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How To Describe Data Entry On A Resume

Personal Information In Data Entry Resume

Data Analyst Resume for Entry level jobs [FRESHERS]! | Data Analyst Resume

The personal information in data entry resume consists of:

  • Phone Number

Most candidates tend to go overboard with the personal information section in the data entry resume.

They include their entire address, parents names, passport availability and so on.Further, they add labels such as Name, phone number and ‘Location.

In this section, you only mention the phone number, your email address, and location without any labels.

You can also provide hyperlink of your social media accounts if you think that is going to add to your professional credibility.

The correct format of mentioning this format is as follows

Phone number: Add country code, add space and five digits of your number followed by another space and the remaining digits. Mention a phone number on which you are available 24*7.

Location: For the location, you have to mention your current address. Do not go on writing the entire residential address. Mention the county and city code as given in the image.

Contact Details: Aside from your phone number, add an email address. The most tactical way of communication is via email. Regardless of a number of email IDs you have, mention the one you use for the professional purposes.

Add social handles if you think that is going to add weight to your professional competency.

Use Action Words To Make Your Data Entry Resume Shine



Worked on

Talk about boring words that you can find on just about any resume. Using these words when describing your work experience wont exactly jump out at a recruiter.

Instead, use some of these power words to make your responsibilities and achievements stand out. These are just a few that are relevant to data entry specialists.

  • Measured

GPA, Honours, Courses, and any relevant projects or experiences.

Heres a practical example :

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

University of Toronto

  • Relevant Courses: Advanced Excel, Introduction to Information Architecture, Designing Client Relationship Management Systems
  • Collected and inputted student personal information into an existing database for the Computer Science Club

GPA: 3.4 / 4.0

Easy, right?

Before we move on, here are some of the most frequent questions we get about education on a resume. And, of course, their answers.

What if Im not finished college or university yet, or I dropped out?

  • You should still mention your degree. All you have to do is include the years studied. If you are still studying, put Present as the end date. E.g. 2018 – Present.

Do I list my high school education?

  • Only if you dont have a higher education. If you have a bachelors or masters, its obvious you graduated high school.

What should appear first, education or experience?

  • If you have any relevant work experience, then experiences go first. If not, education takes top spot.

Your Data Analyst Resum: Name And Contact Details

It might sound obvious, but when it comes to your name and contact details, keep things punchy. When you have a one page resumé, every line counts. Data analysts need to demonstrate excellent visual and communication skills, too, and this should be clear from the very start.

The only contact details you need to include on your resumé are your name, email address, and phone number. Avoid nicknames and dont use your work email address

Good example:

Bad example:

You can also include your postal address if you like, although this isnt strictly necessary. If you want to show that you live in the city where the job is located, it can be handy to include it, but use your judgment. It can also be a nice touch to provide links to the following:

  • GitHub account
  • Other social media profiles

However, only provide links to relevant projects or information. For instance, dont bother linking to your GitHub if you havent uploaded any projects, as this wont look great. Likewise, make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date, including any recent, relevant expertise.

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Have You Included All The Relevant Keywords

Weve mentioned this before, but it doesnt hurt to drive the message homecheck that youve included the relevant keywords, both for the hiring manager and those pesky applicant tracking systems. Not all companies use them, but if youre applying for a job online, its a real possibility. Better to err on the side of caution.

Professional Summary For Data Entry Clerks

Data Entry ResumeExamples and 25+ Writing Tips

In todays job environment, most companies that have open vacancies receive a large wave of applications every day.

It should be known that recruiters simply dont have the time to go through each and every resume thats in their company database. Instead, they use word processors that filter through applications and pick out the ones that have the best wording, content, and format.

In the case where your resume is going to be skimmed through, an excellent way to showcase your skills in a short and comprehensive way is by writing a professional summary.

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Senior Airline Data & Reporting Deliveryresume Examples & Samples

  • The ideal candidate will have 5-10 years of airline and/or travel industry experience, familiarity with airline reservation data, coupled with database managment, data query and report creation experiences
  • Must possess excellent analytical, communication and presentation skills, and be a confident facilitator, able to establish consultative relationships with Sabre airline clients
  • Familiarity with systems analysis concepts like data flow and entity relationship diagrams, how a system should work and how changes in conditions, operations, and the environment will affect outcomes
  • Must be able to work with limited supervision and be accountable for actions and decisions
  • Proficient with Microsoft office suite or equivalent
  • Advanced skills in data query creation , relational data model and data warehouse concepts
  • Applied understanding of the structure and interpretation of data sources relevant to revenue accounting practices and airline financial reporting, including but not limited to PNR, ticket, taxes, surcharges, and payment data
  • Familiarity with one or more airline reservations systems a plus
  • Minimum 5 years related experience
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously

Data Entry Resume Sample

Adapt this excellent data entry resume sample for your own use. Your resume is an essential marketing tool in your job search – make the most of it.

Convince the prospective employer of your suitability with a well written resume that highlights your data entry skills and abilities.

Use the example data entry resume objectives and statements to create a persuasive introduction to your resume. Make sure your resume gets read and take your job application to the next level.

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How To Create An Outline For A Data Science Resume

To create an organized data science resume, you can follow this general outline:

  • Contact information: Include your name, phone number, email, LinkedIn, and GitHub, or portfolio.
  • Profile/Summary/Objective: In two to four sentences, outline why you are the best candidate for the role.
  • Experience: Outline your relevant data science experience.
  • Projects: Highlight relevant data science projects.
  • Education: Include degrees/certificates, along with the school and graduation date. You can also highlight relevant coursework and academic achievements.
  • Skills: Include relevant technical data science skills that match the job description.
  • Additional Sections: This can include conferences, publications, awards, and other activities or interests.

Data Entry Skills: List Of The 10 Key Required Skills

Data Analyst Resume Review Session | Review 27 Real Resumes For Data Analyst Position

Data world grows constantly and a huge number of businesses need data entry clerk positions. So, with the right set of data entry skills, you can not only write a perfect resume but find a good job in the data industry. What makes a good data entry specialist? Data input specialist is indeed a very extensive term that contains a number of competencies, responsibilities, abilities, and understandings. Skilled data entry operators can help businesses cut costs and lower administrative burdens.

On this page you will learn:

  • What is data entry?
  • What skills are needed for data entry jobs and for a resume? List of the 10 key required skills.
  • An infographic in PDF for free download.

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Data Entry Resume : How To Describe Your Professional Experiences On Your Resume

When listing your data entry work experience, it is advisable to focus on the relevant experience. If you are applying for an entry-level position and dont have much experience, you can add any other experience and mention any transferable skills relevant to the position, as we see in every data entry resume sample.

The work experience section should have the name of the previous workplace, position held and the time spent at each workplace.

Data Reporting Project Coordinatorresume Examples & Samples

  • Responsible for coordination with other gridSMART team members and client resources to collect the required data for required filings and reports
  • Responsible for the collection and reporting of Non-Financial Metrics
  • Responsible for the collection and reporting of environmental benefits Oversee collection and reporting of data as required for the gridSMART Collaborative
  • Oversee collection and reporting of data as required for demonstrating progress on the gridSMART Program
  • Responsible for the collection and reporting of data per Stipulation section 2 for Distribution Automation Circuit Reconfiguration Reliability Improvement
  • Oversee collection of data and support of the PUCO contractor/consultant who will be performing company operational savings from the gridSMART program to be netted against the rider
  • Manage the development of the Phase 2 Feasibility and Selection Studies for AMI and DACR
  • Manage the development of the Phase 3 Full System Feasibility Study for AMI, DACR, and VVO

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Emphasize Your Data Entry Soft Skills

Its important to highlight your hard skills, including typing speed and computing knowledge, in a data entry resume. However, hiring managers will also be looking for soft skills. Attention to detail is especially important for data entry clerks. Prospective employers may also look for the ability to work under pressure, follow instructions and keep details confidential. As working from home becomes more popular for data entry positions, the ability to work independently is also essential. Make sure to emphasize at least one relevant soft skill in your resume that shows your suitability for the position.

Example #1


Worked accurately under pressure to meet competing deadlines for multiple clients and followed security instructions to ensure healthcare information was kept confidential.

Enter required information in the company database to produce accurate records.

Analyst Data Reportingresume Examples & Samples

FREE 6+ Sample Data Entry Resume Templates in PDF
  • Provide information and data analysis of key contact center metrics to ensure the customer care department maximizes the operating efficiencies and reporting capabilities of new and future deployed technologies
  • Provides accurate data entry, verification, research and coordination for statistical data on customer care employees
  • Analyzes data, makes recommendations, and provides statistical support to customer care as needed
  • Recommend and implement improvements/changes to call routing to maximize contact center efficiency
  • Working knowledge of SQL reporting from a variety of database platforms with experience in database development required
  • Familiarity with Call Center operations preferred
  • Knowledge of Windows operating system and Microsoft Office Applications is required
  • Bachelorâs Degree in Business or Mathematics or equivalent work experience

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Summary: Key Points For Writing A Perfect Data Entry Resume

This is what we have learned from the article:

  • A resume summary is vital since it introduces your resume to the recruiting manager and is supposed to interest them in reading the rest of your resume.
  • Constantly tailor your data entry resume to the job you want and avoid using one resume for different applications.
  • Remember to add the right keywords and action verbs to ensure the ATS systems do not filter out your resume.
  • It is essential to proofread your resume to ensure there are no mistakes.
  • Describe Your Level Of Experience

    When you list your MS Office experience in the skills section of your resume, rate your skill level as basic, intermediate, or advanced:

    • Basic Fundamental understanding of how to use the software
    • Intermediate Solid understanding of the basics and some experience using advanced features
    • Advanced Familiar with the ins and outs of most features and advanced customization options

    Below is an example of how to describe your level of MS Office experience in your resumes skills section:

    Microsoft Office Advanced

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    Other Resume Sections You Can Include

    Now that youve developed the core content sections of your resume, your work is done.

    Well, not quite…

    Remember that the #1 goal of your resume is to stand out.

    And if your resume looks exactly the same as everyone elses, then youre less likely to be invited for an interview.

    Remember that there could be a handful of other people applying for the same position who have identical credentials or similar career trajectories. Give yourself an edge over these people with these resume add-ons.

    Data Entry Resume Examples That Worked In 2022

    Data Analyst Resume | Reviewing YOUR Data Analyst Resumes!

    Data entry professionals encompass all industries, wear multiple hats, and can provide specialized services. It can be difficult to determine what content is important to a hiring manager and understand how to write your resume for this data-driven field.

    We analyzed hundreds of date entry resume samples from all levels of experience, industries, and scopes. We learned what works to help you get more interviews in 2022. We created five resume samples to help data entry professionals build an eye-catching resume that will showcase your accomplishments.

    The hardest part of writing your resume is getting started. These resumes helped data entry professionals find jobs in 2022 so they’re a great place to start.

    Resume Examples

    Why this resume works

    • As a data entry professional, you want to clearly indicate what industries you have worked in as well as the volume of records you managed. This will help the hiring manager determine quickly if you have applicable experience relevant to the job they’re hiring for.
    • The easier you can make the life of the person reviewing your data entry resume, the better your chances of getting an interview.
  • Data entry professionals manage data, therefore your resume should emphasize your accomplishments in terms of data. Be sure to focus on how your work improved data accuracy, process efficiency, and/or revenue growth.
  • Don’t forget to check your resume be sure your resume score is high to gain the recruiters attention.
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    How To Write A Data Analyst Entry

    As you prepare to apply to your first data analyst job, it’s important to create an outstanding resume. Writing a resume that accurately demonstrates your qualifications can help show employers why they should hire you. It’s important to learn about what information to include in your resume to demonstrate your abilities to process and interpret data. In this article, we discuss what a data analyst entry-level resume is, explain how to write one, and provide tips to help you get started.

    Craft Your Elevator Pitch

    Concisely communicating why youre the right person for a job is a science in itself. An elevator pitch is a brief synopsis that describes your background, credentials, and what makes you a unique candidate. When you have your pitch, make sure to refer back to it as you write your Data Scientist resume. This can help you prioritize your most important data science skills and accomplishments.

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    Showcase Your Data Science Skills And Projects

    Consider the data science skills and projects that are most relevant for the particular position you are applying for. Focus on showcasing these in your resume. Select projects that demonstrate your technical data skills, as well as how you helped solve a problem. Create a list with the specific skills, tools, and programming languages used for each project.

    After you complete your planning, you can move on to drafting your data scientist resume. As you begin writing, there are a few best practices to keep in mind.

    Data Entry Resume Sample & Template

    4 Data Entry Resume Examples for 2021

    A data entry clerk must maintain and update information on a computer system or database, ensuring all information is up-to-date, accurate, and usable. A typical day as a data entry clerk will involve entering information into the computer, and that information will vary depending on the company. Data entry specialists input alphabetical and numerical information using a keyboard or optical scanner, verify customer account data, test system changes by inputting new data and reviewing output, and secure information by completing database backups. They must also contribute to the team effort by accomplishing results in a timely manner.

    Since data entry clerks need to be able to type quickly without making mistakes, a good data entry resume will reflect this eye toward perfectionism. The resume should also focus on computer literacy, ability to meet deadlines, ability to work fast and under pressure, and an exceptional attention to detail. Since there are no specific educational requirements for data entry positions, prospective employers are looking for flawless resumes that highlight relevant skills and experience.

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    Data Reporting Assistantresume Examples & Samples

    • Bachelorâs degree in a Statistics, Economics, Educational Measurement, or a related field required. Masterâs degree in Business Management or Public Administration a plus
    • Experience with programming, data analysis or data reporting in any industry is desired
    • Experience working with online systems is desired

    Data Entry Operator Job Description: Intro

    Data Entry Operator job description should start with an interesting, eye-catching introduction.

    Here is an idea of what this introduction may look like:

    We are looking for a Data Entry Operator to join our team!

    As a Data Entry Operator, you will be responsible for entering specific data into our databases. You will be responsible for managing data and keeping it organized.

    Your main goal will be to keep data in order so that it is easily accessible at any time.

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