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How To Put Research Assistant On Resume

Research Assistant Duties & Responsibilities

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The job generally requires the ability to perform the following duties:

  • Carry out experiments and research according to protocols laid out by primary researchers
  • Collect and log experimental data
  • Conduct statistical analyses of data sets
  • Prepare graphs and spreadsheets to portray results
  • Create presentation slides and posters to help researchers present findings
  • Review print and online resources to gather information
  • Check facts, proofread, and edit research documents to ensure accuracy
  • Maintain laboratory equipment and inventory

Research assistants usually work under the supervision of primary researchers who lead research projects. They’re responsible for assisting the main researcher in a number of tasks that support the research activities. Those tasks vary depending on the type of research that’s being done and the field that they’re in.

Top 8 Skills For A Research Assistant Resume

It will come as no surprise that the recruiter will be scanning your resume for skills relating to the research position.

Heres the deal If you dont list one of the necessary skills, it will be difficult to get the job, even if youre the best in the world at that skill!

Here are the most common skills that recruiters want from a research assistant:

Research Assistant Resume Key Skills Sections

The key skills section of your resume can make or break your job application.

Do it perfectly, and youll have the world to your name.

Recruiters tend to scan through the key skills section of your resume to look for target qualities and skills in a job applicant.

Perfecting this section at all costs is the need of the hour.

Heres what you can do to perfect this section:

  • Go through your professional experience section, identify your core skills and list them down in the key skills section of your research assistant resume in not more than 2 3 words
  • Highlight your key skills in bold
  • Analyze the keywords used by the recruiter in your target job listing, then replicate them in the key skills section of your resume if it matches your work responsibilities in the past

Perfecting the key skills section of your research assistant resume is the best thing that you can do to get closer to getting shortlisted for your target job.

Learn how to put research on resume in the key skills section with Hiration’s Guide on what skills to put on a resume.

In the meanwhile, use Hirations Online Resume Builder to write an impeccable research assistant resume without going through the trouble of having to perfect each section.

Given below is a research assistant resume example showcasing what an ideal skills section for research resumes should ideally look like:

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How Do You Describe Research Skills On A Resume

When describing the research you did within specific jobs, summarize your specific accomplishments and what you delivered for your part of any research project. Do your best to quantify your accomplishments with numbers so the potential employer can better understand the impact you had with your research.

Research Assistant Resume Sample & Template

Research Assistant Resume

Research assistants work in university, public, and private laboratories. They assist research professionals in setting up and executing research programs and projects, and they focus on developing their skills and proficiencies for more advanced work later in their careers. Some research assistants begin this work while still in undergraduate programs at university, while others continue after graduation and during post-graduate study.

When preparing a research assistant resume, it’s important to highlight your skills both in and out of the lab as well as your university coursework. You might not have much work experience to include, so focus on personal and professional skills as well as your educational background. However, if you have work experience in the lab, provide detailed and results-driven data about your background.

For research assistants with no work history, consider listing volunteer positions or part-time work. Even if it doesn’t relate to the position for which you are applying, it will establish your work ethic and convince potential employers that you can handle the rigorous demands placed on a research assistant. Even work in retail can be beneficial on a research assistant resume because it showcases your ability to follow directions and remain accountable.

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Add Research To The Experience Section

There may be numerous examples of times that you used research skills in different work or volunteer positions. Collect all of the important information about the research you participated in, including the title of the research project and the dates of the project.

Even if you don’t have traditional research experience, think about the different types of skills that are used when performing research. Refer to the list of example research skills above to get a better idea of what these could include and highlight how you’ve used them in past jobs. By listing them in this section, you show the employer that you have hands-on experience performing research for work-related purposes.

Research Assistant Resumeexamples And 25+ Writing Tips

You can work the aliquots or do surveys like you were born to it. Youve got indispensable labrat skills. Now prove it to the PI with this clear research assistant resume sample.

Picture this:

Youre doing vital research that feeds your passion.

Im talking about Goodall, Derong, or Capecchi-level work.

You wont get there with an average research assistant resume.

You need to show how well youve done work just like this.

  • A research assistant resume sample better than most.
  • How to make a convincing research assistant job description for resumes.
  • How to write a resume for research assistant jobs that gets you hired.
  • Why you cant just list research assistant skills .

Create a job-winning resume with little effort. Hack your way through ATS software with our 18 beautiful templatesgive our builder a try!

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Check all our Resume Examples for Over 200 Jobs.

Applying for a full-length research program? Need to write an academic CV instead of a brief resume? Switch over to Academic CV Sample & Guide

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How To Write A Research Assistant Resume Summary Or Objective

Heres a fact for you – recruiters read each resume for less than 6 seconds.

With hundreds of resumes to review, recruiters simply glance over the page looking for relevant information. As such, you need to hook the recruiter to make them keep reading.

The best way to do this is via a resume summary or objective, both of which are small pieces of content that go on top of your resume.

Their purpose is to highlight why you are perfect candidate for the research position job. They can be thought as small previews to the rest of your resume.

The main difference between the 2 sections is that.

A resume summary is a 2-4 sentence summary of your relevant work experiences.

Research Assistant Resume Summary Example

  • With 5+ years of experience in updating records, handling samples, and supervising technicians, Im a research assistant with a strong background. Passionate about working in a clinical research laboratory, as that involves supporting work that makes a difference.

A resume objective is a 2-4 sentence overview of what you want to achieve.

Research Assistant Resume Objective Example

  • Motivated biomedicine student looking for an entry-level job at Company X. Im passionate about supporting clinical trials in the biology field. Experience working with confidential information and working with vulnerable patients as a student at University X. Skilled in NIHR research processes, submitting sensitive information, database software, and more.

Both work, but which is best?

Graduate Research Assistantresume Examples & Samples

How To Write a Cover Letter For a Research Assistant Position? | Example
  • Collects, complies and stores accurate identified or acquired data in a computer database in order to provide access to such data for reliable analysis, scientific review, research purposes and/or reporting requirements
  • Plans, compiles, analyzes, and produces data reports to facilitate reporting requirements and decisions necessitating analytical input
  • Participates in the planning and design of metadata reporting forms and formats to establish data record systems and documents
  • Communicates findings from data analysis in publication-ready tables or other formats. Co-authorship is encouraged, depending on participation level
  • Prepares data for analysis, including initial assessments of data appropriateness and completeness
  • Creates programming commands and conducts mixed models over two or three time periods. Data can be clustered within places, measured multiple times during a phase, and measured for two or three phases. Data may require analyses appropriate for Poisson or NegBin distributions
  • Documents clearly any variables created to conduct analyses
  • Outstanding interpersonal, critical reasoning, analytic, and writing skills
  • Experience with computer-based data analysis
  • The incumbent must demonstrate strong problem solving capability
  • The ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously, both independently and in project teams
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Names and contact information for three professional references

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Research Assistant Resume: Header

Your resume header is an important section of your research assistant resume.

Make one mistake, and your resume might get confused or mixed up with the piles and piles of resumes that are clustered in the recruiters files.

Thus, your resume header should be accurately composed.

Hiration Pro Tip: Your full name should always feature as the resume header of your resume. Do not write ‘CV/Resume’ on the top

Given below is a list of things that you should remember while composing this section:

  • Your full name is the de-facto resume header of your research assistant resume.
  • It should be written on the extreme top of your research assistant resume.
  • Give a single space between your first name and last name and write them in the font range of 16-20 font size.
  • If your name is Allen Harper, write it on your resume header as Allen Harper.
  • If your name is Allen Charlie Harper, write it as Allen C. Harper.
  • The correct format of writing your resume header if you have a middle name is: write your first name, followed by a space, followed by the first initial of your middle name in capital letter, followed by a full stop, followed by a space, followed by your last name

Would you like to learn more about composing on-point resume headers?

If the answer is yes, head straight away to our Hirations Guide To Writing The Perfect Resume Header.

Do you have an existing resume that is not getting you shortlisted?

Research Assistant Resume: Personal Information

The personal information section of your research assistant resume is the most basic section of your resume.

It should feature the following elements:

  • Location

Heres something no one has told you:

This section should be accurately composed. You cannot afford to make the simplest of mistakes in this section because the personal information section gives away your contact-related information such as your mobile number, email ID, and your location.

This information enables the recruiter to get in touch with you.

Without this information, the recruiter cannot get in touch with you.

Write one letter or number wrong, and you will never get a call-back from the recruiter, even if the recruiter desperately wants to hire you!

Hiration Pro Tip: The personal information section of your research assistant resume should be accurately filled to ensure that your contact information: both email and mobile number is within reasonable reach of the recruiter

Curate an accurate personal information section that reflects professionalism with Hiration’s Guide to composing your contact information to ensure that you never miss an interview call from the recruiter.

Check out our research assistant resume sample to get a sense of how to perfect the personal information section of your researcher resume:

Write your mobile number with the following guidelines in mind:

E-mail Address

The best and only way of correctly writing your email address in your research assistant resume is mentioned below:

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Why Do Graduate Schools Want Cvs

Like personal statements, CVs are a common grad school application staple . A grad school CV serves the same basic purpose as a regular CV: to secure you the job you want in this case, the position of grad student. Essentially, the CV is a sales pitch to grad schools, and youre selling yourself!

But what exactly is a CV? What specific purpose does it serve for grad schools during the admissions process?

A CV is basically a longer academic version of a resume, offering a summary of your academic history, research interests, relevant work experience, honors, accomplishments, etc. For grad schools, the CV is a quick indicator of how extensive your background is in the field and how much academic potential you have. Ultimately, grad schools use the CV to gauge how successful youre likely to be as a grad student.

Match Your Cover Letter With Your Resume

This sample resume for an entry

One of the easiest ways to separate your resume from the competition is to include a cover letter.

A cover letter makes your application personal and specific. Recruiters will LOVE that youve gone the extra mile to land that specific position.

Heres how to create a convincing cover letter:

Heres a little more detail about each section:

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Where To List Your Experience

Choose which section of your resume to list this experience based on the position you are applying for and whether you have more than one resume entry for research experience. You can list it under the “Experience” section if you weren’t paid for the work, or “Work Experience” section if you were paid, according to American University.

You should list your title as “Research Assistant.” When it comes to your resume format, place this experience high in your resume, where it will be easily discernible by recruiters. According to the University of Missouri, you should list your mentor’s name, position, department, area of research and university affiliation. Research for a professor, even if you received college credit for your time, should not go in the “Education” section of your resume.

You can also add additional volunteer experience under “Volunteer” or “Other Activities” section, or the “Research and Publications” if you published the work, or have additional related experience. But make sure that even unpaid experience, if relevant to the job your seeking, stands out as “Experience.”

Senior Clinical Research Assistantresume Examples & Samples

  • Assist clinical staff in their absence to field and respond to communications as needed
  • Contact and correspond with study investigative sites, as needed
  • General administrative functions as needed
  • High school level diploma required BA/BS in one of the life sciences strongly preferred
  • The Senior Clinical Research Assistant 2 will be an individual with a minimum 2 years of experience working the clinical or medical affairs department of a CRO, biotech, or pharmaceutical company
  • Clinical background or experience preferred
  • Knowledge of Good Clinical Practice preferred
  • Prior experience with a small entrepreneurial biotech or pharmaceutical environment is a definite asset

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Choose The Right Research Assistant Resume Format

Dont fail before you start.

A badly formatted resume looks lazy.

The flip side?

Dot your is and cross your ts and theyll know youre a professional.

  • Format your resume in the reverse-chronological format.
  • Use a resume font like 1012pt Helvetica or Verdana.
  • Leave breathing space between the words and set 1-inch margins.
  • Save your resume as a PDF. Theyre ATS-readable and look nice on all devices.

Expert Hint: Is it ever okay to write a 2-page research assistant resume? If youve got tons of great publications and experience, go ahead and stretch it to two pages!

Professional And Institutional Service

How To Make a Resume For an Administrative Assistant (2021) | Microsoft Word

List the professional and institutional offices you have held, student groups you have led or managed, committees you have been involved with, or extra academic projects you have participated in.

  • Tip: Showing your involvement in the life of the school can greatly strengthen your CV, as it shows the faculty that you not only contribute to the academic integrity of the institution but that you also enrich the life of the campus and community.

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Use Action Words To Get Attention

It can be tempting to describe your past responsibilities vaguely. Thats not going to help your application. Writing that you participated in research doesnt tell hiring managers what you actually did. They understand you may not have years of past experience. They just want to know what youve already done and what they need to train you to do.

Instead of generic phrases, use action words to describe your responsibilities, like:

  • Designed
  • Maintained

Clinical Research Assistantresume Examples & samples

  • Theoretical knowledge in psychology or public health typically acquired at a collegiate level or comparable years of experience
  • Demonstrated experience in recruiting research subjects for clinical research program and understanding of issues related to eating disorders
  • Proven effective interpersonal skills and oral/written communications skills, including the ability to administer face-to-face and telephone interviews and keep accurate and detailed records
  • Experience in a research setting involving human subjects and knowledge of HRPP compliance issues
  • Strong basic computer skills such as word processing and data entry, as well as extensive experience with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills to communicate clearly, effectively, tactfully, and patiently in-person, on the phone and in writing to a diverse population including faculty, staff, vendors, drug reps, and patients
  • Demonstrated ability to answer, screen, and direct calls/visitors and take complete, accurate messages
  • Excellent customer service skills with kindness and professionalism
  • Demonstrated experience in coordinating clinical assessments and in-person interviews with subjects, researchers and other multiple programs for the research program
  • Proficiency to read, write, speak and translate English to Spanish

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What Is An Academic Cv And Why Do I Need One

The CV or curriculum vitae is a full synopsis of your educational and academic background and related information. In addition to college and university transcripts, the personal statement or statement of purpose, and cover letter, postgraduate candidates need to submit a research CV when applying for research, teaching, and other faculty positions at universities and institutions.

Writing an academic CV is a bit different than writing a professional resume as it emphasizes your academic experience and qualifications for the positionalthough relevant work experience can still be valuable to include. For reference, here is what a strong academic CV might look like:


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