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How To Write Hr Resume

What If You Dont Have Work Experience

7 Resume Tips From An HR Professional | Resume Tips

Maybe youre a graduate who has never worked full-time before?

Or maybe youre transitioning from a different industry?

Whatever the situation, there are options if you dont have experience as a HR manager.

Typically, HR-hopefuls will need to show that they have some HR experience. But this doesnt mean that you needed to work under the title of HR Manager.

For example, lets say you worked as an office assistant

You could talk about how you were responsible for keeping records accurate and up to date, which are vital HR skills.

From there, you can take up a temporary position as an HR assistant, where you gain even more on-the-job experience.

For the students read this, youll enjoy our guide on how to make a student resume!

Education Resume Tips For Hr Managers

A great education section simply includes your college/university and your major. As an HR Manager, youâre not a recent graduate so there is no need to include graduation date, relevant coursework, or extracurricular activities.

In addition to an education section, you can also add a certification section to further show any professional development or continuing education.

Choose The Right Words To Attract Attention

As you start to pull your resumé together remember to identify how you are a good fit for the job by highlighting your strengths and choosing your words with care. Here are some tips to help you organize and target your skill and strengths for the job you want:

New technology has made word choice more important than ever. Some employers use resumé tracking software that will evaluate resumés based on the words and phrases the employer wants and uses. If your resumé doesnt use the same words as in the job posting, the software may not choose your resumé for the employer to read. For example, the tracking software may recognize manager, but not your change to management.

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Skills For Temporary Hr Recruiter Resume

  • Open to both agency or in house recruiter with solid end to end recruitment experience
  • Handle difficult clients, employees and situations. Advanced customer service skills
  • Strong experience Microsoft Office suite – Excel, Word, PowerPoint and general database functionality
  • Assist employees in the on boarding process. Effectively manages down time and is able to seek opportunities
  • Prior office/administrative experience
  • Detailed oriented, self-motivated, strong organizational and ability to prioritize

How To Write An Hr Manager Resume

Human Resources Cover Letter Sample

Human Resource Managers have a lot of responsibility and play a huge role in a companyâs overall success. So employers will look far and wide to find themselves the best possible candidate. That means you need a well-written resume to even get an interview. A resume that shows what makes you uniquely qualified. A resume that clearly distinguishes you from other candidates.

There are a few guidelines to follow to ensure your resume does just that. Letâs start with your resume design. If thereâs anyone who knows how much time a recruiter spends on a resume, itâs you.

In addition to sharing what makes you unique, your human resource manager resume needs a visual design that differentiates you from other candidates. In todayâs business world especially, employers are always looking for candidates that are willing to go the extra mile. And in most cases, your resume is your first point of contactâyour first formal impression.

All thatâs to say, your resumeâs look is just as important as its content. Here are some things to consider while designing your human resource management resume.

  • Keep it concise
  • Make your content easily digestible with headings, subheadings, short bullet points, and plenty of white space
  • Use infographics for your skills section
  • Use color sparingly â you donât want it to distract from the content
  • Use a serif or sans serif font

Now that you know basic resume design tips, you can start working on your resume sections.

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Tailor Your Resume To The Job And Industry

As a Human Resources professional, you already know that candidates should have an individualized resume for every job they apply for. Thatâs because competitive resumes are optimized for the ATS, which means they include specific keywords and phrases from the job posting. Since no two job postings are alike, strategic candidates do a quick refresh of their resume for each position.

But there are two other factors for which you should tailor your resume, too:

  • Specific HR Vertical Mentioned in the Job Description: HR is a field with several disciplines, so âunless the position calls for a generalist, you need to tailor your resume to highlight your experience in the field emphasized in the job description,â Moran said. To do so, use bullet points and list direct experience that corresponds to what the job posting is looking for. For example, if the employer is seeking someone to increase employee engagement and boost company culture, use bullet points to highlight your experience in related disciplines, âsuch as employee relations and diversity, and organizational consensus-building,â Moran advised.

How To Write The Job Title In Your Hr Resume

Are you an HR Executive, an HR Representative or an HR Associate? Which one are you, and which one do you want to be?

Job titles are not sacred keywords written in stone. If you were an Executive earlier but came across an HR Representative profile that you really like, you can go ahead and write that right below your name.

The job title is one of the most essential parts of tailoring your resume for human resources, and its surprising how little attention is generally paid to it.

Right beneath your name is your job title. It can be your current profile or last-held title, assuming you are looking for similar jobs. But in case youre looking to shift industries or profiles, you have some room to play here.

Bridging the gap between your existing/previous job title and what particular profile youre targeting is a tricky task. Not only do you have to pass ATS , you also have to make sure that you dont come across as a lying scum who simply changed his job titles to get parsed by the machines.

The machines will let you through, but the human recruiter wont.

Thats where a bit of research will go a long way. Find out keywords from the title/job description of profile youre targeting and see if anything you did in your entire professional career aligns with that.

Thats right. Say this out loud before you proceed working on your human resource resume – each word counts. And in this case, especially what comes right below your name.

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Responsibilities For Contract Hr Recruiter / Generalist Resume

  • Facilitating background and all candidates required to undergo drug screening paperwork
  • Focusing on key positions that are experiencing a short-fall in qualified candidates
  • Recruiting and Sourcing
  • Developing innovative approaches for tapping into new sources of applicants
  • Helping with small side projects in the HR department

Highlight Your Tech Stack


While Human Resources is decidedly human-centric, technology is the driving engine behind any successful HR function, and there is a program, software, or app for nearly every HR task. Professionals in the field use recruiting software, ATS, pre-employment screening software, benefits administration and payroll platforms, performance management systems, and an HRIS , among others. âThere are so many different HR technologies out there, and each company uses something different,â said Brandstetter.

She recommended listing each system youâve used in the past to highlight your experience, but also to demonstrate that youâre able to learn new systems. Shy away from using generic verbiage like âATS experiencedâ and instead be explicit and write the brand and name. And if youâve used highly specialized or obscure systems in the past, thatâs okay, too. âIf you donât believe the recruiter will know what type of technology it is, just tell them,â Branstetter said.

To illustrate her recommendations, Brandstetter shared an example of how sheâs formatted her own technology experience on her resume:

  • Applicant Tracking System expert including RightThingRecruit, PCRecruiter, Brassring, AcquireTM, Taleo
  • HR System experience including PeopleSoft, Kronos, Lawson
  • Pre-Employment Assessment System experience including People Clues, eSkill, ProveIt, and CEB/Gartner
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Outlook, SharePoint, and Skype

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What Does An Entry

In your first human resources job, you will be learning the ins and outs of the department. You will probably start with the fun job of telling other people that they got the job! Of course, the flip side of that is notifying other candidates that they did not. Other responsibilities include:

  • Prescreening applicants
  • Coordinating orientation for those hires
  • Updating computer files and personnel records.
  • Keeping records for compensation and benefits packages.

All these tasks depend on the size of the company and the size of the HR department itself.

Employment History Sample: Transferable Skills

As your career progresses, your employment history section will make up the bulk of your resume. An entry-level resume may organize sections in a different order, so consider moving it below your skills or education section if you have a stellar academic background or many human resource courses.

If you have work experience in human resources or a related field, list those jobs here. Even if you have worked a clerical job, you have transferable skills. Use each bullet point in your job description to highlight a different skill you will use in an HR position. If you are applying to be an HR generalist or an HR assistant, you probably have relevant skills that recruiters and hiring managers will be looking for. Likewise, if you have greeted or been responsible for acclimating new employees to your workplace or led any training programs, those skills are valuable in an HR department.

Use strong action verbs to describe any work you have done in human resources, a problem you solved and its result, or a process you improved. This is often referred to as the STAR method . Remember that your cover letter complements your resume, so you can add more information there as well.

You will find an entry-level HR employment history resume sample below.

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Human Resources Generalist Resume Sample

Human Resources Generalist

  • Certified Professional in Human Resources® with additional state certification in California offering an HR career distinguished by commended performance and proven results.
  • Extensive background in HR generalist affairs, including experience in employee recruitment and retention, staff development, mediation, conflict resolution, benefits and compensation, HR records management, HR policies development and legal compliance.
  • Demonstrated success negotiating win-win compromises, developing teambuilding programs, and writing personnel manuals, corporate policies, job descriptions and management reports.

HR Skills

Provides voice and data communications systems for small and mid-sized companies.

HR Generalist, 2008 to Present

Recruited to help open new company branch in Sometown, guiding the startup and management of a full spectrum of HR operations, systems and programs. Worked with senior management to create HR policies and procedures recruit employees create group benefits databases and develop orientation, training and incentive programs.

Key Results:

DEF COMPANY Sometown, CALeading home healthcare company employing 4,500 professionals.

HR Representative, 2005 to 2008HR Assistant, 2004 to 2005

Key Results:

Education & Certifications

California State University Sometown, CABachelor of Arts in Psychology Worked during college as a sales rep and team supervisor for ABC Retail Store.

HR Designations:

  • PHRca®
  • PHR®

Of Note


How To Write The Education Section In Human Resources Resume

Human Resources (HR) Resume Sample &  Writing Tips

Your educational section decides your technical foundation for being a Human Resource Executive. Depending on your academic records, you can be descriptive or brief about your educational qualifications. It is best to mention your GPA along with the University or College Details in addition to the Specialization Degree.

If you have a meritorious academic record, published papers or thesis, the latest samples of Human Resources Resumes can help you make the most out of it in this section. Provided that you dropped out of your degree course, mention the name of the institution without the time stamp or GPA. Avoid congesting the education section with professional certifications and reports.

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Sample Human Resources Resume Summary

With the tools given above, you will be able to write a human resources resume summary that is likely to pique the interest of a recruiter or potential employer. For a better idea of what this looks like, here is a sample human resources resume summary to help guide you:

*Summary: Human resources representative with experience managing employee benefits, employee hiring and onboarding, performance management and HR records. Reliable and organized team member with the ability to communicate effectively and handle office changes. Skilled at building and maintaining relationships, representing shared company values and managing employees across all levels of an organization. Proficient with HRIS and benefits management.*

The Job Description Offers Crucial Hints

It is often the case that hiring managers will have taken considerable care in writing the job description, so it makes sense to base your main resume summary points on the core messages. Word cloud software is useful for picking up key themes from the job description text to help shape your case. Look into what future employers mention about their brand online and customize your resumeso it follows in their thinking.

You can find a human resources resume example summary below.

Down to earth human resource professional, with 14 years of experience with finance and insurance industries. People-led, practical and resourceful. Led recruitment, talent planning and employer brand development work streams and projects. Experienced in creating new HR processes and procedures, delivering cost savings and improving metrics. Worked on a compensation and benefits project which resulted in increased customer engagement and improved profitability. Constantly seeking to improve my skills and possess a myriad of industry qualifications. With me, my colleagues always come first.

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Skills For Hr Recruiter / Home Health Resume

  • Preparing and carrying out tests
  • Monitors, analyzes and directs the employment process, including recruitment, interviewing, skills testing and referencing processes, to ensure best practices
  • Experience using Microsoft Office including strong knowledge of Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Computer skills including spreadsheets, word processing, and email
  • Advanced office skills including math, spelling, and grammar
  • Conduct pre-employment skills testing as required, and recommend revisions to testing tools and process as needed
  • Strong ability to development relationships with key stakeholders, multi-task, and manage competing priorities on a daily basis
  • Experience creating effective job announcements

Reflect On Your Experiences And Skills

Resume Writing Tips – How To Write profile Summary In A Professional Resume | HR Crest

Take a moment to gather your experience in HR. If you have already written the work history portion of your resume, then review this section and refresh your memory. If you havent written this section, create a list of your HR job titles, education, credentials, accomplishments and other things relevant to your specialty. Once you have compiled this information, reflect on how you have grown in your field. You can use the most critical information to help guide how you will write your summary.

Your list might look like this:

*Experience: HR Assistant, HR Representative*

Responsibilities and impact: Increased morale with company surveys, revised communication system to limit confusion, implemented employee recognition programs, rewards and incentives*

*Skills: Effective communicator, conflict resolution, efficient organization, management and leadership of multiple employees, adaptable*

*Certifications: HRIS*

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What Is A Resume Summary

A resume summary is a short professional statement that introduces what makes you valuable to an employer. This introduction is typically located at the top of a resume, acting as a highlight reel of your most relevant skills and experiences. This helps an employer to immediately see if you possess the skills and background required for the role.

A resume summary can be three to five sentences to summarize your skills, experience and achievements as they relate to the specific position. If youve got an abundance of HR experience, you should try to curate your best accomplishments and experiences to include in your summary.

How To List Your Education Correctly

The next section in any HR resume is the education section.

Now, there is no set path to becoming a professional HR manager, so just be honest and describe your educational path to date.

  • Degree Type & Major
  • GPA, Honours, Courses, and other relevant achievements

Heres a practical example:

B.A. in Human Resources

Boston State University

2013 – 2016

  • Relevant Courses: Constitutional/Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Contract Law, Equity & Trusts, EU Law, Public Law, Land Law, Tort Law
  • GPA: 3.6

Now, you may have a few more questions, here are the most frequently asked questions:

What if I have yet to finish studying?

  • Whether or not youre still studying, you should list every year of education so far

Should I include my high school education?

  • Only if you dont have any higher education. The hiring manager wont care about your high school education if you have a law degree

What goes first, education or experience?

  • If youre an HR manager, your work experience should come before your education

If you still have questions, you can check out our guide on how to list education on a resume.

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Education On A Hr Recruiter Resume

Make sure to make education a priority on your hr recruiter resume.If youve been working for a few years and have a few solid positions to show, put your education after your hr recruiter experience.For example, if you have a Ph.D in Neuroscience and a Master’s in the same sphere, just list your Ph.D. Besides the doctorate, Masters degrees go next, followed by Bachelors and finally, Associates degree.

Additional details to include:

  • Year of graduation
  • Location of school

These are the four additional pieces of information you should mention when listing your education on your resume.


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