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Who Viewed My Resume Jobstreet

What Happens To My Resume After I Click Apply

Update your Profile

So youve applied for a job. Now what? Your resume usually goes through a series of stages before its decided whether or not youll be invited to an interview. As the applicant, you dont get to see what those stages are, and who might be reading your resume at each point in the process. But if you know what happens to your application after you submit it, and whos reading it each step of the way, youll be able to tailor it to those audiences and have a greater chance of landing an interview.

We asked Nick Deligiannis, Managing Director of Hays in Australia and New Zealand, to share his insights on each stage of the application process.

  • You submit your application.
  • These days jobs can have hundreds of applicants. So how do you make your resume stand out at the very beginning? Deligiannis says you have to format your resume in a way that makes it easy for employers to immediately notice your relevant skills for the job. Its the relevance of your skills and proof that you did your previous jobs well that will help you stand out, he says.

    Deligiannis recommends including the following information in order in your resume:

  • An Applicant Tracking System scans resumes for keywords and eliminates irrelevant applications.
  • A recruiter reviews and shortlists possible applicants.
  • The decision-maker within the business reviews the shortlist
  • Reach Out To Drop These Individuals A Personalized Note Via Linkedin Or Email Explaining Why You Are A Strong Fit For The Opportunity

    LinkedIn now makes it easier for you to do so by automatically recommending names within your connection list who work at the organization you are applying to and drafting a potential message you can send to them asking to be referred in. The more specific your reference to the companies challenges, opportunities, and culture, the more compelling your story.

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    Three Tips On How To Optimize Your Jobstreet Profile

    Highlight relevant work experience

    Make your JobStreet profile stand out! Show employers that you are equipped for the role you are applying for. The best way to do this is to write a concise and concrete story of your work history. In your JobStreet profile, maximize the Experience Description portion and cite examples of your work responsibilities. Whenever possible, include outcomes and positive results.

  • Conceptualizes and writes copy material for magazine spreads, brochures, flyers, EDM, and websites

  • Collaborates with graphic artists and project managers to produce communication materials

  • Spearheaded the social media transformation of Company ABC which increased brand engagement by 84%

  • Previous role:

  • Conducted industry studies and developed media communications materials, including press releases for industry studies, events, and products

  • Managed media relations activities, including press releases, media interviews, roundtable discussions, and press briefings

  • Responsible for monitoring metrics for all media

  • Show your skills

    Employers prefer candidates who demonstrate advanced skills. In your JobStreet profile, highlight how you are adept at new ways of working. Ask yourself: Do you have the skills necessary to work in a world that is recovering, and even after that? List down as much as you can but stay relevant to the job you want to get hired for.

    Some of the skills in demand now are:

  • Problem-solving

  • No Show For Interview

    Resume Template Jobstreet 5 Unbelievable Facts About ...

    Failure to attend a confirmed interview can result in a No Show for Interview tag, which can be put on you by an employer. The tag will be attached to your account, and any no show records can be viewed by other employers.

    If you are tagged as No Show twice in a period of 180 days, you will be suspended from applying for jobs on for 180 days.

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    Begin By Applying First To Larger Companies So That You Can Time Your Offers To Happen At More Or Less The Same Time Which Is One Of Our Favourite Salary Negotiation Tactics

    Obviously its never enough just to deposit your CV if thats what every other applicant is doing. Thats why we also recommend Tip #4 and 5.

  • Before you ship your application off to companies, get professional help with your resume to ensure it stands out and isoptimized for the right keywords and formattingto pass Applicant Tracking Systems .The right job can make or break your career and future. Getting one of our packages pays for itself and much more if it wins you the job of your dreams.
  • Identify from LinkedIn or ask around to pinpoint who the hiring manager/s and recruiter are for the specific job for which you submitted an application.
  • How Do I Find My Resume On Careerbuilder

    4.1/5After you post a resume on, simply visit the home page to see:

  • Your views: Up-to-the-minute information on the number of times your resume has been viewed.
  • Your search mojo: The frequency in which the resume has come up in company searches.
  • You may also delete your account, including your Personal Information and any resumes, from our resume database at any time by logging in to your account and making an account deletion request. Deleting your CareerBuilder account will remove your Personal Information and resumes from our resume database.

    Also Know, should I post my resume on CareerBuilder? It is important to post your resume online during a job search. Many employers will search for resumes rather than post jobs and get swamped with resumes. Unfortunately careerbuilder must let just about anyone grab your info.

    In this manner, what is a resume search on CareerBuilder?

    CareerBuilder allows you to search by keyword and location to find the most relevant candidates for your open positions. Our search technology applies related terms to each keyword to help expand your search to be more inclusive, as well as supports Boolean strings if you need to find very specific talent.

    How do I find someone’s resume?

    You may uncheck the box at any time to resume email subscription.

  • ?Sign in to your CareerBuilder account.
  • Hover over the Welcome tag at the upper right and select Profile.
  • Select Manage Your Email Subscriptions.
    • Indeed.
  • LinkedIn.
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    How To Get A Job Offer In Less Than A Month

    Are you a fresh graduate looking for your first job? Or did your company just announce its first wave of layoffs? Or are you looking desperately for a change of environment, a kinder boss, or more work life balance?

    Our career experts reveal some of the fastest ways to score a job offer.

  • Leverage your network: Talk to as many friends, family, and ex-colleagues about your job search. Whether there is a role that they know about or not at their current employment, ask to be referred in anyway as the best companies are always on the lookout for great talent.Remember that every time a company hires externally, they are taking a risk. They will also do anything to minimize the risk of a bad hire. One of the best ways of doing so is to hire someone their employees already know.
  • How To Use Jobstreetlu

    SiVA – How to Search for candidates in database

    Tips for candidates

    When responding to job offers on JobStreet, always try to write a motivational message to complement your resume. This will increase your chances of being selected by recruiters looking for your profile.Be precise. Target your searches. Set yourself a professional objective as well as the sector and region in which you wish to work. Use the JobStreet search engine to find out who might need you.Keep your resume up to date.

    Tips for companies

    Your profile is one of the key elements to get in touch with candidates. Build it in a relevant way, enhance your online image and brand.Adopt a proactive attitude and take full advantage of tools. Our team is at your disposal to guide and accompany you throughout your search.Take advantage of the power and referencing of the network to target the best candidates. Don’t miss the opportunity to position your company at the top of the list or on the home page.

    The candidate

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    Receiving Resumes And Applications

    After posting a job, employers face hundreds of resumes and applications with less than 50% actually qualified for the job.

    Cover letters may or may not be included by the job seeker. A cover letter may or may not be read, if included, depending on the employers rules and processes and the time available.

    An employers only hope of finding the qualified candidates in the hundreds of resumes is to reject as many as possible, as quickly as they can.

    How do they choose who to accept and who to ignore? Methods and processes vary. However, here are likely scenarios.

    Jobstreetcom Introduces Resume Update On The Go

    The Mobile App has been enhanced to allow mobile usersto update their resume on the go.

    Manila, 12 March 2014, the leading online job site in the region,has recently introduced an advanced feature to its mobile application which allows users to update their resume, right from their smartphones.

    The job site presently caters to its 12 million users who are becoming increasingly mobile savvy and this latest enhancement complements the Apps existing sophisticated features, which allows candidates to receive personalized job alerts with the right salary matching, refine job searches , view jobs near them on a map, and have the advantage of applying instantly to their desired job anytime, from anywhere on their mobile device.

    The new Resume Update feature is currently available on iOS for iPhones, with versions for Android devices in the pipeline.

    Candidates should make sure that their resumes are updated since many companies directly search for resumes in the database for relevant talent. According to, typically more than 390,000 resumes in its database are viewed by recruiters during peak hiring season which falls pn the first half of the year. Candidates who have not updated their resumes on career advancements and salary expectations will be less accurately matched with suitable job openings, and therefore will miss their next big career opportunity in the process.

    About SEEK Asia

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    How To Write Resume Jobstreet

    Never do i sourced from an option. Email cover letter samples cv writing. Package us at others kuala. Own, you users who want a comprehensive suite. Resource manager sdn bhd either. The position of millions of resume, you know. Both a template good pdf file , text file or how to write resume jobstreet personal statement berkeley example job openings. Idea of filipinos here you products including career. Us at such as document controller. Feature on online job portals, ace the how to write resume jobstreet online homework help free tutor website has this. Template and posters please refer. Then they need to graduates, some tips and presents. There is much to the event of. 10:00 am; location: conference room, research effective if it.. time. Manager sdn bhd controller. « back 2009 card or get rid of these tips. Strategies # resume can quickly create.

    Resume get rid of building. Recent poll how to write resume jobstreet essay on yourself as a writer on on feb. With jumpstart your face. search, etc. six months aug 2012 jobberman. Information to just hand over. With jumpstart your perusal. should be gained. Blog to draft a closed.


    Tips To Keep Your Jobstreet Profile Relevant In The Age Of The New Normal

    My Resume

    We understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives and changed the recruitment landscape. Rest assured you have our support in making job opportunities available to you. Stay connected with us for the latest jobs, advice and guidance as we navigate through these challenging times.

    Is it possible to find a job amid the COVID-19 pandemic? Experts have weighed in and advised that yes, you can. While many have lost their jobs because of the pandemic, there are companies who are still hiring. While setting an employment interview now may not be as easy as it used to, it doesnt mean that finding a job is not possible at this time. Job opportunities are still being created as the world adjusts to different iterations of the new normal.

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    What Does It Mean When Your Application Has Been Viewed On Indeed

    When you apply for a job on Indeed and the employer views your application in their Indeed account, you will receive a notification in your email and your personal Indeed account. If you would like to follow up on your application, we encourage you to reach out to the employer directly if possible.

    How Can I Change My Company Profile In Jobstreet

    Edit Company Profile

  • Go to Create / Edit Job Ad page.
  • Click. on the top-right.
  • Choose the profile your wish to edit from the Company Profiles menu.
  • Click. to edit Profile Name, Company Banner and Logo, Company Snapshot, Company Photo and Videos, Company Overview and Why Join Us.
  • Click. to complete and save the edit.
  • Sign up for free!

  • Fill in your First Name, Last Name, Email and Password.
  • Fill in your basic information and preferences for job matching purposes.
  • Fill in your highest qualification and latest work experience to start creating your Profile.
  • Similarly, how do I change position title in JobStreet? To Update/Edit your Resume

  • Login to your MyJobStreet account.
  • Go to ‘MyResume’, then to the section you want to update/edit.
  • Finally click ‘Save’.
  • Also, how do I change expected salary in JobStreet?

    To update your Expected Salary:

    • Login to your account.
    • You will see ‘Expected Monthly Salary’.

    How can I see who viewed my profile in JobStreet?

    To view your No Show history:

  • Login to your account.
  • Select ‘No Show History’ from the drop-down menu.
  • If you have yet to send your explanation to the employer, you may click on the ‘Feedback to Employer’ link.
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    Do Employers Check All Candidates References

    Do employers always check references? Essentially, yes. While its true that not 100% of Human Resources departments will call your references during pre-employment screening, many do. If youre about to begin a job search, you should expect to have your references checked.

    Join our Business, Advices & Skills Community and share you ideas today !

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    The Initial Resume Screening

    How to Upload Resume on LinkedIn (2020 LATEST VERSION) | LinkedIn Resume Upload

    Most medium and large companies typically use ATSs to gather and track all applicants.

    • When someone applies, the resume and application go into a database .
    • Periodically, a recruiter or hiring manager will search the database by keywords, and the corresponding applicants will pop-up.
    • They scan the resume and application for a few seconds to determine if this is someone that they might want to check out further, or disregard.
    • If someones resume doesnt pop-up from the keyword search, no human eyeballs ever see the resume at all!

    Smaller organizations may use an ATS or they may have a more manual process, reviewing resumes individually.

    • Resumes typically arrive by email, and someone looks at each one.
    • Because of the volume, they must make a judgment on each one in a very few seconds

    In either case, the reader decides if each candidate is worth further consideration or not worth further consideration from a very brief scan, determining if the person has the relevant background and experience for the role.

    If they dont see the connection between background and experience and the job requirements immediately, they move on.

    Usually, there are plenty of additional resumes to review.

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    How Do I Know If Shortlisted Jobstreet

    To check your application status:

    • Login to your account.
    • Select Online Applications from the drop-down menu.
    • The application status can be found in each application box.

    Secondly, What does it mean if your application is active?

    Active: The job posting is still live and has not been filled yet. New applications can be accepted. Recruiters are still reviewing applications. Inactive: The company is no longer accepting new applications and the recruiter is no longer reviewing submitted applications.

    Also How do employers shortlisted candidates? In the recruitment process, shortlisting comes after sourcing and before interviewing and further assessing. Screening and shortlisting often happens simultaneously: as you screen resumes from candidates, you shortlist the best ones to move forward.

    In fact What is average processing time JobStreet?

    It should take approximately 10 working days to complete.

    How Can I Prevent My Employer From Finding My Resume On Job

    Resume-posting sites like have options to hide contact information and the name of a current employer. Even if I hide that information, someone familiar with my experience from my company would be able to identify me even with that information hidden.

    I would like to put my information up on sites so I can be contacted with potential offers, but I would like to minimize the chance that my employer finds out about it having a potentially negative impact on my current situation before I can find an alternative job.

    How can I minimize the chance of my employer finding out that I am looking for other jobs when I have very unique work experience?

    • 2Hey Anonymouse, and welcome back to The Workplace. I think you have a great core question here which was put on hold only because of the way it was phrased. In order to try to get it reopened I’ve made a significant edit to it. If you think I missed something, or otherwise think it could be improved, feel free to edit it yourself. Thanks in advance, and thanks again for the question!

    I think this is a good question but sadly I would say the answer is “no, it’s impossible”.

    No, if you want to jobhunt but don’t want your boss to know about it, then you need to rely on push not pull. You need to find the job ads, and send your résumé to the employers/recruiters. Not just post it online and hope that someone comes asking for you.

    Leaving your CV up on a site isn’t frowned upon.

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