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How To Make A Resume On Indeed

Look Beyond Your Career

How To Complete Indeed Profile & apply for jobs at indeed – Indeed Bangla tutorial

You can use your life outside your career to get a new role. For example, if you work for a family business, volunteer for an organization, or rescue animals at a shelter, you can list the skills you gain on your master resume. Many companies look favourably on candidates with volunteer experience or who might have a significant network of contacts within the community.

How To Write A Librarian Resume

Librarians oversee the daily functions of a library and help connect people to the information they’re looking for. Librarians work in many settings, including public libraries, schools, universities, museums, hospitals and courts. If you’re considering a librarian position, learning how to write an effective librarian resume may increase the likelihood of getting an interview. In this article, we explore what a librarian is, explain how to write an excellent resume for a librarian position and provide a template and example to refer to.

Template For A Perfect Resume

You can follow this template to create a perfect resume:

  • A with years of experience in

  • A wildlife biologist with a Ph.D. in wildlife management and seven years of field experience

  • Improved knowledge on the mating pattern of Japanese snow monkeys

Educational BackgroundUniversity of Appleby, Calgary, 1998 – 2002Bachelor of Science in Zoology

  • Upper Second-Class Honours

  • Took courses on epigenetics, embryology, animal behaviour, and paleobiology

University of Appleby, Calgary, 2003 – 2005Master’s degree in Wildlife biology

  • First Class Honours

  • Took courses on forestry, ecology, and mammalogy

University of Lint, Toronto, 2005 – 2009Ph.D. in Wildlife biology

  • Executed two field trips to the Serengeti national park

Work Experience

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Choose Where To Include Your Projects

Once you have a list of your most relevant projects, decide where to include them on your resume. Consider including them in the job description section of your work experience. You can only do this for work projects. Including it in your job description allows you to describe the task and its impact. You can put academic projects under the education section. State the project name after the schools name and the course you studied. You can also choose to include impressive projects in your resume summary.

Candidates with many relevant projects can choose to create a separate section for them. You can title these projects or key projects. This approach is ideal for project-based roles, as it can showcase your capabilities. Another great approach is using a functional resume. This type of resume allows you to use projects instead of previous employment under your work experience section. Functional resumes are great for candidates with many unrelated projects or a time gap in their work history.

Add Your Personal Information To The Top

Free Online Resume Builder

It’s most effective to include some of your personal details right at the top of the page. These details can include your name, the city and province or territory you live in, your phone number, and your e-mail. The reason for this is so that employers can easily and quickly find this information at a later time. If they are looking to call you back for an interview, you want to make sure that they can easily locate a way to contact you.

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Select Build Your Resume To Create Your Resume From Scratch

You can also decide to create your resume from scratch within your Indeed account if thats your preference. Click on Build Your Resume once you log into your account to get started. It should prompt you to start by adding your contact information, before proceeding to fill out the rest of your resume.

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Include A Resume Summary

The resume summary comes after the resume header and helps highlight your major qualifications and career goals. The two most common types of resume summaries are the professional summary and resume objective. Writing a professional summary is ideal for mid and senior-level candidates as it focuses on qualifications and achievements. In contrast, the resume objective emphasizes the candidate’s career goals, making it more suitable for entry-level positions. Resume summaries are typically between three and four sentences in length.

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How To Write A Compelling Resume Using Resume Templates

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In this video, we show you how to craft the perfect resume in five easy steps so recruiters can find you.

Whether you’re starting, advancing, or changing careers, presenting your resume to employers can help them understand your qualifications and value as a candidate. While you may create one without relying on any documents, using a template may be a more effective approach. Understanding how to select and use a resume template can help you create an engaging resume for your job application. In this article, we discuss why and how to use resume templates, present useful templates for creating a professional resume, and provide resume examples to guide you.

Template Of A Resume For Business

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Here’s a template of a resume for business that you can use as a guide:

Professional summaryAccomplished business analyst with over a decade of experience leveraging market research data to improve organizational efficiency. Expertise in market research, data analysis, business process improvement, and asset management. Experience working in the healthcare, technology, and retail industries. Professional competence in programming with experience creating business analysis software.

*Work experienceOrlando’s Clothiers, Toronto, Ontario, 2017-2021*

  • Conducted thorough research to gain insight into customer behaviour, business process efficiency, and potential opportunities.

  • Collaborated with department heads to analyze business processes, identify challenges, and brainstorm practical situations.

  • Led a team of business analysts, data analysts, and interns, assigning tasks based on individual strengths and competence.

Business analystBooster Technologies, Toronto, Ontario, 2014-2017

  • Analyzed market research and business data to gain valuable insights and leverage them to make optimal business decisions.

  • Reviewed business documents and interviewed relevant stakeholders to collect and sort valuable data about business processes.

  • Wrote the code for a new information management system that formatted and sorted data, improving efficiency by 18%.

  • Kept accurate records of business analysis results and sorted them to aid retrieval and use.


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Use Indeed Job Search Tricks

There are a lot of useful search tricks that you can use to get to the job that matters to you.

The most useful Indeed job search tricks are the use of quotation marks, title tag, and company tag.

Using quotation marks with your search terms will ensure that the search results contain exactly those words in the same order as it is within the quotes.

For example:

If you use project manager in the What search area, you will get all the jobs containing the words project manager together as well as jobs containing project and manager separately.

But using quotation marks will ensure that you only get the Indeed job postings that contain both the words together.

By using title and company tags in your Indeed Advanced Job Search terms, you will be able to search for jobs with specific words in the title and from specific companies.

For example:

If you want the job title to contain project manager, use project manager.

And, if you want jobs from a specific company use XYZ Corporation in quotes.

You can also combine the two tags to get to a specific job title within a targeted organization.

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How To Upload Your Resume

If you already have a resume saved on your device, click on the “Upload resume” button and select the file you would like to upload. This action will automatically populate the text fields with your information. Indeed creates your resume using a standardized format that allows you to easily apply to job postings using our platform. When you initially upload your resume, its visibility will be set to public. To change your resume visibility settings, feel free to read our article on .

When uploading your resume, make sure that the file is text-based. We recommend uploading a file type that is either a Word document , a PDF created from a text file , or a plain .txt, .rtf, .html, or .odt file. Also, be sure that your file is no greater than 5 MB in size.

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Example Of A Boilermaker’s Resume

Sample resumes can help you understand the formatting and the best ways to phrase information in your own words. Here’s an example of a resume for this type of role:

Professional SummaryExperienced boilermaker with over 10 years of metalworking and welding experience. Certified in welding safety and trained by industry experts.

Work ExperienceBoilermaker, May 2016âMarch 2022Thomas Ledbetter Metals

  • assembled boilers, maintained them and installed them within facilities

  • worked with liquified metals and gaseous compounds within boilers

  • maintained safety procedures and protocols to ensure the efficacy of the work environment

  • collaborated with boilermakers and metalworkers to use materials within boilers

  • participated in group meetings to discuss company goals and current projects

Welder, March 2014âMay 2016James West Welding Company

  • welded for multiple types of clients, including construction companies, manufacturing organisations and private collectors

  • developed abilities through a mentorship programme

Construction labourer, May 2010âMarch 2014Yishun Star Construction Company

  • worked on a team to construct various residential and commercial properties

  • used power tools such as table saws, hammers, nail guns and band saws

  • participated in group meetings to discuss daily and weekly tasks

SkillsTool use | Safety management| Communication | Problem-solving

EducationTanah Merah Town Secondary School


Include Your Name And Contact Information

Indeed Resume Template

Your resume should begin with your name and contact information including your email address and phone number. You have a choice about whether or not to include your mailing address. Your name should be highly visible at the top of your resume with a bolded or larger font than the rest of the document, but no more than a 14 point size. You might also include a link to your online portfolio if you are applying to creative positions, for example.

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List Your Contact Information

When writing your resume, it’s essential to provide updated and accurate contact information to allow relevant parties to contact you with more information regarding your application or interview process. This information ideally appears at the top of your resume. Relevant contact information to write includes your full name, e-mail address, phone number, and an optional mailing address. In addition, it’s essential to bold the text and use a font that’s easy to read.

Relate Your Answers To The Position

When answering questions about your resume, it’s crucial to associate your answers back to the job for which you’re interviewing. For instance, if a hiring manager asks about your past roles in boiler making, you might explain how your prior duties were comparable to the role description provided by the manager for the new position. This can support your claim that you’re qualified for the position.

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Choose The File You Want To Upload

Next, a window will pop up for you to choose the resume file you would like to upload. Choose your file and click ‘open’ at the bottom of the file upload box. After you click ‘open’, Indeed will prompt you to enter your email address so you can create a free account. You will need to do this to gain access to Indeed’s resume editor after uploading your file so you can revise your resume to fit into Indeed’s template.

Include Your Education Background

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Most templates may also include space to list your educational background. This is an essential section because many jobs require some form of formal post-secondary education, whether that be university, college, or trade school. You can list any degrees, diplomas, or academic certificates that you’ve achieved in this section. The template may have space for how long you were in school for and when you graduated. Follow the format of the template so that it stays consistent throughout the document.

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Note All Relevant Work Experience

In this section, you can include any library-related work experience you may have, including professional jobs and volunteer work. For each position, include the name of the organisation and the dates of employment. Include a list of your responsibilities and achievements using approximately five bullet points for your current or most recent job and three for previous positions.

Begin each line with an action verb and include figures where possible, as this gives the hiring manager a tangible overview of your professional capacity and accomplishments. For example, include the average number of patrons that you served per month.

Add Your Volunteer Experience

Incorporating your relevant volunteer experience can be beneficial, especially if you’re seeking an entry-level role. For example, you may have worked as a cashier at a concession stand for a local fundraiser or helped stock items at a food pantry in your area.

Mentioning these details on your resume can show prospective employers that you have the capabilities to be successful if they hire you. It can also show them you care about giving back to your community and helping other people, which are excellent traits to have when working with customers and team members.

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Fill Or Remove Any Remaining Sections

The template may have other sections to complete, such as listing certificates or qualifications. You can choose to fill out these sections, or if you feel like the resume may be better without them, you can remove the additional sections. Be sure to check that it doesn’t cause an error with the formatting of the rest of the resume. You can choose to fill these sections, or if you prefer to use the space on your resume to elaborate on other information, you can remove the additional sections. Ensure that any sections you leave contain relevant information about the job for which you’re applying.

Make Sure To Remove Any Leftover Text From The Template

Actor resume is indeed hard to make. But it doesnât mean you cannot ...

When using a template, many of the sections may have placeholder text. This is helpful when you’re initially selecting your template because it helps to show you what the formatting of the design may be. Once you have entered all of your information, make sure to check that you have removed any of the leftover sample text. Making sure that your resume is clear of small errors can help display organization and attention to detail. Having leftover sample text can be distracting for the hiring team.

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Select A Resume Format To Use

The three most common styles of writing a resume are reverse-chronological, functional, and combination. Reverse chronological format focuses on presenting your work history with your most recent job first. This can be helpful for professionals with a long history of professional experience. A functional resume focuses on the relevant skills that make you a suitable candidate for a role. Many young professionals use this format, as they don’t have an established work history.

A combination resume uses both these styles. While this approach means the removal of some sections, like volunteer efforts, it allows a candidate to highlight their work history and skills. This is an effect approach for candidates with a few noteworthy positions or professional accomplishments they wish to emphasize and a long list of professional skills.

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Maintain A Professional Tone

A resume is a professional document and so it’s important that you maintain a professional tone when writing it. The tone of the document can be an indicator of your demeanour. If your resume conveys professionalism and respect, hiring managers may infer that your behaviour in the workplace may be consistent with that as well. Using a professional tone for your resume also shows that you’re committed and suitable for the role.

For example, if you’re discussing your educational background, it’s more professional to say “I received a degree/diploma from….” as opposed to saying “I went to school at….”. While both sentences deliver the same information, one greatly improves the professionalism of a resume.

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Housekeeper Who Is Changing Careers

Many professionals change their careers at some point in their lives. If you’ve decided to start working as a housekeeper, it may be helpful to mention your previous experience or explain why you’re pursuing a career change. You may wish to mention your interest in housekeeping or why you’re a capable candidate.

Example:I’m a former office assistant with three years of experience handling phone lines and scheduling. I’m interested in a career change to move into a housekeeper role. I have previous experience managing housework and maintaining a positive attitude when facing challenges. I have exemplary customer service skills, am highly dependable and offer a high level of care.

Example:I’m a professional in customer care who has great attention to detail, is loyal and puts meticulous care into each project. I’m seeking a day-shift housekeeping position that aligns with a background in groundskeeping. Currently, I’m changing professional careers and searching for a role that focuses on working indoors and allows for interaction with others.

Describe Your Unique Skills

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Employers often look for employees that display unique skills that provide value to their organisation. To emphasise your skills, talk about the number of years you’ve worked to develop them and describe less common skill areas. For example, if you were a construction worker, employers may appreciate a description of your skill in using construction tools and equipment, including hammers, nail guns and saws. These tools may relate indirectly to boilermaker responsibilities, as they often work with many types of tools.

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