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How To Start A Resume Introduction Examples

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Introduction to Start a Resume

A good resume can help you land the interview and even make you look better in it. Gerri miller in 480 b.c., a small army of 300 spartan warriors led. There are many tips on how to write a resume. Julia layton when battery manufacturers started mass producing rechargeable versions of the once exclusively disposabl. About hhs the mission of the u.s.

Writing The First Section Of A Resume

Once you have decided what to use to start a resume you need to craft it. Whichever of the three formats you choose, your introductions have to be clear, concise, and focus on your strong points.

You should change the introduction for each job application aiming to match your skills, abilities, and experience with the job requirements stated in each job posting. Follow the corresponding tips for starting a resume depending on which resume introduction style you choose.

Choosing A Resume Introduction

As it is the most important section of the resume, your introduction can make the difference between getting a first interview and you resume being thrown into the wastepaper basket.

There are three ways of starting the resume: a career objective, a qualifications summary, or a professional profile. It is essential to choose the one which best fits you to the position youre applying for.

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Resume Objectives: 70+ Examples And Tips

Including an objective at the top of your resume is a great way to showcase your skills and talents that align with the requirements of their open position. It can also represent your professional goals, showing employers how the job aligns with your long-term career path. A well-written resume objective statement should be customized to the job for which you’re applying and help set you apart from other applicants.

If you aren’t sure how to write a great resume, get customized professional assistance by filling out our

  • c. Description of role and achievement

  • Education

  • Skills

  • Optional

  • Here are a few tips to help you write a meaningful, memorable resume objective that will encourage hiring managers to continue reading your resume.

    Sales Resume Objective Example

    Not sure which introduction is best for your resume? Our ...

    As an accomplished sales person who has generated over $2M in sales for businesses I worked with I know firsthand the importance of empathy and attentiveness required to close a deal. Looking for a sales role where I can continue to foster and grow those traits to grow within an accomplished sales organization.

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    What Is A Resume Summary Statement

    A resume summary statement is a short paragraph at the beginning of a resume that highlights a job seekers professional skills and experience. It gives hiring managers a glimpse into the job seekers expertise before diving into their resume. The goal of a summary statement is to demonstrate the job seekers unique value through their skills and accomplishments.

    How To Include An Objective Headline Or Statement On A Resume

    You can also include more than one of these in your resume. For example, you can include both a resume headline and a resume profile .

    Whichever of these options you decide to do, place it towards the top of your resume, beneath your name and contact information.

    Make sure you keep your information concise, and use keywords from the job listing in your statement. Even with a resume objective, profile, branding statement, or headline, your resume should still fit on one page when possible. Finally, be sure to write a new statement for each job you apply for, so that the employer sees what makes you a good fit for that specific job.

    Review these to choose a resume that’s right for you.

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    Minimalist Cv Resume R40

    If you love minimalist design, this template is a great choice. It features a black and white color scheme and puts emphasis on experience and education. The template is easy to customize. Change colors, fonts, and more. The template comes in both Photoshop and Illustrator format. It includes a matching cover letter.

    Graphic Designer Resume Objective

    How To Make A Resume : Resume Introduction

    Innovative and creative graphic designer seeking a position in an agency setting to apply unique ideas when creating and developing visually appealing productions that align with client goals and resonate with viewers and potential customers.

    Creative and knowledgeable graphic designer looking for a position in a positive and team-based work atmosphere to develop and refine graphics, documents and digital renderings that meet client expectations while achieving goals related to customer interaction.

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    How To Start A Resume With A Summary Statement

    The summary statement typically sits right below the job seekers contact information and right above the body of the resume. A resume summary statement is often referred to by other names, including:

    • Career summary

    As hiring managers may read through hundreds of resumes in a week, a strong resume summary section can be just what it needs to stand out from the pack.

    Start With Your Resume Header

    The resume header is the first part of your resume at the top of the page. The header contains your contact details, including your name, mobile number, email address, and city and province or territory of residence. The purpose of the resume header is to allow the hiring manager to identify you and contact you when necessary. Ensure the information on your resume header is correct and your phone number and email address are accurate.

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    How To Write A Qualifications Summary Resume Introduction

    Since the Qualifications Summary focuses on your skills this section should consist of five to six bullet points that highlight those skills.

    Tailor your skills to the job youre applying for. Consider including a mix of skills that emphasize your:

    • creativity and efficiency
    • management and authority
    • communication and teamwork

    Keep in mind that there’s no order for listing these skills. So, its completely up to you how you structure this section. But, its a good idea to list the most relevant or most impressive skills first, since the introduction section is the first thing the recruiters see.

    Design-wise, keep the section readable and since bullet points stand out on its own, its not necessary to add a different background color or other embellishments.

    Human Resources Generalist Resume Summary Example:

    How To Start A Resume Introduction Examples

    Human Resources Generalist with progressive experience managing employee benefits & compliance, employee hiring & onboarding, performance management processes, licensure tracking and HR records. Dependable and organized team player with the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently. Skilled at building relationships with employees across all levels of an organization. Proficient with HRIS, applicant tracking and benefits management.

    Why this is a good resume summary:

    The applicant highlights their experience across a wide range of HR functions from the very first sentence, and continues this pattern throughout the rest of the summary. They then use easily digestible langue to showcase their hard skills and soft skills . They also integrate a variety of keywords to get past automated job application systems, without sounding spammy or without over-doing it.

    By: Kyle Elliott, MPA/CHES, Career Coach and Consultant

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    Focus On How You Can Add Value

    One of the dangers of a resume objective is that you can focus too much on what you want in your career, and not enough on how you will add value to the company. Therefore, while your resume objective should include information on the career that you want, you also want to explain why you are an ideal candidate for the job.

    Briefly include any information that highlights your experience, including your years in the industry, your particular skill set, and any other qualifications. Include examples of ways you could add value or even improve the company.

    For example, mention your ten years experience of successfully reducing budgets, and state that you want to apply these skills to the organization’s budget.

    Final Tips And Tricks

    We’ve already mentioned almost everything you need to write an effective professional summary. These are some of the final tips that didn’t fit anywhere else in this guide.

  • Emphasize proven experience. Instead of simply listing your skills, mention your previous accomplishments. For example, its much more impactful to say that you had your articles published in Forbes than to plainly claim that youre a skilled writer.
  • Structure it well. Take it from a professional writer bullet points are a godsend when you need to structure your text clearly without giving it too much effort. Not only will they naturally order your resume statement into clearly delineated logical parts, they will also make it look good and read well. Also, make sure to write your current job title in bold.
  • Keep it short. Your experience summary shouldnt be longer than 5 short sentences . Having a long summary sort of defeats the point of having a resume summary at all. Dont add random things. The key is to be specific.
  • Read it after yourself. When youre finished writing, read through your summary from the perspective of a hiring manager, asking Why should we hire you?.
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    What To Write In The Rest Of Your Cover Letter

    Of course, the rest of your letter is important too. You’ll need to use an appropriate salutation, and make your cover letter closing polite and inviting. In the body of your letter, you have the opportunity to pitch your qualifications for the job in more detail than you have room for in your resume.

    If there are specific events or accomplishments you feel are likely to make you stand out, you can briefly mention them and explain in more detail should you secure an interview.

    Make sure your contact information is complete as well, and format your signature to match the letter style you are using.

    Rsum As One Part Of A Personal Branding Mix

    Episode 125: Introduction to Resume Writing: How to Create an Appealing Resume

    In some sectors, particularly in the startup community, use of traditional résumé has seen a consistent decline. While standalone résumés are still used to apply for jobs, job seekers may also view their résumés as one of a number of assets which form their personal brand and work together to strengthen their job application. In this scenario, résumés are generally used to provide a potential employer with factual information , while the social media platforms give insight into the job seekers’ motivations and personality in development.

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    Select A Resume Introduction

    Resume introductions are brief statements at the beginning of a resume highlighting a candidate’s most relevant skills and qualifications. Types of resume introductions include career objectives, resume summaries, and professional profiles. While career objectives are great for entry-level candidates, experienced individuals can opt for resume summaries or professional profiles. Ensure your resume introduction contains relevant details and can get the hiring manager’s attention.

    Personalize Your Cover Letter

    When you’re not sure how to get started, it can be really helpful to review examples of cover letters. You can use these as a guide, but be sure to tailor your introduction to your personal circumstances and the job you’re applying for.

    The more closely you construct your cover letter to show that you’re a match for the job requirements, the better your chances of getting selected for an interview.

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    Looking To Move Locations

    • I am a seasoned accountant hoping to move to New York City this September. My goal is to apply my strong financial skills to a more fast-paced, rewarding environment.
    • Kitchen manager looking for an opportunity to take part in creating the finest Southwestern cuisine. I am open to relocating to New Mexico, Texas, or Arizona.
    • Communications professor seeking an opportunity to inspire young minds and help shape our future workforce into effective communicators. Hoping for an opportunity to teach and conduct research on the East Coast.
    • Senior executive looking to take my expertise in finance and business operations globally. Searching for a position within the European market.
    • World-traveler hoping to apply her writing skills in a meaningful way. Eager to work for an international publication that requires frequent travel for stories.
    • Traveling German college student hoping to refine his English-speaking skills through an au pair position. Has a passion for teaching young children the German language and providing excellent child care.
    • Relocating special needs teacher hoping to find a position within the Glendale area. I am well-versed in the latest IEP practices and hope to make a meaningful impact on all of my students lives.
    • Highly motivated secretary looking for the opportunity to move to Austin, Texas. Eager to show my people skills along with my aptitude for clerical work.

    Technical Resume Objective Examples

    How to Write a Resume Summary that Grabs Attention

    Computer Scientist Resume Objective

    Graduate with an M.Sc. in Computer Science and Information Systems seeking a position as a Research Assistant in the computer science department of XYZ University. 2+ years of experience in designing and implementing deep convolutional neural networks with TensorFlow and Scala. Enthusiastic about furthering research conducted on the study of artificial intelligence.

    Click here for a complete computer scientist resume example.

    IT Specialist Resume Objective

    Competent Support Specialist with 3+ years of experience in AWS storage cloud services. Maintained constant customer satisfaction rate at 98% while working at XYZ Agency. Currently looking for a position as an IT Specialist with a focus on cloud services at ABC Inc.

    Click here for a complete IT specialist resume example.

    Data Analyst Resume Objective

    Enthusiastic recent graduate with a B.A. in Business Administration and Mathematics seeking a Data Analyst position at Data Analysis Co.. Competent in mathematical statistics and possessing a certification in business analysis from ABC Institute. Hoping to apply my extensive knowledge of SQL databases and SQL as a querying language to help Data Analysis Co. fulfil its goals.

    Click here for a complete data analyst resume example.

    Software Engineer Resume Objective

    Click here for a complete software engineer resume example.

    Data Scientist Resume Objective

    Click here for a complete data scientist resume example.

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    Product Owner Resume Objective Examples

    Product owner seeking to leverage my experience in Agile development in education to contribute to the Coursera mission of making learning accessible for everyone in the world.

    Product owner transitioning from a career in engineering looking to leverage my technical background to create products that make it easier for non-coders to build businesses.

    Resume Introduction: How To Start A Resume Off Right

    When it comes to writing a resume, getting your resume introduction right can mean the difference between getting hired and getting passed over for the next candidate.

    As such, your resume introduction is one of the most important parts of your resume. It needs to grab attention, especially when you take into consideration that nowadays 40% of recruiters spend less than 60 seconds on a resume .

    In todays post, well cover different types of resume introduction, how to choose and start the right resume introduction, and how to write your resume introduction. We’ll also show you some beginning of resume examples, including starter resumes, from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

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    Start With A Resume Summary

    While researching how to write a resume, you probably read about the benefits of including a resume summary.

    Your resume summary is an introduction to employers that highlights your qualifications and relevant background for a specific job. Thankfully, even without experience, you can still write one.

    If you picked up relevant skills during school or studied something related to the job, for instance, you can include it in your summary. Heres an example of a computer science majors resume summary note how they only include skills honed in school, and dont mention work experience:

    Resume Summary Example

    Computer Science major seeking to leverage my experience in robotics, Javascript, C+, and C into a role as an Engineering Intern at Popov Technology. A highly motivated worker who is passionate about the future of computer technology and engineering.

    What Is A Resume Introduction

    Introduction to Resumes

    Simply put, a resume introduction is the first part of your resume. It gives a quick overview of what makes you the perfect candidate for the job youre applying for. It also serves as an elevator pitch that sets the tone for your entire job application.

    Before we explore resume introductions, let’s look at another helpful toolresume templates.

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    Healthcare Sales Executive Resume Summary Example:

    Turnaround & Ground Up Leadership

    • Concept-to-execution strategies for untapped products, markets + solutions that yield 110% revenue growth
    • Negotiates partnerships with leading distributors + hospitalsMedline to Centara + Novant Health to Mayo Clinic
    • Revitalizes underperforming sales organizations via scalable, sustainable infrastructures emulated as best practice
    • C-Level networks of clinical + supply chain leadership acquired during tenures with XXX, XXX and XXX

    Why this resume summary is good:

    This resumes summary examples strength lies in the detailed, unique information that has been included. By including revenue stats, names of past employers and partners, the reader right away sees that this person will bring to the role a strong networking ability with key players in his industry, and more importantly can build, grow and revitalize a sales organization, market or product.

    By: Virginia Franco, Founder of Virginia Franco Resumes and Forbes contributor.

    Having Trouble Starting A Resume The Resume Introduction Needs To Be On Point Here’s How To Write An Intro Paragraph On A Resume Sure To Impress The Hiring Manager And Hr Reps

    So tell us about yourself.

    That question may send a chill down your spine.

    Where do you even start? Do you talk only about your work experience? Your personal life? Or just freeze up and say nothing?

    Thankfully, resumes are usually the first glance that the employer will ever catch of you.

    Wondering how to start a resume?

    Whether you apply online, drop it off in person, or post it on every streetlight , you have the opportunity to craft a polished written statement that answers that dreaded question.

    That statement is what we call the resume introduction statement. Want to learn how to craft your own? Keep reading below!

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    Now, lets get started with resume intros and opening statements:

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