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How To Put Temp Agency On Resume

Tailor Your Temp Job Description To The Position

how to get a job at a temp agency

Resume customization is a crucial aspect of preparing a professional document. You should tailor your application to each job. Read the employers requirements carefully and use the job listing language to describe your duties in temporary work. When choosing which responsibilities to describe, focus on those that overlap with the new positions tasks.

How To Properly List Temporary Work On Your Resume

Referencing temporary work on your resume can make the difference between impressing hiring managers or turning them away. Listing your contract work on your resume should highlight your skills, experience, and flexibility as a candidate. Just because temp positions are typically short-term, doesnt mean you shouldnt give as much attention to these jobs as you would a full-time position. Its important that you dont discount your work but instead, appropriately list and explain it. Follow the tips below so you best display the value of your temp experiences to employers.

How To List Temp Jobs On A Resume: Example 2

If, like Gayle, your employment history is dominated by temp and contract work, then your best bet is to group your temp jobs together. This works especially well if all your temporary positions were arranged through the same agency, if you held similar titles, or if you performed similar duties during each assignment.

When grouping multiple temp jobs on your resume, list the agency as your employer, write a blurb that explains the types of assignments you accepted during that time, and then include a list of bullets that call attention to tasks you performed that are most noteworthy or are best at demonstrating your qualifications. Depending on your situation, you may or may not choose to list each temporary contract agreement and your employment dates with that company in the bullets.

ROBERT HALF, New York, NY | 2015 – Present

Medical Receptionist – Front Desk

Contracted by staffing agency Robert Half to work on a temporary basis as a receptionist for numerous medical facilities, including hospitals, physician private practices, and medical laboratories, throughout the greater New York City area. Performed diversified secretarial duties including, but not limited to: scheduling appointments, greeting and checking in patients, maintaining files and filing systems, and managing the inventory of office supplies.

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How To List Temp Jobs On A Resume: Example 1

Generally speaking, if you only have a couple of short-term or contract positions throughout your work history, then you’re better off listing each position in a separate entry. Be sure to include the word temp,temporary, or contract next to the job title to explain to the reader why your employment with that company was so short lived. In addition, this is one of those times where you’re probably better off listing your start and end dates using both the month and the year. Whatever format you decide to use for the temp jobs on your resume, make sure you are consistent.


Medical Receptionist – Front Desk | Mar 2018 – Jul 2018

  • Answered over

NORTH SHORE-LIJ MEDICAL GROUP, Islandia, NY and North Babylon, NY

Office Receptionist | Sep 2017 – Feb 2018

  • Managed schedules for

  • Helped to maintain records for

How To List Contract Work On A Resume:

Temp Admin Resume Sample
  • Include an entry with your job title followed by “Contractor”.
  • Add the company name and its location.
  • Include the starting and end date of your contracting experience.
  • Add a small paragraph with your job responsibilities and project you worked on.
  • Use bullets to detail your contracting achievements.
  • List contract work in chronological order.
  • Be precise, use numbers, and quantify everything.
  • Use keywords to bypass application tracking systems.
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    Criticism Write Order Philosophy Thesis Consider That

    Add the staffing agency as your employer and the start and end dates of your employment with the agency. Remember the staffing agency is your employer, they are the ones sending you on a work placement, not the organization. Next, reference the job title, the name of the organization, dates of employment, and main duties completed for each placement. Depending on your unique employment history, there are multiple ways you can accurately group your temp work.

    Sort through your experience and place your positions where you best see fit. While formatting your temp jobs, keep in mind standard resume etiquette and different ways to make your resume stand out among your competition. A valuable tip is to not lie or fail to mention your temp work on your resume. Your temp experiences should be seen as an asset of your career and not as a red flag. Be confident in the work you have completed and accurately show the value you gained from each one of your assignments.

    We wrote a good post on here on when you can leave a job off of a resume. Of course, you need to know how to format temporary jobs on a resume if you want to maximize their impact. A reverse chronological resume may be a good option. While you could use a more creative format to focus on skills, the fact that you had so many different jobs could confuse the employer. With a chronological resume, you can demonstrate consistency in the use of your skill set.

    What If I Want To Display My Contract Experience On Linkedin

    Good news! The same rules apply. To continue with our NOA example, here are two screenshots taken from LinkedIn profiles of Parker Associates that have worked at Nintendo of America.

    We suggest something similar to the latter example. Be sure to include the logo of the staffing company and have it hyperlink to . This way, hiring managers have a clear visual not just of your employer, but of the fact that this is a contract role.

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    It Highlights Your Personal Qualities

    Temporary jobs help develop not only professional skills but also personal traits. Flexibility is one of the most important ones in todays labor market. It also includes versatility and the ability to adapt to a rapidly-changing working environment. By specifying these qualities on your resume and confirming them during the interview, you can stand out and impress your potential employer.

    Discuss Your Most Relevant Temp Roles

    Myth #8: Temporary or Contract Employees Shouldn’t Put Their Temporary Work on Their Resumes

    Your resume will be most effective if you write it with the specific job you are applying for in mind. When you optimize your resume for a job, you can make sure it highlights the experience most relevant to that job and boost your chances of being hired.

    If youve done many different jobs, you will likely have too many to fit on a single- or double-page resume. The best way to decide what to include is usually to choose the most recent roles and focus on the ones where you used the skills required for the job you are applying for or worked in a similar environment.

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    How To List Temporary Work On Your Resume

    Temp work is becoming more and more common for today’s employees and employers. No matter how long you held a temporary position, you should include it on your resume to provide a complete and accurate representation of your work history. What is most important is that you impress hiring managers with the relevant skills you used and the success you achieved while in these roles. In this article, we provide steps and tips you can use to create a compelling list of temp work on your resume.

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    Explain Why You’re Going Into Regular Employment

    If you want to get out of contracting then you need to have a plausible explanation why.

    You don’t want your prospects to think you’re just desperate for any job. Or that you will go back into contracting once you have better options.

    Explain you’re looking for career stability and want to invest your time in a long-term project where you can have a higher impact.

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    How To Put A Temp Job On A Resume: A 6

    Now that you know the benefits, its time to find out how to list temporary jobs on your resume correctly. First, you should know that the formats vary depending on what kind of temporary work experience you had.

    Lets start with limited temp work experience, which means that you had one or several short-term jobs and were employed directly by the company.

    Multiple Client Companies For One Staffing Agency

    What to put on resume for temp agency

    If youve worked in one job title for multiple client companies for one staffing agency, list the staffing agency, location, and dates first. On the following line, list your job title. Then list out the client companies in chronological order and include a brief description of your job duties at each company.

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    Bonus Tip: Be Proud Of Your Temp Job Experience

    Your temporary work experiences are an asset! In the time youve worked for a temp agency, youve likely learned new skills, gained valuable experience, and shown that you can quickly learn and adapt to different processes and management styles. Be confident in your work and the value you gained from each assignment.

    If you are concerned that having a lot of short-term jobs on your resume could make you look like a job hopper, know that perceptions of temp jobs have changed significantly over the past few decades. Staying at the same job for many years is no longer the norm, and temporary and freelance work have become increasingly popular. Far from being a red flag, your temp work experiences are an asset because they show you are adaptable and have a variety of skills and knowledge.

    How To List Temporary Employment On Your Resume

    Of course, you need to know how to format temporary jobs on a resume if you want to maximize their impact. There are several key things to keep in mind when youâre listing these types of short-term jobs:

    • A reverse chronological resume may be a good option. While you could use a more creative format to focus on skills, the fact that you had so many different jobs could confuse the employer. With a chronological resume, you can demonstrate consistency in the use of your skill set. See our great post, How to Write a Chronological Resume, to help you with this format.

    • This resume format also provides an easy way for you to highlight your accomplishments. Simply list several beneath each job, emphasizing the skills used, new skills developed, and value that you provided to the company.

    • Donât forget the staffing agency. If you were working for a temp agency, list that company as the employer. That can help to demonstrate job consistency, especially if your temporary positions were all obtained through the same agency.

    • List individual temporary employment positions beneath the staffing agency. That will help the employer to better understand your job history and creates a more impressive job narrative.

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    List Temporary Jobs In Their Own Section

    If none of the approaches above work for you for example, if youve held a few different contract positions in between full-time jobs another solution is to create a separate section on your resume for temporary jobs.

    This might be a good idea if the temp work youve done isnt related to your current field but fills what would otherwise be large gaps in your work history. List your relevant work experience as normal, with a Contract Work section underneath.

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    How To Format Temp Work On My Resume

    How to Get A Job At A Temp Agency

    Posted October 4th, 2013

    Its not uncommon, given todays uncertain job market, that candidates often find themselves with one or more temporary assignments under their belts while they hope for a more permanent job. If you are in this boat, dont discount your temporary work history as something that cannot be included on your resume. In fact, recruiters prefer to see ALL the work that you have performed as an indication of the full range of skills and abilities you have.

    Why Temp Work Belongs On Your Resume

    Temporary jobs in Jackson MS are often viewed by recruiters as a positive aspect of a candidate who is willing to try new things and take on challenging tasks, while proactively seeking a long-term career. But, the question remains how do you add these temp jobs to your resume the right way?

    4 Steps to Add Temp Jobs to Your Resume

    To help you get this accomplished, here are some guidelines from a professional resume writer and career coach.

  • Use a professional resume format that is chronological. There are some good resume templates out there, but when it comes to adding temp jobs to your work history, youll want to go with a chronological format. This resume format allows for additional lines of text for each job and gives the recruiter the full picture of your work history in one organized fashion. Its also easier on the eyes when reading it.
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    Is Including Contract Work On Your Resume Bad For You

    Some people worry that including all their contract work in their resume will make them look like job hoppers.

    They think employers will not risk hiring a previous contractor because they might get bored quickly and move on.

    However, not including those jobs will make it hard to explain job gaps, which is much worse. Also, there is no longer a stigma in contracting. We live in a gig economy after all.

    How To List Contract Work On Your Resume

  • List an employer. This can be the staffing agency or your own name.
  • Give yourself a standard job title.
  • Add “contractor” or “consultant” at the end of your title.
  • List the dates of your contract .
  • Add a short blurb describing the nature of your work.
  • Include 3-6 bullet points detailing your most relevant accomplishments.
  • Start with an action verb and include hard numbers and metrics.
  • Include relevant skills and keywords to bypass ATS and get your resume onto the desk of a hiring manager.
  • Use a free resume checker to get instant feedback on how to optimize your resume.
  • Here’s a template for listing contract work on your resume that you can copy and paste:

    Keep scrolling for more details about how and why to follow these steps, plus a few alternative examples.

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    The Best Way To Outline Temporary Work On Your Resume

    Temporary work can provide great industry experience, hands-on skills, and networking connections that can boost your career prospects. But sometimes it can be difficult to sell yourself in an interview if youve got a list of temporary gigs. As a professional, you want to prove you have what it takes to handle a full-time career position. Davis Staffing is here to show you how you can impress a hiring manager with the perfect resume for your qualifications.

    Why Put Temp Jobs On A Resume

    Employment Staffing Resume, Occupational:examples, samples ...

    A resume is your business card. It provides the recruiter with information about your education and gives insight into your work history, skills, and personal qualities. If you want to make your professional background more convincing, listing your temporary work experience in your CV could be the right solution. Here are several reasons why.

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    Emphasize The Skills You Learned While Temping

    Did you learn any new skills while temping? Did you gain experience with a new type of machinery or software? If so, be sure to include those things on your resume. Discussing these skills not only shows that you are a valuable candidate but also proves you can learn new things and adapt to new roles.

    If You Used A Staffing Agency

    If your contract jobs were all provided by a single staffing agency, list that agency as your employer. This format allows you to group a large number of jobs underneath a single heading, which makes your job history look more uniform and keeps your resume easy to read.

    You can also include the company you worked for this is optional, but it can help provide extra context. Just make sure youre not representing the nature of your employment.

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    What If I Used A Staffing Agency

    In that case, you need to make a few changes:

    • Use the name of your staffing agency on the first line of your job entry.
    • Include a small paragraph detailing your relationship with the agency.
    • Follow with each contracting job you had under the agency.
    • Format each entry as example number 1.

    Here’s an example of a job section using a staffing agency.

    How To Reference Temporary Work On Your Resume

    How to Get a Job Temp Agency

    Knowing how to reference temporary work on a resume can be the difference between success in the job market and career frustration.

    Experience of working in temp roles can add value to your employment record, but you need to demonstrate the value such roles have offered.

    As a professional looking for a new job, it’s important to explain how the positions you’ve held whether permanent or temporary have boosted your skill set and aided your career development. Many professionals enjoy the flexibility and freedom that comes with non-permanent placements, knowing they are not tied to any single employer for the long term.

    Others look for temporary, contract or interim jobs as bridge between permanent roles, or as a way to re-enter the workforce after a period of inactivity. Working as a temp is a credible career option these employees provide a valuable service for organizations across many industries.

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