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Beginner Nursing Student Resume

Cv Skills Example: Assessing Your Vitals

Resumes for nursing students: Stand out. Look skilled and professional. Get hired.

In some nursing circles, it’s debatable whether a skills section is even necessary on a nursing student CV. If youve been advised against it, then make sure to wrap all the most pressing skills into your experience section and summary . But if not, a skills section can be valuable when it comes to showing an employer that youve got exactly the right qualities for the job at hand.

And whats more, its one of the ATS favorite sections when it comes to scanning for keywords. So if youve got the space, why not use it to your advantage? You can break down the skills section into hard skillsand soft skills, and ideally, your resume should contain a balance of both. Hard skills are your clinical competencies, medical terminology and anything else you learned in your coursework relating to treating patients and using medical equipment.

Inserting the exact same wording from the job description into your skills section is a great tool to fight against the ATS. While the profile summary still needs to be pleasing for human eyes, the skills sections bullet point format means you can get in the most vital keywords without sacrificing appearance. Just make sure the traits youre including are actually accurate descriptors of yourself!

Check out a nursing student CV sample for the skills section below.

Are You Ready To Land Your First Nursing Job

While crafting a nursing student resume may be intimidating, remember that its all about providing an honest representation of yourself while marketing your strengths and desirable qualities.

Once you catch the eye of your dream employer with your impressive resume, its time to make a lasting impression in your interview. Check out our article for advice: 12 Nursing Interview Tips that Might Surprise You.


Include Your Volunteering Experience

In your resume, it can be helpful to include a section that lists your volunteer experience to help make your resume and application more noticeable to nursing schools. Whether you’ve had experience volunteering in a hospital, or you’ve helped during a food drive, all volunteering experience can be beneficial to your application because it can show colleges and universities your care to improve your communities and can also demonstrate how you plan to use your nursing degree.

If you don’t have a lot of volunteering experience, consider researching volunteer opportunities in your local community. Hospitals, specifically, often have a lot of departments that need help, including assisting general staff, providing clerical work and even assisting in labs throughout the school year.

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Formatting Your Nursing Resume

Hiring managers typically receive a torrent of resumes whenever there’s an open position, so if you prepare your nursing resume haphazardly, you are more likely to get the boot than the job. To avoid that sad scenario, you need to make your nursing resume readable, logical, and pleasing to the eye. It should showcase your skills and experience while being ATS-compliant, and it should show off a bit of your personality, too.

It make sound like an impossible task, but before your get overwhelmed, start by taking it one step at a time. First, choose your formatting style: reverse-chronological, functional, or hybrid.

Nursing Student Resume Summary

Beginner Nursing Student Resume

Your nursing student resume summary is a rough outline of all your roles & responsibilities and past achievements in 2-3 lines.

This is not of interest to you as you dont have any work experience yet.

As someone who is looking for a nursing job, an entry-level nurse job to be more specific, you should write a resume objective instead of a resume summary.

Read on to learn what a resume objective is and how to write it.

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Add Any Achievements And Affiliations

Were you a member of the Student Nurses Association? Include that here. Even if an organization you participated in wasn’t nursing-related, it can demonstrate some more of those soft skills we discussed earlier. Being the treasurer of your sorority shows that youre organized and good at math- crucial skills for nursing.

You can also include scholarships, nominations, awards, published material or academic recognitions in this section.

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Does Your Education Section Need Emergency Treatment Dont Lose The Recruiter

So youve got a great experience section in your entry-level RN resume. Thats a good start.

But, oh no? Theres still something missing.

As a new grad nurse with no experience, youre going to be relying heavily on your education section to get noticed.

Most nursing school resume examples will need to at the very least add information about your college course. This should include:

  • The name of the nursing course
  • The name of the college or institution
  • The number of years you studied there

But this isnt all you should do with your resume for nursing school application. You should also add details about the coursework you did, especially if it fits the general job description.

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How To Write A Nursing Student Resume Summary

You got the job! Youre now a fully-fledged nurse.

This is what youll want to hear as a result of successfully getting picked for an RN or LPN job.

But before you can get to that stage youve got to remember something crucial: a new grad nurse summary for a resume.

This is something that people dont think much about. But you should never underestimate the importance of a good professional summary for a nursing student on a graduate nurse resume sample.

Its only a few sentences long, but in that short text, youll communicate a lot to the reader.

To summarize this summary, it is a brief introduction to you, the person writing the resume.

It explains why a hiring manager should take you seriously as a candidate and more importantly gives the reader an incentive to look over your whole resume from start to finish.

So, what should you include in the career objective for a nursing student?

This usually depends on the precise job youre applying for.

For example, if youre applying for an LVN job you might talk up your credentials of working with the elderly.

Whereas if youre planning to work in a cancer ward you might talk more about how good you are at monitoring vital signs and taking samples.

Lets look at how we can make this work below.

Resume Education Section Checklist:

Nursing Resume | New Nurse Tips for Graduates with No Job Experience
  • Ensure your hard skills section are exactly matching the job description.
  • Dont simply list your soft skills. Apply the show, dont tell principle – let your job achievements speak for themselves.
  • Find a way to showcase your skills beyond the skills section.
  • Your resumes skill section is important to ATS systems – so dont skip it.

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Nursing Student Resume Templates And Examples For 2022

Becoming a nurse is anything but easy, but we’re here to help. Learn how to write a nursing student resume that will be better than Acetaminophen for pain.

For a great nursing student resume:

  • Start with our nursing student resume template. Youll get a lot more interviews.
  • Pick accomplishments that fit the job like Spanx. Use them to prove youve got the skills you worked so hard for.
  • Add percentages and other numbers. Theyll elevate your nursing school resume to the top of the triage order.
  • Include nursing student resume extras like publications and volunteer work. Theyll show this isnt just a jobits your passion.
  • Send a nursing cover letter. Make it passionate and pin it to the employers needs. Check out more specific cover letter guides like the new grad RN cover letter, RN cover letter, or CNA cover letter.

Got questions on how to write a great resume for nursing students? Not sure how to show achievements on a nursing graduate resume? Leave a comment. Were happy to reply.

Nursing Student Resume No

While there are plenty of expert tips on things you should make sure to include in your resume, there are also a few things our experts say you should avoid at all costs. For example, dont feel obligated to include relevant coursework on your resume. Its unnecessary and can crowd the page with too much text.

You should also resist the urge to include basic technology skills like Microsoft Office, as most employers assume these skills are now universal in applicants.

And of course, never provide a resume with typos or grammatical errors. Dont under-estimate the importance of proof-reading and asking for outside feedback. If youre currently enrolled in a nursing program, take advantage of the expert insight you have available to you in your instructors.

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Nursing Education And Certifications

When preparing your nursing resume, include all the elements that will increase your chances of getting the job. You need to indicate the following:

  • Your education level
  • Your experience in other nursing environments
  • Your years of experience as a nurse

On the topic of licenses, you need to share your area of specialization. Specialists include registered nurses , certified registered nurse anesthetists, and clinical nurse specialists. Including your area of expertise helps potential employers determine whether you’re the right candidate for the job.

Besides, including this information is easy to do and shouldn’t take up much space! Simply place certifications and licenses in a short section toward the bottom of your resume:

How To Align Your Resume With The Job Description

Nursing Student Resume Template Unique Student Nurse Resume Samples in ...

The pressure to land a great job is a reality for all recently certified nurses. For those who want to work in a specific geographical area or field, this can mean sending out as many resumes as possible as quickly as possible. However, this can often result in missing one of the most important steps in job seeking: resume customization.

Instead of sending the same resume out to every job, regardless of specifics, its important to adjust resumes to best align with the requirements of each individual opening. By reading through each job posting thoroughly, identifying the most important overarching concepts and updating resumes accordingly, its possible to improve your odds of standing out from the crowd.

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What Kind Of File Format Should I Save My Resume As

Once youve got your nursing student resume template free of mistakes, organized, and filled up with lots of eye-catching professional info about you, its time to hit send or print, right?

Not quite.

Dont also forget that the file format you save your resume is a major factor too.

While a lot of people submit their nursing student resume template as a Word document which is fine in some cases its much better to use a PDF or TXT file.

This can be crucial if your sample nursing student resume with clinical experience needs to pass through any machine reading filters like ATS when its sent to the employer.

You dont want to get your file discarded early in the process because you got the format wrong after all.

Confidently Land Your Next Nursing Gig

Many job seekers languish in the job market, especially considering the number of nursing graduates produced by universities each year and the fierce competition. So, you must be creative and savvy to survive the market. Happily, you’ve already taken the first steps by reading this guide, so congratulations!

We know you’ve worked hard to get this far, and we wish you all the best as you write a power-packed nursing resume and get ready for interviews in 2022!

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How To Write An Entry

Jobs for nursing students with no experience are trickier to target with a nursing student resume objective statement.

But theyre not impossible!

In most entry-level nursing resume examples, you can find clever ways to whip up a tight summary even for specific situations like LPN student jobs, putting together a nursing student internship resume, or entry-level RN resume samples.

Getting in contention for the best entry-level nursing jobs may require you to get a little more creative, but it can be done without too much effort.

Lets look at how this can work below.

Nursing Student Resume Samples

How to Write a Resume Summary – Plus 5 Strong Examples | Indeed Career Tips

A Nursing Student works to maintain, enhance, and restore the health of patients while gaining practical experience and following the procedures of the facility. Even while learning, the student undertakes several roles and responsibilities that are mentioned on the Nursing Student Resume as follows following the instructions as given by the clinical instructor, researching the basic needs of patient needs, reading and understanding the diagnoses of designated patients understanding the medical conditions of various patients, administering medications after researching the side effects and providing proper nursing care.

To pursue a career in the nursing field, the student should hone their skills in the following areas strong observation skills, physical abilities, and stamina to stand and work for a long period, CPR certification, knowledge of medical and nursing terminologies and a strong passion to help others. Most of these posts are given to final year nursing students.

  • Nursing Student
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    Nursing Student Resume: Key Skills

    Now here comes the skills section.

    This is where you will write your nursing student skills for resume.

    This is the section that can dramatically shoot up your chances of getting shortlisted.

    You should ideally write your skills section after completing the rest of your resume.

    This way you can quickly scan your resume for the core skills that you are highly proficient in and objectively single them out in your resumes key skills section.

    This will dramatically elevate your chances of getting hired, especially if these key skills are something that the recruiter is looking for!

    And here is another helpful tip: highlight your key skills in bold.

    This will enhance the appearance of your resume and direct the attention of the recruiter towards your skills section.

    But your skills section will fail to produce the desired result if it fails to keep the recruiters attention. The goal is to not only catch the recruiters attention but to keep it

    To sustain the recruiters attention, analyze the keywords that the recruiter has used in the job listing, and then replicate these skills in the skills section of your entry-level nurse resume.

    After you do this, draw a link between these key skills and your roles and responsibilities.

    And thats the secret hack for writing the perfect skills section for your new grad nurse resume.

    Take a look at our nursing student resume sample below to know what an ideal skills section should look like:

    How To: Create Your Nursing Student Resume

    No matter what career you choose or how long you have been in your field, everyone needs a resume. As a nursing student, a resume is your way of making a first impression to potential employers.

    So what should you include in your resume? While resume formats may vary among industries and individuals, there are some features which are constant. Here are the sections you should include on your resume, and why they are important.

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    Choosing The Best Resume Format For A Nursing Student

    The most commonly used chronologicalresume format is preferred by recruiters. That means your work experience is listed under employer headings, in order from most recent to earliest positions.

    But nursing student job applicants might want to consider a different resume format, particularly if their relevant employment history is limited. For instance, a functionalresume allows you to emphasize special skills and knowledge that may be valued by the employer you hope to work for. These strengths can be listed in a section labeled Experience.For even more versatility, a hybrid resume format can be customized to include both chronological and functional elements as applicable. Many student resumes feature the education section ahead of the employment history.

    Top Skills For Your Nursing Resume

    Pre Nursing Student Resume Examples Awesome Pin by Ririn Nazza On Free ...

    It’s helpful to understand the differences between hard and soft skills to list in your resume skills section. Keep the number of skills you list in between six and 10 to avoid overwhelming the reader.

    Hard skills are those tools you use to do the job, aka technical abilities that require training.

    Examples of hard skills:

        • Compassion

    Get noticed! Look for keywords within a job description:

    • Many companies use ATS to scan resumes for keywords from the job description, so it’s in your best interest to include the right keywords.
    • Include keywords in both your nursing cover letter and resume.
    • Choosing keywords from the job description helps you customize your resume and thus, makes you more appealing to the hiring manager.
    • Employing the right keywords makes your resume relevant and noticeable, giving you an edge over the competition.

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    How To Write Nursing Student Resume Objective

    If you want to be a successful nurse, you will have to win the trust of patients.

    You will be constantly in touch with the patients and they should open out to you and divulge all the problems they are facing.

    At times the relationship between a nurse and patient is exemplary.

    If the patient has a chronic ailment and returns back to the healthcare facility regularly he/she should ask for you.

    You have to make yourself an asset to the healthcare facility.

    Quality nurses are even revered by the doctors.

    You need to understand the caring process for different diseases.

    Every employer would be looking at your commitment and passion before recruiting you.

    You should be good in communicating with the patient as well as their family.


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