group. Try to mention the place where you have volunteered, if possible.

Volunteer Experience Examples For Your Resume

Volunteer Resume Sample &  Writing Guide

Stuck on what accomplishments to list under your volunteer work? Here are a few examples.

  • Founded the first ever ‘Business Series’ to organize finance training for 500 students.
  • Organized and advertised 10+ quarterly networking events with 300+ participants in 3 cities in California.
  • Introduced online platform enabling donations from city residents secured $10,000 additional funding.
  • Presented pitch to XYZ awarded Frist Prize out of 50+ teams.
  • Designed, executed, and optimized digital marketing campaign on Google AdWords led to 20% increase in ROI.
  • Generated 12,000 unique users, 30,000 page views, and 2000+ newsletter signups in 3 weeks by successfully leveraging social media advertising .
  • Organized and conducted monthly meetings with city council executives and other community leaders to raise funds for opening schools and disabled children.
  • Generated 50+ donors through cold call sales and systematic email outreach qualified leads based on industry and location.
  • Managed the launch of a new booking system to improve organization of events system now used across university.

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How To Put Church Volunteer Work On Resume:

Volunteer church services can be an excellent way to add volunteer experiences when you do not have any other relevant volunteering experiences to mention. A few things to be noted when mentioning best volunteer work for resume,

1. Include only experiences in your resume that are relevant to your goal or to the position that you are applying for.

2. Word your descriptions in such a way that it is easily understood by people who are not much familiar with churches and their organizations.

3. When using the name of the church, it should be spelled out correctly, neatly and completely. Appropriate colons and commas should be added.

4. There are cases, where the title may be a bit misleading. Try to use titles and descriptions that are easily understood and convey what you did. Also, be friendly while explaining to people who are not familiar with the terms.

Narrow In On Core Skills

What were the key takeaways from each experience that you will apply to future work engagements? Focus on highlighting those on your resume.

Along with getting rid of generics, this takes what you accomplished from subjective to objective and makes it more credible to an outsider.

Come up with at least one meaningful measurement for each work or volunteer experience on your resume.

Did you collaborate on a team of 5, visit 15 villages, lead a group of 20, care for 75 monkeys, donate 400 pounds of medical gear, bike 2,000 miles, raise $25,000, or add 45,000 social media followers? Come up with at least one meaningful measurement for each work or volunteer experience on your resume and add it in.

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Should You Include Volunteer Work On A Resume

The short answer is yes volunteer work can absolutely belong on your resume. Volunteer experience shows that you have a genuine interest in a particular field or issue. It also shows initiative and the willingness to go above and beyond whats required, which employers love. If the volunteer work is in the same industry as the one youre applying to, even better!

If youre a student, recent graduate, or career changer, you may not have a lot of relevant paid experience. Volunteer work gives you the opportunity to highlight your skills, whether these are common transferrable skills or a specific skill set that your paid experience doesnt show.

Think outside the box when it comes to volunteer work. This could include working with startups and non-profits, or even unpaid internships. If it demonstrates relevant skills or experience, it belongs on your resume.

Create A Separate Section At The End Of Your Resume For Unrelated Volunteer Experiences


If you have volunteer experiences that are unrelated to your industry, you might consider including a brief volunteer work section at the bottom of your resume if you feel it will set you apart from other candidates or provide helpful context for employers.

For example, if in your company research you find that the employer values hiring and supporting employees with a rich life outside of work, it might be helpful for them to learn about your contributions to a certain non-profit organization that you are passionate about. Another example might be that you started volunteering for a certain cause at a young age that eventually informed your decision to study a certain topic in college or pursue a certain career.

To do this, create a new section at the end of your resume and include your volunteer experiences. While you can format this section the same as your professional work experience section, you can also write a shortened version that takes up less space.

Here is an example of how you might write a shortened volunteer work section:

Volunteer work: ASPCA of Phoenix, Intake Manager, Jan. 2016May 2019 | Big Brothers Big Sisters, June 2017Present

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Where Should You Put Your Volunteer Experience On A Resume

Are you a student or fresh graduate? who lacks work experience, you should treat your volunteer experience as regular work experience. Feel free to include it all under work experience section.

Are you an experienced professional?Then you should create a separate section dedicated exclusively to your volunteer work. BUT! If you had a volunteer job thats highly relevant to the job youre applying fo, feel free to mention it as one of the jobs in your work experience section.

Name Your Volunteer Position

For many, their volunteer position is a specific role they play within an organization. To create a clear picture of the value of your volunteer work, name that role on your resume. Instead of saying you volunteered for an afterschool program teaching kids, state that you were a “tutor,” to define exactly what you did.


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Choose The Right Format

Youll usually want to feature your most relevant professional experience at the top of your resume, which means your volunteer experience should go toward the bottom . Dont worry too much about your volunteer work getting missedmost recruiters scan resumes, looking at section headers, job titles, employers, and tenure first, so theyll likely notice a clearly-labeled volunteer experience section.

If its directly relevant to the job youre applying for or you have limited professional experience, you can include your volunteer work with your paid positions. Just be sure that youre labeling it clearly by including volunteer in the job title or in the job description .

Discussing Your Intern Or Volunteer Work In An Interview

Should you put volunteer work on a resume MISHKANET.COM

Mentioning intern or volunteer experience in an interview gives candidates an advantage. While talking about a previous job might cover specific skills you have, intern or volunteer experience says a lot about your personality and core values.

Most employers will be interested in finding out more about your character as well as your experience, so mentioning your commitment to social responsibility, your motivation, and go-getter attitude can be a huge advantage.

International travel is also a good indicator of maturity. For this reason, dont shy away from talking about your gap year volunteering or interning. Spending time overseas as a volunteer is more than just self-indulgent travel.

Instead of simply brushing over your time away, make sure youre clear that you werent just sitting around doing nothing during your year off. Talk about the benefits of a gap year and anything interesting that you did, or any lessons learnt. For example, interning or volunteering is usually an excellent way to develop strong people skills.

For anyone new to working, or trying to break into a different field, interning or volunteering is a credible substitute for paid work. Use your experience to show that you are a passionate and motivated individual, with both practical experience and well-established soft skills.

Question: Why are you a good fit for this role?

More common interview questions where you can mention your volunteer work include:

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Volunteering For Career Changers And Workers Reentering The Workforce

Volunteering is one of the best ways to develop and showcase new career skills. Employers won’t really care that you weren’t paid they’ll be much more interested in the fact that you went out and acquired a new skill. It’s a great way to set yourself up for a career change.

Again, remember to list this work as volunteerism and not paid employment. Your experience won’t be minimized, and you’ll be showing employers that you’re not tricking them into thinking this was a job.

How To Include Volunteer Work On Resume And Stand Out

Many job applicants wonder if they can put volunteer work on resume while applying for jobs. Volunteer work can be an excellent way to showcase your talent and skills such as event planning, fundraising or patient care. These kinds of experiences should certainly be integrated with other work experiences based on your resume and the type of jobs that you are applying to.

Try to understand how much relevance is there between your volunteer experience and the target job that you are applying to. Following mentioned is a guide about how to include volunteer work on resume.

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