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How To List Projects On Resume

When You Should List Projects On Your Resume

Secrets to a Great Project Management Resume – Project Management Training

Adding projects to your resume can be a great way to highlight experience outside of your daily role, enhance a recent grad resume, or bridge the gap from what youre doing to what you want to do if youre looking to change or pivot careers, says Muse career coach Tara Goodfellow, owner of Athena Consultants.

Projects are an especially helpful addition to your resume when your experience section doesnt already show that you have the background you need to get the job you want next, which is most common for two groups of job seekers:

  • Recent graduates: Entry-level candidates by definition lack professional experience. But if you just finished college, a big projectwhether you did it for a class, an honors or capstone program, an internship, or your own researchcan show that you have a lot of valuable workplace skills such as leadership, collaboration, presentation, and public speaking, Goodfellow says. After your first-full time role, Goodfellow recommends removing school projects from your resume.
  • Career changers or pivoters: When youre looking to switch or pivot your career, you want to show any experience you have that relates to the role, field, or industry you want to go into. This might mean highlighting projects you did within a current or past job or adding a volunteer, side, or freelance project to your resume. What matters is that your project helps prove to employers you have relevant experience for the job youre hoping to land.

Varied Work History How To Showcase Key Projects In Your Business Analyst Resume

If its been a few years since youve dusted off your resume, its likely that you have a host of relevant experiences that need to be included as potential selling points for your next employer. And, if you are like many of the BAs I talk to, your career experiences are varied and unique. You have held different roles on various projects and taken on extra responsibilities to make sure a project is successful. You might start to list your responsibilities only to find that this laundry list of various activities doesnt do a very good job of telling a story of who you are and what you bring to the table.

In this article, Ill walk through a process that has helped almost every business analyst job seeker Ive worked with transform the work history section of their resume to emphasize the most relevant career experiences. This process results in a different structure to the work history section you still organize your experiences by job and by employer, but instead of including one list of bullet points for each job, you have the flexibility to add bullet points specific to each project youve worked on. This allows you to pick and choose what experiences you emphasize and give more attention in your resume to your most relevant career experiences, while also being 100% honest about your professional experience.

Lets look at the four steps you can take to elaborate your work history by including project summaries.

Where Should They Go

When you want to add a side project to your resume, you should include it in your work history under a separate header like External Projects, Consulting, or something similar. You can also include side project details in other areas of your resume. For example, you can highlight an achievement related to a side project in your professional summary area.

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Why Should You Put Projects On A Resume

Listing projects on your resume will help you get a leg up over other qualified competing applicants.

A project-based resume, similar to a functional resume, is highly effective in conveying your unique qualifications, work style, field of specialization, and areas of expertise.

Project-based resumes are great tools for illustrating hands-on experience and your decision-making and conflict resolution skills. Describing projects youve been involved with can give hiring managers a glimpse into how you operate as an employee.

Including a list of projects on your resume will allow your job application to shine and illustrate your work capabilities and well-rounded personality< to hiring managers and job recruiters.

How To Include Freelance Work On Resume

resume and project list by Chris J. Machold at

In case you were always working 9/5, creating a top-notch resume from scratch might not be problematic. Those whove tried freelancing a bit find it tough to enlist all that experience correctly. The situation with project-based employment is different since it can relate to a dazzling array of competencies and skillsets.

The same goes for the approach of enlisting that experience in a resume. If you have substantial work experience, mentioning all of it is a must. In case you want to know how to list freelance work on resume, our hand-picked recommendations would be handy. Take a closer look at how to make your CV with freelance experience to look top-notch, alongside boosting your employment chances considerably.

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How To List Patents On A Resume Well Heres How

A patent is a title which grants a person the exclusive right to an invention. This prevents others from making, selling, or using this invention for the duration of the patent.

Patenting an invention can be an expensive, yet rewarding endeavor for a person in any field.

It can also be a valuable asset for an employee looking for work!;

And this is why we will now have a closer look at how to include patents on your resume.

What Are Project Management Skills

Project management skills are those that are necessary to successfully plan, manage and execute projects. These skills include a combination of hard and soft skills to analyze project performance, manage resources, lead project teams and report progress and results. These skills are important for project managers to successfully plan, manage and execute large organizational projects within prescribed timelines and budgets. Project management skills on your resume demonstrate your ability to analyze, schedule, prioritize and complete tasks.

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Resume Sample For A Pmp Certified Project Manager

If you’re looking for a new opportunity as a project manager, it’s time to brush up your resume. This sample is for a PMP certified candidate who has held several jobs in the field.

Note how this jobhunter briefly but effectively breaks down the responsibilities and achievements each job entailed. It is clear at a glance what level of responsibility he had in each job, what tasks he performed, and even how his work benefitted each company’s mission.

Wide Range In The Program Catalog

How To List A Self-Employment Project In My Resume?

There are generally various needs for professionals. One more expert may choose a program that contains understanding exams, while an additional may require just expertise programs. Custom-made or customized curriculum brochures signify a service-oriented carrier. Their offerings are established based upon the different requirements they assess.

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How To Include Patents In The Experience Section Of A Resume

Including patents in the experience section is a good way to show that you are a driven employee who will work for the betterment of the company.

Coming up with new ideas is a skill, and leadership is a quality which any company will seek out.

Here is how to best list patents as part of your employment experience:

XYZ Trading Company

Assistant Manager Human Resources Department

  • Managed a team of 100+ employees on a seasonal rotating basis
  • Oversaw payroll, and maintained financial records spanning seven years
  • Co-developed and received a patent for an integrated financial record keeping system
  • US Patent No. 123,456,789 Jan 1, 20xx

As you can see, the description for the patent is much shorter in this section. It looks clean and professional, and is particularly suited to resumes which may be longer.

Saving space on an impressive resume helps the person reviewing it not get bored. This also increases your chances that the employer will read all of the information.

How To Make Your Projects Stand Out

Another good way you can stand out from the herd in this section is with any mention of working with unstructured data any data youve worked with that required you to build spreadsheets/data tables yourself.

Examples of this could be working with videos, posts, blogs, customer reviews, and audio. Experience working with unstructured data is impressive because it shows youre capable of doing unique work with messy data, not just crunching numbers in pristine datasets.

Wherever possible, you also want to make sure youre indicating any measurable results your projects have generated. For example, if you created a machine learning model that would improve sales targeting by 15% as one of your projects, say that! If you want to take your resume from good to great, make sure you list measurable achievements, says recruiter Ewa Zakrzewska.

This is the thing I was trying to do, this is what I did, and these are the results. Laying projects out like that really creates a powerful resume, says Michael Hupp, data science and analytics manager at G2 Crowd.

Heres a sample of what this section of your resume might look like:

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Highlight Transferable Data Science Skills

Transforming a list of responsibilities into a list of achievements is a great idea. But what if you dont have relevant responsibilities or achievements to highlight in your data science entry-level resume? What if your previous jobs were only freelance or remotely related to data science? No worries, you can still have the high ground and show that you are the best person for the job by bringing forward your transferable data science skills.

In our combination data science resume example from the first section, you might have noticed that the list of skills is not limited to technical or hard skills typically for a data scientist. There are also other soft skills like leadership, crisis management, collaboration, and problem-solving. These are just a few examples of transferable skills a set of abilities, which can come in handy in a variety of jobs and occupations.

The list of transferable skills also includes:

  • Teamwork and management
  • Delegating
  • Research skills

Including transferable skills in your resume for data science is not just for beginners. In fact, if you put organizational or soft skills next to your knowledge of technical data science skills, ;your resume will only get better since it shows your versatility as a professional.

Get Closer To Your Dream of Becoming a Data Scientist with 70+ SolvedEnd-to-End ML Projects

How do you know which transferable skills an employer is looking for?

Image Credit: LinkedIn

Types Of Projects To Include On Your Resume

Resume How To List Projects

There are a few types of projects you can include on your resume.

Keep in mind that whatever project you list, should apply to the job you are applying for. Its purpose is to increase your chances, so choose wisely.

We are going to take a look at the three most common types of projects that you can list on your resume:

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What Are Research Skills

Research skills are all those skills needed to investigate and analyze a subject and then communicate your findings to others. In short, there is no simple easily-defined skill that encompasses all these talents. Instead, your ability to research involves the effective use of a range of other skills.

Most of these skills relate to critical thinking in some way. They involve accumulating information and using it to draw reasoned conclusions. Naturally, those conclusions need to be conveyed to others with effective communication skills.

Research skills are among the most highly-prized transferable skills employers are looking for in today’s competitive job market.

Employers value these skills because they are essential to progress. Innovation only comes from research and inspired insight. As a result, companies that rely on innovation to remain competitive tend to rely on employees who are talented researchers. Obviously, there are entire fields of industry that use researchers only for that purpose. In a more general sense, however, research skills are widely used by many different types of employees. And they use them in almost every industry in the marketplace.

Project List As An Add On

Alternatively, you could leave your experience as is and include another section titled Projects. Or if you are applying for a specific role Construction Projects or Mining Projects. You can then list as below:

  • Project name. Your role/job title. The dates of the project.

  • Repeat

  • Repeat

This option is more useful to those who have worked on many projects but who are regularly contracted out to different companies.

We hope this helps! Any questions are welcome, dont hesitate to contact us for advice on our social channels.

  • By Chandler Macleod

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What Is A Project

A project-based resume is a professional resume that focuses on accomplishments rather than chronological job titles and previous work responsibilities.

Where a traditional resume lists work experience and academic degrees in date order, a project-based resume instead does one of two things.

It either lists a job seekers relevant academic, work, and personal projects in order of most to least compelling or includes specific projects beneath the education or work experience sections of a resume.

Project-based resumes effectively provide hiring managers and prospective employers with verifiable proof of a job applicants industry expertise, achievements, and experience.

Customize Your Data Science Resume For Each Data Scientist Job Description

How to Beef Up Your Entry Level Resume with Descriptions About Courses and Projects

In the previous two sections, we talked a lot about browsing the job description to find the important keywords that describe the job position and adding them to your resume for data scientist jobs. This leads us to the most important point in our little guide you need to tailor your data science resume to each employers needs.

The first thing you should start with is your data science resume objective it should resemble what the employer is looking for. In the data science resume example below, the employer is looking for someone who can work with complex datasets, do research, and develop analysis, forecasting, build and prototype analysis pipelines

Image Credit: LinkedIn

Thus, if you decide to apply for this data science job, your resume should reflect what this data science job description is looking for :

Sample Data Science Resume objective: Data scientist with 5+ years of experience in managing large and complex datasets for machine learning, running research and development for large corporations, and building forecasts based on big data.

The same keyword research is necessary to organize your job experience and qualifications that youll list on your resume for data science. Lets say an employer prefers someone with a Ph.D. in Statistics, Applied Mathematics, or any other related field or experience in software development:

Image Credit: LinkedIn

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Personal Programming Projects You Can Start This Weekend

Okay! With that out of the way, here are ten projects you can keep small and probably do over a weekend. But each can then be a platform for adding to later, if needed. Ive also included the skills that each project demonstrates and some possibilities for expansion. Keep in mind that you have a choice for the platform these run on. For instance, your weather app could be a mobile app or a web app.

Why You Should List Projects On A Resume

Like everything else on your resume, projects can help highlight experiences that qualify you for your next job. You may have used skillshard or softin a certain project that are key for the role you want. And including a successful project is a great way to tie those skills directly to results, which employers want to see on every resume.

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Success Rate And Honest Reviews

Isnt that what you d anticipate? Most professionals know the relevance of this element to a choice yet might overlook it or at the very least provide it little weight.

Several metrics can render details about a project management education service providers high quality, including their success rate, number of enrollees, and also comments and endorsements from their enrollees.Moreover, these on-line project management education carriers flaunt authenticated responses as well as feedbacks from their pupils. After their permission, this can be revealed with incorporating responses and also comments. How To List Pmp Certification On Resume

Describe Your Project Management Skills

How to Craft the Perfect Project List

Itâs not enough to simply give a list. You also need to give an example of what that skill looks like.

Hereâs a real example of one of the bullet points from my CV that falls into the interpersonal skills section.

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills gained from speaking at conferences, delivering online and face-to-face training, and facilitating workshops in a professional setting.

You can see that I name the skill and then describe how I demonstrate it. That gives an employer something to ask about at an interview, âTell me about a time when you have had to facilitate a workshop.â

You donât want to write too much, but you do want to let hiring managers know that you can actually do the skill, and havenât just copied and pasted it off a list on the internet.

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Including Research On Your Resume:

For research, summarize your accomplishments in a brief section. You should include a description of your role in the research, the topic that you were exploring, and some information about your findings. For example,

_Research Project, Economics Department, Dynamic University, Dec 2017 â Apr 20_20

Key participant in research project examining blockchain technologyâs potential impact on financial intermediation. Explored use case studies for cross-border payment systems, intrabank transactions, and microtransactions for e-commerce.

  • Designed model simulation to study blockchain-based payment system

  • Worked in tandem with Alpha and Delta Finance to create simulated intrabank transfers using digitalized tokens

  • Studied e-commerce script integration for cryptocurrency payments

  • Member of 3-person team tasked with presenting findings to 2018 National Banking Technology Conference


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