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How To Make A Resume In Powerpoint

Pasad 2 Multipurpose Powerpoint Templates

How to Make a CV on PowerPoint

Pasad comes with 100 unique CV PowerPoint slides. Everything in this resume PowerPoint template is editable, including the graphics. Along with over 900 icons, you also get device mockups, charts, and graphs. all these customization options let you create the ideal CV presentation for your job hunt.

How To Change The Color Of An Object

To change the color of an object in your resume, PowerPoint begin by selecting the image you want to change the color of. Once your image is selected, click on the Shape Format tab.

In the toolbar under the Shape Format tab, click on the Format Pane button. Once you click on this button, a sidebar appears on the right side of your screen.

Click on the Fill & Line tab. Under the Fill & Line tab, click on the Fill section. Next, click on the Fill Color button and choose the color you want.

Persona Minimal Resume / Cv Template For Websites

If you want to create resume online, then this is an elegant template that you can use for making responsive websites with portfolios. With this HTML5 template you can create lightbox portfolios, with a retina ready responsive design. The template also includes a social icons set, alternative color schemes and a functional contact form.

Go to

While there are a wide range of free resume templates available online, and you can create a portfolio using a LinkedIn resume or the Google resume builder, making your professional profile look attractive enough to be noticed is extremely important. We would recommend you to rather opt for a professional template for making a resume or CV, as this can help your professional profile to be instantly noticed among bundles of existing CVs lying on desks of people in the HR department. Some of the above mentioned templates cost not more than $6-$12 and come with HD graphics, which can be very attractive when printed even on a regular A4 size paper.

We hope our recommended resume templates above can help you design the perfect resume that can make your profile stand out and help you change gears in your professional career.

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Add The Resume Content & Use Slide Master For Header & Footer Content

Now, it is time to add your resume content to the presentation. From the notes and information you gathered from your past experience, lets try to organize it slide by slide. You can start adding your name and contact information on every page. Using the Headers & Footer sounds like a good idea however these options are available in the Handouts view only. However, as an alternative you can use the Slide Master to add all the information that youd like to keep in every slide or page.

In this case, we have created a new layout in the Slide Master view for all the elements that will be shared across the resume template in PowerPoint. As you can see in the figure below, these include the name, the street address, the phone and email. Also, we have included the blue bar that will be used for the slide title or resume page title .

Then, you can start adding the resume content with your work experience and education background.

Now it is time to work creating the cover. The resume cover will be likely one of the most important slides or pages since it would be the first slide or page that the recruiter or future employer will see.

Using the same previous approach, you can create a custom layout via Slide Master to add all the information you want to use in your resume cover or you can do it without Slide Master as many of the elements used here wont be used in other slide .

Pre-made Resume PowerPoint Templates

Add Your Personal Details & Contact Information

Download Free Creative Resume Template

The next step in how to make a resume in PowerPoint is to gather all your personal information. Include your professional background, education, honors, awards, and other necessary accomplishments.

While personal details are important in any resume, it’s a skill to discern when to give information and when to hold back. Here are our recommendations:

  • Required Contact Information. Name, phone number, email address
  • Optional Contact Information. Mailing address, brief professional title, branding statement, social media like LinkedIn, portfolio website, blog
  • Contact Information to Avoid. Birthdate , photo

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List Your Education Correctly

Your educational attainment provides your potential employers a glimpse of the foundation of your knowledge and aptitude. If you dont have a wide range of professional experiences, then highlight your education first. In contrast, make this section brief if you’ve got a wealth of work experience.

The right order when writing our educational background is to put your highest degree first. If you’ve got other degrees of the same importance, add them in reverse-chronological order. These are the things to keep in mind when listing down your education:

  • University/College/Technical school you attended. Remove high school unless you didn’t attend college.
  • Degree attained. List the degrees you’ve received.
  • Location of schools . List the school locations.
  • Graduation date . Recent graduates can list the graduation date, but if you’ve been out of school a while you may want to leave this off as it can contribute to ageism.
  • GPA. List this only if you’ve got 3.0 or greater GPA.
  • Academic honors. List academic honors and awards.

Is Your Traditional Resume Ready For 2021 Jobs

Using a traditional resume can have some benefits. Here are just a few:

  • The hiring manager is already familiar with it and doesn’t need to figure out how the resume works.
  • Traditional resumes are set up to be quickly skimmed and give important information to the hiring manager.

There are a lot of resources on Tuts+ on how to make an effective traditional resume. Both Envato Elements and GraphicRiver have traditional resume templates to save you time.

Here are some tutorials that’ll help you create a resume, traditional and otherwise:

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Persoon Resume Powerpoint Template

Persoon Resume PowerPoint Template has 30 unique slides and comes with three premade color schemes. Easily add an image to your slide by dragging and dropping the image of your choice into the picture placeholder. This template comes with a light and dark background. Choose the background that’s the best for you.

This Minimalist CV presentation PPT has a nice, simple, and professional design. Here are some key features of this template:

  • 30 total slides

Work Experience Or Key Skills

How to make a CV/Resume in PowerPoint Presentation

Remember that a visual resume presentation is the concentration of the most important moments of your career. Therefore, when indicating previous jobs, indicate only:

  • Job title
  • Employment time frame
  • Responsibilities
  • Limit yourself to the most important responsibilities that are in tune with the requirements of the vacancy that you are applying for.

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    Choose Which Slides You Want To Use

    The first step is to choose which slides you want to use. Keep in mind that your resume should be succinct and to the point. So, youll want to limit the total number of slides. This means you dont have to use all the slides your template comes with.

    Simply open your template in PowerPoint, switch to the View tab, and select Slide Sorter. Then, right-click all the slides you dont want to use and delete them.

    How To Create A Standout Freelance Profile And Win Work

    Why don’t I see job suggestions for How To Write A Resume Powerpoint Presentation?

    When you don’t see any suggestion for How To Write A Resume Powerpoint Presentation, it is possible that we haven’t had any How To Write A Resume Powerpoint Presentation-related job or yet but not reliable enough to post it on the site. In this case, you can contact us to express your questions, we will have timely updates.

    What if I want more details about jobs of How To Write A Resume Powerpoint Presentation?

    All recruitment postings normally come with specific tasks, location, salary, and incentives…However, when job seekers expect more detail of How To Write A Resume Powerpoint Presentation related jobs, we highly encourage you to email the employers. They not only help you answer questions but can also offer you a more suitable job.

    Can I get more jobs suggested for How To Write A Resume Powerpoint Presentation by tracking your site daily?

    Surely, our data is regularly updated, which means that by visiting the site daily, there must be new jobs offered to you on the search results of How To Write A Resume Powerpoint Presentation.So, don’t miss anything.

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    Top Powerpoint Resume Templates To Boost Your Career

  • Comparison Table of Resume PowerPoint Presentation Samples
  • Powerpoint resume. Looking for a job? And how do you differ from other candidates with no less impressive experience? Don’t get frustrated with this question. Youd better get curious about the secret we are ready to share with you a PowerPoint resume. Yes, indeed. This is the answer to getting the job you want.

    Of course, no one has canceled the use of traditional resumes: they remain the basic tool for landing a good job. But this tool is basic, which means that it is not the only one. Visual resumes are gaining momentum and this is not surprising: in the case of successful drafting, this is a win-win way to instantly attract attention and stand out. But once again we note in the case of successful drafting.

    A visual resume can represent your personality when you cannot make a personal impression on the recruiter with your presence and an impeccably delivered speech. However, it can just as well be evidence of your bad taste and ruin the impression of recruiters before they even read your name.

    To prevent this from happening, jump into our detailed review of all the goodies and intricacies of PowerPoint resumes.

    Elegant Resume Powerpoint Templates Presentation

    Free Creative Resume Template

    Check out the best 25+ new Resume PowerPoint Templates for best PPT templates. Use them for project presentations, corporate meetings, and business pitches to get a clear profile about yourself for your clients and investors. These templates are given where you can add your picture to make a complete profile of yours. It is wholly editable and modifiable according to the user’s convenience.

    What makes it easier is that these templates are purely customized for the sake of the users to make your templates attractive. These templates are highly used in introducing yourself, the guests, the speaker, and the unique persons in the meeting or the seminars. A resume created can gain the confidence of the presenter and can make the clients support your business. You can change the desired font size, style, and background color in the whole slide and come up with a refreshing resume of yours.

    You can download a variety of designs from our SlideEgg website and make your attractive resume template. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find a 100% satisfied template from other websites. So make sure to download one and create a fantastic resume to make your clients and customers wonderstruck.

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    Key Benefits Of Graphicriver

    GraphicRiver is a digital marketplace where you can buy single resume templates for PowerPoint. There are other graphics available too. It’s a part of the Envato Market and can cater to many creative digital asset needs.

    If you need a resume PowerPoint template for a project right now and won’t need another template, then GraphicRiver is the right place. Graphic River has professionally designed PowerPoint Resume/CV templates and more.

    Choose From 3 Formats

    The first step in making a resume, traditionally or in PowerPoint, is choosing the right resume format for you. Your resume format will determine how you relay certain details visually.

    You’ve got three choices:

    Here are the distinctions to help you choose the best one for you:

    Format 1. Reverse-Chronological Format

    This is the most traditional format. It emphasizes an individuals career progression in reverse-chronological order.

    Learn more about chronological order resumes here:

    Format 2. Functional Format

    A skills-based resume highlights an individuals functional and technical skills over work experience. While work experience is included, it’s de-emphasized by omitting time periods.

    Format 3. Combination Format

    Youve guessed it correctly! The combination format incorporates some components of reverse-chronological and functional formats.

    Its like the functional format but instead of focusing on skills, it focuses on chosen qualifications. But it still includes work experience in chronological order.

    For a more in-depth look at combination format resumes, study this article:

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    Tips For Getting Your Visual Resume Noticed

    Creating a visual resume isnt just about being creative. Here are a few tips to get your resume noticed:

  • Make sure your resume has substance. Yes, getting creative with the design is good, but you should also make sure your visual resume actually addresses what the employer or recruiter is looking for.
  • Use plenty of white space on your resume. Dont cram everything in a single page your personal background, your 20 years of work experience, the 10 colleges youve attended. You simply need to select the most relevant information and add it to your resume. Nobody wants to read your entire life story.
  • Think of a nice headline to put in your resume. Dont just use a standard job description, instead try to use something like, Graphic Designer For VIPs and Celebrities or Web Designer With Over 200+ Websites Manually Coded In HTML and CSS.
  • Dont be afraid to get some inspiration. Check out what other visual resumes in your field or industry looks like and try to make a better one!
  • Put a link to your website or portfolio. If you havent got a website yet, then you should. Especially for graphics and design-related professions, having an online portfolio could mean the difference between getting hired and getting rejected.
  • Now, that you know the pros and cons of a visual resume as well as how to get it noticed by prospective employers, recruiters, and clients, its time to apply your new skills and start making your very own visual resume in PowerPoint!

    Resume Powerpoint Template By Slidemodel

    How To Make professional CV on PowerPoint

    This presentation design can be edited in Microsoft PowerPoint and help job seekers, candidates or HR professionals to streamline the hiring process.

    The resume template can also be used if you have a presentation on career related themes. It contains vivid images and vibrant illustrations that can be edited in PowerPoint. The CV template includes several useful slides such as a proficiency level and nice data visualization aid, a resume timeline, the candidate profile with photo, an slide for educational background & professional skills.

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    Writing Tips For An Outstanding Powerpoint Resume

    Writing tips for creating a good PPT resume are about the same as for creating a traditional resume: in the end, even in a visual resume, we are dealing with text. But there are also more specific clues:

  • Add keywords by which the recruiter selects a candidate. This will work in your favor both in terms of scanning with special programs and viewing by recruiters. The main thing is to avoid stuffing: this may backfire.
  • Describing work experience and skills. Do not focus on your magnificence, but on the benefits that you can bring to the table.
  • If you have statistics about your work, be sure to add it: in a PowerPoint resume, this can be done in the form of an infographic or use of column, pie, and donut charts, etc. Data visualization will add punch to your resume.
  • Ensure that there is enough white space so your PPT resume will not look too cluttered with information.
  • You can use roadmaps or timelines instead of classic bullet points to indicate work experience. This immediately attracts the eye and makes exploring your work path more interesting. Your PowerPoint resume slideshow will definitely benefit from adding these elements.
  • Add relevant recommendations from previous employers. This will make you more reliable in the eyes of a potential employer.
  • Do not forget about formatting. Make sure all sections, headings, and lists are perfectly aligned. Be sure to check the resume for errors.
  • What Size Should You Use For Powerpoint Resume Slideshows

    Here’s a nightmare: you create a PowerPoint resume slideshow, then you find out that you cut off some of the content on the edges. Or worse, you’ve got black bars on the edge of your screen.

    Sizing your resume PowerPoint is an important step. Learn all about how to do that with the help of this tutorial:

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    Resume Template For Powerpoint

    If youre a photographer, artist or graphic designer looking to make an impression with a stylish resume or CV, then this template is just what you need. This stylish resume template for PowerPoint can help you showcase your achievements with a style resembling a noir movie. Unlike other templates in this list, this is a black and white template, with a design that is bound to leave a lasting impression.

    This is a Widescreen template and is perfect for presentations on projectors, monitors and other types of big screens.

    Go to

    Key Benefits Of Envato Elements

    Pin on Resume PowerPoint Templates

    Envato Elements is where you subscribe to the service and you get unlimited resume PPT template downloads for as long as you pay the low monthly fee. It’s got more than resume and CV PowerPoint templates, though. They’ve got fonts, graphics and much more. Envato Elements has great professionally designed resume PowerPoint templates:

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    Cohesive Resume Template For Word / Adobe Illustrator

    This is a 2 in 1 template which can not only be downloaded as a Doc or Docx file for use with Microsoft Word, but also has versions that can be edited as Vector images in Adobe Illustrator . This is an easy to edit resume template, which is perfect for making cohesive resumes, such as a one-page professional profile. Using this template, you can ideally print your resume on an A4 size paper.

    Go to


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