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Free Sample Resume For Teachers

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How to Format your Teacher Resume | Templates Provided | Kathleen Jasper | NavaED

How do we know what a teacher’s resume needs? ZipJob is a leading resume writing service based in New York. Our resume writers have helped thousands of teachers land new jobs–and we can help you, too. Learn more about ZipJob’s teacher and educator resume writing services.

The rest of this blog post is devoted to examples of teachers at various grade levels and subject matters.

What Is A Resume

A resume is a single or multiple-page formal document that lists a job applicants biographical information, educational attainment, work experiences, skills and other credentials, and a few character references. A resume is composed to provide the hiring manager with a detailed summary of an applicants qualifications for a particular job position, and it is not usually meant to provide a complete picture of the applicant.

A well-written resume gives the potential employer enough information to convince them that the applicant is worth giving a shot at a job interview. A one-page cover letter usually accompanies the resume and is sufficient to provide additional information about the applicants qualifications as well as their desire and sincerity to join the company.

Quantify Your Professional Experience

Another great trend to help you land a job in the teaching world is to list your professional experience with bullet points. Each bullet point should be accomplishment-oriented and quantified.

Choose to highlight the best skills and knowledge from your past teaching experience when writing the bullet points. Your resume should give the hiring manager a solid idea of the scope of your abilities.

For example, you can quantify the number of students you’ve worked with per semester or the size of the schools you’ve worked in.

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Format Your Resume Based On Your Experience Level

Your most relevant qualifications should be at the top of your resume so the hiring manager doesnt miss them. Therefore, the order of your resume sections depends on how much experience you have:

Showcase Your Skills As A Teacher

25+ Teacher Resume Templates in Word

Your teaching skills need to be kept up to date on your resume because teaching methods often change because of new research and Board of Education policy shifts.

If youre not sure what to list on your teaching resume in 2022, here are some of the most in-demand job skills to include :

Additionally, you should showcase a balance of soft and hard skills throughout your resume skills section to show schools that you have the technical knowledge to teach as well as the personality to handle difficult classrooms.

Hard skills for teachers

Hard skills are abilities youve taken the time to learn and get certified for. Here are some hard teacher skills to include on your resume:

  • Curriculum planning

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Draw Attention To Your Tutoring Skills

Regardless of what subjects you specialize in or the age of your students, youll need a solid set of soft skills to succeed as a tutor.

Soft skills concern your ability to relate to and connect with others, both of which are essential qualities for an educator, and they will influence your teaching methods. Depending on your personality, different soft skills will be easier for you to master than others.

Some examples of soft skills to include on your tutoring resume are:

  • Active listening

Choosing The Correct Cv Format And Resume Template

Your resume format is vitally important. Not only does the resume or CV formatting impact ATS filtering of your teacher resume, but the template visuals will affect how much attention your teacher resume receives from recruiters. Similar to the use of keywords and your summary description, your resume formatpresents a dual challenge: pass the ATS filtering and win over the hiring manager. Lets take a look at some rules for each of these goals.

For the ATS:

  • Save your resume in the PDF format, as our resume builder does.
  • Use specialized tools, templates and builders that are built with modern technologies in mind and tested in HR systems.
  • Spell out abbreviations or acronyms.

For recruiters and HR departments:

  • Make sure to include some white space between your resume sections. A resume that is completely covered in text leaves no room for the brain or eyes to rest.
  • Make sure the sections of your resume are clean, symmetrical and well-placed. An aesthetically pleasing format will make recruiters more likely to read your resume.
  • Use professional resume templatesthat have been tested and designed by experts. Make sure your template expresses your values and personality as a teacher.

Keep it simple – there is no need for your resume to be creative. Clear and concise is all that is required.

Ensure your resume is spaced out well and that it is clear and easy to read.

Write a resume that is more than two pages long. Recruiters simply don’t have the time to read pages and pages.

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Benefits Of Using The Best Teacher Resume Templates With Pro Designs

A teacher resume template for free can be tempting. But Envato Elements has modern and professional resume designs that are ready to use and easy to customize. Now, what are the key benefits? Read on to make the best decision based on what you need:

  • You’ll get the job. The whole point of getting a premium resume template for teachers is landing the job of your dreams. You already have the qualifications they’re looking for. All that’s missing is a killer resume design, and you’ll get it with one of the samples from Envato Elements.
  • You’ll focus on your accomplishments. Without thinking about colors, design, layouts, fonts, and more, you’ll free up your mental space to focus on your achievements and the information you want to include. In the end, you’ll yield better results because of it.
  • It offers limitless flexibility. Yes, you want a template with a premium design. But you also want a document you can truly make your own. Of course, you want to let the recruiters know who you are and why you deserve the position. With a template from Envato Elements, you can show your true self.
  • You’ll stand out. Recruiters get countless resumes for a single position. While this can be a daunting reality, it shouldn’t be much of a problem if you use one premium teacher resume template from Envato Elements. As such, you’ll stand out among the teacher resume format in Word for free download.
  • Summary: Key Points For Writing A Perfect Teachers Resume

    Casual Teacher Resume | FREE Template

    Weve gone through a lot of information throughout this article, so lets summarise everything that has been covered:

    • Always ensure that you follow a professional teaching resume format and double-check to ensure everything is looking clean and concise.
    • Dont forget to optimize your keyword usage when it comes to your skills section. The last thing you want is for your resume to be automatically filtered out by ATS systems!
    • Always personalize your resume for each job you apply for. Nothing screams red flag like a generalized teaching resume.
    • Never rush a resume this will be very noticeable to your employer as they will have tons of experience reading through excellent and terrible resumes.

    Most importantly, if you find yourself continuing to struggle with writing your resume, dont forget to check out a teacher resume sample on our website to gain some further insight

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    Picking The Perfect Resume Template

    Because your resume format is so important in creating a great first impression as a teacher, you’re going to want to place a lot of emphasis on its design and style. If you have graphic design experience, you might enjoy designing a CV yourself. If not, professional templates can make putting together your resume a much easier affair. offers a variety of teacher resume templates for all types of positions: Professional for formal workplaces, simple for new teachers or teaching assistants and modern or creative templates for more forward-thinking employers.

    Choose the resume template that works for you and then edit the sample sentences inside of our convenient resume builder.Our resume templates are designed to provide a foundation you make them your own!

    Roles And Responsibilities Of A Teacher

    The main role of teachers is to apply different concepts to their pupils, such as math, the English language, and some aspects of science and technology through classroom lectures and presentations. Their role is also to prepare lessons, grade papers, manage the classroom, meet with parents, and work closely with school staff.

    Being a teacher is much more than just executing lesson plans, in todays world a teachers role is a multifaceted profession they carry the role of a surrogate parent, class disciplinarian, mentor, counselor, bookkeeper, role model, planner, and more.

    In the modern world, the role of teachers has also been slightly modified. Their job is to counsel students, help them learn how to use their knowledge, and integrate it into their lives so they will be valuable members of society. Teachers are encouraged to tune into how each student learns, and try to challenge and inspire them to learn.

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    Start With The Header Of The Teachers Resume

    When hiring managers first pick up your resume, the first thing they will see is your teacher resume header. This is why it is so important to format the section correctly to avoid any immediate red flags. Your resume header should include your full name, current teaching job or profession, contact information, as well as any other important information you consider relevant.

    Acad Creative Resume & Cv Template

    25+ Teacher Resume Templates in Word

    Take your teacher resume template in another direction and shock your employers with a sleek but bold design. You’ll raise the bar and put your application in the first place. When the recruiters get to this professional design, they can’t help but pay attention to it. If you complement this amazing design with your skills, experience, and education, your chances of getting the job increase exponentially.

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    What Are The Types Of Resumes

    Resumes come in different formats, but one thing is certain for resumes: they should be your tool for starting your career. Here we discuss and contrast the available types of resumes commonly used.

    • Chronological. This type of resume is the most commonly used among the four. This resume emphasizes the previous work experience and lists them chronologically.
    • Reverse chronological. A similar type of resume but instead of listing the employment history with the most recent first, the first one on this type of resume is the applicants first-ever work experience.
    • Functional. This type of resume focuses more on the applicants skills and abilities rather than the work experience. This resume is good for first-time applicants with no previous work experience.
    • Combination. From the name itself, this type of resume combines the first two types and consists of two pages. The first page would use the chronological format while the second page would use the functional format.
    • Targeted. A more complex type of resume wherein it is more personalized to suit what the company is looking for from an applicant. This resume may be time-consuming to write and is not advisable when submitting to multiple employers, but this type of resume will usually stand out from the rest.

    Start Strong With A Resume Objective

    A resume objective is a short summary for hiring managers who dont have the time to read every detail of your resume.

    Therefore, you must fill each sentence of your objective with information that helps the hiring manager determine if youre qualified:

    • Sentence 1: State your professional title and how many years of work experience you have.
    • Sentence 2: Describe your unique teaching skills or accomplishments relevant to your target position.
    • Sentence 3: List any certifications or credentials needed for the role.
    • Sentence 4 : Announce your job-seeking goals.

    Heres a sample teacher resume objective:

    Elementary School Teacher with 6+ years of experience managing classrooms of 2025 students. Adept at using positive reinforcement teaching techniques to encourage student behavior and growth. Licensed teacher in Texas, with a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies and Special Education certificate. Looking to leverage creativity and teaching experience to engage at-risk students.

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    Additional Headings For Your Teachers Resume

    Your teaching resume should always be customized for the specific teaching job that you are applying for, and this means you can feel free to add any additional headings that you feel need addressing. However, dont get carried away always ensure that you double-check these headings to ensure that they truly are relevant to the job that you are applying for.

    The Layout Of Experienced Teacher Resume Samples

    Video Resume | English Teacher | Teacher Applicant

    Although there are multiple ways to approach the layout of your teacher resume, you should consider using the reverse-chronological order. This means that you will first list your most recent teaching experience to provide information on your latest job in the education sector, allowing the hiring manager to get an immediate overview of your most recent career experiences.

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    Awesome Teacher Resume Templates On Envato Elements

    We know you can get a teacher resume template for free on the internet. But Envato Elements has hundreds of professional templates to help you create the best teacher resume. After paying a low monthly fee, Here are some unique resume templates to set you apart from other job candidates.

    All you need to do is add your personal information to a resume template to make the perfect teacher resume. Customize and edit the template design if you want to give the resumes a more personal touch.

    An Opportunity To Communicate With The Company Clearly

    You can never expect what questions will be asked from you during the interview and where the conversation with the interviewee will lead to. So in anticipation of the interview, the resume can give you a chance to carefully think through the things you want your employer to know about you.

    For even more resume templates, also check out our collection of Fresher Graduate Resume Templates, , and Teaching Fresher Resumes.

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    Listing Education Certifications And Optional Sections

    You will need to include different elements on your resume depending on your education level, years in the workforce, and any specializations or concentrations you possess. All teaching positions require a bachelor’s degree, and an increasing number of teachers hold a master’s. Also, check to ensure you’re up-to-date on your state certifications like the California candidate below.

    If you hold many certifications, you don’t necessarily need to include them all if you’re applying for one specific role. For example, suppose you’re an ESL-certified teacher with a graduate ESL certificate seeking an ESL role. In that case, you’ll need to include that certification either in a summary/objective, in your work experience, or with your education.

    This candidate’s education speaks volumes with a classic bold font and color.

    While including education and certifications is a requirement, a projects section is optional. If you’re a drama teacher, for example, who’s new to directing but experienced with leading drama camps, including a projects section to describe the drama camps you’ve led or assisted with can add a relevant impact. List and discuss projects on your resume just as you would a paid position.

    Additionally, consider adding interests and hobbies to your resume. Most teacher resumes should save room for other information, but it’s a good idea to add these sections when the job you’re applying for stresses the importance of school spirit and culture.

    Education Resume Example: A Point Of Pride

    Teacher Resume Template Free

    The education sectionof a teacher resume should be crafted with care, as this is your field, but keep it short. If you have a postsecondary degree, its generally considered unnecessary to mention your high school.

    Be meticulous in ensuring you have clean formatting in this resume section, clear and concise descriptions and any relevant licenses and educational awards that demonstrate your aptitude as a teacher. Teaching is a profession that places a certain amount of emphasis on certifications and licenses.The most prominent of these should be mentioned in your resume summary, and the rest should go here.

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    Education In A Teachers Resume

    Considering that working in the education sector involves teaching, it should come as no surprise that the education section is very important. All teaching levels require some form of education, so this is your chance to show off your educational background including everything from your higher education to your early childhood education! Dont forget to use the reverse-chronological method to highlight your higher education first, otherwise your employer may focus on your early childhood education!

    Elementary School Teacher Resume Examples

    This resume for an elementary school teacher includes all the elements of a successful resume–the complete two-page example is displayed on the full post here: Elementary Teacher Resume Example & Template.

    The qualification and certifications are listed in the education section on page two. The practical skills are detailed up top in the professional summary–labeled profile on this example–as well as in the core proficiencies and throughout the work experience. The work experience is detailed. It provides a robust look at what this candidate is recognized for, capable of, and will likely bring to a new position.

    The work experience section of the resume highlights the candidate’s ability to differentiate learning, which is a key element that school administrators emphasize in hiring. There are also many instances of creating a safe and effective learning environment under a variety of circumstances.

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