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How To List Dean’s List On Resume

What If Im Coming From Abroad To The Us Or From The Us To Europe What Is The Equivalent And Should I Add It To My Resume

How To Make Dean’s List In College

Deans List is one of the university awards for good grades in the U.S and other countries. If you are coming from abroad, you would probably also have awards similar to: cum laude, meaning with praise, magna cum laude, meaning with great praise and summa cum laude, meaning with the highest praise. These are the Latin honors that most universities use.

In your resume better write the equivalent to your country honors. It is hard to make the absolute same, so if you are applying to another country and you are not sure what these awards mean describe them in a couple of words.

List This Accomplishment Under The Education Section Of Your Resume

The Dean’s List should always be in the education section of your resume as it can only be earned at an educational institution. You can add this under the awards and accomplishments section, but a recruiter can get a clearer depiction of this by looking at the education section of your resume. Adding your Dean’s List recognition can be viewed as optional from some employers, but it’s advised to add it even for higher-level positions.

What Is The Dean’s List

The Dean’s List is the highest level of academic achievement that you can receive when you’re attending a university. You can be eligible to receive this honor if you have a grade point average of around 3.75 or greater through the course of the fall or spring semester.

However, your GPA requirements to be on the Dean’s List can be higher or lower depending on the school you attend. You may have to take at least 12 credit hours to receive this designation as this benchmark can prove that you’re a full-time student at the university. Again, look at your university’s Dean’s List qualifications to make this a goal for the next semester. You can use the Dean’s List achievement as a key performance indicator for your academic success as well.

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How To Build Your Honors And Activities Section

It is best to brainstorm a list of all your honors and activities before you write the honors section of the résumé. Then you can choose the most relevant and recent honors and activities from your list. Remember that this section is supposed to help you stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your qualifications for a position consequently, you may not need or want to include all of the honors and activities from you list on the résumé.

Should You Include Deans List On A Resume


Should You Include Deans List on a Resume? | Examples & Template

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Knowing which accomplishments to include on your resume is an important part of your job search. Accomplishments can help you promote yourself as a skilled candidate. Making the deans list in college is one achievement that can be beneficial to include. Learn if and when you should include the deans list on your resume using these steps and examples.

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No Criteria No Real Meaning

Now, we had mentioned that, depending on the criteria for making onto the deans list, it can be a good thing to include it in your resume.

However, there is another side of that, in cases where the requirements regarding the deans list are not so hard to achieve.

In that case, it might not be a good idea to include the deans list on your resume, simply because it would show the potential employers that, even though the requirements were very vague, you decided to add it on your resume.

That could be interpreted as the statement that you didnt have anything better to include, which would mean that you, as a person, might not be a suitable candidate for the job in question.

Next Include The Necessary Details

When featuring the deans list on your resume, its important to provide accurate details. This includes the name of the school where you made the deans list and the exact number of semesters or academic years that you were on the deans list. You can also include the criteria that you had to meet to make the deans list. These details legitimize your achievement and show the employer why its relevant.

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What Is The Deans List

The Deans List is the highest level of academic achievements that you are eligible to receive during your time at a university. If you are able to achieve and maintain a 3.75 GPA or higher, youll be eligible for this honor.

However, its important to note that this average will highly depend on the school you attend, meaning it can be higher or lower depending on their qualifications.

Youll likely need to have 12 credit hours or more under your belt to be considered for this accomplishment. If you are interested in making Deans List as a goal youd like to aim for, its a good idea to look at your universitys specific criteria for the Deans List achievement.

In An Additional Section

How to make DEAN’S LIST in college | Get good grades in college

For those who have been in the field long enough to build professional experience and do not need to have the academic portion of their resume be the center focus, you can choose to include the Deans List in an Additional section.

The additional section is a catchall for impressive accomplishments or those that demonstrate valuable skills, but which dont fit into the main body of your resume. It could include any technical skills, certifications, awards youve received, or additional languages you speak, as examples.

For more on how to write about your skills and see more examples, check out this article here. Once youve finished writing your resume, dont forget to run it through a few AI-powered tools to make sure youre not missing key details or including any simple grammatical errors. Score My Resume tool will help with the basics of the resume itself.

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Do You Put The Dean’s List On Resumes

There are certain times when the dean’s list is appropriate to include on your resume and times when it’s best to leave this information off of your resume. Being part of the dean’s list while in college is a great honor and is something you should share with potential employers. However, you should not include it on your resume if:

  • You were only on the dean’s list for one or two semesters or inconsistently.

  • You graduated with Greek or Latin honors and include this on your resume.

  • You already have ample information demonstrating your performance in college on your resume.

  • The criteria for being recognized with dean’s list is unclear to the employer.

With that being said, there are also many instances in which adding dean’s list to your resume is encouraged. These include if:

  • You were on the dean’s list every semester or consistently for many semesters.

  • The GPA requirement for the dean’s list at your college was significantly high.

  • You attended a college or university known for its challenging courses.

Including the dean’s list when appropriate can provide several benefits and help set you apart from other candidates applying for the same position. For example, showing employers that you were on the dean’s list in college shows that you are consistent in your performance levels and that you are committed to excellence in the work you do.

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What Is Deans List

Making the Deans List is no easy feat.

Although commonly used in colleges and universities in North America, the Deans List has been known to be utilized throughout Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and Asia.

If youve been awarded a Deans List, you should list that accomplishment on your resume under certain conditions.

Typically, in order to qualify for the Deans List, a student must be within the top 10-15% of their class.

From a grade point average perspective, this generally means a GPA of 3.5-3.7 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

Achieving the Deans List is a worthy academic feat and accomplishment.

It recognizes a student for their scholastic aptitude and capabilities for the semester.

With a 3.5 GPA, the student shows mastery and excellence in their coursework, with grades averaging an 87 or higher out of 100.

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Do You Put Dean’s List On Your Resume When And How To Include It

Including that you were on the dean’s list during your college tenure on your resume can demonstrate your commitment to excellence and willingness to work hard. However, there are times when you should and should not include this on your resume as well as a certain way to include this information if you do choose to include this information. In this article, we discuss if you should put your dean’s list recognition on your resume, explain how to most effectively include this on your resume and provide a template and examples of what it should look like.

First Decide On A Section


The first step is to decide where to place this accomplishment. You can mention the deans list in several different sections of your resume, including your education section, your honors section, or a professional profile if you choose to include one.

An education section usually covers the names of the schools you have attended, the titles of your degrees, and a summary of your academic achievements. You can add deans list as one of the bullets below your education entries or give it its own subheading.

An honors section includes any of your professional awards, acknowledgments, or achievements. Examples of possible honors include Employee of the Month awards, peer-voted acknowledgments, and academic achievements. If you choose to include an honors section, making the deans list can be an impressive addition.

Some people may also choose to include a professional profile at the top of their resume. This feature is a brief summary of who you are and what you do. It can include your full name, your current job title, your degrees, your best and most relevant skills, your career goals, and any impressive accomplishments.

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Should You Put Deans List On Resume

Deans list on resume should be included next to your Grade Point Average GPA ConversionGPA is important for jobs at the top investment banking, finance, and accounting firms. Use our GPA conversion table to calculate your GPA when applying. Bulge bracket banks and almost all other investment banks will look at your GPA when applying for a job and you should include it in your resume.. There is some debate over whether it should be included or not. Some professionals consider it redundant, unnecessary resume-padding. This guide will show you how to put the deans list on your resume and weigh the pros and cons of including it. CFIs recommendation is to include it if you achieved it all semesters . Otherwise, exclude it.

Tips On How To Put The Deans List On Resume

We had covered the advantages and disadvantages of including the deans list on your resume, so lets go over some tips and tricks you can use, which could help you include it the right way.

  • Include it in the part of the resume where it would completely fit and wouldnt have a negative impact on your narrative. Some people say that it would be best to add it to the education section, which kind of makes sense, right? But it is not always the case, so you need to be careful about that.
  • Include relevant details regarding deans list if you decide to add the deans list on your resume, make sure to mention what school is that list for, the major and some other relevant details about the institution as well.
  • Another very useful information is your GPA, which is why it would be a good idea to add the information about the deans list right after you mentioned GPA since it would just add the spice to flavor, so to speak.
  • Include the number of semesters as we had already mentioned, the time spent on the deans list is also very important, so make sure to include the number of semesters you have managed to make onto it.
  • Criteria are important apart from a number of semesters, another crucial thing is the requirement needed to make it on the deans list, so make sure you include that as well, The higher criteria is, the better you will look in employers eyes.
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    Note How Many Times You Made The Deans List

    The more times you made the Deans list, the better. This achievement shows the Recruiter that you are consistent in your excellence.

    So if you made the Deans list multiple times, include the number in your education section.

    If you made the list less than three times, leave it off. However, if you are a graduate of a top university you can mention that you were able to make that list, even if its just once or twice.

    Don’t Include Dean’s List If You Graduated With Latin Honors


    If you graduate with Greek honors or Latin honors such as Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, or Summa Cum Laude, don’t add Dean’s List to your resume.

    University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL – 2020Bachelor of Science, Double major in Mathematics and StatisticsGPA: 4, Honors: Summa Cum Laude

    Latin honors are much more important than being on the Dean’s List. Adding Dean’s List will detract from the importance of Latin honors and weaken your resume.

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    Why List Deans List On Resume

    Although optional, listing a Deans List award on your resume can be especially helpful for recent graduates and students vying for internship opportunities.

    As these individuals typically have less practical work experience, the Deans List award provides a reference for their time-commitment while in school.

    In addition, listing a Deans List award on your resume can be beneficial to provide supporting evidence as to a students academic accomplishments.

    Making the Deans List is particularly difficult and being awarded that honor can help a candidate to stand out.

    Is Making The Deans List A Big Deal

    Is making the deans list in college a big deal? When it comes to putting together a resume or applying to graduate school, making the Deans List is something you should definitely include. So its something that might separate you out from other applicants, making them lean more in your favor.

    Pros of Adding Deans List

    • Demonstrates strong academic performance.
    • Shows a consistent level of performance if achieved all semesters.
    • Adds another credential and honor to your resume.
    • Depending on the school or employer, it may be extra valuable if the GPA requirement for Deans List is especially high.

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    Examples Of Including The Dean’s List On Your Resume

    Here is a couple of examples as to the way you can add your Dean List’s achievement to your resume. Make sure you take note of these examples for when you apply to your next job.

    Example 1:

    Yale University, New Haven, CT

    School of Business

    Cumulative GPA: 3.8, Dean’s List 6 semesters

    Example 2:

    Earned the Student of the Year Award in 2016 while at the University of Virginia, as well as Dean’s List Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 with a 3.75 GPA.

    It Can Mean A Lot Depending On Requirement

    Deans Resume

    Apart from the consistency shown by being on a deans list for multiple semesters, another very important factor to consider is the general requirements for even getting onto the deans list.

    Why is that so important?

    Well, if the requirements are a bit harder to achieve, meaning, that it is much harder to make it to the deans list, if you include it on your resume, it would show potential employers that you are a hard-working person, who was persistent to achieve that goal and managed to get to the deans list, even though it wasnt easy at all.

    That type of person would never give up trying to do its job properly, even if it meant going against the odds or having to work much harder to fulfill the companys goals.

    That is the type of person every employer wants.

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    Cons Of Adding Deans List On Resume

    It may surprise you but there can actually be some disadvantages of including the deans list honor in your application .

    Potential disadvantages:

    • It may be considered redundant since your GPA is listedGPA on ResumeIn finance, if your Grade Point Average is 3.5 or higher, then you should include it on your resume – otherwise, leave it out. If your major GPA is higher than your overall GPA, then you should include that as well . right next to it.
    • If its not clear what the criteria are for making the list, that makes it less meaningful.
    • It can add clutter to your resume.
    • If you achieved it some semesters but not others, then it may appear to indicate inconsistency.

    Learn more in CFIs Career Prep CenterCareersSearch CFI’s career resources library. We’ve compiled the most important career resources for any job in corporate finance. From interview prep to resumes and job descriptions, we’ve got you covered to land your dream job. Explore guides, templates, and a wide range of free resources and tools.

    How To Include The Dean’s List On Your Resume

    How you include dean’s list on your resume is almost as important as whether you or not you include it at all. The following are steps you should take when including dean’s list on your resume to ensure you appear as professional as possible:

  • Determine if including dean’s list on your resume is appropriate for the situation.

  • Choose where you will include dean’s list on your resume.

  • Format the inclusion of dean’s list in a professional and easily readable way.

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