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Resumes And Cover Letter

How Do Recruiters Read Cover Letters

How to Write a Great Resume and Cover Letter

Firstly, remember the main point of sending a cover letter is to help recruiters decide if youre the right fit for a position. For this reason, avoid generic write-ups at all costs. Most cover letters fall into this category and they dont help recruiters decide in any way. On the other hand, what recruiters love to see is a short persuasive argument of why you fit the role and the company.

the main point of sending a cover letter is to help recruiters decide if youre the right fit for a position.

Second, recruiters often look for inconsistencies. For instance, if your resume shows attention to detail but your cover letter is addressed to the wrong person, wrong company, and is replete with typos? Its an inconsistency. You want to make sure the number of these inconsistencies is kept to a minimum.

Creative Cover Letter Example

A creative cover letter makes you stand out by adding a bit of personality and flair to your application.

In our creative cover letter example, the candidate is applying for a senior-level social media manager position. By the second paragraph, she has the readers attention. Then, she establishes her qualifications:

Cover Letter Spacing For An Email Message

The subject line should indicate your name and the position you are applying for.

There is no need for your contact information, the recipients name and address, or the date in the top part of the message. The letter thus begins with the salutation.

After the sign-off, skip one space before adding your name, occupation and contact information, single-spaced. Or, you can skip two or three spaces if you opt to insert a digital signature.

Otherwise, the same general guidelines apply regarding single-spaced text components, space between paragraphs or sections, left alignment and font legibility.

Should cover letters ever be double-spaced?

The answer to this frequently asked question is no. Cover letters should not be double-spaced the way many of us associate with school essays.

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The Short And Sweet Cover Letter

This cover letter uses a simple, to-the-point approach:

Why this is a good cover letter example

This short cover letter doesnt waste any time explaining why the candidate is a good fit for the nursing position theyre trying to land. In a few concise paragraphs, the candidate states their interest in the position and confidently summarizes their professional achievements.

While cutting down on the details doesnt work for every application, in this case the applicant knows exactly what the employer is looking for. The candidate then addresses that need directly, saving the hiring manager the work of finding the information they want in a long cover letter.

In busy fields like nursing, a direct cover letter is often appreciated.

Submitting A Cover Letter

Resume Cover Letter Writing to Ace Your Job Search

When submitting a job application, some employers may only require a resume while others may also request a cover letter. If an employer is requesting a resume but has an option to attach additional documents, it would be wise to attach a cover letter. Keep in mind that every contact you have with the employer, including your cover letter, serves as material for their evaluation of you as a candidate. This is your one chance to make a great first impression!

When submitting your documents through email, use a clear subject line, such as “Marketing Assistant Posting Resume of “. In the body of the email, you will have two options. One option is to attach both your resume and cover letter as documents with a brief note in the body of your email. Alternatively, you may paste the content of your cover letter into the body of the email and attach your resume.

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Do Your Research First

Before you start writing, find out more about the company and the specific job you want. Of course, you should carefully read the job description, but also peruse the companys website, its executives Twitter feeds, and employee profiles on LinkedIn. This research will help you customize your cover letter, since you shouldnt send a generic one. Itll also help you decide on the right tone. Think about the culture of the organization youre applying to, advises Glickman. If its a creative agency, like a design shop, you might take more risks, but if its a more conservative organization, like a bank, you may hold back.

If at all possible, reach out to the hiring manager or someone else you know at the company before writing your cover letter, advises Lees. You can send an email or a LinkedIn message asking a smart question about the job. That way you can start your letter by referencing the interaction. You might say, Thanks for the helpful conversation last week or I recently spoke to so-and-so at your company. Of course, its not always possible to contact someone or you may not get a response. Thats OK. Its still worth a try.

What A Cover Letter Includes

As mentioned, cover letters and resumes are not formatted in the same way.

By the name itself, cover letters resemble exactly that – a letter. On that note, hereâs what the standard cover letter format includes:

  • The header

This time, letâs break down Reziâs HR Cover Letter Template below:

In contrast to a resume, the cover letter header section takes a lot less space.

It begins with a formal greeting before getting into the opening paragraph, which then explains why the candidate is making an application. Theyâve also introduced themselves by providing a brief background.

The next few paragraphs in the main body showcases the candidateâs skills and explains the behind the scenes of what they were responsible for. Along with this, theyâre also providing their own personal input.

Where a resume is made up of sections that focus on different areas, cover letters focus on different areas too but it uses paragraphs instead.

However, a cover letter is more detailed and showcases your personality more than a resume.

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Cover Letter Vs Resume: Do You Need To Know The Difference

Knowing what makes a cover letter and resume different will prevent you from making a mistake and maximize your chances of getting hired. There are some things that donât belong in a resume that should go on your cover letter instead.

Even though both forms of applications are designed to sell yourself, they both take a different approach.

Weâve also included examples of a resume and cover, and broken each of these down.

The Basics Of A Good Cv

Building a Resume and Cover Letter

Curriculum Vitae, derived from Latin and meaning course of life, is often referred to simply as a CV or vita. Like a resume, it is a summary of your skills, experience, and education, however, it contains more detail and is often longer than two pages. CVs are often the required documents to apply for graduate school, and scientific research and academic positions. There are no specific guidelines for how you should organize your experiences or the information you choose to include. In fact, many students today are exercising their creativity and developing their own CV styles to differentiate themselves from other candidates.

A few extra points to consider:

  • The basics of resume writing still apply to your CV
  • Examine CVs from individuals just above your stage of professional development
  • Other countries may prefer certain formats and may require additional information

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How To Write A Telemetry Nurse Resume

Before you start writing, make sure you know how to write a resume in a way that best emphasizes your strengths.

Telemetry nurses are highly trained registered nurses specializing in monitoring and caring for patients with heart disease.

Due to the nature of the job, youll need strong interpersonal skills to build positive nurse-patient relationships and communicate effectively with other members of the medical team, as well as technical skills to operate telemetry equipment.

Heres how to write a telemetry nurse resume that shows potential employers that you have what it takes to be a successful telemetry nurse:

Curriculum Vitae Examples And Templates

Curriculum vitae are structured much differently than standard resumes. The resumes submitted for most industries are qualifications-based they emphasize the skills one can bring to an employer. CVs, however, are more credential-based, providing detailed listings of ones education and training, publications, presentations, and professional memberships.

Curriculum Vitae ExamplesCVs are used in the United States when applying for international, academic, medical, or research positions, and when seeking fellowships or grants. A curriculum vitae includes your name, contact information, education, skills, and experience. A CV also includes all research and teaching experience, publications, awards, grants and fellowships, and professional associations and licenses.

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Retention Specialist Resume Sample

A retention specialist is a person whose task is to retain customers by ensuring that their business experience is delightful and to remove any concerns. It is a demanding job and to qualify the candidate must have exceptional people skills. In order to apply for this job, you will need to craft an excellent resume. Read More »

Explain Why Youre Qualified For The Job

Pin on Sample resume cover letter

Your second and third paragraphs should convince employers that youre the right person for the job. Use these paragraphs to best market yourself by discussing your relevant work experience, skills, and achievements.

Some things to include in your cover letter that highlight your value to employers include achievements, awards, and expertise. Heres how you can add these elements:

If youve received compliments from management or colleagues for your work, you can add them to your cover letter:

Showcasing success on a cover letter

The managing partner of the law firm, Olympia Washington one of my references informed me that without my research skills, we probably wouldnt have been able to guarantee such a good result for our clients in a class-action suit against an eldercare facility that had been overcharging its residents.

If you lack professional work experience and are writing an entry-level cover letter, you should instead highlight details like your academic achievements, extracurricular activities, or volunteer work.

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Paragraph : Why Youre A Great Fit For The Company

Now its the time to sell yourself and your experience. Write a short summary of your career and skills, tailored to fit the company youre approaching. You did your research, now ask yourself these questions:

  • What did you do at a previous position that gave you relevant experience?
  • How could this experience help the new company grow?
  • Which of the projects you have worked on would benefit their business?
  • Which of your skills make you well-equipped for the position?
  • Does any of these skills give you an edge over other candidates?

Put your most impressive accomplishments first. Dont brag, be humble. You dont want to come across as someone who lacks self-awareness. When in doubt, focus on your experience rather than yourself. You should be able to support each of your claims with previous accomplishments. Also, try to show that you know what the company does and that youre familiar with some of the challenges it faces.

Finally and this applies to every other section of your cover letter dont simply repeat the same things youve already put on your resume. You want to go beyond that.

The Best Resume Templates For 2022

A resume is a must-have to applying for a job. With the passage of time, the expectations of employers regarding resumes became higher. That is because the competition is getting higher too, forcing the hiring managers to expect the highest-quality resumes. That said, the year 2022 is supposed to be even more severe, where resume Read More »

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Why This Is A Great Cover Letter

Right from the start, this applicant showcases the managerial skills they developed while working in the service industry. They then highlight how theyll apply those skills to make an immediate impact on the company.

Additionally, the applicant mentions the company by name three times. Its clear that theyre familiar with the business, have an interest in joining this specific team, and understand how theyd fit on the team if hired.

Lastly, our applicants cover letter includes their address to highlight how close they live to the restaurant. Pointing out where you live can be helpful if youre applying for a non-remote job because it shows the employer that you wont need to move or even commute very far if hired.

However, note that listing your address on a cover letter is optional in 2022 because most applications are submitted online.

Architecture Intern Resume Sample

How to Write a Cover Letter

An attractive architecture intern resume can be the key to the future of your dreams. Writing an internship resume is challenging because job seekers dont have much experience in hand when applying for an entry-level job. In such cases, the resume can be made impressive by focusing on the skills and relevant training the candidate Read More »

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Mail Handler Cover Letter Sample

It is very important to submit a cover letter along with your resume when applying for a mail-hander job. While the resume will convey details about your profile, the cover letter will give you a chance to relate your qualifications to the needs of the employer. Think of the Mail Handler cover letter as a Read More »

Mail Handler Resume Sample

A mail handlers primary duty is to ensure that all mail is delivered timely. As a mail handler, you might need to sort and separate parcels, operate forklifts and other equipment, and communicate with customers. The job therefore not only requires physical dexterity and stamina but also calls for attention to detail. How to Write Read More »

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Closing Paragraph: Finish Strong And Stay In Touch

You want to finish in a way that will make them remember you. In one or two sentences reiterate that your experience and enthusiasm make you a great candidate. This is to emphasise the two main points from the previous paragraphs.

Dont forget that the main purpose of a cover letter is to land an interview. Dont finish by simply saying youll get in touch. Explain when and how youll be contacting them especially if the job is a step forward in your career

Always use a formal sign-off like All the best, or Best regards. Finish by typing out your full name. Dont forget to include your phone number and email address in case the company decides to contact you first.

Now the ball is in the recruiters court. By openly stating that youll be following up, youve created an opportunity to follow up yourself and remind them of your application. This how you politely put your foot in the door.

Proof And Edit Your Cover Letter

Cover Letter for Resume

A CareerBuilder survey reports that typos and grammatical errors can cost you an interview, as can not including a cover letter.

Be sure to thoroughly proofread each cover letter before sending it, looking for grammar and spelling errors. Consider asking a friend or family member, or even a career counselor, to read over your cover letter. It can be helpful to print a copy of your cover letter and edit it with a pen in hand. Reading it out loud is another good way to catch mistakes.

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Make Sure You Use A Correct Form Of Greeting

In this time and age, theres no excuse for using To Whom It May Concern. Youre expected to research the name of the recruiter or the hiring manager online. LinkedIn is the perfect tool for this. Even when you are totally unable to find the recruiters name, its better to use other forms:

  • Formal setting: Dear Sir/ Madam, Dear Sir or Madam, Dear Dr Smith, Dear Mrs/ Ms. Morris
  • Informal setting: Dear Jane, Dear John Smith,

When it comes to honorifics , everything depends on the companys culture. If youre applying to a corporate business, make sure to use a courtesy title before their name. If its a start-up or a company b with a more casual culture, dont be afraid to ditch the title and use their first name.

Check Your Cover Letters Content And Formatting

Before you send off your newly written cover letter, you should review it. Here are a few things to consider when reviewing your cover letter:

Double-check your cover letter formatting

A professional cover letter is normally:

  • 200350 words
  • single-spaced
  • US Letter or A4 page size

It should be typed with a standard cover letter font like Arial or Calibri. The font size should be between 10.5 and 12 points .

Additionally, your cover letter margins should be between 1 and .5 on each side to ensure your letter is easy to read.

The content should be left-aligned except for your contact details, which can be centered.

Your cover letters format wont win you the job, but it can make you look like an amateur if it looks bad.

Simplify your writing

A classic cover letter writing mistake is to write long, formal sentences.

Ideally, a cover letter for a resume should be easy to read, confident, and friendly.

To instantly improve your writing tone:

  • Use contractions, like dont instead of do not
  • Avoid overused buzzwords and phrases like dynamic, think outside the box, and go-getter
  • Choosing simple, unpretentious words like helpful instead of advantageous

Heres a comparison between a personable writing style and an overly formal one:

Excited and professional

Too formal

Carefully proofread

Typos and grammatical errors in your cover letter will leave a negative impression on employers.

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