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Sample Product Manager Resume

Compiling A Product Manager Skills Matrix

The Resume That Got Me My First Product Manager Job

Further complications are the increased usage of screening bots, and applicant tracking systems, which may decrease your shortlisting chances, even more, should you not add resume SEO in your application. The easiest way to boost your resume SEO is through skills matrix tables. Why not include two, one for technical competencies or hard skills and another one for soft skills and interpersonal traits.

The top categories for hard skills in Product Manager Resumes are software, analytical, and marketing competencies. In the soft skills department, leadership, communication, and coordination abilities are most often asked for.

Technical Skills Matrix

In-Person Product Management Certification

Action Verbs for Your Resume

Employers are looking for a smart, self-motivated addition to their company, so use action-oriented wording to describe yourself. Here are some verbs you can include in your resume to demonstrate your can-do attitude:

Next Create A Senior Product Manager Skills Section On Your Resume

Your resume’s skills section should include the most important keywords from the job description, as long as you actually have those skills. If you haven’t started your job search yet, you can look over resumes to get an idea of what skills are the most important.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing your resume’s skills section:

  • Include 6-12 skills, in bullet point form
  • List mostly hard skills soft skills are hard to test
  • Emphasize the skills that are most important for the job

Soft skills are also valuable, as they’re highly transferable and make you a great person to work alongside, but they’re impossible to prove on a resume.

Example Of Senior Product Manager Skills For Resume

Employment History Sample: Your Story Of Growth

There are many paths to becoming a product manager. Use this section to map yours. You may have begun your career out of college as a product manager, or you may have come to it from marketing, project management, design, or software development. You may be entering the job market for the first time, or trying to move into product management from another area. No matter your situation, the employment history section is where you make the case for your potential. You do this by illustrating your career growth, accomplishments, challenges and successes. If you have a passion for, or expertise in, a specific product area, make sure you show it here.

If you have the skills to be a product manager, you are in demand and even more so if you are a mid-level or senior professional. In the past two years, there has been a 26 percent growth in mid-level opportunities and 51 percent for senior-level product managers.

Your employment history is not a recounting of the responsibilities you had at each job. Instead, it highlights your achievements and shows a steady pattern of career growth. Remember those strong action verbs.

Instead of: Met with customers to get feedback on products

Try: Collaborated with customers to enhance product design.

Instead of: Managed product from start to finish

Try: Drove successful product cycle from initial client meetings to delivery.

Use your space efficiently by highlighting achievements that required a range of skills for a complex result.

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Essential Skills For Your Product Manager Cv

Product Management Knowledge of best practises within the trade including frameworks, processes, and methodologies.

Project Management Overseeing development and project management processes.

Data Analysis Use data to recognise opportunities or threats in the market.

System Implementation Defining the release process and coordinating activities required to bring products to market.

Stakeholder Engagement Regularly engaging with all stakeholders, including product developers, marketers and customer service.

Strategic Planning Setting goals and planning/overseeing the wider product strategy.

Product Development Developing new features and changes to improve products.

Customer Experience Being user-focused, collecting and responding to user feedback, learning about users and the market.

Process Improvements Improve work systems and processes to enable the product development process to become more time and cost-efficient.

Work Experience In A Product Manager Resume

Product Manager Resume Sample &  Writing Tips

Product management is what you need to excel at.

Have you organized product management events in your last job as a Senior Product Manager? Did you conduct thoughtful market research and develop creative product strategies? You will include these details in your professional experience section.

For a recruiter, those who can meet the requirements of their job description are particularly interesting candidates. Some jobs require freshers, and some require more experienced Product Managers. You have to frame your professional experience section to match it with what hiring managers expect from candidates.

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Product Manager Resume Skills And Keywords

The ATS may seem scarier than it should but dont let that bother you. This software works like any other search engine and can identify keywords previously input by your potential employer. In order to bypass this first filter, you need to incorporate the right product manager resume skills into your text.

Fortunately, most recruiters help you out by packing their job descriptions with loads of product manager resume keywords. Here are some examples of skills and keywords you should consider including on your resume. Remember to add both hard skills and soft skills .

Important Product Manager Skills

While your experience speaks for itself, you still need to list down all the relevant skills you have. This section also gives you a chance to shine in other aspects. You can add non-product management-related skills, such as market research capabilities, to further solidify your resume.

However, start off with your product management skills and then move on to others. Here are some skills you should have and can add to your resume.

To be an effective product manager, you need to have all or most of the skills listed above. In case you don’t, only mention the ones that apply to you since you will be tested on them.

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Resume Writing Tips For Product Managers

Once youve identified the skills and keywords that will help you beat the ATS, its time to start customizing your product manager resume. First and foremost, youll need to make sure your content is interesting enough to land you the interview that will get you hired. To help you get started, here are five helpful tips for writing a strong resume that will get you noticed.

1. Keep your product manager resume short

Once youve passed the initial filtering stage, you might still encounter a few obstacles in your job-seeking path. Did you know that the average recruiter wont spend more than a few seconds scanning each resume they receive? To be fair, just imagine the number of documents they have to go through every day. Put yourself in their shoes. What are the key things they will be looking for?

Help your hiring manager quickly find those key things by keeping your resume short and concise. One or two pages should be enough to display your best skills and most relevant experience. Use a reverse-chronological format to give more weight to your most recent projects, and avoid including jobs over 10 years old unless theyre highly relevant to the position. Its best to keep each entry under six bullet points as well.

2. Be specific in your statements

To ensure your potential employer understands what you can bring to the table, back up all your product management achievements using numbers. This way, youll offer tangible data that prove your capabilities.

Looking At The Job Market

Product Manager Resume Tips With No Prior Experience 产å?ç»?ç?ç®å

Product Managers are always in high demand in the business sector. They are in charge of product-related procedures. They brainstorm and create new strategies to develop product output and general productivity.

As an Associate Product Manager, you can earn an average salary of $70,000 per year. When you have enough experience in this field, you will move on to Senior Product Manager, earning $126,000 per year on average. And if you can secure the Product Management Directors role for yourself, your salary will go up to $147,000 per year.

With the perfect Product Manager resume, you can land jobs with Inc, Oracle Corp., Medline Industries, Inc., and International Business Machines Corp. Do these sound like your dream companies?

Then lets talk about how you can build a solid resume to grab a Product Manager role in one of these big corporations.

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Work Experience In The Product Manager Resume

To create a great Product Manager resume, you need an excellent work experience section. For this, we have some tips wed like to share. Follow these product manager resume examples tips for the best results.

  • Always mention the names of the companies you worked for. Each company gets its section.
  • Under each companys name, mention the role you held there. Include the period for which you worked in the company.
  • List the milestones you achieved in each company. Did you help increase the profits of the company? You should include this in your work experience section.
  • You may have done many internships, freelance projects, and part-time jobs. Its always a good idea to include these, but only if they align with the job responsibilities for which you are currently applying.

Product Manager Resume: Training & Certifications

To become a product manager, you may often need courses, as no school directly teaches you the nuances of the subject.

It is also often difficult to acquire product manager skills while at work. Therefore, it often becomes necessary to take courses to enlist in your product manager resume.

Some of the certifications to frame in a product manager resume are:

  • CPM® | AIPMM Certifying Board
  • Product Management Certification Program | edX
  • SAFe® 4 Product Owner/Product Manager

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Product Manager Resume Vs Product Management

The framework that I’ll provide for crafting an effective product manager resume should feel familiar to anyone who’s done product management before.

That’s because we’re going to treat ourselves as products. That means that we’ll be starting from ideation and product strategy all the way down to shipping the end product.

Here are the 8 key steps in the framework for creating a product manager resume:

  • Self-reflection
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Execution
  • The steps run parallel with what you would do when creating any software product. For comparison, here’s how most product managers create software products:

  • Identify your company’s key strengths, weaknesses, and competitive position in the market
  • Conduct market research and end-user research
  • Create low-cost prototypes to iterate and explore multiple avenues
  • Craft the value proposition of the product and paint the story for why the product matters
  • Back up the narrative with compelling evidence
  • Design an intuitive user experience that enables others to use your product
  • Ship the product and iterate based on live feedback
  • Now that we understand that we’ll be treating ourselves as products, let’s dive into each of the steps.

    The Additional Skills & Interests Section

    Amazon Product Manager Resume &  Guide

    Product managers need to be adept at using a wide range of tools, methodologies and technologies and this section gives you the opportunity to list yours.

    As you can see in the resume example above, you can also list any foreign languages you speak, as employers generally look favorably on them.

    You should also list any programming languages , as well as relevant tools and product management methodologies that youre familiar with.

    Under Interests, listing a few hobbies is an opportunity to show some more of your personality and to stand out from the crowd. Its also probably the only place where you might be able to squeeze in a drop of humor but we advise against doing that unless it comes easily.

    However, if you feel youve already covered your personal interests in Extracurricular you can change this section to just Additional skills.

    Additional tips:

    • List things in sentences rather than lots of bullets which takes up too much vertical space


    • Include generic, uninteresting things that everyone likes doing, like watching Netflix or hanging out with friends, as hobbies

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    Product Manager Cv Structure & Format

    Sometimes, the hardest part of writing a CV is getting started, but working to a structure can really help get your ideas flowing.

    The infographic below shows you a simple yet highly effective structure, as well as some savvy formatting tips.

    Taking the time to make sure your CV is easy-to-read and looks professional will immediately put you in the employers good books.

    Quick tip: Product managers are expected to have a high level of attention-to-detail so unnoticed typos wont impress recruiters! Double-check for silly mistakes by using a free writing assistant tool like Grammarly.

    Selected Product Management Projects

    Your product manager interview questions will mostly be based on past projects you’ve completed. Therefore, you need to provide details about the projects you’ve done, how you did them, and what the results were.

    Keep in mind that if you’re under a confidentiality agreement with your previous employer, you may not be able to give as many details.

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    Sample Resume Of Data Product Manager In Text Format

    Aman Mathur


    Data Product Manager, with a successful record of providing data-backed insights on customer requests, industry trends, competitive landscape to continually improve product offerings. Subject Matter Expert on data and reporting within the Global Technology Data and Analytics platform. Demonstrated ability to motivate and build cohesive teams that achieve results.


    • Create and implement a data quality strategy in collaboration with the stakeholders
    • Ensure data standardization, quality, governance, and provide a single source of truth for the domain.
    • Support and execute the vision for reporting in alignment with the business stakeholder needs
    • Collaborate with Architecture leads to launch scalable and reliable data solutions, support system integration efforts, and create operational efficiencies through automation and process improvements.

    Data Product Manager

    Analytics Vidhya | 2014 – 2018

    Data Product Manager

    • Defined, implemented, and championed key data initiatives for Upgrades internal and external data users.
    • Managed and prioritized Business Intelligence and Data Engineering roadmaps.
    • Collaborated closely with various stakeholders across the business to understand data needs and issues.
    • Lead a team of engineers in building an efficient and scalable data and reporting layer for the organization.
    • Analyzed the impact of data features and define key metrics for success.


    • B.Sc. | University Of Mumbai 2014


    Product Manager Resume Format & Sections

    How to make a great Product Manager Resume

    This is the part of the product manager resume that should be decided first but is executed only at the very end.

    The usual product manager resume template and the product manager resume examples portray the contributions of the candidate in reverse chronological order.

    Broadly, there are 3 resume formats: Chronological Resume, Combination Resume and, Functional Resume.

    Of these 3 formats, reverse chronological resume format is the one most preferred by recruiters.

    This is the most widely accepted product manager resume format as it exercises the most appropriate amount of transparency to the recruiter clarifying any breaks/career changes in between.

    Further, in this format, you shall have to put the blocks together in the following product manager resume sections:

  • Personal Details
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    Product Manager Resume Responsibilities List

    If you want to be the go-to-market product manager, there are some must-have abilities you should possess. People might suggest the typical must-haves, like having a social media presence and being agile. However, it’s much more complicated than that since you’ll need to prove to hiring managers that you truly possess such qualities.

    Here’s a typical work-flow if you want to become a product manager. While these aren’t set in stone, it doesn’t mean you can avoid them. You can, however, always add additional steps.

    Regardless of the company or business, product managers can expect, at minimum, the following responsibilities:

    • Envision, define, and actualize the organization’s vision of the product.
    • The capacity to direct the life cycle of the product development process from beginning to end.
    • Coordinate with stakeholders, both internal and external, to learn product demand.
    • Identify potential customers and find ways to gain their support for the product.
    • Participate in fair product pricing for the company, market competitiveness, customers, and outstanding market shareholders.

    Understanding the importance of these responsibilities is the first step towards getting better job offers.

    What To Include In Your Product Manager Cv Profile

    • Level of experience Are you a graduate or an experienced product manager with 20-years of on-the-job expertise?
    • Where you have worked Give a high-level summary of the type of work experience youve had, whether thats working within large corporate firms, in the not-for-profit sector or with start-ups.
    • Product/software knowledge Have you specialised in or have extensive knowledge of a certain product area, such as household products or computer software? You should target this towards the type of product youd be managing in the target role.
    • Relevant qualifications There are no barrier-to-entry qualifications needed to become a product manager, but most employers will prefer candidates with qualifications, especially a degree.
    • Results Add impact to your profile by incorporating 1 or 2 impressive results or achievements from previous roles. Ideally, these examples will be backed up with hard facts or figures.

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    Summary: Key Points For Writing A Perfect Product Manager Resume

    Lets take a quick look at our suggestions for writing the perfect Product Manager resume

    • Use a catchy hook to impress your hiring manager.
    • Always include information that is relevant to the job.
    • Bullet points are essential for a concise resume.
    • Quantify your achievements with concrete numbers and statistics.
    • Use a professional summary to summarise your talents and grab the hiring managers attention
    • Use the correct formatting to create a professional resume.

    Product Manager Resume Examples & Templates For 2022

    Amazon Product Manager Resume &  Guide

    To land a perfect product management job, you need the best product manager resume. Follow our guide and get inspired by our product manager resume examples to make a job-winning resume.

    • Product manager, software solutions business.
    • Led cross-functional teams responsible for product development and launch.
    • Tasked with implementing the Agile ideation plan.

    That first resume for product managers example is up there with Reeses Minis. It proves youve got the exact product management skills the job is looking for.

    The ResumeLab builder is more than looks. Get specific content to boost your chances of getting the job. Add job descriptions, bullet points, and skills. Easy. Improve your resume in our resume builder now.

    Nail it all with a splash of color, choose a clean font, and highlight your skills in just a few clicks. Youre the perfect candidate, and well prove it. Use our resume builder now.

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