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How To Write A Badass Resume

So Whats On For Year Four

How To Write an EXCELLENT resume | Build your Next Level Resume that STANDS OUT in 2020 ( examples)

I dont know.

I mean, I have set some goals for sure

Ive doubled my business income the past 2 years and with no other source of income, and all my time and energy to dedicate towards this, were going to shoot for doubling 3 years in a row!

Here how:

  • Scaling up the Job Search Institute sales: Im still trying to find the ideal product offering and price point, so once that lands, I feel very good about how this will go.

  • Ramp up client work: With the help of my Senior Resume Writers, Ive been able to take on more clients which eases the bottleneck that one faces when operating alone.

  • New Revenue Streams: I have resume templates for sale now which are selling at a reasonable rate. Im also looking into doing some live that would be a fun way to scale how I can help you. Im also hoping as my TikTok following grows, I can start to attract some influencer marketing opportunities.

  • Other ideas: Honestly, if you have any other ideas, let me know 🙂

For the past 3 years, I have spent an unbelievable amount of time writing resumes, talking to random people on the phone, and figuring out how to make money on the internet. Im finally seeing that impact actual changes on my life and it feels pretty good 🙂

Thank you to all of your for being a part of the journey. Your support, compliments, and encouragement mean a lot.

xoxo Gossip Girl I mean Greg

  • A lot of other exhausting stuff

And through all that, my resume writing business did surprisingly well.

My Famous Resume Vault Has 75+ Examples From Real Clients

Every template Ive provided has been proven to land interviews, and get through the ATS, across multiple countries and industries.;

It covers;all levels -;from students seeking internships, to early-mid career professionals, all the way up to Senior VP and even CEO level.

Plus, they’re;fully editable, so you can make them your own and NEVER be lost for inspiration again.

Name Your Resume Carefully

Seems silly but I see people forgetting to put their first and/or last name and the word resume in the filename all the time. Hiring managers often get hundreds of resumes for a single position. Make their lives easy. For double bonus points save it with dashes or underscores instead of spaces. Mine is Firstname_Lastname_Resume.pdf.

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How To Choose A Font For Your Resume

You might have read that and said, Font? Seriously!? I’ve got way more important stuff on my plate right now.

I used to think the same thing until I came across this article on Font Psychology.;It consolidated information from 75+ academic studies on the subject that all point to a similar conclusion fonts have a;huge;impact on our perception of the written product be it a paper, a website, or a resume.

There are five main font categories in existence today: Serif, Sans Serif, Monospace, Fantasy, and Cursive. Here’s an infographic illustrating the emotions that each of these font families evoke in the reader:

When it comes to the best font for your resume, the safest bet is to use something simple and easy to read. In my opinion, Sans Serif fits that bill best so choose from fonts like Avenir, Helvetica, Arial, or Geneva.

How A Great Cover Letter Will Strengthen Your Resume

Badass Your Resume

Many people read this article and come back to me with a single takeaway, Did you say ONE PAGE??

How can you possibly fit all of the amazing work you’ve done in the industry over the past several years along with skills, interests, and references onto a single page?! That’s where your cover letter comes in.

The cover letter is your place to expand on the experience, skills, and achievements you highlighted in your resume. Crafting a great cover letter is also going to increase the strength of your overall application. Data shows that 53% of employers prefer candidates who submit a cover letter.

But this article is about how to write a resume that gets results. The main takeaway is that, if done correctly, your cover letter is going to boost your overall application and increase the chances that your resume gets a thorough inspection. For a more detailed look into cover letters, check out my guide on Writing A Cover Letter That Actually Gets You Hired.

Finally, when you make it past the final round and the company asks for references, make sure your references match the format and templates you chose for your resume and cover letter.

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Write A Strong Internship Objective Statement

Your internship objective should be well-defined, should mention your capabilities, and include the needs of the employer as well.

Browse through a few examples of objective statements, and note down the common traits that were used in them. This indicates the basic skills and qualifications that employers need to accept applicants for the internship.

Craft your objective statement by using the basic skills mentioned as a reference. Your statement should be a 3-4 line paragraph that highlights:

  • your strengths;
  • what you have to offer;
  • what your career goals are;
  • your willingness to learn;
  • how you apply the skills youve learned in school.

To be more thorough with the objective statement, make it a point to customize the statement according to each job that you are applying to. This level of attention to detail and customization will be greatly beneficial to the jobs that don’t require you to send in a cover letter.

Heres an informative video by Badass Careers that talks about the importance of a resume objective statement

Show Em You Want The Job By Showing The Company Some Love

Hailey Tully, the Communications and PR manager at Vita Coco, recommends including a personal anecdote or reasoning as to why you love this brand or company. Mention how you discovered the company, the first time you tried one of their products, and what makes them so incredible to you. Truth be told, she says. You wont make it past the first round if they dont think you really want it.

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You Might Not Know Where To Start But You Do Know What You Want:

  • I want to stand out.Youre ready to jump on the express lane to your dream. To whizz past the other candidates and easily land better interviews and jobs. Eat my dust, competition.

  • I want to be recognised.You KNOW you have something unique to give, but you struggle to articulate your personality and points of difference in a resume. Blinking cursor, anyone?

  • I want to prove myself. Even if youre starting out, you have skills, attributes and experience to transfer into your next role. If only you knew how to convince your potential employers.

  • I want to get unstuck. But you have zero idea what to do, or where to go, next. Youre in a rut and need something to catapult you to the next stage.

Guess what? Im that person. I can give you the keys to unlocking your special sauce and show you how to stand out in a sea of applicants.

Things You Shouldnt Do:

How To Write a Resume When You Have NO experience | Resume Tips for Fresh Graduates Students 2021
  • Play Buzzword Bingo
  • Its easier to learn from the don’ts than the dos so I will fall back on my sword.;;

    I think my least favorite thing about my bio is the sour note I played with this first sentence.

    Jason is a journalist-turned-marketer passionate about how storytelling and targeted messaging create business-changing content.

    Journalist-turned-marketer is interesting enough and conveys my career path but everything after passionate is a buzzword or a conjunction setting up another buzzword.

    Thats not to say buzzwords dont have their place. After all, they communicate to an audience that youre in their tribe and have a shared language, but, when we take industry jargon too far, we are just hiding behind it and safely filling space.

    Its better to speak in universal terms that resonate with your community, but could be understood by anyone.;;

    When possible, break away from buzzwords and youll stand out from the sea of sameness.;;

  • Be all tell, no show;;
  • Someone as apparently passionate about storytelling as I am should know to follow the most golden of all story rules.

    Show, dont tell.

    According to wikipedia, this idiom is credited to Russian playwright Anton Chekhov who said “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”

    You may be working with fewer characters than Chekhov, but whenever possible dont tell someone who you are, show them.

    Fellow IMPACTer Liz Murphys bio is a great example of this.

    What a great first note.

    Bravo, Liz.;;;

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    My Biggest Fear And How Im Combating It

    The biggest perceived obstacle for me when leaving the known world of having a full-time job is definitely the loneliness. I am a self-proclaimed hyper-extrovert not that Im hyper like you would call a child okay, sometimes I am what I mean is that Im just extremely extroverted and I really really like to be around people.

    Working on my own full-time it wont be conducive to social interaction. I fear the loneliness will sap my energy and thats where Ill flame out.

    However, I am not one to ignore a challenge Ive got a plan actually Ive got several plans.

    Please allow me to explain.

    Resume Writing Is Full Of #fakenews Have You Fallen For Any Of This

    You cant DIY you need a serious resume writer.Aka, a pricey professional that doesnt know you at all. It just makes NO sense! Spoiler: YOU are the best possible person to write your resume.

    Only a plain, personality-free resume will get past the ATS.I know the Applicant Tracking System robots personally. Trust me, you CAN have a resume that conveys your skills AND your style.

    An Etsy resume template is all you need to stand out.We love a well-designed resume, but we dont rely on cute borders and colour combos alone. We make sure your unique abilities shine, too.

    You can trust any career advice you find online.Uh, FALSE. Thanks Karen, the high school careers counsellor, but times have changed. Your advice no longer cuts the mustard.

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    Draft Your Interesting Accomplishments First

    Resumes should not be rehashed job descriptions or a list of responsibilities. For each bullet on your resume ask Why should they care? What made that impactful to the company? What made that impressive? Cut out buzzwords and be conversational. Use action verbs and get cozy with a thesaurus to avoid repeating words.

    Cover The Essentials Of A Resume

    Badass Your Resume

    While youll be making your resume reflect your personal strengths, youll need to start with the basics, including these:

    • Contact information: Include your name, address, a phone number and email address near the top of the resume so it can be easily accessed.
    • Employment objective or job target: In one or two sentences, explain what kind of job youre looking for in general and what makes you uniquely qualified. Make sure to emphasize how you would benefit the employer, not how they would benefit you.
    • Summary of qualifications: This can be a very brief, bulleted section just below the objective to highlight your experience, certifications, etc., that qualify you for the job.
    • Employment history: This format will vary depending on the type of resume you choose .
    • Education and training: List colleges, schools or special training you completed during your service. The type of skills you may have learned are more important than the actual dates of attendance.
    • Special skills: Include any computer skills, foreign languages or other relevant abilities that will set you apart.

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    Things To Include In Your Rsum

    1.;;;; Details that are relevant to the job you are applying for

    Before you create your résumé, you need to know where you are applying. Pick only accomplishments and skills which will tell your potential recruiter that you are the right person for the job. Winning your neighbourhoods panipuri eating contest every year will tell the recruiter nothing about your ability to write a decent article on management education!

    2.;;;;;You are a product, your résumé a marketing tool

    No matter how weird this sounds, you need to think of your résumé as a tool that will help you promote yourself to your recruiters. As soon as you think of it this way, you will get rid of the flab and get to the point.

    3.;;;; What if you were the recruiter?

    Another way of going about this is to design a résumé as a recruiter. Think you are the person hiring for this particular job, now what are the things you would look for in the résumé? Put all that in, and see how it works like magic!

    4.;;;; Structure it well

    Your skills and your background should be summarised. Use bullets to make it easier for the recruiter to browse through them quickly without missing out anything. Your professional experiences will be prioritised, so that should come before your educational qualifications.The flow of the résumé is similar to your Facebook timeline, with the most recent post making it to the top.

    One extra tip: Proofread

    A Quick Summary Of Your Experience

    This is the most obvious function of the resume, but from an employers perspective its invaluable. If a job lists specific experience requirements or a minimum GPA, then its easy to filter out resumes that dont include them.

    It can also show the breadth of experience you have and even, in some cases, signal your qualifications. Someone who went to a prestigious school or interned at a prestigious company, for example, looks like a more qualified candidate .

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    Use A Bit Of Empathyand Creativityto Get The Ball Rolling

    When youre in media, everything you write, post or create is like an audition.

    Your Tweets prove you know how to work Twitter. Your website shows youre not tone-deaf when it comes to branding. And when you write a winning cover letter, youre not just giving your target company a demo of your skills and expertiseyoure engaging in an interview before your formal interview.

    How To Write A Badass Scholarship Resume

    GET YOUR RESUME NOTICED – How To Write a Resume Summary / Objective / Personal Statement examples

    Youve come across a scholarship application that requires a scholarship resumeand you enter panic mode. What is a scholarship resume? How do you write it? And what are you supposed to put on it? Youre still a student, like all other students, with little real-world experience.

    You shouldnt turn away from a scholarship that requires you to submit a scholarship resume. Writing a resume can feel intimidating, but with the right guidance you should have no problem nailing it.

    With some practice, you may even consider adding your resume to scholarships that dont require it, just to give you an extra boost.

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    How To Write A Kick

    We know youre a real go-getter. You know youre a real go-getter. But when it comes to applying for your dream job, how do you show your potential new boss theyd have to be crazy not to hire you? Before you can get in the door and dazzle them with your eloquence and wit, youve got to secure an interviewand that starts with showing them a seriously kick-ass cover letter.

    We spoke with some of our favorite bad-ass boss lady friends to get their best advice for creating a cover letter that really stands out. With your natural talent and our quick tips below, youre well on your way to your next big career move!

    Optimize Your Online Presence

    A well-crafted bio is extremely important, but it is only a portion of your personal branding. It needs to connect with the rest of your online presence. Here are some important steps to take:

    • Make sure all the posts and photos on your websites, portfolios and social media sites are professional.

    • Search your name to check for inappropriate or incorrect information.

    • Check to see that your skills and tone are consistent across all channels.

    Once you have finalized your biography, check that the rest of your online profiles convey a consistent and compelling message you want prospective employers and other readers to come away with. The tone and branding should match over all your sites.

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    Make It Personal But Not Too Personal

    Heres where you can add a little humanity to your resume. Think more of focusing your personality on the target job, not providing TMI.

    Include Your Accomplishments

    Achievements within your area of responsibility are great ways to tout yourself. Numbers, something can all understand, can help describe how you increased productivity or reduced expenditures, etc.

    Include Volunteer Activities If Relevant to the Job

    Examples of your willingness to help others will add to your character.

    Fine-Tune the Resume for the Application

    For some opportunities, you might want to slightly change the wording of your skills or experience to reflect the requirements a potential employer is looking for. We dont mean bluffing any skills here, more like buffing what you already have.

    Dont Include Non-Job-Related Personal Info

    Details such as your marital status, religious affiliation, physical attributes, pregnancy, etc., are unnecessary because they legally cannot be used to determine your future employment. Leave off your salary-range requirement unless its specifically requested in a job posting.

    Make it a well-rounded snapshot of your work-related and non-work-related accomplishments and experiences to relate your community involvement and/or professional organizations that portray personal goals of growth and development and or values, Horton advises.


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