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How To Write A Resume For Security Guard Job

Security Guard Resume: Summary

How to Write Professional resume for Security Job.

A summary of your resume should be framed only if you have 3 years and above of professional experience.

The summary of your resume for security guard is a brief explanation of how you executed your skills to benefit your previous organization.

Keep the following points in mind while writing your summary:

  • Start your summary by mentioning the years of experience you possess by using only 3-4 lines to elaborate on your skills and professional experience.
  • Mention only relevant skills that have been justified in the professional experience section.
  • Write your summary by maintaining cause-effect relations to highlight your most efficient skills.
  • Quantify your resume summary by giving figures of numbers that reflect your achievements.

A powerful summary can help you impress the recruiters so try to make use of this chance to get a step closer to your dream job.

Here’s a sample security guard resume showcasing the ideal summary section for your resume.

List Your Relevant Skills

Make a list of the skills you have that will make you a great security guard and a valuable asset to the company. You can choose one to three skills from this list to feature in your objective and include the rest in your work history and skills sections of your resume. Try to include your most relevant and strongest skills that demonstrate that you’re qualified and are the best fit for the role. Review the job description to ensure the skills you’ve mentioned are relevant to the role.

Consider featuring a mixture of hard and soft skills in your objective statement. Common security guard resume objective skills and abilities you can include are:

  • Verbal communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to follow detailed instructions
  • Ability to remain polite and approachable while also firm and authoritative
  • Quick and logical problem-solving skills
  • Ability to stay calm in high-pressure situations
  • Surveillance and observation skills
  • Strong physical stamina

Why You Need A Resume Builder

The right resume builder makes just about every aspect of the resume creation process easier. From giving you a wide selection of modern security guard resume templates to making it easier to create many custom variations for different positions, youll save time and improve your chances of getting hired.

However, perhaps the most important benefit of using a resume builder is increasing your chances of making it past ATS. As mentioned in the beginning of this guide, its vital to ensure the file you submit is ATS-optimized, so using a resume builder which has been designed from the ground up to do just that is your best bet. offers all of this and more, from security guard resume examples and templates to the ATS optimization you need.

  • Monitor access to a gated community
  • Monitor CCTV and telephones
  • Report incidents that occur

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Entry Level Security Guard Resume Sample

â Wrong

Security Guard Work Experience: None

Other Work Experience:

Security Guard Experience


  • As a shop assistant, monitored compliance with safety regulations in the shopping room and reduced shoplifting cases by 20%.
  • As a bartender, helped ensure the security of visitors during night shifts.
  • Volunteered as a security guard during two charitable events where ensured zero incidents.

Whatâs the difference? See how in the second of the two security guard resume examples weâve transformed seemingly irrelevant experiences into the relevant ones that show that you have everything needed to succeed in security guards jobs.

Security Guard Resume: Profile Title

Security guard resume sample

Your profile title demonstrates your chosen line of work to the recruiters and highlights the level of your professional status.

The profile title in your security officer resume can make the recruiters recognize you as a professional or an entry-level applicant.

Use 14-16 font-size which is the second largest in your resume to write your profile title.

Attached below is a sample security guard resume.

It shows the ideal profile title for your resumes for security guard.

You can always go to our Online Resume Builder to access pre-filled templates and fill them as required.

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Online Security Guard Training And Career Center

Welcome to Security Guard Training Headquarters! We have everything you need to make your life easier as you begin your career as a security guard officer. State specific training requirements, a step-by-step hiring process, potential employers and interviews to help you get hired are just some of the helpful things you’ll find here.

Security Guard Resume: Objective

The objective section of your resume for a security guard is to convince the recruiter that you are an eligible applicant and can be useful to their organization.

It helps the recruiters recognize your potential.

A security resume objective is to be written only if you are:

  • A fresher who is entering the workforce.
  • Re-entering the workforce after an extended absence.
  • Shifting careers or industries.

For a detailed understanding of the security resume objective, read Hiration’s 2021 Guide on writing resume objectives on a resume.

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What Do Security Officers Do

All of us can be grateful to security officers for the often invisible protection they provide in the places where we live, work, visit, shop or socialize. Their watchful presence or oversight of other security staff is instrumental in preventing crime and risks to personal and public safety, as well as property theft, vandalism and damage.;

Patrolling indoor and outdoor premises for potential safety hazards, security breaches or any suspicious activity is a typical responsibility Security guards monitor surveillance camera and alarm systems, as well as face-to-face arrivals and departures of visitors and employees. Providing information and directions to guests and communicating with staff in different departments may be required, as well as maintaining rules and regulations for safety, security or parking.

Security officer or security guard whats the difference?

The sometimes unseen or unfamiliar differences between security officer and security guard roles generally relate to scope and level of responsibility, expectations, training and compensation.;

Security Officer:Often has seniority and management responsibility, assigning duties and tasks for security officers to perform. Generally oversees security operations overall. May be mobile, rather than; stationed in one place, rotating through various security guard sites to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Our separate security guard resume exampleand guide may be worth checking out also.

Work Experiences To Include In Your Security Guard Resume

Security officer Resume

You will detail your duties and responsibilities in previous employment in this section. If this is your first job and you have no track record of measuring your capabilities, you may be hesitant to apply.

But here is the thing, everyone in this field was once in the same position you are now. They got their first job as a security guard without previous security guard experience.

All you need is to correctly position and sell yourself to the hiring team using the skillsets and experiences you do have under your belt. Let’s say you have had a few summer gigs during high school, or you dabbled in volunteer activities – show the recruiter how these experiences will help you excel at this position and how determined you are to land the job.

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Emphasize Your Soft Skills

Being a great security officer isnt only about technology and training. Security guards also need to possess a host of soft skills to do their jobs well.

For instance, you need to have strong communication skills in order to coordinate with your team, with the general public, or even with potential threats.

Not only that, but security officers also need to be able to reliably diffuse dangerous situations without resorting to physical force, which requires exceptional interpersonal skills.

Some of the other most desirable soft skills for a security officer are:

  • Verbal communication

Tips For Writing A Great Security Guard Resume

Before you start writing, make sure you know how to write a resume in a way that best emphasizes your strengths.

Getting a job as a security guard isnt easy. Employers need to be able to fully trust you to protect their property or personnel from criminal activity.

If youre a current security guard or officer and looking for the next step in your career, youll need an outstanding resume that showcases your talents and expertise in protecting people and property.

To help you write an impressive security guard resume, here are three writing tips to guide you through the process

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What To Write In A Security Guard Resume Objective

When writing your Security Guard resume objective, state clearly what you are looking to achieve with the job position. You should compose the resume objective while keeping the interests of the potential employer in mind. Remember, that your resume should capture the interest of the recruiter or employer right away.

One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to customize your resume objective according to the main enterprise of the employer. For example, if the business of the employer is financial services then you should highlight your desire to introduce innovative security measures and procedures. It would be worth your time and effort to conduct some research on the companys history. Find out if it has had security issues in the past or the most recent episodes. Then check your qualifications and see which ones would benefit the employer the most.

What Is A Security Guard Resume Objective

Security Officer Resume Example

A security guard resume objective is a section in your resume that states your career goals for the role you’re applying to. It should be around one or two sentences long and emphasize your background and what you aim to achieve in a security guard role.

You should also tailor your objective to the specific role you’re applying for by reviewing the keywords mentioned in the preferences and requirements sections of the job description. Use these keywords to demonstrate the skills and experience you plan to bring to the role and why they make you the ideal candidate.

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Quantify The Scope Of Your Duties

Certifications are important, but employers also want to know the details of what type of security work youre capable of. The best way to show them what youre capable of is by adding hard numbers to your resume experience section.

One way to show that you are a valuable asset to the hiring manager is to explain how much responsibility you can take on. Below, weve included an example of a candidate that quantifies the scope of their responsibilities by providing hard numbers to specify the scale of the area they were; tasked with protecting:

  • Monitor 400+ room hospital premises to detect and prevent signs of potential threats and ensure security of doors and windows

  • Operated over 60 surveillance cameras to monitor interior and exterior public areas

Instead of simply stating they patrolled the hospital grounds while monitoring surveillance equipment, they instead explain exactly how big the hospital was and how many surveillance monitors they simultaneously watched over.

Depending on your responsibilities, if youre tasked with training and supervising other security guards, you should also include that in your work experience. Additionally, if your experience had a positive financial impact on the company, include evidence of that as well.

Here are two work experience bullet point examples from a security officer in charge of scheduling and training, with hard numbers displaying how much money they were able to save the company annually.

Security Guard Resume Summary Example

Your personal summary is the first thing the hiring manager sees. It is essentially a branding statement that sums up who you are and why you are qualified for the position you are applying for.

Since this statement will draw attention, the summary needs to be brief and catchy. With the fewest words possible, describe your vital attributes in a couple of words and why you are the right person for the position.

Most importantly, compose it in a few sentences that indicate your strongest skills and expertise.

Here is an incorrect example:

Incorrect: Armed security professional with over five years of experience providing security for client property and personnel.

And here is the correct version:

Correct: Armed security guard with over five years of property patrol experience, both certified and WV-registered. My safety compliance experience enabled me to cut safety incidence by 60% at my previous Garden State Community Hospital position. Seeking to leverage my best crime prevention practices based on excellent knowledge of the current security systems.

As you can see, the correct security guard resume example sums up your career history and achievements, which are also supported by actual numbers.

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Armed Security Guard Site Supervisor

Guarded, patrolled, and monitored premises to prevent theft, violence, or infractions of rules

  • Ensured that all officers were in compliance and understood the order of procedures for the post of assignment
  • Checked posts to ensure that security personnel are performing their duties, that all incident reports were prepared and completed ;Conducted inventory of all keys and weapons
  • Responsible for training all new employees and operating the monitoring device, Access Control System

Different Requirements For Armed Security Guards

Resume Writing Workshop for Security Guards

Not all requirements are the same for all security guards. You will often find that standards and criteria for interviews for armed security guards are more demanding and rigorous.

For one, they undergo a thorough and extensive background check. It includes fingerprinting to rule out any criminal record. Then, of course, assuming you pass your interview, you have to undergo refresher weapons training.

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Ats: Bad Resumes Stop Here

Job listings often generate a flood of resumes, more than any person would ever want to read. This is why so many employers today use electronic Applicant Tracking Systems to filter resumes for them. How these systems work: Employers know the job qualifications theyre looking for, and they input these in the form of keywords and phrases into their ATS software. When the resumes start streaming in, they are fed to the ATS bot, which searches them for these crucial contents and ranks them accordingly.

If no specific job description is available, do some sleuthing by scouring your targets website to learn what types of security it specializes in. Then highlight any part of your experience, aptitudes or skills that are relevant to this company. This information can be useful to you in tailoring the profile, skills and employment sections of your resume for each employer. Dont fly blind!

Experienced and professional Security Guard with over six years of experience in commercial and residential settings. Safety focused and knowledgeable of laws and enforcement policies. Highly organized and adept in handling multiple situations at once. Bringing forth the ability to effectively monitor assigned areas, and contribute to a safe and secure environment. Committed to serving as a visible sign of authority and safety, and dedicated to preventing intrusion, damages, and breaches of security.

Sample Security Guard Resume Objective / Security Guard Resume Sample Monster Com : Looking For A Security Guard Job To Utilize My Key Skills In Patrolling Investigating And Then Following Up On Any Incident

Conducted regular patrols on facility and ensured visibility of security staff at premises to provide a deterrent to crime. The objective statement, being the first thing the employer reads when they pick up your resume, can very much determine if your resume. security guard resume sample australia. If you're a security guard and looking to advance in your career, check out our security guard resume example and writing tips to get you started. Collect and compile information to complete detailed incident reports;

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What Are The Skills Of A Security Guard

There are a certain set of skills security companies look for when hiring security guards. Luckily, there is a chance you have already built a foundation of these skills through school, prior jobs, or volunteering. Emphasizing these skills in your security guard resume will help to increase your likelihood of being hired by a security company.

WorkBC outlines the most relevant security guard workplace skills. We have listed a few below that you may have already acquired and should include in your resume:

  • Verbal & Written Communication: Able to clearly communicate with a variety of individuals, both written and verbal.
  • Active Listening: Giving your full attention when other individuals are speaking. Understanding what points are being made, when it is appropriate to ask questions, and making sure you do not interrupt others when they are speaking.
  • Monitoring: Tracking your duties and assessing your surroundings, in order to know when adjustments and improvements need to be made.
  • Critical Thinking: Able to analyze and use logic and reasoning to understand how a problem should be approached.
  • Social Perceptiveness: Being attentive to the reactions of others and understanding why they are reacting a certain way.
  • Judgement and Decision-Making: Considering the benefits and risks of possible actions, and then selecting the most appropriate. Discover 3 Steps for Making Ethical Decisions at Work on our blog.

Security Guard Resume Sample

Security Guard Resume Template

You can review the example and compare your resume with it, which may make you realize your resume looks slightly different. By reviewing, you could find your resume is not quite what hiring managers look for. You may see you need to alter the entire thing, or you may find you only have to change a few things. Either way, it is definitely worth it to review your resume, and you should also check out the bonus writing tips.


Seasoned security guard with 10 years experience surveilling commercial buildings. Skilled in maintaining security camera surveillance systems and prosecution support. Familiar with local police and fire departments and contacting them when an issue requires assistance.


  • Experience with first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and handcuffs
  • Certified in CPR
  • Familiarity with network monitoring and virus protection software
  • Knowledge of criminal law
  • Proficient with conducting background checks
  • Excellent work ethic

Security Guard Resilient General Security, Inc. 2011 Present Security Officer State Security Concepts 2008 2011


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