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How To List Training Courses On Resume

Why Is Work Experience On Your Resume So Important

How to put Online Course on a Resume – Real life Example (Udemy, Skillshare, etc.)

Before we jump in to the ins and outs of writing work experience on a resume, here is why it matters. A hiring manager or employer looks at a resume to answer one question:

Does this persons work experience qualify them for this job?

The work experience section;of your resume is the foundation that either qualifies you or disqualifies you for an interview or the next step in the hiring process. This resume section uses the last 10 15 years of relevant career history to tell a prospective employer whether you have the work experience in your cv that will fit the requirements of the role. The work experience section gives credibility to your application and should compliment every other aspect of your application materials .

Why Include Certifications On Your Resume

Professional certifications can help you progress more quickly in your career.

There are three major reasons to include certifications on your resume. These are:

  • First, obtaining a professional certification shows your passion for your chosen field. The fact that you put in the time and effort to get certified speaks volumes about your commitment to continuing professional development.
  • Second, it is a verification of your particular expertise or skill. It is proof that you possess the necessary training, information, and knowledge to undertake a certain job.
  • Third, and this is a benefit you can reap almost instantly, obtaining certifications can lead to an increment in your pay.

Finally, many recruiters manage and track applicants with the help of Application Tracking Systems, which analyze and sort the information on resumes into categories, and then scan this data for keywords to determine whether the application should be selected for the recruiters perusal.

Certifications could help you beat the Application Tracking System, and distinguish your resume from that of your peers.

But which certifications are worth including?And how many certifications are enough?

Lets find out!

Why Mentioning Online Courses On Your Resume Can Help You Stand Out

As the US job market became increasingly competitive during lockdown, many people turned to online courses to differentiate themselves from similar applicants.

Its a smart strategy!

Online courses and certificate programs are an excellent way to build your skills and make yourself more marketable to employers.

If youre looking to switch careers, online courses can be especially helpful in getting your foot in the door.

The best part?

You can study exactly the topics you need on your own time for free or for a small fee, without shelling out $100K+ for an MBA.

In this article, we explain:

  • Why you should include online courses on your resume
  • How to select online courses that match your career objectives
  • Where to list online courses on your resume
  • Where to find reputable online course providers

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List Additional Certifications And Credentials

List any additional certifications or credentials you pursued as part of self-development in your career. For instance, If you completed a training course to learn how to design and build websites and received a certification, list it in your resume with your education details or in another resume section. Including related credentials that you sought out on your personal time shows employers your initiative to seek out additional career development opportunities, which is an effective way to demonstrate your willingness to learn.

Where Should You Include Your Coursework

What Skills to Put on a Resume: List of Good Examples to ...

Carefully consider the placement of relevant coursework on a resume. For jobs that emphasize educational achievements, you may want to list your coursework and education near the top.

If the position relies on relevant skills and experience, you can list the topics you studied in your skills section. Otherwise, you can include your coursework in your education section.

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How To Put Udemy Courses On Resume Job Search After Mooc

In the face of cutting edge competition in the job market, everyone is trying not to be another banana in the bunch. One foolproof way to pimp your resume is through continued education.

Online courses present a cost effective to sharpen and refresh your skills. Udemy is a renowned online learning platform that offers courses sponsored by various universities. This post explores the ways to make your resume stand out with Udemy courses.

Udemy courses designate an individual committed to personal improvement and career advancement. It shows potential employers that you have self-drive; you are disciplined, curious, and willing to learn. These features can make your resume stand from all the other applicants.

The biggest challenge for many, however, is how to talk about Udemy courses on a resume. It would help if you confidently talked about your Udemy course because the platform uses university courses. You can often get the real certification from the school to vouch for your courses authenticity. Here are ways to list online courses on your resume.

Example Of Listing Courses On A Food Service Resume

Institute of Culinary Education , New York, NY

Graduation: 2014

Relevant Classes: Food Business Management, Baking and Pastry Arts, Restaurant and Culinary Management, Art of International Bread Baking, Intensive Sommelier Training, Cuisine with Farm to Table Emphasis, Food Science and Nutrition.

Expert Hint: There are also many great courses offered by colleges and universities which help you advance in your career. While these will surely benefit your job search and give you some relatable experience, these arent relevant to the job, so leave them off.

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In A Projects Section

If your certification included significant project experience, consider listing it in a dedicated projects section. This can be especially helpful if youre moving into a new field and dont have a lot of relevant work experience. Projects can help bridge the gap and include hands-on experience for example, if youre new to software engineering, listing a project on your resume is a good way to demonstrate how youve used your skills in a professional setting. Remember to list projects the same way you would any other experience, starting with an action verb and using numbers and metrics where possible.

Including certifications in your projects section can help your resume get past ATS and highlight your skills in action.

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But How Should You Actually Go About Adding Online Courses And Programs To Your Resume

Resume Skills Training- Resume Writing Tutorial – Experience Lesson

One of the best ways to incorporate online courses into your resume is by means of a cover letter. It allows you to connect with a recruiter or hiring manager on a personal level and is a great place to discuss the professional skills that youve acquired and how they relate to the position. If youre submitting your resume electronically, you can even link to the course profiles.

A second option is to create an entirely new section on your resume, such as skills and objectives, personal advancement, or professional development. Another is to include your online learning experience in the education section of your resume. This can be especially useful if you havent completed a degree program or if youre applying for a job thats unrelated to your degree.

In any case, only include the courses that you completed or earned a certificate in and the major takeaways of each. Dont sell yourself short, but dont overdo it either. Be concise and make sure that everything you include is relevant to the job.

This might look something like:



  • Learned fundamentals of Six Sigma methodology and Lean Manufacturing
  • Earned the TUM Lean and Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification

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Customize Your Cv With A New Section

An online certification shows your ability to embrace change among other things. The job industry is still trying to catch up to this new form of qualification, and so there is no specific way they will expect you to list your course. You can be inventive. Just keep the list of your courses short and confine them to a small area.

Skills and Career Objectives section: If there are skills from your Udemy course that you feel would be relevant for the job, by all means, include them. You can then go ahead to talk about the course accomplishments that earned you those skills.

Personal Advancement section: Employers need all-around candidates. If your Udemy course is not directly related to the particular job position but is relevant to the industry, you can list it in the personal advancement section of your CV. It will help to show that you are versatile and can play any role should need to arise.

Professional Training section: By far, many job candidates prefer to talk about their certifications in this section. Your Udemy course has to be directly relevant to the job position for you to list it here. You can position the course as a higher learning or professional advancement initiative.

In all these cases, please dont overdo it. Only list the courses that you accomplished and a single sentence summarizing the key takeaways in each. Be concise but dont sell yourself short.

Use A Detailed Format

Alternatively, the detailed format provides more information on the courses you choose to include. This format will look more like what you would typically see under a professional experience section, noting the course and school name, dates you took the course and two to four bullet points highlighting relevant learnings or achievements from the course.

Heres an example:

Ethical Journalism, Fuller School of Journalism, Hartford CollegeFall 2016present

  • Understand guiding principles and values of ethical journalism
  • Develop and follow a rational process for figuring out your options when faced with an ethics problem
  • Justify decisions to editors, colleagues and your audience in year-end

Global Journalism, Fuller School of Journalism, Hartford CollegeFall 2016present

  • Learn advanced principles for conducting accurate, effective journalism for a global audience
  • Independent year-end study with the opportunity to report from Greece, won honorable mention

Editor, Fuller Times, Hartford CollegeSpring 2015

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Another decision youll have to make as you work to include a relevant coursework section is where to place it on your resume. If you feel this would simply be a helpful supplement to the rest of your resume for an employer, it might be best placed below the education section of your resume.

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Relevant Coursework Resume Sampleelementary Teacher

Relevant Coursework:;

  • Application Development; Developed IT concepts and necessary skills for web and mobile application development.
  • Networking and Telecommunications; Studied transmission media, digital signal modulations, packet switching and routing, IT systems integration, and cyber security.
  • Human-Centered Design; Research into accessibility and increasing the usability of IT systems through a human-centric approach.

This is a third format, an extension of the previous one, essentially.;

This resume relevant coursework approach is perfect for when you want to show off three or four super-relevant courses.

Its also great for explaining to hiring managers how a particular course may be relevant to them, as university classes today may have names which dont reflect the entirety of the subject matter.

Relevant Coursework On A Resume: Good Or Bad

Resume Examples For Training Specialist

ZipJob Team

6 min read

If you’ve recently graduated, your practical job experience may be thin–but your relevant coursework is probably lengthy. So should you list relevant coursework on your resume? You can!

There are a few factors to consider before you list your last semester’s classes, however. You need to think about where you are in your career, what your job target is, and how relevant your education is to that job target. This article will help you figure out if adding relevant coursework belongs on your resume, along with advice from our resume experts on what courses and academic achievements to highlight and how to list them.

Here are some things to consider before you include relevant coursework on a resume.

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Reasons To Add Online Courses To Your Cv And How To Do It

When searching for a new hire, different employers look for different things, but theyre all trying to answer the same overarching question: can this individual add value to my business?

As a strong potential candidate, its your job to help them reach the right conclusion. It can be a difficult task to set yourself apart from the crowd, but showcasing your completion of relevant online courses is a great starting point. With that in mind, here are three reasons why you should add online courses to your resume:

Template : Relevant Coursework Included As A Bullet List

To give your coursework greater emphasis, you can include it in its own section as a bullet list. The bullet list makes the material easier to scan for the employer, so they don’t have to spend much time identifying the information they need. Keep the bullet lists brief and ensure that any included coursework correlates with one another and the rest of your resume. For example, if you’re applying for a job as an accountant, you might not include science-related coursework with your math and finances relevant coursework.

Consider the following:

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Recommended Certifications On A Resume

Employers often use certifications as a resume filter to narrow the pool of applicants. Some certifications can give employers more confidence that a candidate has the right qualifications for the job. For example, the IT Profession has many certificates that prove proficiency in network engineering.

Employers sometimes even compile statistics and report on the number of employees with particular qualifications. Listing highly desired certificates is a very effective way to make your resume stand out. Especially if youâre an entry level candidate or student!

Recommended certificates can sometimes be found in the job description.

Ways To List Online Courses On Your Astonishing Resume

Resume Skills Training- Resume Writing Tutorial – Education Lesson

This is not going to be your worst resume mistakes ever.

Only less than six percent of learners who took an open online course between 2014 and 2016 from HarvardX and MITx earned a certificate. If youre one of the ones who followed through a course online, then you should take full advantage of that by adding that certification to your professional resume. As long as the courses count towards your career goals, they should demonstrate to your potential employers the drive you have for staying relevant in your industry.

But beyond that, a young professionals ability to complete an online course is an indicator that the person has the fundamental skills needed in our connected economies: digital fluency and information literacy; contribution; grit, diligence and motivation; collaboration and leadership. These are the people who leave thoughtful responses to others in online forums and persistently worked through their assignments while maintaining day jobs. These skills are power skills.

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When To Include Relevant Coursework

Relevant coursework is an optional entry-level resume section that includes coursework youve completed related to the job youre applying to. Additionally, this section can include projects, academic achievements, extracurriculars and volunteer opportunities.

If you are a student or have just graduated, relevant coursework is a good way to demonstrate your expertise even if you dont yet have professional experience.

If youve been in the workforce for over a year, this section may not be right for you. Instead, focus on the professional experiences and achievements youve made. Additionally, if youre applying for a job that wont find relevant coursework helpful in the hiring process , this section might not be necessary. Instead, consider prioritizing technical skills and past experience.

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If youre applying for a job that emphasizes the importance of academic experience, like an internship or other education-focused position, consider including a relevant coursework section on your resume.

For clues, look to the job description to help you understand what the employer is looking for. If theyre looking for a certain diploma, certification, portfolio or GPA, these are indicators that including coursework would be helpful.

How To Mention Relevant Coursework In A Resume

This article was co-authored by Alyson Garrido, PCC. Alyson Garrido is an International Coach Federation accredited Professional Certified Coach , Facilitator, and Speaker. Using a strengths-based approach, she supports her clients with job search and career advancement. Alyson provides coaching for career direction, interview preparation, salary negotiation, and performance reviews as well as customized communication and leadership strategies. She is a Founding Partner of the Systemic Coach Academy of New Zealand.There are 8 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 347,629 times.

Crafting a great resume isnt easy! One of the many tricky parts is choosing what to add and what to leave outfor instance, should you list some relevant coursework? Adding coursework can be particularly important if you are a recent graduate and have little relevant work experience. If you determine that you should indeed add relevant coursework to your resume, its critical to ensure it is truly relevant to the position for which you are applyingand is listed in the right place with sensible formatting!

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Edx Entrepreneurship In Emerging Economies Program

edX is an online course provider that partners with more than 100 institutions to cover a range of professional certification topics, from Python programming to corporate finance and American sign language.

While it’s worth noting many of the edX professional certification programs cost a couple hundred dollars, edX still offers a number of free courses, including Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies.;

The course is led by a Harvard University professor, who will teach you how to identify smart entrepreneurial opportunities and solve problems in societies with emerging economies. The course is about six weeks long, and you can expect to spend three to five hours working on it each week. Once you’ve completed the course, you have the option to order a verified certificate for $125.


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